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Performa 405
32-Bit Clean and MODE32

Subject: Performa 405
From: Thomas F. Mabry


I bought my son a used Performa 405 for his Christmas present, and I am using some of my older equipment (including an Apple CD Rom 2x) for him to help him get going with the Mac.

The Performa has 6 MGs of RAM (expandable by Ram Doubler) and now plenty of hard drive space. I plan to run a 7.5 system on the Performa, but am capable of running up to a 7.5.5 if necessary.

My question: what games are available (by CD Rom or otherwise that would run well on that Mac? I also have all of the latest Quicktime extensions, etc., and could intall them as well.

Thanks for your assistance and any tips that you could give; also, are ther any reliable accellerators for such a Mac?

Tom Mabry

Subject: 32-Bit Clean and MODE32
From: Steven M. Alper

This is posted for a friend. Thought the responses might benefit the group:


I just started reading the Classic Macs list about a week ago, and its already greatly increased my Mac knowledge of what the potential of the 9" Macs is (I recently put together a Classic II from one machine that had been in a trailer fire, and another machine that a jealous boyfriend had taken an ax to . . . which is [now] running System 7.1v3 --long story, though somewhat interesting . . . and a testimony about the Mac too [G]).

So although I've come across references to "Mode 32" in some threads from various items (other newsgroups, and occasionally in a description on shareware), I'm not too sure what it really means. I've also come across the phrase "32 bit clean" and I'm not exactly sure what that was referring to either.

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