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Re: 512e + Dove upgrade HD problem
Mac IIfx & 32 Bit Addressing
SE Web Browsers
Scrumping for Windfall Applets

Subject: Re: 512e + Dove upgrade HD problem
From: Steven M. Alper

Midi interfaces and midi programs for 6800 Macs?

They exist, but I can't give you a name off the top of my head. Any standard RS422-to-MIDI interface will do you hardware-wise, I have seen an SE being used for MIDI scoring, but I can't remember the name of the program (it was about 7 years ago 8-).

The same interface I purchased for use with my Mac Plus works with my 660AV and PB5300; the serial port set-up has changed very little (not counting the change to GeoPorts), so most modern MIDI interfaces should be fine.

As far as MIDI software goes, you're going to be more limited by RAM than by microprocessor. Don't look for digital recording, obviously. But earlier versions of most of the sequencers (Mark of the Unicorn PERFORMER, Opcode VISION) and music prep (Coda FINALE and FINALE ALLEGRO -- formerly MUSICPROSE) were originally designed to run on the Plus. I purchased my Plus to run PERFORMER and HG ENGRAVER, later upgrading ENGRAVER to FINALE. You'll have to check RAM and OS requirements first of all, then check with the software companies about microprocessor (some of the current crop require at least a co-processor).

Feel free to write me directly for more.

Subject: Mac IIfx & 32 Bit Addressing
From: Bill and Josephine Bair

Is anyone aware of a program that can check my system for all 32 bit clean programs and segregate out the ones that aren't 32 bit clean. To do this manually is a monumental task for me as I am disabled and have a hard enough time just using the keyboard for normal operations. It really didn't matter much to me until recently, but I am now in a situation where I must use 32 bit addressing in order to fully use RamDoubler and MaxRam. I don't have the money to buy additional ram, so I have to make the most of what I have.

Second question: I am also using a Radius Pivot monochrome monitor which is capable of displaying 256 shades of grey, but when I upgraded my system to 7.5.x, it only will display 4 shades of grey. I have talked at length with Radius about this and they have been *NO* help at all. I know that it is possible for me to get 256 shades of grey back, but I can't afford a new video card...Does anyone have any suggestions, or better yet an old display card that will help me get 256 shades of grey back. As my vision has deteriorated, I have found that I really cannot get by due to the lack of definition that 4 shades of grey affords me.

Thanks in advance for any help,
Bill Bair

Subject: SE Web Browsers
From: barebone

It's not true that you can't run Netscape on the SE with 4 MG's. i ran Netscape 1.0 on my SE. Also MacWeb is a good script only browser, I still use it sometimes.I have both of these if you can't find them.Also, is currently selling the teleport bronz fax modem for $25 (slow but very cheap). .....okoksk.....

Subject: Scrumping for Windfall Applets
From: System Administrator

Is there someone in this list who feels that his or her life would be made complete by the creation of some small Macintosh applet hitherto unwritten? If there is... would that person please email me. I need an opportunity to flex my Macintosh programming muscles (too much time away has made me rusty) and I need an idea or two.

The system I will be developing on is a Color Classic, so whatever I write will be written to fit a 512x384 display and 6Mb of RAM!

The applet/s I develop as a result of any replies I receive will be released as postcardware and supported via email.

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