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Table of Contents for this issue:
Mac IIcx and CD-ROMs?
Re: Classic Macs 11.25
Request for 128K Help
Re: 040 and PPC List?
Breaking to LC II's 10 meg RAM limit
LCII VRAM Increase?
Happy to be back to my Mac
The SE PDS Slot
Re: System 7.5? and a Rocket
Re: Classic Macs 11.25

Subject: Mac IIcx and CD-ROMs?
From: Todd Griffith

Anybody have a IIcx connected to a CD-ROM?
Please relay your experiences.

Thanks Todd

Subject: Re: Classic Macs 11.25
From: Bill Withers

Edmund A. Hintz writes:

What I did was a minimal system install, plus apple talk components (about 3 megs total), on my Powerbook Duo 230s partitioned drive, then compressed this system folder (and segmented it) and put it onto several 800k floppies.

How did you know where to segment the system? What parts beside the chooser and the finder are essential?

Subject: Request for 128K Help
From: Anthony Seng


Even though I don't have a classic Mac, I joined the list because my brother-in-law took home a 128K home for their kids to use. Being a Mac owner, they of course asked me about software etc. I'd like to be able to help them - kids brought up on Macs can't help but love 'em :-)

According to the sticker on the back, it was originally upgraded to 1 MB. It also came with an Apple dot matrix printer. (I hadn't seen one before - it's not an ImageWriter - or not the II in any case). The machine doesn't have a hard disk. Everything seems to work - excepts disks get jammed when ejected and need a LOT of tugging to get out.

1) What's the latest system version this machine can use - without upgrading it?

2) Does it use only 400K disks? I've looked in some shops and they only seem to sell HD's these days; I think the 128K could use these, but I need to download shareware etc using my Mac, and it won't like HD disks formatted as 400K's - any solutions?

3) Can anyone recommend sites which specialise in software to run on these machines - or sites that let you easily search for them?

4) Has anyone had similar problems with these early disk drives (I realise it's probably passed Apple's original working life expectancy). Is it possible to safely pull these machines apart (they are sealed by special screws)?

5) Will Apple IIe mouses work with this machine?

Thanks in advance,

Anthony Seng

Subject: Re: 040 and PPC List?
From: Fernan Aguero

Thank you for your information about PPC lists. I actually consider this list a very important one for ANY Mac user, whether it's pre-040 or not.In fact this list deals, as was mentioned by you, with 68K topics.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for this list.

Subject: IIvx
From: Bob Gilbert

I have a IIvx which came with 5 megs of memory. I wish to add 4 megs. Could someone tell me what I need to purchase. Do I need 4-1meg chips or 2-2 meg chips? How many chip slots does the IIvx have? I don't have it at present so I can't take the back off to see.

Subject: Civilization
From: Michael

Let me preface this by stating that I don't want to pirate software. Ever since I read a post a week or two ago that said Civilization would run on the 1-bit screen of my Powerbook 100 I've been trying to hunt down a legitimate copy to no avail.

When I used Wintel exclusively Civ was by far my favourite game (and of course I own a legitimate copy) but even the Mac Civ FAQ at Says that the only way to get a copy for Mac these days is to "borrow" one. If anyone could offer a solution I would be very grateful, and I guess this also raises the issue of what does one do when trying to find software thathas been superseded or is unavailable.

My company writes Net software amongst other things, so I would be interested if anyone knows about the legalities of duplicating old software, or how other software authors feel about it.


Michael Skeggs

Subject: Breaking to LC II's 10 meg RAM limit
From: EarSaver

To follow up a couple of responses on this topic in Classic Macs Digest 11.23, I recently bought an LC II for my mother. RAM prices being what they were, I loaded it up with 2 4MB SIMMs, which, with the 4MB that were soldered on the motherboard would have given her 12MB, mathematically. In fact, however, the LC II can only address 10MB of RAM, which I understood and had no problem with. Is anyone aware of a software "work-around" to this 10MB limit which would give her an additional 2MB free?

Only two software workarounds I'm aware of: System 7's Virtual Memory and the more effective RamDoubler from Connectix.

Joe Benevides

Subject: Join
From: Peak, Matthew

You can subscribe to Macintosh Lovers Club by sending a subscribe message to WeeBeeMacs, or find The Macintosh Lovers Club on the web at

Subject: LCII VRAM Increase?
From: Robert W. Picton

I have just changed the standard 256k VRAM chip in my LCII to a 512k one: there doesn't seem to be any difference.

Whilst I realise I should be able to view higher resolution images, I had anticipated being able to change the monitor settings upwards from 256 colours, and likewise the choice of colours in the palette in ClarisWorks that I use.

Am I doing something wrong, or is the only improvement I'l be able to see those high resolution images?

Thanks and regards,


Subject: Happy to be back to my Mac
From: Charlotte Carey


I am a new subscriber to this classic Macs mailing list, I am currently using a Colour Classic. I find it serves me well considering it gets used all day every day. I am a PR Consultant and am able to use email, newsgroups, web, word processing, spread sheets you name it. It only crashes when I have each application open at once. In my last job I worked on a 486 PC which was a nightmare, I feel so happy to be back to my old mac, it really makes me appreciate drag & drop.

At the moment I work for a UK based company. We have been running a survey from our web pages to determine how other people feel about their computers, as yet we have had few responses from 68K Mac users. As a very pro-Mac business we would be very interested to find out how you feel about your computer. It will only take you about 30 secs to complete.

Check out our survey



Subject: The SE PDS Slot
From: Ted Lovejoy

This is a wonderful and fascinating list!

Can anyone give me as complete a rundown as they can of just what can be plugged into the PDS Slot on a Mac SE? Mine has a 150 meg HD and an 800k floppy, with 4 megs ram running 7.0.


Subject: Re: System 7.5? and a Rocket
From: Mark Crummett

I have a theory I would like to test. The Rocket looks for the '040 Enabler which 7.5 does not have (enablers were eliminated in 7.5). If I installed 7.5.5 AND the '040 enabler could I make the Rocket work?

The Rocket doesn't get along with Quicktime and, I think, Sound Manager. If you can live without those, 7.5 should work.

Subject: Re: Classic Macs 11.25
From: Alex Gibson

When i chose "Open FreePPP Setup" from the meny (phone beside the clock), nothing happens!.

There is a problem with FreePPP 2.5 - when it installs, it removes FreePPP setup control panel from CP folder but does not reinstall new one. Find or DL new "FreePPP setup" CP and drop in CP folder - presto!

Subject: subscribe

I own the following classics:

Macintosh Plus
Macintosh SE
Macintosh Portable
Macintosh II
Macintosh IIsi
Macintosh LC III
Macintosh PowerBook 165c
Apple LaserWriter Plus

I even have a Lisa II (Somebody PLEASE help me get her running!)

I also have some Apple II Family computers:

Apple IIc (the "255" ROM)
Apple IIGS (ROM 03)
Apple IIe (A bunch of different ones)
Apple II (The Original!)

And an Apple III.

If there's anyone out there that can help me get the Lisa or the Apple III going, or who has parts for the Apple II or Mac systems, please contact me at: 55577f96@. The Apple III and the Lisa are in Alb, NM. Everything else is Staten Island, NY.

Visit my website at

. -Erick

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