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Thundercache Pro
Mac II Upgrade
Re: SE/30
SE to PPP account
Mac IIsi

Subject: Thundercache Pro
From: Louise Tremblay Cole

Other LC users may be interested to know that a Thundercache Pro accelerator card will allow memory grades on LC's beyond 10 MG. The only problem I have run into with this setup is that LaserMerge print utility, which I would very much like to use, will not run with the accelerator. Does anyone know of a solution?


Subject: Mac II Upgrade
From: Alan Larson

I have a Mac II with 5 meg of ram and an 80 meg HD and the 8ook floppy drive and what looks like an empty bay for a second floppy drive. I would like to upgrade this system to at least 8 megs and understand that I need some kind of ROM upgrade for the computer to be able to use 32 bit addressing.

If anyone has any information on new or used parts to do this I would be very greatful.

Of course I wish to do this fairly cheaply.

I also need a keyboard and mouse (preferably used)

Alan Larson

Subject: Re: SE/30
From: copelands

I just wanted to get in on this SE/30 discussion. Here is my deal, my uncle gave me his old SE/30 last X-Mas. I didn't know jack about the Mac or Internet or anything. Get this, it's got 16 RAM, 1.2 gig HD (Lacie silverlining), accelerated, 2nd monitor, CD ROM, modem, running 7.5.5, Netscape....In other words, I've got a great machine. Sooner or later I will buy a Power Mac but for now I can do just about anything NOW with an 8 yr. old Mac! I can't talk to much tech, but the SE/30 is a great machine!

Subject: SE to PPP account
From: System Administrator

I have an SE w/ 1mb RAM and 20mb HD. What do I have to do to use that computer with a PPP account?

The first thing you need to do is add some RAM [g]. Budget about US$40 to upgrade to 4Mb RAM, which is the max your SE can take (you need four 1Mb 30-pin SIMMs). Next step- get MacTCP and FreePPP. MacTCP comes with various System revisions, and FreePPP can be downloaded from; select "Macintosh", enter "FreePPP" in the search terms field, click "Search".

Setting up FreePPP depends on your provider; I'm happy to tell you more about that in private email.

That's all you need to get connected. To actually do something useful, you will need to get some Internet software! Eudora Light is the standard email package, it should work fine on your config. WWW browser is a bit tricky. An old version of NCSA Mosaic (from info-mac) will work. Forget Netscape et al, they are very greedy and won't run on your machine.

Subject: Mac IIsi
From: GMcneiL99

I would like some advise about getting the most out my 2 Mac IIsi's.

The both have 17megs of ram. One is running System 7.5 and has a Quicksilver slot expander with a 68882 math chip.

The other si is running system 7.1 with everything stock except the 17megs of ram.

I would like to know about things like disc cache size, 32 bit addressing and anything else which would help the performance of the si's but is not talked about in the manuals.

Greg McNeil

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