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Has anyone else noticed this??
I-net w/MacPlus
Re: Alternatives to RAM Doubler for 68000 Macs
Thundercache Card for LCII.
Re: IIsi and Daystar Turbo 601
Re: IIsi and disk formatters (was Re: HD SC and my IIcx)

Plus and external HD
LCII Ram upgrade
Re: Grandma's Classic
Apple HD SC and non-Apple Drives
Powerbook 100
Re: PPC lists
Re: Plus and external HD
Re: 7.5.5
FreePPP and a IIfx
Re: IIsi and Daystar Turbo 601

Subject: Has anyone else noticed this??
From: B.J. Major & Dennis J. Gorin

Sorry if I am the um-teenth person mentioning this, but all of a sudden I am receiving the classic macs list as individual messages and not as a digest. I don't have the owner's name/address or I would write them directly.


The list moderator addresses the matter:


Doing so will broadcast singly to the entire list. We are setting up the Majordomo list server. Please bear with us. Our apologies to everyone for the receipt of individual messages from subscribers who are not following directions. Anyone else posting to the address above WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE LIST IMMEDIATELY. Soon it won't be a problem. See next paragraph, please.


To post comments or questions send your e-mail post to

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Should you ever wish to remove your name from this list send e-mail to and you will be unsubscribed.

Tips for Burnout from Too Much E-mail to Read

Classic Macs is popular and on any given day you can receive a digest with 10 to 25 posts. Sometimes there just is not enought time to read all of this good material. Rather than unsubscribing, we suggest simply deleting Classic Macs for the day or series of days that you do not get a chance to read. Make a note of the dates deleted and when you have spare time, go to the Classic Mac Digest Archives and either download your missing issues by FTP or read them on the web.

The archives are found at:

Thanks go to Lewin A.R.W. Edwards for his archiving efforts.

Subject: I-net w/MacPlus
From: Rex

I just got a great little MacPlus for $20. Is it possible to set it up for internet use? Also, what suggestions can you make on upgrading it to it's fullest potential (i.e. RAM,Hard Drive,) & where's the best place to shop for these ?

Subject: Re: LC II RAM
From: TiagoK

Dave Zelenski wrote:

I am working on a lab with LCIIs with 4 MB of Ram on the board. Can I add a single 4 MB Simm to ugrade to 8 Megs? or do they need to be added in pairs? What about Ram speed? Can it be 70 or 60 ns?

Memory on the LCII must be added in pairs of 30 pin SIMMs. Possible configurations are 6, 8 or 12 MB of total RAM. Minimum speed is100ns, so 60 or 70ns is fine. I recommend GURU (GUide to Ram Upgrades, freeware from Newer Technology) to anyone interested in memory issues.

Subject: Re: Alternatives to RAM Doubler for 68000 Macs
From: System Administrator

It only has a 68000 (actually the manuel calls it a MC68HC000) so that eliminates RamDoubler.
Virtual Memory is a part of the system software (look in the Memory control panel). You can use part of your hard drive as RAM. Also RAM Charger from Syncronys Softcorp works on 68000 Macs.

Virtual memory requires a PMMU which the 68000 doesn't have.

As a useless piece of net.trivia, the HC in the part number indicates that it's the High speed CMOS version of the device. CMOS part was used to reduce power consumption. HC parts are roughly the same speed as an equivalent TTL part, but consume far less power. Some of them (that one, I think) are even compatible with TTL level signals, so in many applications they are a drop-in replacement for the equivalent TTL part.

Subject: Thundercache Card for LCII.
From: Robert W. Picton

I've only just joined the Classics list and so have missed some of the discussion on the Thundercache card for the LCII.

Is there somewhere in the US that would supply one to me in the UK? There's only one supplier over here and the cost is horrendous compared with the $64 plus $10 post I read about this week in these pages.

Am I correct in assuming there's no difference to the internal workings of the accelerator given the different mains voltages in the UK and the USA?

Any contact e-Mail addresses gratefully accepted!



Subject: Re: IIsi and Daystar Turbo 601
From: Noel Gott

Subject: IIsi and Daystar Turbo 601
From: Robert T. Joyce
I recently received - free-a Daystar Turbo 601 PowerPC upgrade card with adapter for the IIsi, and 16MB of RAM. What can I do with these goodies? Anyone have any experience with this upgrade card? Is it worth buying a IIsi cpu to stick it in?

The Daystar Turbo 601 will fit into most II series Macs, with a model specific adaptor. I belive it will fit into the IIvx,vi,ci, and Performa 600 with NO adaptor. You can get specs. and adaptors from

Subject: Re: IIsi and disk formatters (was Re: HD SC and my IIcx)
From: Bo Schnick

Recently I bought a 150MB hard drive for my IIcx, and it wasn't an Apple or Quantum hard drive, it was an IBM. Then I decided to upgrade to 7.5.3 from 7.1, so I ran HD SC to update my drivers, but it wouldn't recognize my HD. (It said something to the effect of "No SCSI devices found.")

To my knowledge HD SC only works with Apple hard drives.

will not installing new drivers come back to bite me someday?

My IIci has a 340 Quantum formatted with Anubis by Charismac. I've gone from System 7.1 to 7.5.3 and now 7.5.5 . So far no problems. The 340HD used to be in my IIcx. I'd also be interested to hear the opinions on updating the HD SCSI driver when upgrading systems.

The CharisMac Anubis formatter V2.54N worked fine for me when I put a IBM SCSI-2 P/N 06H8558 540 MB hard drive into a *IIsi*, and installed Mac OS 7.5.3. I didn't take it to 7.5.5 though.

Bo S.

Subject: Plus and external HD
From: Jim Bauer

I have: reformatted, installed the system software (7.0 & 6.08), verified that the drive has internal termination (the terminating resistors on the drive itself are in place) and removed any external termination. Still, it refuses to mount before the floppy system boot. Help! It has me stymied.

Make sure that the bus is getting term power. Check the jumper.

Subject: LCII Ram upgrade
From: armstrong

I am working on a lab with LCIIs with 4 MB of Ram on the board. Can I add a single 4 MB Simm to ugrade to 8 Megs? or do they need to be added in pairs? What about Ram speed? Can it be 70 or 60 ns?

I recommend you download a copy of GURU from Newer Technology. They sell RAM but they support a wonderfully complete program that tells you all you need to know about upgrading RAM.

According to GURU, there were LCIIs with 2 and with 4 MB soldered on the logic board. So you seem to have the 4MB variety. It says that for all LCIIs, you add SIMMS in pairs, so for 8MB you need to 2 2MB Simms.

My recommendation would be to add 2 8MB Simms minimum and get up to 20MB. If you want to browse the WWW or do much interesting stuff these days (and the LCII is plenty up to it) you will need more memory. If you buy 2MB simms at this point, you will just have to eat them when you DO decide to upgrade to more memory. You can put in 2 4MB Simms and get to 12MB, but that will barely run Netscape 3.0.

bob armstrong

Subject: Re: Grandma's Classic
From: PGardella

Aloha! I'm a very new subscriber to this great list with a question... Grandma's Classic that she has owned since '91 to keep her B&B; books and reservation database straight on is exhibiting some strange startup behavior. When she first turns it on at first there is no startup chime - just a screen filled with horizontal line patterns. After several seconds the picture shrinks to a small square in the middle of the screen. Everything then proceeds normally!! I've never seen this before and don't know what to do. Does anyone know if this is a symptom of a dying battery? If so, who/what/where/how do we get it replaced? Any thoughts?

It sounds like a problem that I had with my Plus (as well as quite a few friends Pluses). It would get the screen problem you had and then wouldn't work. It also exhibited the problem of the screen wavering, getting larger and smaller. That was all caused by a faulty power supply inside the Mac. It would cost $150 for a new one. Until, that is, I read an about how it was being caused by Apple using cold soldering techniques. The solder has now gotten hot, and then cooled so many times that the connections aren't working any more. So all I had to do was open the Mac and then re-solder the connections on the power supply. Certainly not for the faint of heart, but it can be done.

It is esentially the same as having to open it up and re-solder in a new battery. Both require soldering and opening the Mac. The battery has 2 connections, one on either end, and the power supply has about 10 or 12.

The batteries are long-lasting. Typically 5-10 years. When it starts to go out, it will experience many different problems. They usually deal with PRAM settings, like forgetting the date, or changing another setting. It is tough to diagnose, really. Macworld says that Apple dealers messed up as well, trying many things before the battery was replaced (Dec 96, 40). I don't have a Classic, so I don't know if the battery is soldered in or not. Someone esle can confirm that. To find if you can replace it yourself, open your Mac and look for the battery. It's a half-AA size, so it's easy to spot. If it is in a plastic cover, all you need to do is pop the cover and replace it (Eveready 523-BP or Duracell PX-21). Your computer dealer will carry them. (Watch the + and - when you put it back in.) If it is soldered, you have to get brave and do it yourself, or take it to your Apple Repair shop and have them do it. (Ask for it specifically). The battery I bought to replace in a friends LC cost something like $7.

If you would like to know how to do the power supply thing, let me know and I will send directions. (This was a commom problem with Pluses, a very common problem).


Subject: Apple HD SC and non-Apple Drives
From: PGardella

Recently I bought a 150MB hard drive for my IIcx, and it wasn't an Apple or Quantum hard drive, it was an IBM. Then I decided to upgrade to 7.5.3 from 7.1, so I ran HD SC to update my drivers, but it wouldn't recognize my HD. (It said something to the effect of "No SCSI devices found.")

To my knowledge HD SC only works with Apple hard drives.

Actually, you can use res-edit to modify HD SC to all it to work on all drives. It's very simple. A program has been written to patch HD SC 7.3.5 without Res-Edit as well. It can be found at

To use Res-Edit, you can do the following:

-Open HD SC Setup 7.3.5 within ResEdit 2.1.3
-Open the resource called "wfwr" ID 67.
-Change this byte from "00" to "FF".
-Save HD SC Setup 7.3.5 and close ResEdit 2.1.3

And if you don't own HD SC Setup 7.3.5, you can go to to download it (90 Kb).

I've done it and haven't had a bit of trouble!

Subject: Powerbook 100
From: Cesare Cioni

Hi list embers!

I have recently purchased a second-hand Powerbook 100 4/40 (I would have preferred a newer machine but I had a limited budget and this was a very good occasion), in addition to my LC475 8/160 that replaced a Classic 4/40 that replaced a Plus...

I have a few questions:

- this Powerbook can be connected with a cable (that I have) to the SCSI port of another Mac that will them see the Powerbook as an external hard disk. Very practical indeed. But - can I also connect external SCSI peripherals (such as a Zip drive) to the Powerbook 100? Do I need a different cable?

- Which kind of memory I need to bring RAM to 8 meg? Is it available? How much does it cost?

- At first I toyed with the idea of putting the 160 meg HD from the LC475 to the Powerbook 100 and then buy a larger hard disk for the latter. Well, I cannot because the powerbook needs a 2'5 SCSI HD - are such disks still available? In which sizes? At which price?

- One of the small external feet that allow the powerbook to be slightly tilted broke. Well, i fixed it, but I don't know how much it will last. Is this availabl somewhere as a spare part?

Thanks for any help that you might be able to give me.



Subject: Re: PPC lists
From: EarSaver

From: Fernan Aguero
Perhaps any of you know of a list for the discussion of the newer Macintosh models...
As i mentioned in an earlier post i have a Plus, a Classic II and a Quadra 605 (which would be off-topic in this list) in the lab. And i have a PowerMac 7200/75 at home.
I suppose many of you may have a newer model besides the loved Classic Macs and may know of such a list. Excuse me if this is off-topic.

Here's one for you to consider: send a "SUBSCRIBE MACPCI-L" command to LISTSERV@MITVMA.BITNET (or LISTSERV@MITVMA.MIT.EDU).

Be warned, this list produces an incredible amount of activity. You can expect to spend a lot of time going thru these posts. It got so heavy with redundancy, I finally had to get off. These days I stick with MacWay, KAWASAKI and this list - 2 of the 3 in digest form.

Good luck,
Joe Benevides

Subject: Re: Plus and external HD
From: Ken Walend

It was inevitable. I picked up a 4MB Plus at the local flea market. I have bought an external drive for it (Maxtor 213L in no-name case). The drive mounts correctly when booting from floppy, but refuses to become the system disk, i.e., it won't boot. I have: reformatted, installed the system

Doesn't the Sys 7 Control Panel 'Startup Disk' take care of this? 'Startup Disk' is not mentioned in your post, so maybe it just got overlooked?

Subject: Re: 7.5.5
From: Michael Hackett

1. Buy more RAM. You really should have at least 8MB to run comfortably. The more, the better.
7.5.5 takes up nearly 5MB on my Classic II, with no extras (QD GX or Powertalk, etc.)

I don't dispute the first point, but with no add-ons, 7.5.5 only takes 1.5MB of RAM on my Duo 210. With a few extensions, you can still keep it under 2.5MB. Just be sure to use Custom Install and then be prepared to do a little pruning of the System folder afterwards.

Subject: FreePPP and a IIfx
From: Truls Hanholm Wang-Johannessen

Hello MAC friends!!!

I use a IIfx 1120(extern)/8 with a 14".
I have a problem with "FreePPP2.5v2",
When i chose "Open FreePPP Setup" from the meny (phone beside the clock), nothing happens!.
Somebody know why, or what to do??

I have tried to reinstall but it still not work!!


Subject: Re: IIsi and Daystar Turbo 601
From: System Administrator

From: Robert T. Joyce
I recently received free a Daystar Turbo 601 PowerPC upgrade card with adapter for the IIsi, and 16MB of RAM. What can I do with these goodies? Anyone have any experience with this upgrade card? Is it worth

Oh, no!! That hardware is known to cause serious biological effects and may be hazardous to small children! Trust me, Robert- for safe, environmentally responsible disposal of these dangerous items, simply mail all the offending artifacts to me. You might also want to mail me the person who gave you this equipment, we need more of those people in Australia.

... nay, but seriously ... The DT601 card isn't amazingly fast (it will run at 2x the buss speed of the computer you install it in, I think). Depends very much on what price you can get a IIsi for. If you can get the box for ~$200-250, I would personally go for it. You'll get a system which is similar to the very earliest PowerMacs, except with some compatibility issues (Sys8, if it ever gets released, won't run on such a machine, for example), and not so fast due to bottlenecks in the rest of the system. But it will let you run PPC-only programs, of course.

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