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Welcome to the archives of the Classic Macs Digest!!

The Digest has been in existence since 1996. This site provides access to past issues of the Digest.

The Classic Macs Digest is an all volunteer, moderated mailing list where you can ask questions and find answers to issues associated with all pre-'040 Macs.

Pre-'040 Macs have Motorola 68000, 68020, or 68030 processors. We consider an '040 anything with any version of the Motorola 68040. PowerMacs are also not covered by this list.

The list is open to:

I hope you find the site useful in answering some of the most common questions related to these great machines or helpful if you are performing research.

Please note that all email addresses have been removed from the postings, this has been done to help minimize spam that our contributors may be subjected to.

The Classic Macs Digest is hosted by HitzNet.

Current Moderators are:

This site is hosted by Tina Holm.

Thanks Tina!!

Please check out her home page at:

Note the site is still under construction. As more issues are posted I plan to add a search engine to assist locating the information you are looking for.

If you have any comments on this site please take the time to contact:

John Robinson

We need and appreciate your input! Now onto the Archives!

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