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Table of Contents for this issue:
16 bit Datapath Mac Summary
Re: Thundercache Card for LCII
old software.......
Plus and peripherals?
Classic Mac Games
Re: Plus on the net
System 7.5? and a Rocket
Re: LCII Ram upgrade
Classic-post-Don't be harsh now...
External Drive with sys 7.5.1
Do you need software for Mac 128 or 512?
Re: Classic Macs 11.21.2
FreePPP and a IIfx
More FreePPP Info
Re: System 7 in 1Mb?
Re: External monitor for a color classic
List Suggestion

Subject: 16 bit Datapath Mac Summary
From: O.J. Lougheed


I'm not sure if I'm sticking my foot in the old mouth, but I would like to explore the possibility of doing a summary of "Classic Macs" postings which are relavent to 16 bit datapath Macs - primarily the SE, LC, and LC2. (The Plus is basically a 110 volt only SE with Serial in/out impairment and minus the Expansion Slot.) I'm a recent joiner to the list, so I don't know how many gigs of archives there are. I have received the following: Classic Macs 11.18 1/2 thru Classic Macs 11.21.2. I do have some time to do this. I have used Macs since 1987 and maintained a multi-user CP/M system (8086's) before that. (Thank God - or Jobs and Woz - for Macs!)

The reason I'm willing to do perhaps such a crazy thing is because I'm working on a number of BBS's for use with schools and environmental groups around Lake Baikal in Siberia (Russia). I want to use primarily these machines for ease of transportability, use (it's a Mac right), spare parts, at least bilingual fonts with additional language capabilities, and 220 volt 50 hz compatability - AND DONATABLILITY! Who says these are obsolete?

My interests are primarily software and compatability with 68000 cpus - being the lowest common denominator, along with experiences useful to Russian kids. Anyone with experience with TeleFinder, First Class, or other GUI BBS, various Internet programs like Eudora, Gopher - Ap or Turbo, etc, as well as FidoNet, odd & small Control Panels and Extensions, ESPECIALLY ON THESE MACHINES IS INVITED TO CONTACT ME DIRECTLY or post to this list if the moderator thinks appropriate.

I own an SE with dual 800k floppies and added 40 meg Conner HD with heavy case which almost eliminates screen interplay even when on top of the floppies, but toward the back; running System 7.5 which takes up about 1700k max with AppleTalk on, leaving 2300+ to play with (heh, I used to do amazing things with 64k RAM on C/PM and Apple 2e machines - 2.3 megs!!! Heaven!!!); an Original MacII, now a backup to a Performa 600CD 8/700 with a Lapis 21" monochrome monitor and NuBus video card I got with the MacII. The 600 runs System 7.5 right at 3 Megs - have tried 12 times to upgrade to 7.5.3 with the Update 2.0 CD - something amiss - even Apple support gave up. All have the Apple Cyrillic Language Kit installed. I can still use System 6.0.8 on the SE (or MacII) with ABTOP which by replacing the System fonts gives a fully bilingual Desktop, WPing -WriteNow 2.2 or 4.0-unbeatable Search and Replace!- or MS Works 2.0e-the last great Mac software they made-for basic WPing, Spreadsheets, Databases and Graphing. My next magic trick is to modify System 7.5 to use Sistemny as default - the Chicago-like Apple Standard font for the same effect as ABTOP in System 7. Also owned a new LC which I sold to a friend.

Here is probably the wrong place to ask for donations - but I did it anyway.

Delete these last lines below and post this if you think suitable. Send me e-mail to discuss this further before sending me any archives.



Subject: Re: Thundercache Card for LCII
From: System

From: Robert W. Picton
discussion on the Thundercache card for the LCII. Is there somewhere in the US that would supply one to me in the UK? There's only one supplier over here and the cost is horrendous compared with the $64 plus $10 post I read about this week in

That was a secondhand price, remember.

Am I correct in assuming there's no difference to the internal workings of the accelerator given the different mains voltages in the UK and

Yes. The digital sections of all Macs are the same. I'm in Australia, fwiw, and we use 240VAC here also.

Any contact e-Mail addresses gratefully accepted!

Nick Gilliland is the contact I mentioned. You can contact him (he should be back in the office this week; he was out on business last week). But it's a matter of what's in stock; being secondhand, no particular item is "orderable".

Subject: Powerbook 100
From: Cesare Cioni
Hi list members!

Hey, we're not burning out -just- yet dude! 8-)

this Powerbook can be connected with a cable (that I have) to the SCSI port of another Mac that will them see the Powerbook as an external hard disk. Very practical indeed. But - can I also connect external SCSI peripherals (such as a Zip drive) to the Powerbook 100? Do I need a

Use an ordinary 25-to-50 SCSI cable to attach external peripherals. Yes and yes, in other words.

At first I toyed with the idea of putting the 160 meg HD from the LC475 to the Powerbook 100 and then buy a larger hard disk for the latter. Well, I cannot because the powerbook needs a 2'5 SCSI HD - are such disks still available? In which sizes? At which price?

Apple was the last vendor using them AFAIK. Since Apple has now switched to IDE in its notebooks for cost and availability reasons, nobody is making 2.5" SCSI periphs now. I have seen secondhand 540Mb Seagate 2.5" SCSI advertised (and offered to me) at US$250. Your best bet is probably to contact a Mac service center or secondhand mail-order store (or visit the Mac Trading Post).

One of the small external feet that allow the powerbook to be slightly this availabl somewhere as a spare part?

Service center will be able to supply this.

Subject: LCIII
From: Fred Bonnett

When ever I startup I get a chime and a sadMAc w/ 0000FFF 000007F
I've run Disk Firstaid which says all is well but only when I startup with disk firstaid in the drive.

Whenever I try to startup with an empty drive, w/ or without the shift key held, I get this sad MAC.

Fred Bonnett

Subject: old software.......
From: Noel Gott

I just ran across this in a usenet newsgroup. old software, includes some 512K games Chris's Attic Sale also a color card for SE/30
hope it helps someone....


Subject: Plus and peripherals?
From: rosed

Any chance of finding out any and all peripherals that work with a plus, ie scanners, cd-roms etc?



Subject: Classic Mac Games
From: Tim Scoff

I finally got most of my old games for the Mac archived in a Stuffit archive. If anyone wants them please send me e-mail and I will gladly send them out. Stuffed it takes up about 2.9 MB of disk space for over 40 items. Not all are games, but all are shareware.

Timothy K. Scoff

Subject: Re: Plus on the net
From: Edmund A. Hintz

I use config PPP and MacTCP 2.06. I use system 7.01 (available at the Apple web site ot MacUser's software archives). 7.01 uses approx 1.5 megs with very few extensions.

I plugged in a Zip drive to transfer the system since it was too big for the 800K floppy drive. To find MacWeb, do a search at

I put 7.1 on my SE with only an 800k drive and 1.4 system disks. What I did was a minimal system install, plus apple talk components (about 3 megs total), on my Powerbook Duo 230s partitioned drive, then compressed this system folder (and segmented it) and put it onto several 800k floppies. Once I got 7.1 up and running on the SE-using the 7.0 system tools disk downloaded from apple's ftp site, which uses sys 6.8!!-I set up an AppleTalk network, and installed a full complement from my powerbook over AppleTalk to the SE. It was slow, but I have no SCSI devices and this was the only way to upgrade the SE for me. So now I have my very own personal AppleTalk network! Whoopie!! Maybe this can help another brave soul...

Subject: System 7.5? and a Rocket
From: David Emmons

As I have stated in a previous post, I have a Mac II with a Radius Rocket 25. One of the things I didn't mention was that the latest System the Rocket will run is 7.1 installed for Any Mac. The documentation states that it will not run on 7.5 nor 7.5.3. I have a theory I would like to test. The Rocket looks for the '040 Enabler which 7.5 does not have (enablers were eliminated in 7.5). If I installed 7.5.5 AND the '040 enabler could I make the Rocket work?

Any one know the answer to this? Rather have the answer before I buy the system.



Subject: Re: LCII Ram upgrade
From: TylerIII

To follow up a couple of responses on this topic in Classic Macs Digest 11.23, I recently bought an LC II for my mother. RAM prices being what they were, I loaded it up with 2 4MB SIMMs, which, with the 4MB that were soldered on the motherboard would have given her 12MB, mathematically. In fact, however, the LC II can only address 10MB of RAM, which I understood and had no problem with. Is anyone aware of a software "work-around" to this 10MB limit which would give her an additional 2MB free?

Subject: Classic-post-Don't be harsh now...
From: EL

From: Truls Hanholm Wang-Johannessen
I use a IIfx 1120(extern)/8 with a 14".
I have a problem with "FreePPP2.5v2",
When i chose "Open FreePPP Setup" from the meny (phone beside the clock), nothing happens!.
Somebody know why, or what to do??

Perhaps you could give a better explaination of 'nothing happens'? Really nothing? or you get a box but dont know what to do with it?

I've had friends puzzled over FreePPP who didn't realize you have to press on that little triangle in the lower left to get the Setup Box to 'open up'.

I had the same thing happen to me. NOTHING happened. That simple. Rebuilding my desktop enabled FreePPP to locate and open the Set-up application.

Good Luck,

eric the web wandering wonderer

Subject: External Drive with sys 7.5.1
From: Michel Boissonneault

Hi gang!

I have a Mac SE/30 with system 7.1, internal drive Quantum-Apple 80 mb and a external drive Quantum-Apple 40 mg ( original from the mac in a rodime case-power supply unit...) already formatted.

Today, I connected ext. drive to a Performa 5200cd with sys 7.5.1, mounted them with SCSI probe control panel, and pasted system folder from Performa to ext. drive.. After a little "pruning", I restarted Performa with "DOCS" keys to booting from ext. drive and everything was all right... Right after, I've connected external drive to my SE/30 --BUT the drives (internal and external) refuse to mount, and the mac dont start. I've just got a little "smilling mac" icon with nothing else...

Then I had to start the mac with an SOS disk with SCSI probe, but the two hard drives still refuse to mount...

I'had to re-install (physically) another hard drive in Rodime case, and the mac recognized both drives...

Obviously, when ext. drive was not connected to the macintosh, there was no problem

WHAT's Happens!?!?!?!?! <:-(

Michel Boissonneault.

Subject: Do you need software for Mac 128 or 512?
From: Edwin Simmers in Bellingham, WA

Re: Software for Mac 128 or 512 Want to relive 1984? Do you need software for a 128 or 512 Mac?

I can email to you a Stuffit archive of four 400K disks including System 2.0, Finder 4.1, MacPaint 1.4, MacWrite 2.20, ImageWriter driver, Write/Paint Tour and the system Guided Tour.

Let me know if you want them.

Subject: Re: Classic Macs 11.21.2
From: tonytony

It only has a 68000 (actually the manuel calls it a MC68HC000)so that eliminates RamDoubler. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Virtual Memory is a part of the system software (look in the Memory control panel). You can use part of your hard drive as RAM

Actually, Virtual Memory -requires- a PMMU chip (Page Memeory Management Unit) in order to work. To the best of my knowledge, none of the 68000 Macs have such a chip.


Regarding the previous snip:

Pardon my mistake!
I just re-read my post, and I should have written that 9 megs allows one to use 32-bit processing, not virtual memory! Remember, folks, sleep is a good thing. Sleep is your friend. You should probably sleep more often than I do.

Incidentally, the IIsi is a 68030 machine. Am I misinterpreting some of the posts that are discussing 68000 machines

Subject: FreePPP and a IIfx
From: Jeffrey Bipes

I use a IIfx 1120(extern)/8 with a 14". I have a problem with "FreePPP2.5v2", When i chose "Open FreePPP Setup" from the meny (phone beside the clock), nothing happens!. Somebody know why, or what to do??

Delete the 'FreePPP' Preferences file in the 'Preferences' folder in the 'System' folder.

I have an fx, and tried to use this version also. It didn't work. I went back to 'ConfigPPP 2.01'

that works.

Subject: More FreePPP Info
From: David Priddy

When i chose "Open FreePPP Setup" from the meny (phone beside the clock), nothing happens!.

Something to consider: Using FreePPP from the menu eats some of your available RAM since the Finder is always running. If you use the FreePPP control strip, it does not use RAM until you run it. If that's not an option, you can always launch the application and connect (but that's not nearly as convenient).

Subject: Re: System 7 in 1Mb?
From: Clark Martin

Bill Vinson said

Is it possible to run sys 7.0 with only 1 MB of ram? I'm not talking about useablility, as in being able to start apps..., but rather actually installing and booting in sys 7.0 (w/ tuneup). I have a ppc 7100 and an SE which I hope to upgrade from 1 MB to 4 MB, but I wanted to know if this is even feasible?

No, you can't. I inadvertently tried this on a 1MB Mac Plus and it put up a dialog saying I needed more memory.

You definitely can run System 7, 7.1, 7.5, 7.5.1, 7.5.3, and 7.5.5 on a 4MB SE. The minimum memory you need is 2 but that leaves almost nothing left for apps, 4MB is really the only way to go.

On my Plus, System 7.5.1 takes up about 2 MB.

Clark Martin
Redwood City, CA, USA
Macintosh / Internet Consulting

Subject: Re: External monitor for a color classic
From: System Administrator

From: Mark or Leigh DeHart
Doe anyone out there know of a card compatible with the color classic that will let me attach a 13" monitor to the unit. If anyone has done this, are running with a 33 MHz DayStar accelerator with FPU, so it has a little more

Mark.. The only major expansion possibility of the Color Classic is the LC-PDS slot on the motherboard. This is already occupied by your accelerator. I haven't heard of a combined accelerator-and-video card for LC-PDS slot... which is a shame, because my CC could use one 8-(. I would like to play Marathon with my 33MHz 68030 8-( As it is I can only play it surreptitiously at work. (Ssssh!! 8-)

Subject: GuRU
From: Tokyoben

The wonderful freeware GuRU has been mentioned but no one tells us where to get it! I've been a GuRU user for about a year now. It's great just to look and compare all the Mac models that have ever existed. Just about all the "basic" information and more is provided concerning memory upgrades, video, and other interesting and vital tidbits. Well, here is the ftp.

No one should be without it. Enjoy.


Subject: List Suggestion
From: David Priddy


Great list. I recommend you put the subscribe instructions with the other instructions at the top of your list. That way, if I send the list to Joe Bloe, Joe has the instructions to subscribe if he's interested.

David Priddy

[Moderator's Note: DONE! THANKS!]

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