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Re: Mac Classic II/7.5.5
LCIII and OS 7.5.5
Hard Drives for LCII?
Re: Mac II random restarts
Shell for Classic II
Re: 10MB Ram limit on LCII
Free (almost) Radius Pivot Interface
Good Used Macs
Netscape and Mac Plus
Do you Need Software for Mac 128 or 512
Greg Vaughn 30-pin SIMM info request
SE-30 video card?
Cleaning Electrical Contacts Safely
IE on LC
Re: SE/30 Soup Up
Virtual Monitors
Web Browser for 4MB b/w Macs?

Subject: Re: Mac Classic II/7.5.5
From: Bill Coleman AA4LR

I am also writing to see if anyone has a good source for a video monitor for this machine. The 9 inch internal monitor has a band at the top that is stretched, and then there is extra space at the bottom of the monitor.

You may be able to fix this yourself. On the back of the Classic II, there's a small panel above the power switch that snaps out, revealing some holes for video adjustments. You need an insulated screwdriver or hexagonal adjustment tool (depending on the hole). Don't use an allen wrench! You need a plastic tool.

One of the hex adjustments is the vertical position. Your Classic II sounds like the video is adjusted to the top of the screen. You should be able to move it back into the center with a bit of tweaking.

Subject: LCIII and OS 7.5.5
From: armstrong

I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this problems:

I have an LCIII, now up to 20MB memory, and an internal Quantum 240 HD. I recently upgraded to 7.5.3 and then up to 7.5.5. When I upgraded from straight 7.5 to 7.5.3, I found that the menu pulldown for 'restart' or 'shutdown' no longer work correctly. the machine performs all the normal shutdown procedures but then it 'hangs'. For restart, it does not give the usual 'CHANG' chord and then start up again. For Shutdown, it does not put up the window that says 'it is now safe to shut off your Macintosh'.

I called Apple Support and they claimed never to have heard of this. They were uncharacteristically not helpful.

Recently I installed an EZ135 which I find invaluable for machine support. If I copy my entire system folder to the EZ135 and the boot from the 135, I find that shutdown and restart work perfectly. They only do not work when I am running off the internal drive. So it feels like some sort of timing problem with the internal drive.

Shutdown and restart worked perfectly from the internal drive until I upgraded past 7.5.

Any suggestions?

Subject: Hard Drives for LCII?
From: George E. Parisot

Howdy Folks,

I have an LCII which I have upgraded with the full 10 MB ram and Speedster 040 accelerator. What I need now is to find a 500MB+ hard drive that will fit the LC case.

My question is does the standard 3.5" hard drive fit in the LC? Does anyone know of a great deal on SCSI 500 MB hard drives?

Thanks in advance.

George E. Parisot

Subject: Re: Mac II random restarts
From: Clark Martin

My beloved Mac II is currently not in use because about a month ago, it began to randomly restart, just as if I had selected Restart from the Special menu (chimes and all). I'd really, really like to put this venerable machine back in use and restore my bragging rights, as I bought it new in '87 and this is the first problem I've had with it. Power supply? Ghosts? Any ideas welcomed! Would the lithium battery going dead perhaps cause this? It doesn't seem to be heat related.

I doubt it's the battery, it can cause several problems, but I don't think that is one.

Try removing the SIMMs (ground yourself to the computer when you do this), cleaning the contacts with an eraser (lightly) and reseating them. Also make sure any socketed ICs (68020, HMMU, etc) are well seated. Remove and reseat the NuBus board(s).

Hi All- I have a Mac IIfx and have been trying to get 32 Bit addressing to work and have had nothing but problems. Whenever I boot with 32 Bit addressing enabled (running System 7.5.5 with 8M on board Ram and RamDoubler[both enabled and disabled]) I get some really wacky things happening. My desktop shifts to the left and downward (i.e. Happy Mac is in the lower left hand corner of the screen) and I lose about 2" of the right hand side of my screen (it is blank) & my mouse freezes, the keyboard works normally, but I am really limited in what I can do in this situation. I have to zap the PRAM in order to get the system to operate normally (albeit back in 24 bit mode:((. I spent about 2 hours on the phone with Apple last week and they were no help at all...Does anyone have any suggestions, I would really appreciate some help, I need the extra RAM that would become available with RamDoubler with 32 bit addressing enabled, as it is I can only get 13M of RAM (in 24 bit mode) and I really need the 16M I would get with 32 bit addressing. I would appreciate any help at all, I have tried trashing my finder, general controls and desktop prefs and this has not helped me at all.

Do you have the version of Mode 32 for System 7.5. If not, it's at Apple's FTP site. If you do, have you tried disabling all the extensions you can (except, of course, Mode 32).

Good morning, Please add me to your list. At present, my son has my SE/30 at university. I have loaded it up with max RAM, and it is still a workhorse type of machine. He wants to hook it up to their Novell system, but I am having trouble tracking down a ethernet hookup that would work on a SE/30. They tell me that there are plenty of "second hand" shops that would probably have such a beast, I just need names and phone numbers.

I bought an Ethernet board for the IIsi/SE/30 from 'Use It Again MACS' for $49. (UseItAgain MACS) 408/257-8000

Only connection to them is having bought two network cards.

Subject: Shell for Classic II
From: Jason Pettis

I run a school lab that is 1/2 "classic" Macs and 1/2 "newer" Macs. Reciently I had a Classic II fall off a table. No electronics broke, but one of the screw holes that keeps the monitor in place broke. I need a new shell for the Classic II so I can get the Mac back to it's classroom.

I live in the Greater Denver Metro Area, so if someone can suggest a source near me, great.

If someone out here *has* a dead Classic II (or a shell) I'd be glad to make arrangement for getting it.

Please reply directly to me, not the Classic Macs list. Thank you.

Subject: Re: 10MB Ram limit on LCII
From: Bill Coleman AA4LR

I have a friend who has an LCII. He has just upgraded the memory to 12MB, but apparently he can only use 10MB of it.

This is not an addressing problem because he has turned on 32 bit addressing in the memory control panel and can address more memory by turning on virtual memory.

So it must be some sort of hardware restriction - right? But this machine has a 68030 processor with a PMMU, so is more up-to-date than the LC. Does anybody know :

a) what the reason is for this 10MB restriction, and
b) is there any way of overcoming it (cheaply).

a) the restriction is in the design of the hardware. The LC and LC II are essentially the same machine (the LC had a 68020, the LC II a 68030). The processor just can't see more than 10 MB because of the way the hardware is designed. There's no real way to overcome it.

b) LC III design fixed this restriction.

Subject: Accelerators
From: JWarms


I have given up trying to accelerate my LCII. I tried over and over again with the Speedster 040. At full speed, it ran fast enough, but only until the next crash. It crashed often, and when it did't crash, it froze.

(Thank you, MacMall, for having a good return policy.)

Has anyone had any good experiences with accelerators for 030 Macs?


Subject: Free (almost) Radius Pivot Interface
From: Edwin Simmers in Bellingham, WA

I have a Radius Pivot Interface for the Mac II family, Radius Model 0196.

It's never been used and still is in original box.

If someone wants to send me $25, I'll pack it carefully and mail it postpaid.

Reply directly, rather than the list, please.

Subject: Good Used Macs
From: Jack Waller

A friend recently asked me to recommend a good used computer for his home (mainly for his little girl). I, of course, want to recommend a Mac but do not know a source. I live in the Dallas area and prefer something local but will consider thru the mail. Thanks for any help.

Subject: Netscape and Mac Plus
From: hudson

2. Netscape won't run on monochrome Macs.

To clarify the Netscape and Mac Plus discussion, Netscape requires at least an 020 processor. The Classic and Plus have the 68000 and the Classic II has the 68020. Always check the system requirements first before installing any software.

Subject: Do you Need Software for Mac 128 or 512
From: Edwin Simmers in Bellingham, WA

Want to relive 1984? Do you need software for a 128 or 512 Mac?

I can email to you an 803K Stuffit archive of four 400K disk images including System 2.0, Finder 4.1, MacPaint 1.4, MacWrite 2.20, ImageWriter driver, Write/Paint Tour and the system Guided Tour.

Let me know if you want them.

Subject: Greg Vaughn 30-pin SIMM info request
From: Ronald E. Caffey

RAM since I won't be able to re-use it in any new machine. It also seems that Mac mail order cataloges don't carry 30 pin SIMMs any more. Does anyone have a good source for them? What are the prices like now?


Check out Cyberian Outpost ( I recently purchased four 4MB 30-pin SIMMS for my IIci for around US $125.00 total. Also, there are two web sites that keep track of RAM prices:

RAM Tracker -- and RAMWatch --

Good luck!

Subject: SE-30 video card?
From: Chuck Britton

My SE-30 currently has 20Meg's of real memory, lots of HD space, Zip drive, CD drive and a full page Mirror monitor. Unfortunately the video card is only one-bit and the monitor is capable of 256 grayscale.

Are there any 8-bit pds video cards still available for the SE-30?

I'm hoping for a PPC in the not TOO distant future, but would like to keep this SE-30 workhorse around for a while yet.


Subject: Cleaning Electrical Contacts Safely
From: Robert T. Joyce

From: Jim Naylor My beloved Mac II is currently not in use because about a month ago, it began to randomly restart, just as if I had selected Restart from the...

Jim, a good first step to this type of problem on a relatively old machine is to open it up and reseat socketed components. SIMMs can be removed and the contacts cleaned with an ink eraser (pencil erasers aren't good for this, use the ink kind). It could be as simple as a flaky contact.

Be very careful if you try this with an eraser. A better option, perhaps, is a can of spray contact cleaner available from any electronics supply store.

Bob Joyce

Subject: IE on LC
From: Pete Cox

Just in case you were wondering, despite what the documentation says, MS Internet Explorer 3 does run on an LC (docs say requires '030). This is good news since my LC has only 6MB; forget Netscape 3!


Subject: Re: SE/30 Soup Up
From: System Administrator

I've got an SE/30 that I use everyday for basic Internet use. I even run my that Mac mail order cataloges don't carry 30 pin SIMMs any more. Does anyone have a good source for them? What are the prices like now?

The LLB Company, 80ns 30-pin 4Mb SIMMs USD$29ea. 70ns USD$31ea. Not bad.

Subject: Any Power Pc Upgrade for IIfx....
even with open transport. Any way to speed this workhorse up if I can't go Power PC...

The only IIfx upgrade I see listed in current catalogs is a variable-speed clock-chipping accelerator. YMMV as to the max speed you can tweak out of the existing hardware.

Subject: 10MB Ram limit on LCII
I have a friend who has an LCII. He has just upgraded the memory to 12MB, but apparently he can only use 10MB of it. All the memory sellers
a) what the reason is for this 10MB restriction, and
b) is there any way of overcoming it (cheaply).

The restriction is in the DRAM addressing circuitry on the LC2's logic board, sorry you can't get around it. However, there is a solution; an accelerator card in the LC-PDS slot which has RAM sockets on it is not subject to the addressing limitations of the mainboard. I've just ordered a secondhand Thundercache (33MHz 68030, 68882 FPU, and 4 or 8 [I forget 8-)] 30-pin SIMM sockets) card for my Color Classic, which would also suit your machine. That cost me USD$64, no RAM. You can put 4 x 4Mb SIMMs (maybe more) on the card and get 20Mb. Plus you don't get tied down so much by the 16-bit data path in the older LC-class machines.

I posted the contact details for the dealer the other day, but can email them to you if you like.

Subject: StyleWriter 2500 on 68000 Mac.
I need to connect one StyleWriter 2500 to one MacClassic, the installer of the 2500 software refuses to install on the MacClassic, the message says that the minimum requirement is a 68020 machine.

The driver probably requires color Quickdraw. Possibly you may be able to get the printer to work with Chuck's Printer Driver (search for it on

Subject: Virtual Monitors
From: reguLated wAnd

I was wondering if anyone knew of any virtual screens (a faked 13" monitor, for example) that actually work on a color classic.

I'm running Stepping Out II right now (I used to run it on a Mac + under sys 6) but it doesn't do comprehensive screen refreshes... I have to wiggle my mouse around to get the screen to update; and then it only updates the portion of the screen that is visible.

All the extensions/cdevs on Info-mac at the moment only do this for those big new (13" or larger) monitors.

Does anyone have any information that may help?

Subject: Web Browser for 4MB b/w Macs?
From: WillMcN

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a web browser, most likely a text-only browser, that will run on a 4MB compact Mac such as an SE running System 7.1. That means that the application size has to be under 2MB since the System uses about 2MB already. I've checked around a number of resource locations, but haven't been able to find one. They all have RAM requirements that are too high and usually require a Mac with color supporting ROMs.

I work as a freelance Mac consultant and do pro bono work for a number of non-profits. Most of these organizations are using older Macs including a number of SEs. It would be extremely helpful if they could use these machines to access the web as well as just doing email.

Best Regards,


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