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Sound Levels
Re: Mac Plus/SE on the net
Home Wired with an SE!
SE/30 Soup Up
RE: Who does repairs on SE/30's
Re: Recent Classic Macs Posts in Issue 961113
Re: HD for PB180
Mac Classic Questions
Introducing myself and also my Mac
IIfx and QuickSCSI
Any Power Pc Upgrade for IIfx....
10MB Ram limit on LCII
Great Book for Compact Mac Lovers
RAM Charger for Classic Macs?
StyleWriter 2500 on 68000 Mac
Internet for Mac IIsi
Where can I find the Old System?
Net Question

Subject: Sound Levels
From: Cris

I "run" a 25-station MacLC lab (original LC's with internal hard drives) in an elementary school. I have external CD-ROM drives on 3 machines. I generally keep all sound levels set to about the third notch from the bottom in the control panel. But on those three machines the sound is annoyingly loud, even though I have them set at a low level. The kids can't change the volume because I have a security program (Foolproof) that keeps them out of such places. (There is no external volume control like on the newer machines.) It seems to me that it must have something to do with the software that is installed additionally to run the CD's. I use System 7.0.1; 10 MB RAM and have IIe cards installed.

Thanks in Advance (TIA)


Subject: Re: Mac Plus/SE on the net
From: B.J. Major & Dennis J. Gorin

In regard to: 1.To connect to an ISP with a Plus or SE you'll need MacTCP, and PPP orFreePPP (note that FreePPP ver 2.5 won't run on monochrome macs)

I don't understand why SLIP is always left out of any discussion for Macs, old or new, connecting to the internet. I have both a PowerMac (Performa 6300) and a Classic II, both of which connect to my ISP via MacSlip. Everyone does not use PPP!!!

2. Netscape won't run on monochrome Macs. This is not due to memory requirements (although it is greedy all right) but because it addresses color quickdraw, which is not present on Pluses or SE's. Mosaic 1.x works great, and so does MacWeb, I prefer MacWeb, but it is no longer being published, I found a version from a couple of years ago in AOL's software library. Speaking of AOL, you can run their software (I tried ver 2.5) but their browser won't work because you need 5+ megs of ram to run it.

The first sentence simply is not true. My Classic II is a monochrome Mac and runs Netscape 1.1 very well. Although Netscape may not run on Pluses or SEs, to say that it won't run on monochrome Macs is not the case.

Subject: Home Wired with an SE!
From: Bob Sawyer

I recently helped a friend install and set up a Mac-based X-10 system in his home, and did it with an old SE with 1 meg of RAM and 20 meg hard drive that I acquired from the "junk closet" at my office. For the uninitiated, think of an X-10 system as a remote control for anything and everything in your house. You purchase modules, which plug into your wall outlets, and a controller unit, which is programmable with the help of an application distributed by the X-10 people.

Our IT manager, due to what he called "policy difficulties," was uncomfortable about just giving me the SE, so we settled on a paltry $40 for the SE, keyboard and mouse. I took it over to Mark's house, wiped the hard drive (which, even at only 20 megs, took about a half-hour!), installed System 6.05, launched Multifinder, and installed the X-10 software. Meanwhile, Mark programmed the X-10 presets that he wished to use on his Performa 630 and saved them to a diskette, then transferred them to the X-10 setup on the SE. After loading and tweaking these presets to his liking and testing all the presets, he downloaded the info to his X-10 controller. The whole affair took about an hour to complete, and his house is now completely remote controlled.

Subject: SE/30 Soup Up
From: Greg Vaughn

Nice list. This should be fun.

I'm glad to hear from those of you talking about their classic systems.I've got an SE/30 that I use everyday for basic Internet use. I even run my own mailing list/newsletter from one (well I handle all the admin from it, my ISP actually has the listserver). I want to get a new Mac (still keeping this workhorse though) but finances don't look like that'll be a reality soon. I'm looking for info on souping up my system.

I've got 8MB RAM (RAM Doubled to 16). I've been hesitant to purchase more RAM since I won't be able to re-use it in any new machine. It also seems that Mac mail order cataloges don't carry 30 pin SIMMs any more. Does anyone have a good source for them? What are the prices like now?

I've also heard about people replacing their ROM with a 32 bit clean one from another dead Mac. Anyone here done it? How difficult is it? Any source for the ROMs? Looks like System 7.5.5 is the end of the line without the 32 bit clean ROM.

What about an external monitor? I'd like to find something that I could re-use on a new system. How much is a card for the SE/30 to support one? Where could I find them?

I'm also interested in a cheap CD-ROM drive. Anyone know a good source for an old double speed, new or used?

I'm full of questions here. Hope I'll be able to answer some in the future.

Subject: RE: Who does repairs on SE/30's
From: Jones, Paul B


The problem that you have is common. You may be able to take it to your local TV technician and say that you want the Horizontal Deflection Coil socket on the power / video board resoldered. The socket gets hot and de solders itself, or the plug turns to charcoal. You can find the plug by following the 4 wires from the neck of the tube to the plug on the Power/video board.

Do not operate on this equipmment if you havn't do this sort of work before.

There is a chance of electric shock long after the power has been removed.

Or you could send it to me in Perth Western Australia, and I'll fix it for nothing.

Paul B Jones

Subject: Re: Recent Classic Macs Posts in Issue 961113
From: System Administrator

Wow, SOOOO many posts today!! As the digest manager condenses all responses from one person, I'm quoting names here so people know what answer is meant for whom.

From: Albert L. Lilly III
I have a Mac Classic II that I have installed a 340 MB internal hard drive The 9 inch internal monitor has a band at the top that is stretched, and then there is extra space at the bottom of the monitor.

This problem can be rectified by adjusting the geometry controls on the Classic 2's analog board; you don't need to replace anything. If you are comfortable working with your hand 10cm away from 15kV, then open it up and do it yourself, otherwise a service center will be able to do it in about 30 seconds flat.

From: Dan Keldsen
I have an SE/30 whose internal screen only shows a vertical line at this

Have you verified that the machine is still booting? If it is, then there is a problem in the horiz. deflection portion of the video circuit; possibly, the horizontal drive transistor is blown. This is "not a user-serviceable component", as the warning labels say 8-) Probably the easiest solution for you is to buy a secondhand SE (which has the same analog section as the SE/30) and put your SE/30's motherboard into the new system. This is a simple job, and you should be able to source a 2ndhand SE for about the $75 mark. Note that you can only cannibalize an SE or SE/30 for this purpose.

From: James (Jay) Moore [Cold Spring Harbor Lab],

One thing I notice is that the mode 32 init symbol comes up late in the init lineup. Could this be the cause of failure? Is there some analytical technique to determine what is the failure?

Not really, apart from removing _all_ INITs other than MODE32. If you want to force MODE32 to load earlier, rename it to "0000MODE32". INITs are loaded in alphabetical order.

From: Jim Naylor
My beloved Mac II is currently not in use because about a month ago, it began to randomly restart, just as if I had selected Restart from the

Jim, a good first step to this type of problem on a relatively old machine is to open it up and reseat socketed components. SIMMs can be removed and the contacts cleaned with an ink eraser (pencil erasers aren't good for this, use the ink kind). It could be as simple as a flaky contact.

From: Tom Moye
at work looking for a monitor, but I don't want to end up with a non-compatible monitor. Is there an easy solution for most any 14-15" monitor? I know there is a HW adaptor that can be put into the

If you want to connect a standard SVGA monitor to a Macintosh, go to and search for "loeten am mac". This will net you a program containing many useful hardware hack snippets for the Mac, including information on the monitor ID pins on the Mac's video port. You can then easily build a cable to connect up any suitable monitor to the Mac.

Note: 75% of Loeten am Mac is in German. The diagrams should be self-explanatory, but if you want help with translating some bit, please email me.

From: David Evans
to MacOS 7.5.5. But I have a question about my Mac IIci. I got it in 1992, and I'm not sure if it has a cache card or not. I've opened it up

Please run, do not walk, to and download the Cacheometer. This will tell you exactly how much L2 cache you have in your Mac.

From: Alan Rosen
_My trusty MacSE_ and Imagewriter II - ( brought at a premium in 1987 (a a 1.4M high density floppy is a necessity

The SE can be upgraded to accept an Apple SuperDrive (formerly FDHD). The upgrade consists of a new ROM, IWM and floppy drive. Some Apple stockists MAY be able to get you the upgrade, I believe the part # for the entire kit is M6027 but don't quote me on that as my catalog is at home. Please note: simply installing a 1.44 drive mechanism is not sufficient.

I need access to the Internet
I need my own laser or ink jet printer

Both of these are perfectly doable on an SE, though for my tastes, WWW browsing lacks something without color, or at least grayscale.

I need certain programs currently available only to Windoze type

Are you sure? Try a careful usenet query to see if there is a native Mac product that does what you want. Or (sledgehammer solution 8-) buy a Power Macintosh and SoftWindows.

From: John Miller
but I am having trouble tracking down a ethernet hookup that would work on a SE/30. They tell me that there are plenty of "second hand" shops that

I was quoted USD$45 for a SE-PDS Ethernet card from AWHEN, a Mac 2ndhand dealer. You can contact AWHEN thusly:

AWHEN 801/547-9241 Ogden; 541-4621
PO Box 1134 VISA/MC/AMEX/Diners Club/POs
Layton UT 84041 We ship all over the world

Or by email, my contact there is: Nick.Gilliland

. Whew, that was exhausting.

Subject: Re: HD for PB180
From: Alan August

I'm trying to find a bigger-than-80mb hard drive for my PowerBook 180... Some places advertise "PowerBook SCSI" drives, but when you call them, the drives aren't for 1XX series machines.

My wife has a PB 140, and last year I installed a 160Mb HD that had been pulled from a PB 520. No problems at all. In fact it turned out that the s l o w original drive was a serious bottleneck and the computer now boots faster and apps and files open more quickly.

Alan August

Subject: Mac Classic Questions
From: Sharon888

Is there a FAQ for this mailing list? I have a friend on the East Coast (I'm on the West Coast) who has inherited a Mac Classic. I don't know much about older Macs, but would like to to help her get on the Internet, upgrade her System Software to whatever it should be, etc. I have an 80 mb hard drive from my Centris 610. Could she use that? I also have a US Robotics 14.4 modem that I could send her as well.

Thanks in advance!

Subject: Introducing myself and also my Mac
From: Michelle Klein-Hass

Hi all...

Just wanted to introduce myself and the Mac which is my graphics blazin', web-weavin' workhorse.

My name is Michelle Klein-Hass. I am a web designer working both independently:

and under contract with The 2 Cow Herd, an ISP in Venice, CA.

My workhorse computer is a Performa 460, which boasts the second-fastest version of the 68030 chip ever used by Apple in any of their Macs...33Mhz.

Second only to the legendary Mac IIfx with its 40Mhz chip and finicky habits.

The computer was purchased from Spumco International Studios, the famous cartoon studio which gave birth to Ren & Stimpy. The computer originally was used by Spumco Art Director Jim Smith. In honor of the computer's origins, I have named it Sody Pop, after one of Spumco's new characters. My startup screen features a John Kricfalusi painting of Sody and her boyfriend Jimmy The Idiot Boy. The artwork and many other cool Spumco goodies are available at Spumco's Wonderful World of Cartoons at this URL:

(no, I didn't design this one...Steve Worth did and he did a dynamite job.)

When I got it, it had only 4Mb RAM (what was soldered onto the logic board) and a 160Mb HD. Never believing in leaving well enough alone, I promptly began hot-rodding the computer with the help and expertise of the folks at Unitek Computers in Encino CA. From a mere 4Mb, I threw in the maximum 32Mb size of SIMM for a grand total of 36Mb memory. I added a Quantum Fireball 520Mb HD inside the machine, and a sister, identical drive (this one Apple branded) sits in a SCSI external enclosure, bringing the total HD space to almost a Gb. I have also added a 4x CD Rom drive and an Iomega Zip Drive. I also added an FPU and the maximum of VRAM to give it a 16-bit display.

Currently I am running System 7.1 with Enabler 308. It took me a lot of blood, sweat and tears to find a source for that rather obscure enabler (Apple didn't have it and it didn't go out on the Service disk with all the disk image files for 7.1 "Install Me First" and "Disk Tools" disks with various enablers) but luckily Personal Support Computers in West LA had a fresh copy. I have been debating the move to 7.5.5 but cringe at the thought of Fixing What Ain't Broke. It means no more enablers, and certainly I have the RAM and disk space for it, but I fear what it will do for general stability of the system.

Anyway Sody runs Photoshop, Netscape 2.02 and other demanding programs with aplomb. And I dare any person running an 80386 to TRY to run the multimedia CD Roms I run as a matter of course (and bragging rights) on Sody. I've seen it and it isn't pretty.

Sure, I lust after a Power Mac. I wouldn't mind being able to run every single blessed game and super graphics package I'd want to. But Sody does what I need it to do and does it well. Hell, with the FPU in place it is almost as fast as that legendary IIfx...Norton's System Info said so.

I look forward to receiving this list. I've got questions that I'm sure the rest of you can answer and conversely I think I could answer a few questions you might have too.

Take Care,

Subject: IIfx and QuickSCSI
From: blaze

I have a IIfx with QuickSCSI card from Peripheral Land Inc. installed. I lost the driver and I cant mount the internal HD. If anyone has this card installed I would appreciate it if they helped me get a copy of the driver. I dont think PLI is still around.


Subject: Any Power Pc Upgrade for IIfx....
From: Duane Brown

Hello all,

1st post to the list, thanks to the owners for the effort...

Anyone know how I can upgrade this beast, (IIfx)
Nubus Power PC card perhaps, that would be interesting...
and posssibly quite profitable for the right developer...

I have a Tokamac 40mhz card that works fine under 7.5.5, even with open transport. Any way to speed this workhorse up if I can't go Power PC...

Should probably just buy a new one, there soooo fast now...

Tokamac has a page up, but never answers email, hey their out of biz anyway, why should they...???

Thanks in advance,
Duane Brown

Subject: 10MB Ram limit on LCII
From: Steve Smith

Hi Classic Mac'ers!

I have only just joined this list, so I am sorry if this question has been asked (and answered) before.

I have a friend who has an LCII. He has just upgraded the memory to 12MB, but apparently he can only use 10MB of it. All the memory sellers books agree that this is the case, but no-one I have talked to seems to know why.

This is not an addressing problem because he has turned on 32 bit addressing in the memory control panel and can address more memory by turning on virtual memory.

So it must be some sort of hardware restriction - right? But this machine has a 68030 processor with a PMMU, so is more up-to-date than the LC. Does anybody know :-

a) what the reason is for this 10MB restriction, and
b) is there any way of overcoming it (cheaply).

Thanks in advabce for any help.

Steve Smith

Subject: Great Book for Compact Mac Lovers
From: Kenichi Watanabe

I love hearing about people using their compact Macs. I have an SE which is now an SE/30 after a motherboard transplant. I'm sure I'll always have this little Mac around the home doing something useful, even after I get my 500MHz four-processor PowerPC Mac.

I'd like to recommend a great book for owners of Mac Classics and SEs (including SE/30s). It's "Mac Classic & SE Repair and Upgrade Secrets" by Larry Pina - Peachpit Press, Inc.

With the help of this book, I learned how to completely disassemble and reassemble my Mac SE. I also adjusted my SE's CRT to make the display as large and sharp as possible. Most importantly, the book shows how to work safely inside a compact Mac so you don't break yourself or your Mac.

-Ken Watanabe

Subject: RAM Charger for Classic Macs?
From: TiagoK

I am still using my Mac SE, with 4 MB of RAM and System 7.5.5. I am considering purchasing RAM Charger to deal with the limited RAM problem. I would like to hear about other people's experiences with this product, and whether or not this is recommended.

Also, what would be the optimum System OS to run with the Mac SE? I'm running System 7.5.5, with most of the extensions turned off to conserve memory, but I don't really know what is the recommended version for the Mac SE.

I have a Powerbook 165c that only has 4 MB of RAM installed. I would like to know if anyone has upgraded their 165c or 180c (they use the same type of RAM) and has a 4 MB memory module (or larger) available that I could purchase. Or if there is someplace I could go and get memory for this computer for a reasonable price?

Subject: StyleWriter 2500 on 68000 Mac
From: Alberto Steindler

I need to connect one StyleWriter 2500 to one MacClassic, the installer of the 2500 software refuses to install on the MacClassic, the message says that the minimum requirement is a 68020 machine.

Does anyone know a workaround? --- Alberto Steindler

Subject: Internet for Mac IIsi
From: Joseph G. Sukle Jr.

Greetings all:

It's great to know not everyone is tossing away the Macs from the past.

Question: I have a Mac IIsi that we want to donate to our local library to be used as an internet source - you know - provide them with an internet account (we are an ISP) and let the machine just run and run. We hope it will do two things: (1) Let everyone know the Mac is the best for surfing the web and (2) Show off our services as an ISP.

What will the machine need to enable it to connect to the WWW? - recommendations regarding RAM, system, modem (speed) etc. would be appreciated.

Many thanks and long live the MAC!!!!!!!!
Joe Sukle

Subject: Where can I find the Old System?
From: Johnny Chan

Dear all,

This is my first time to here.

I am a Performa 6200 user and like most of you, I love Apple/Mac. One of my friend give me a very challenging question. He has a Mac 128K model but don't have the software to make it works. How can I get the System Disks for ths machine? Can anyone tell me?

with love, JOHNNY

Subject: Net Question
From: Burgess, Christopher (MSX)

Hello all,

I have a Mac 128k, converted to 512k through Apple, and then finally bumped up to 1mb of RAM through a Dove board. Right now, it is running System 6.

Any recommendations on a Web browser that I can run using this configuration. Any TCP/IP utils or dialers? I know if I move to System 7 that my Mac will be stretched as far as RAM is concerned.


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