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Table of Contents for this issue:
Notes on archive convention
Re: 7.0.1 to 7.5.5
cd and plus?
Re: dead Color Classic
SE memory
Portable battery
ListOwner: possibility of non-digest?
RE: Subject: IIsi with multiple monitors
RE: 128K giving me trouble
Source for System 6.0.1 for the IIgs

Subject: Notes on archive convention
From: System Administrator

Subject: AOL email issues
From: FrankP292
I second the recent request that the Classic Mac Digest be divided to fit under the AOL size limit for email.

Everybody: If you are having problems with email size restrictions [Silly providers!], in the meantime you can download raw text versions of the list (up-to-the-minute, pretty much) from These are numbered in this scheme :


YY = year }
MM = month of the /dispatch/ timestamp, not the date when I received the posts
DD = day

N  = ordinal of posting within the day

E.g. 9611101.TXT is the first post from the 10th November, 1996. The reasons for this convention are :

(a) so that alphabetically sorting filenames also sorts the posts by date,

(b) using 8.3 filenames allows people to download things at work where sadistic employers may have only PCs, and

(c) symmetry with the way I number all my files that have to be in 8.3 format 8-)

You can also view the list in slightly more attractive HTML format at I've indexed it as logically as I know how, please let me know what you think 8-) However at this time, the HTML version is a few days behind, because I only started the conversions of the entire list contents to date yesterday, when Bill gave me the go-ahead. (It's /nearly/ up to date!! Honest, it will be finished tomorrow. I'm a programmer. I'm allowed to reschedule deadlines ! And I'm VERY tired... 8-)

I notice that some codes printing on my email:
eg. "=" plus a non-printed character for carriage return
"=B3" and "=B2" bracketing a phrase (bold or italic?)
"=B9" for apostrophes

These are non-ASCII characters. When you see "=xx" it means that mailer software somewhere has translated the message so that the body can't be confused with a MIME attachment, tearline, or some other special character or string. For example "=3D" is an equals sign.

as a text file attachment. Can anyone explain how these codes get mis-translated? Is it a problem with the listserve software? or with AOL's Email Reader. I hope when the list upgrades to new listserve software,

Neither. It's an irreparable technical fault in the mind of the person who wrote the message, using characters above 127 or below 32. You should contact your local dealer for a warranty replacement, this component is not user-serviceable [wg].

Subject: Color Classic Monitor Problem
From: Rob Anderson
I've got a problem with my Color Classic's monitor, and I'm curious if My monitor often flickers with pinkish lines and occasionally turns all pinkish, leaving all the colors on the screen somehow darkened (with this

Well, the symptom is clear, if the solution is not. The red level in the picture is fluctuating. I've had a similar problem (except for me it was green level) on a Performa 5200's inbuilt monitor. I went over the board tapping and probing, and tweaked the trimpot which controlled the green level, and the problem went away, so I suspect it was a dry joint.

Can your problem disappear (or get worse) if you tap the Color Classic's case? If so, it's probably a dry joint. Not difficult to trace back and resolder all the joints till you fix it, but it's not something I would recommend as a first electronic project [g].

Subject: Upgrade from 7.0.1 to 7.5.5
From: FisixDoc
Can anyone tell me the total cost in going from 7.0.1 to 7.5.5? Do I have to purchase 7.5 and then follow that with 7.5.3 and then 7.5.5? I have an LC w/6MB memory and recent postings indicate 7.5.5 might work.

It should. 7.5.3 can be made to occupy under 2Mb RAM. 7.5.5 actually reduced the RAM requirements for some components. 7.5 came with my 2ndhand Color Classic so I don't know what the cost is.

Subject: Re: 7.0.1 to 7.5.5
From: Albert L. Lilly III

Can anyone tell me the total cost in going from 7.0.1 to 7.5.5? Do I have to purchase 7.5 and then follow that with 7.5.3 and then 7.5.5? I have an LC w/6MB memory and recent postings indicate 7.5.5 might work.

Quick easy, and painless (almost):

1. Buy more RAM. You really should have at least 8MB to run comfortably. The more, the better. 7.5.5 takes up nearly 5MB on my Classic II, with no extras (QD GX or Powertalk, etc.)

2. Buy finished goods System 7.5.3 ("Unity") from Apple. It will cost $99, as you have never owned 7.5, and I believe must have a previous version of 7.5 to qualify for the $49 update.

3. Download 7.5.5 free from Apple.

4. Install 7.5.3, the run the updater.

Now, you might find an old copy of 7.5 available from Shreve System, Sun Remarketing, Mac Sale Int'l or some such other vendor for say $40 or so. If you can, buy , and you can freely download all the additonal updates direct from Apple. This is the cheaper way, but will require a lot of downloading.

Finally, if you can get in touch with Microsoft and buy a copy of Word, then you can get the free update to 7.5.3 from 7.5 from Microsoft on CD. They also have Rev. 2 on the CD, but it has been superceded by 7.5.5 updater.

Hope this helps. Feel free to write and ask if I can be of further assistance.

Subject: cd and plus?
From: rosed

Hello fellow macers,

My first mac was a plus and I have since bought another ($10!) and have handed both down to convert two friends. They of course love them. What I'm interested in is, what are all the peripherals know to work with the plus. They have 4mb of ram and are running system 7.0.1 very nicely. One boots off a maxtor 120 and the other a zip drive. I'm particularly interested if any old cd roms work, scanners or other interesting devices. How about mac recorder? Any and all sugestions are appreciated. Doug

Subject: Re: dead Color Classic
From: Mark or Leigh DeHart

Help! My Color Classic has gone down, and the repair shop I took it to can't figure it out. It is just plain dead - no response to the power-on button on the keyboard (the keyboard works fine elsewhere).

The problem was a dead battery. Thanks to those who responded to my plea, and thanks to this mailing list for providing this opportunity to rapidly (and cheaply) solve this problem.

At the suggestion of Dave Baron, I removed the battery and restarted. It started without a hitch. And (as per Edwin Togami's message), the battery was readily available at the local Radio Shack. 10 minutes and 10 dollars to solve a problem a repair shop couldn't fix after two weeks. Admittedly, they are a primarily PC-oriented shop, so it would probably never occur to them that there would be an easy answer. Fortunately for me, the logic board they tried to install probably also had a dead battery; otherwise, they would have sold me $300 worth of parts and labor that I didn't need.

Mark DeHart

Subject: SE memory
From: gchan

This is an update. Thanks to all the helpful hints I've received from this post, my SE has been upgraded and now sends and receives email. I've just one problem though. My SE has 4mb RAM and 20mb HD running System 7.0 w/ Tuneup. Under the apple, it shows 4mb RAM. The system software only takes up 1.2mb RAM. However, when I run MacTCP 2.0.6, it often crashes my computer, saying it is out of memory! The only workaround so far is installing Synchronys's RAMCharger (which still works with Pluses and up!). Even with that, it's telling me I'm running out of memory running just MacPPP and Eudora Light. Now I know for a fact that those two programs do not take up more than 2.5mb RAM! Does anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks for any help you can offer.


Subject: Portable battery
From: Loren Everly

Does anyone know where to get portable batterys, or does anyone know how to bypass the battery without having to replace the 9 volt every few days.


Subject: ListOwner: possibility of non-digest?
From: Orion Protonentis

In Classic Macs current form, I find it not particularly useful, as it takes too long to dig through the digest looking for gems. Is it possible for you to also create a standard, non-digesting listexploder, so messages can be easily filtered?

Or, if such an entity already exists, how do I switch lists?

Thanks in advance.

Bill Hitz answers for Classic Macs:

We are working on several ways to make this list process easier for everyone, including an index, and other suggestions sent in by subscribers. This is a part-time labor of love it may take a little time. We appreciate your patience and support.

Subject: RE: Subject: IIsi with multiple monitors
From: Jones, Paul B

I currently have a IIsi 17/160 with a 13"RGB and Radius 19"TPD mono. It uses an SE/30/IIsi adaptor card with FPU. It's great! I could use the same Video card with a Ethernet card but I have to find a way to bring the video cable out. I have also used a NuBus adaptor and A4 video card. My old Mac II has had 3 monitors attached at once, just to say that I have done it. I believe that the Mac OS will support 6 monitors, but the redraw time gets a bit long.

Another thing that I have is a new PC tower case and 200watt power supply which houses a 44meg Cart drive, a CD ROM drive, and 3 Hard drives 40/700/120. I don't have power problems and I can plug the tower into other Macs that need a boot disk and CD etc. The Case cost AUS$80 and was cheaper than the Power supply on it's own. If you don't mind the size, this is the best value external drive case around.

Subject: RE: 128K giving me trouble
From: Jones, Paul B

If you can track down the system extension 'HD20' you will be able to use an 800k drive and new HFS disks on your 128k. some of the incompatibility comes from a change in the filing system, from MFS to HFS. Another work around is to not have any folders on a HFS disk, everything is in one window, this has worked for me in the past. But the biggest problem is that the 128k has not got enough RAM.

You may also trim down the system folder to just Finder and System. With work, and ResEdit, you can get them down to 80k of disk space and still be able to launch an application.

Paul B Jones
ATM 1.2 will run on a 512ke Mac...

Subject: Source for System 6.0.1 for the IIgs
From: Bo Schnick

I like to go out on late-night hunting trips and last night I found system 6.0.1 on one of Apples ftp sites. It's at:

I *think* it's for the IIGS.

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