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Table of Contents for this issue:
Color Classic Monitor Problem
Getting a IIcx up to Net speed
Getting a IIcx up to Net speed
Upgrade from 7.0.1 to 7.5.5
IIsi with multiple monitors
AOL email issues
Re: Classic Macs Digest 11.19
Classic Macs Digest 11.19
System Bloat
128K giving me trouble
MAC IIci Inquiries
Re: My Rebuilt SE
RE: Interleave on Mac Plus
classic response

Subject: Color Classic Monitor Problem
From: Rob Anderson

I've got a problem with my Color Classic's monitor, and I'm curious if anyone else has experienced the same thing (and can offer any solutions).

My monitor often flickers with pinkish lines and occasionally turns all pinkish, leaving all the colors on the screen somehow darkened (with this pinkish tint) so that text with white background is _very_ hard on the eyes. I should say that this behaviour comes and goes in spurts. It seems to me that the monitor might be shorting out somewhere, but I can't be sure (I'm no techie).

Can anyone help?

Rob Anderson

Shizuoka-ken, Japan

Subject: Getting a IIcx up to Net speed
From: Todd Griffith

I'm reconditioning my venerable (and much loved) Mac IIcx on a shoestring for my brother and 7-year-old niece to use. My brother wants to websurf (of course) and I'd like it to run good games and CD-ROMs for my niece.

From what I can gather so far a 4x CD rom is considered adequate for a IIcx. I am also looking at buying a cd rom and that is what I have been recommended.

My Mac IIcx has been with me for 7.5 years! Try that with a 7.5 year old Wintel (dare say 286 or 386?) running the latest OS and Netscape/Explorer!!

I'm going to put at least 20MB of RAM in the machine, which has an 80MB hard drive cannibalized from a IIci and an Apple color monitor (with video card). (Am looking for a larger hard drive.) I'm planning to buy a 33.6 modem, maybe the FastMac V.34 for $100.

If you can get an internal modem you could bypass the external serial i/o bottleneck and get much faster transfer rates between your modem and processor.

* System version: I understand the IIcx has problems running 7.5.5. Is this so? What System 7 variation would be best? (Mode32 would of course be installed.

System 7.5.5 runs great on my IIcx with 20 megs of ram (go ahead and upgrade to 32 mb if you are buying ram, life will be much easier without Ramdoubler and virtual memory)). Currently I have the system allocated to taking about 5 meg with OT 1.1.1, OT PPP 1.0, Quicktime 2.5 and Open Doc added to system 7.5.5. Mode 32 7.5 is needed prior to installing system 7.5 if you don't want to corrupt/lose you files!

* Netscape version: Which would be best? Where does the IIcx top out?

Currently I run Netscape 3.01, not 3.0 which has a nasty bug on the IIcx, and I like the html mail and java stuff that I can do. It is slower than 2.02, but I find it acceptable without virtual memory and Netscape using 13 mb. But anyone still using a 7 year old computer must be able to compromise a little on speed!

* Video, etc.: Would this setup be able to support the Connectix videocam and software?

No experience here, but I think it could if you can stand looking at small pictures (1/8 the screen size?) for acceptable real time display on a 15" screen.

* Audio: How about stereo speakers?

Yes, but you will need to buy a sound board as the built-in sound out is mono.

Other considerations?

Buy at least a 200 mb hard drive or you will be maxed out soon as I now have only my system and internet stuff on a 100 mb hard drive and have about 10 mb left! I bought a Zip drive to put all my other apps on and to use as backup. You know you can boot from a Zip drive!

Well thats all I have in my head,


Subject: Getting a IIcx up to Net speed
From: Kris Lander

I'm reconditioning my venerable (and much loved) Mac IIcx...*snip*... I'm going to put at least 20MB of RAM in the machine,...*snip*... I'm planning to buy a 33.6 modem, maybe the FastMac V.34 for $100.
* System version: I understand the IIcx has problems running 7.5.5. Is this so? What System 7 variation would be best? (Mode32 would of course be installed.)
* Netscape version: Which would be best? Where does the IIcx top out?
* Video, etc.: Would this setup be able to support the Connectix videocam and software?
* Audio: How about stereo speakers?
Other considerations?

I'm currently running a IIcx, with 20 MB RAM, and system 7.5.5, I haven't had any problems, with the exception of my Geneva font looking jaggy on the screen. I also run Netscape 3.0 Gold, it's slow, but that's my connection's problem, not the machine's. (Java script is excruiatingly slow, but there is rarely anything of use in Java script anyways).

I'm unsure about a Connectix QuickCam, I've never tried, but the stereo speakers have to run out of the headphone jack, so if the speakers are not amplified, it'll be pretty low volume.

I would also suggest getting a CD-ROM drive, so you can atleast use software that is distributed on CDs. According to the tech people at 1-800-SOS-APPL the IIcx can not run a 4x CD-ROM, so you'll have to get a 2x one. I got mine at Sun Remarketing for about $100. I also got a 150 MB hard drive from Sun Remarketing for about $100. (The 80 MB HD is really small, but bearable).

If you have any other questions, email me personally.

Kris Lander

Subject: Upgrade from 7.0.1 to 7.5.5
From: FisixDoc

Can anyone tell me the total cost in going from 7.0.1 to 7.5.5? Do I have to purchase 7.5 and then follow that with 7.5.3 and then 7.5.5? I have an LC w/6MB memory and recent postings indicate 7.5.5 might work.

Subject: IIsi with multiple monitors
From: FrankP292

This request to Eric and all other Mac IIsi owners on the list. Eric's signature says he runs a Mac IIsi with a 13"Color and a Grayscale portrait monitor. I didn't know that a Mac could handle a simultaneous mix of monochrome and color monitors! You need a PDS video card to do this, right?

Which card are you using? Does the card have any video RAM?

Can you set a separate color depth for each monitor in the Monitors Control Panel? If so, what happens when you drag a color object to the monochrome monitor and vice versa?

If Eric is not actually running these monitors simultaneously, NEVER MIND. My 8 yr old son will inherit my Mac IIsi, no fpu, 5mb ram, System 7.01, 80mb HD after I pay off my new Performa 6400/200 and can afford a monitor. I am thinking about a local talk connection to my new machine to share its larger hard drive space. Other options: more IIsi ram, fpu, larger hard drive, OS upgrade. I can't afford to do all this but would be grateful for feedback on what you think each of these actions would cost and a ranking of them based on utility/performance gain.


Frank Parks

Madison, Wisconsin

Subject: AOL email issues
From: FrankP292

My complements on the list. I am new and already have learned some good stuff in only two issues.

I second the recent request that the Classic Mac Digest be divided to fit under the AOL size limit for email.

I notice that some codes printing on my email:
eg. "=" plus a non-printed character for carriage return
"=B3" and "=B2" bracketing a phrase (bold or italic?)
"=B9" for apostrophes
I have noticed these codes on both ClassicMac digests so far. Both of these were too long for AOL's Email Reader so the Email Reader attached the Digest as a text file attachment. Can anyone explain how these codes get mis-translated? Is it a problem with the listserve software? or with AOL's Email Reader. I hope when the list upgrades to new listserve software, this problem will resolve.

Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 11.19
From: Tim Steele

I recently purchase a 68882 FPU chip for my Color Classic...

The most obvious guess would be that the 68882 was not installed with pin 1 matching pin 1 on the socket. Most sockets should make it difficult to insert any other way, but even so...

If the 68882 wasn't bad before, it probably is now. Does your CC still work?


Subject: Classic Macs Digest 11.19
From: ghl3.dtp

From Dave Orne:

I also have an old Mac, upgraded to aPlus...

...My daughter uses it for school and has an old PLP II laser printer. However, I run a PowerBook 180C (68030) and can't communicate with her via SCSI as the Plus is interleaved at 3:1, and the PowerBook 180C is 1:1. (I tried a few times and ruined the SCSI on a 500 meg internal PowerBook drive!) I guess I could try to run Apple Talk, but I thought there must be a more efficient way. Someone told me that they run a Mac Plus at 1:1?? Can anyone confirm that?

Yes, the Apple 80 Meg HD on my Mac Plus is formatted to have an interleave of 1:1, and it works fine. :) To the best of my knowledge, most HD's will run fine on older Macs with an interleave of 1:1. One exception I know of is the Quantum LPS Lightning series, which does move data at a particularly fast rate.

For the sake of other readers, let's cover some stuff about interleaving: Interleaving is used when a HD is moving data faster than a computers' CPU canhandle. It slows the rate of data transfer by telling the CPU to read -only- every other sector, then reading the remaining sectors (2:1 Interleave).

To go even slower it can read every third sector, like 1,4,7,10, then 2,5,8, then 3,6,9(3:1 interleave). This routine is written to the SCSI driver of the hard drive. If a HD with a 3:1 interleave is moved to a different CPU it still has a 3:1 interleave, and if such a HD is replaced, the new HD is running at the interleave with which -it- was formatted.

I do have an Iomega Jaz drive and a Syquest... ... Is there a way to copy software to a Jaz disc, optimize it somehow, and then plug it into the Plus?

The ZIP and JAZZ drives need no particular optimization. To simply attach it to a Plus, you need only put the 'Iomega driver' in the Extensions folder (or System folder if you're using System Software v. 6.x).

Hope this helps!


Subject: System Bloat
From: Benjamin Guansing

Benjamin, you need to be -ruthless- with your System folder. Have no mercy, those INITs must go. I am running 7.5.3 on my Color Classic with 6Mb physical RAM. "About This Macintosh..." tells me that System has a partition size of just over 1700K. I can live with that. I have FWB CD-ROM INIT loaded, Foreign File Access, and a few other essentials like WindowShade. At work I have a 5200CD with 16Mb RAM and 7.5.5 and that is using 3900K of RAM. Take out stuff you don't use much, like Macintalk et al.

Lewin, thanks for the admonishment. I needed it. My apologies to those I may have mislead. I'm one of those Mac users who love to play around with the system tweaking it here and there to add interesting features and functions. I must confess that I had been collecting quite a number of freeware and shareware extensions and control panels. Being in Japan I also use WorldScript and the Japanese Language Kit on my English system. Recently I added Open Transport 1.1.1, OpenDoc 1.1, and CyberDog 1.1. I have a question about those for you later. Anyway, I created a pared down startup set omiting OT 1.1.1, OpenDoc, Japanese WorldScript, ATM, and other various extensions and control panels. Managed to get my System 7.5.5 RAM down to about 4500K on my IIci. I had to draw the line at removing OneClick and some others. :-) BTW, I love OneClick. Got a great deal on it through MacDeals! However, if you don't care much for floating palettes then you'd better pass on OneClick.

When I ran OpenDoc and CyberDog, my system heap doubled! CyberDog was using a modest 750K. The minimum is supposedly about 400K. Quitting CyberDog returned the system heap to a few hundred K bigger than its previous size. I applaud Apple for bringing this latest technology to the 68K family but it looks like a lot of older 68K users will be left out if this is the OpenDoc future. The RAM requirements are pretty hefty: at least 8MB RAM with VM, 16MB RAM recommended, Sys 7.5, and MacTCP 2.0.4 or later, or OT 1.1 w/ TCP/IP. Then again RAM is pretty cheap these days. Here's the question. What does OpenDoc and CyberDog (or other OpenDoc apps) do with memory management on the PowerMacs? Do they also suffer from "system bloat"?


Subject: 128K giving me trouble
From: Leif

My current collection of computers includes a Apple IIgs, a 128K (upgraded to 512), a MacSE (4MB 0' RAM, 20 MB Hard Drive, 1 800K floppy drive), and a PowerMac 6100/60. I got the SE and IIgs from my school (they were throwing the poor little guys in the dumpster!), and it was quite a job getting them to work.

Now, I have been given the 128K, with two broken 400K floppy drives, and a bunch of disks.

I have yet to open the case on the 128, but I took apart the external floppy drive (thinking I could fix it). It is way different than the drives that the SE uses! Anyway, I had a spare floppy drive (800K) from my project with the SE, so I tried to plug that in to the back of the 128K. Using the cable from an old external drive, I got it to work (without a case!). Now I am able to boot off one of the disks (System 1.0 is pretty cool!), but I can't run anything. None of the software has a system!

If you have any sugestions, I would love to hear them. Right now, I just use the Puzzle DA!


Subject: MAC IIci Inquiries
From: creatink

My first question is:
Do you know of a IIci/IIsi specific email newsletter?

My second question is:
Can anyone help me get a reset/programers switch/button thingy for my IIci?

Thank you,

Spilled Ink

Subject: Re: My Rebuilt SE
From: Midge Kocen

However, WARNING: The official word from Apple is that -any- upgrade which leaves an SE with more than two internal drives voids the warranty, not that those warranties would be valid any more, but it does indicate that Apple doesn't feel the SE's PSU is up to handling two floppies AND a hard drive.

MY SE came with 2 floppy's and a hard drive from Apple.Of course the warranty is long gone, but it had a warranty when new.

Midge Kocen

Midget Services

Plymouth, Montserrat

Subject: RE: Interleave on Mac Plus
From: Jones, Paul B

Subject: Re: Plus & Zips
From: Dave Orne
I didn't bother learning to optimize the interweave ratio to get the maximum throughput for sustained transfers
Be frightened, be very frightened!! ;-)

The SCSI transfer rate on a Mac Plus is very very slow compared to other Macs. It is a hardware design thing, not so much to do with interleaving ratios. A newer HD with Buffers and Cashe will work at 1:1 because the HD makes up for the slower Mac Plus SCSI.

Paul B Jones

Subject: classic response
From: EL

Recently I bought a 150MB hard drive for my IIcx, and it wasn't an Apple or Quantum hard drive, it was an IBM. Then I decided to upgrade to 7.5.3 from 7.1, so I ran HD SC to update my drivers, but it wouldn't recognize my HD. (It said something to the effect of "No SCSI devices found.") I did the install anyways, and everything seems to work relatively fine.

So, my question is, did I do something wrong, and that's why it won't recognize my HD? And, will not installing new drivers come back to bite me someday?

HDSC set-up won't recognize drives formatted by third-party software. You'll have to go the vendors web-site and get THEIR driver updater. Its worth it. I had a similar situation and the only problem cropped up was when I copied files from one drive to the other. It worked in one direction and failed in the other. Back up your files!

eric the web wandering wonderer

IIsi 17 mg, 1,75 gig, full page grayscale and 13" color, 33.6 (My other IIsi serves with 17 meg and ethernet card to a T1)

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