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512e + Dove upgrade HD problem

Subject: 512e + Dove upgrade HD problem
From: Andrew R Melnyk

Just found about this list. So here is my submission without having read any of the posts yet.

I am trying to refurbish an old classic to give to a relative.

Dove MacSnap board- 2MB and SCSI port
DanaFile 1.4 MB floppy drive (SCSI)
Jasmine DirectDrive 70

Here is the problem:

The direct drive does not boot regularly, requires me to power on/off several times, each time more tries it seems before the mac finds the drive.

I actually prefer to use a more modern drive so that I can use HFS and system 7.1. I've got an APS 370MB but I can't boot from it. If I boot off a floppy the APS drive will be recognised.

1) Any idea what is wrong with the Jasimine?

2) Do I have to change the interleve on the APS to work?


Subject: Upgrades
From: Kenneth James Parker

I have a Mac Plus (2.5 Mb) - unused at present and a Mac Classic (2 Mb). (Yes, I have a 40Mb PowerMac at work, but lower-tec (and usefully smaller) stuff at home!).

My initial questions are:-
What type and configuration of ram do I need to bring my Classic 2 Mb up to 4/8/10 Mb?
What is the best version/release of System 7 I can use on my Classic (after upgrading)?

Future questions :-
Up to what software releases did major programs stop supporting the 6800 Macs? (Is there a "master list" somewhere?).
Midi interfaces and midi programs for 6800 Macs?
Web access (and especially web telephony) for 6800 Macs?

O.K. that's a lot I know. Maybe I can feedback some useful stuff in the future too...



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