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Re: MacIIvx
Mac Plus as A web server
Which version of the OS is best?
Re: Toaster Games
Re: Classic boot from ROM
Classic II accelerators?
Color Classic Upgrade
Boot Classic from ROM
case splitter
Mac Web URL
RE: Sound problems on an LC
Re: Netscape on an SE
Re: Classic boot from ROM
Apple IIe
Toaster Games
Upgrading an LCIII
se/30 upgrades
Re: SE/30 & Ram

Subject: Re: MacIIvx
From: Marc Denis

To the best of my knowledge the "x" in IIvx means that there is no internal video. So consequently the IIvi does have internal video. (However, I could have the meanings reversed). So, that would mean that the IIvi and IIvx are the same machine, with the only difference being the internal video. As far as the Performa 600CD goes, I'm not sure.

Actually, the main difference between a IIvi and a IIvx is the clock speed of the CPU: 16 MHz for the IIvi vs 32 MHz for the IIvx. While the FPU was standard in the IIvx, it was optional in the IIvi. The Performa 600 was a cross between the IIvi and IIvx: 32 MHz CPU and optional FPU. All three machines have internal video and use the same VRAM arrangement (512K or 1 Mb depending on configuration). To the best of my knowledge, the IIvi was not sold in the United States while the Performa 600 was not sold in Canada.

Subject: Mac Plus as A web server
From: Jag

I have two rather cool sotries about the great Mac Plus:

I set it up to surf the web. Many of you may have already done this, here's how to do it if you're interested.

1. I used system 7.01 although theoretically you can use up to 7.5. I chose the oldest system above 7.0 because 7.0 was somewaht unstable. The only drawback to 7.01 is that the fonts go into the system folder naked, not into the fonts foler in the system folder. No biggie.

2. Download MacWeb

for your browser. It will run fine on 1.5 megs. You can turn off the graphics because the older classic Macs won't view them. you CAN however use Gif Converter to download the graphics and view them offline.

3. Download ircle for chat. GREAT program! Try

4. Install system 7.01 after reformatting yourhard drive. I copied my entire 40 meg drive to a Zip disc (!) and loaded sys 7.01 on another Zip disc. I then attatched the Zip to the Plus and copied the system over to the virgin 40 meg drive.

5. I then dragged all my files BACK to the 40 meg drive. To make the Zip work on the Plus, just drop the Iomega extension into the extensions folder. I also used Config PPP and MacTCP.

6. Install Eudora lite for email.

7. You can also use newswatcher (try again) for a great news client.

You're set to explore the web!


My other story.

you can set up any Mac from the Plus on up as a web server! For a total of $10 for Netprezence shareware, you can have your very own web server. I did it on my Centris 660av.

To see how, go to my web page

and then navigate to the link to my Centris. I have to be online wt the same time you acces it, (usually late at nite) so keep trying.

Aren't Macs amazing??


Subject: Which version of the OS is best?
From: tonytony

Typically cannot easily install greater than 7.0 w/ 7-up on an SE due to the 800k drive limitation. Does anyone know of 7.0.1 or 7.1 on 800k disks?

System 7.1 is available on 800K disks if you order it directly from Apple.

BTW, the "Tidbits" disc in the 7.1 800K set includes all of the original Mac fonts, including "San Francisco!"

Subject: Re: Toaster Games
From: Curtis Taylor

Andy Berkvam wrote:

I recently aquired a Mac SE/30. I almost immediately tried to load the most important software for any computer: GAMES! But I had some trouble because so many games require either color or a screen larger than 9" (the "Toaster" screen).

I thought that there might be a page out there listing Mac games that would work on 9" B&W; screens, but I wasn't able to find one. My question is, is anyone else out there interested in this info? If so, I might put a page like this together myself. This brings up the second question. Would people help out by sending me info about games that work on the old 9" screen?

A bunch of Hypercard games are made for the classic monitor and are in black and white.

Older Mac shareware was almost always written for the classic Mac. You can find older shareware and hypercard stacks from Macintosh User Groups like the Arizona Mac User Group that puts out a CD called BBS in a Box. They and many other MUGs are on the web.

Curtis Taylor

Subject: Re: Classic boot from ROM
From: System Administrator

According to the specifications of the Macintosh Classic, it is bootable from the ROM. Does anyone out there in Classic-land know the magic key combination to do this?

Command-Option-O-X. However, the Apple Tech Info Library lists a question-answer pair (transcribed from a customer inquiry) about this feature which goes like this :

Question : I think the c-o-O-X feature is really good, but...
Answer : The ROM boot feature was part of an experiment in future directions, and was simply not removed from the ROM code before it was finalized. Apple does not support or advocate its use.

So YMMV, caveat utilitor, and proceed with caution, as usual.

Subject: Classic II accelerators?
From: compucall

There is a company here in California by the name of MicroMac Technology

Address: 27121 Aliso Creek Road, Suite 125
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656-3364
tel: 1-800-600-6227

They make Accelerators and memory upgrades

I bought an accelerator from them for my color classic.
It is unbelievably fast and expanded my memory up to 20 Meg Ram.( runs at 50 Mhz and performs at 350%. I,m very pleased with their product and I'm sure you'll find there what you need.
Let them send you their catalog with all the accelerators and mem. upgrades.

Good luck !!!!


Subject: Color Classic Upgrade
From: Jordan Ross

I've found to a company that is about to market an '040 accelerator for the Color Classic. I love my CC's cute looks and small footprint, but even with the 33Mz accelerator and FPU I have in the PDS slot it is not much faster than my old Plus.

Does an '040 accelerator make sense for this machine, given the CC's older ROM and narrow data path?

Also, is there any work around for the 10 meg RAM limit? And what machines can use the '030 33Mz accelerator I will be removing.

Thanks for any help and advice...

Jordan Ross

Subject: Boot Classic from ROM
From: ghl3.dtp


According to the specifications of the Macintosh Classic, it is bootable from the ROM. Does anyone out there in Classic-land know the magic key combination to do this?

That would be --"X"-"O"
(Letter 'O' not zero)

Running like this should be done carefully; TheO/S in the ROM of a Classic is version 6.0.4, while the minimum recommended O/S for a Classic is 6.0.7.

Hope this Helps! :)

-- George L.

Subject: case splitter
From: George Crane

ALbert Lilly wrote

The often mentioned Case Splitter for Macs is just a modified pair of Welding Clamps from your local hardware store for a couple of dollars.

I used those once.
A case for a Mac Classic was an expensive and hard to come by thing in 1992. A replacement case took several dayts and cost much more than any case splitter at that time.
I'll stick with a $3 splitter that's made for the task.

Good advice, however, I have split literally hundreds of Classic Macs without using any case splitter at all. Even the cheap-o $3 unit can gouge a case. I just lay the units down on a soft mat and carefully work around them with my hands. Classics are a bit harder because of the curve at the top of the case, but they all come loose soon enough. One warning is not do to do it too quickly as a quick separation could cause you and the computer to fall over or something. I've never had a single problem or a ding in any case using this method.

Subject: Mac Web URL
From: JAG

Here's the URL for the great little broswer MacWeb. It'll run on older Macs under 1.5 megs. You can also turn off the graphics and use Gifconverter to vire them offline. Don't forget you can use Newswatcher for news on these Classic Macs as well. Try or

For all those people who wanted to know where to get this great little browser that runs on 1.5 megs, go to

Don't forget you can use Newswatcher for a news client on classic Macs. I used ConfigPPP 2.01 and MacTCP 2.06.


Subject: RE: Sound problems on an LC
From: Pete Cox

The quick fix at the time was to gently tap the casing on the side by the flppy drive and it would return for a while. But to fix it completely just open up the LC and remove the speaker assembly, it sits between the Hard Disk and the Floppy Drive. It just clips out quit easily. On the motherboard is some little connections which tally with some on the speaker assembly. Just take a bit of wire wool and clean them and do the same on the ones on the speaker. To make sure they connect tighter just bend the connectors on the speaker assembly down abit and make sure that when you attach it again to the all the connections touch correctly...and hay presto great sound!

A few comments: The sound problem also plagued some IIsi machines. Someone wrote an fkey called something like iisi-sound-fix or something which sent a couple of beeps to the speaker to revive it electronic means. (check info-mac).

Someone posted to the net saying that if you used steel wool to clean the contacts then you'd make the problem potentially worse because this would corrode the metal even more. They suggested cleaning the contacts with an eraser (not the pencil kind - but the ink kind (you know how they sell those ones with a pencil eraser at one end and a pen one at the other?)). Then, dob some petroleum jelly (vaseline) on the contacts - don't worry, I haven't been electrocuted yet! :) I believe this vaseline trick also helps to start cars whose battery connections are suspect.


Subject: Re: Netscape on an SE
From: Lidio Iacobelli

Hello Every body

About one year ago I purchased my first ever computer. My self, knowing nothing about them, a wise good friend of mine talked me into purchasing a Power MAC (7200/90). It took about one month to realize that the MAC OS was the only way to go. I slowly became more interested in all of the aspects of how it worked and what it could do. With in three months I had more ram, a printer, external One Gig, a Zip, a scanner and most recently an accelerator that bumped it to 105Mhz with no problems. Eventually feeling the need for a web site for my all Ford and Mustang performance shop, and a couple months of work and planning we finally had a site up and running this past August. . In my quest to become more familiar with the MACs I bought at a very good deal an SE with 2.5 megs of ram and a 20 meg hard drive and came with a HP Desk writer printer. I immediately installed a more current, faster, bigge internal hard drive and upped it to 4 megs ram. I acquired system 6.02 at first than found system 7.1 on 800k disks at Sun Remarkiting. Then I added Menu choice, Super clock and even took the window shade control panel from my power mac and dropped into the SE's and it worked fine even after installing it a window came up and said that "window shade" was meant for system 7.5 and may have problems on older systems, so far its been no problem at all as far as I can tell.

I have fallen in love with the SE even though it's nothing compared to my Power MAC. I feel that it was ahead of it's time when compared to PCs of that era. Even a hard core PC user friend of mine dug the SE so much he mail ordered a SE/30 and has not yet gotten it, but I kind of thought that it was cool that he was partially converted. I am currently and impatiently waiting for an accelerator from Sonnet but at this point have hooked the SE to 14.4 modem I got new for 29.00 bucks that was being liquidated and have used it for news groups and e-mail and am just plain having fun with the SE, got my Zip to work on it too.

At this point my question to who ever can help is, I down loaded Netscape 1.1 and 2.02 and when I installed 1.1 and tried to launch it, it immediately crashes and brings up the restart window and says that an address error occurred. From waht I can tell I have enough ram to run version 1.1. I also tried to install version 2.02 and get the same restart window with the address error when I launch the installer. I only tried this because I thought I read some one said that Netscape 1.1 would work on an SE, and of course I couldn't help but try it.

Hopefully I will get positive responses from you all. You wouldn't believe how many people over the phone told me to either junk it or replace it with a newer one. I guess they weren't listening when I said that it was for fun and to learn. I think once it's accelerated it'll be even cooler in it's compact, cute old way.

Thank you


Subject: Re: Classic boot from ROM
From: Christopher Poole

According to the specifications of the Macintosh Classic, it is bootable from the ROM. Does anyone out there in Classic-land know the magic key combination to do this?

It's command-option-x-o but will only work on a Classic, not Classic II ;(

Subject: Apple IIe
From: compucall

The Apple IIe (enhanced) can run both apple dos 3.3 and prodos 8

If you let me know the floppy size you are using (3.5" , 800k) or 5 1/4" I can send you both versions.

Appleworks uses prodos 8 to run.

The IIe is still after all these years one of my favorites. Always works and can be left on 24 hrs.

send answer to compucall

Roy R. van Kanten

There is a company here in Calif. Santa Ana who makes a 200mg harddisk for the IIe (cost $180.00)

Subject: Toaster Games
From: Tim Scoff

Would people help out by sending me info about games that work on the old 9" screen?

I have an old SE, and it still runs Strategic Conquest from Delta Tao software like a charm. There are also programs like Risk, and Dark Castle that run on the 9" screens. Send me e-mail and I'll dig out my old disks and send you all of the ancient shareware that I have in .sit format.

Tim Scoff

Subject: Upgrading an LCIII
From: noise

When I purchased my LCIII, yae so many years ago, I had read all over the place about how popular the LCIII was. So I thought, "with all these LCIII's out there, I'm sure there will be a ton of third party upgrade options." Well as far as I can tell, there aint. Or is there? Would a PDS card for a LCIII work?

It's still a pretty good machine though (it's got 12megs of RAM). I use it for design work, midi sequencing and internet stuff. Not as good as my new Power Computing 604/150 with 40 megs, but that's at my studio so I still use the LCIII quite a bit.

I'm presently running System 7.1 (along with System Update 3.0) on the LC. I assumed that going up to system 7.5.5 would chew up too much memory and slow down the machine too much. Am I correct?

Thanks in advance! (Cool list)

Philip D. Emery OneDogDigs Design

Subject: se/30 upgrades
From: John S.

Are there any ethernet/accelerator combo's for an se/30? I would like to boost the speed and use ethernet? Any suggestions?

Subject: Re: SE/30 & Ram
From: Michael Jardeen

I'm a proud owner of Mac SE/30 with actually 8 meg of RAM (simms of 1 meg. each), and currently running Connectix mode 32 and system 7.1.
If I want to have "physicaly" more RAM, can I use simm with greater capacity (like 4 meg. each) on this mac? In how many slot/bank?

According to GURU you have eight SIMM sockets that must be upgraded four at a time.
It takes 30pin SIMMs. You could have up to 128MEGS!!!

Always Apple!, Michael

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