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Bernoulli Drive with a Plus
Re: Classic Macs Digest 12.5.2 {Karma ;-)}
CC II chip
A heartwarming story about Classic Macs in use...
Plus and Zip?
MacPlus hard disk communications
LC Power Supply.
Re: Color Classic
Re:Mac IIcx goes mute
Re: 68000-compatible (net-) apps and OpenTransport on IIsi
Re: 68000 apps

Subject: Bernoulli Drive with a Plus
From: Cameron Cross


We've had a 4MB Plus and a Bernoulli (sp?) drive donated to our school.

We tried installing System 7.1 on the drive to use as a startup drive and it starts loading okay, then crashes with a "segment" error message.

Can anyone help?

Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 12.5.2 {Karma ;-)}
From: JRBene

jon rousseau signed off his posting regarding boosting his "old" Mac classics to 68040 speed with the following observation:

jon rousseau (a mac lover stuck living with two PCers)

Jon, some of us call "living with two PCers" - Purgatory.

You must paying some serious Karmic dues hooked to some bad past life experiences ;-)

Joe Benevides

Subject: CC II chip
From: George Crane

Alex Gibson asks:

..(in 92 or 93) I read in a comp mag that a 68040 version of the CC was made for Japan only. Can anyone confirm this...

Sorry, although an Asian version was produced (Color Classic II), it is a 33Mhz 68030 machine. It has a maximum RAM capacity of 32 MB and a114-pin LC slot. It is certainly much faster and more expandable than the CC. Hard to find these nowadays, though if anyone wants one, I might be able to swing something.


Subject: A heartwarming story about Classic Macs in use...
From: Michelle Klein-Hass

This is from the EvangeList. If you are not on this email list...get on it! It's great!


*** begin quoted message ***

Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 04:05:41 -0500
From: MacWay
Subject: Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
This tidbit is from:

Douglas Al

From several past listings it's time I told about my Father-In-Law, Herman, and his Mac.

Back in the eighties when I first met him, he was considering a computer. My Father-in-Law, an ObGyn, always had an eye for the new and innovative. Because we had an Apple IIe, he got one also and played with it for several years but never did more than simple test processing on Bank Street Writer.

However when he and his wife retired and moved to San Jose, CA, close to us in 1991, he became interested in the Mac LC we just bought. His little green monitor on the Apple IIe was just getting too small for an 82 year old man with Glaucoma to deal with. At the time I belonged to a user group and saw a demonstration of the Sigma Designs line of monitors that could change pixel densities. So I set him up with a Mac LC with a Sigma Designs 19" monochrome monitor and card that we run at 45 pixels per inch. In addition to that, we use a little know part of the Mac OS called "Close View" which allows him to run in reverse video and again expand the type. This allows him to see white characters on black about 1/2" high. He runs MacWrite II and is happy as a Lark.

Now here's the kicker, my Father-In-Law has written four books; one children's book he always wanted to write which takes Mother Goose rhymes and adds good endings on them ("Mother Goose and More"), and three historical fiction books about his Grandfather as a Rabbi in Czarist Russia. ALL ON THIS LITTLE MAC.

Herman is almost 87 now and still spends 4-5 hours a day at his Mac LC. He's documenting his wife's family for a new book, and has learned how to use email on AOL so he can keep tabs on his 8 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.

I still don't know of any PC that can handle this setup, and certainly he couldn't handle any Windoze operating system. Some of his friends have said to get a faster PC with Windoze, but he shrugs them off with the knowledge that none of them have written and published 4 books and still going strong.

Do you believe in Macintosh? Please check out to see how you can help the cause.

*** end quoted message ***

Subject: Plus and Zip?
From: Doug Metzler

Regarding the Plus on a Zip thread You definitely can boot a 4M Plus from a Zip using sys 6.0.8. I have had two boxes running like that. All I did was create a new (Plus version) sys 6.0.8 on my 7500, copy it on the zip then move the zip over to the plus and it worked. (In other words I didn't even install the zip software that comes on the floppies from iomega.) After that, I bought another zip and shipped it and the disk with 608 on it to my brother to use with his Plus that had been running 608 from floppies. He's been running that since July. My guess is that what requires the SE or better (wording on the zip box) is the extra software that zip bundles (backup etc.) But you don't need that for normal external drive functionality. It's really plug and play. I don't think the 4M was necessary, only mentioned it because that is all I can say works from my own experience.


Subject: MacPlus hard disk communications
From: Dave Orne

Did you really mean (a couple of weeks ago) that you tried to connect two macs via sccsi? If so, you're lucky you only fried a drive. Sccsi will connect a cpu to peripherals not to another cpu. Noone else seems to have taken you to mean that so either I misunderstood what you said or the thought was so horrifying that they refused to even considered it?? Doug

Hi Doug,

Nope :-) My daughter's MacPlus runs a 20 meg. 3.5 inch regular hard disk and a small 80 meg. 2.5 inch PowerBook drive (in a small extenal case) on her SCSI port. I first tried to hook up the 20 meg. 3.5 inch regular hard disk to the back of my PowerBook 180C to put some programs onto it. It was then that I got the sad Mac and the loud chime. I tried with her 80 meg. 2.5 inch PowerBook drive, but the PowerBook 180C internal drive wouldn't mount.

Before I tried again with her 80 meg. 2.5 inch PowerBook drive, I thought I'd ask the group if the actual problem was the 3:1 formatting used on both of her hard drives and if the Plus can run formatted at 1:1. Some of the group say it can. I think termination may also have been a problem on the old 20 meg. 3.5 inch regular hard disk as well, but nothing I did with termination changed anything. A last thought is that the drivers may be incompatible. I used FWB Raid driver on the PowerBook internal drive, and I believe a different formatter was used on her 20 meg. drive.

After a few sad Macs and chimes on my PowerBook 180C, I gave up. The next day I found I couldn't talk to my Visioneer PaperPort. No-one has been able to get it working since. I believe I slightly damaged the SCSI on my internal 500 meg. PowerBook drive. (It's still OK for storage, but I'll be removing it and putting in one of my back-up drives as the internal drive.) I haven't done anything in this department since.

I could either:

1. Erase and re-format her drives with FWB drivers.

2. Erase and re-format the Plus at 1:1 and try again

3. Learn to use the slower Apple-talk (never have used it before.)

Thanks for your interest,


Subject: LC Power Supply.

I'd like to use my old LC motherboard to run a file server. What I need is to put it into a PC "box" because I haven't got the LC "box" anymore. So I'd like to know how does the powersupply connector on the LC motherboard works, to connect a PC Power supply.

Thanks .

Subject: Re: Color Classic
From: Pat Lajeunesse

I have a Color Classic as well as a PM7500. I would like to speed up the CC by some reliable means. Shortly after the CC was introduced (in 92 or 93) I read in a comp mag that a 68040 version of the CC was made for Japan only.

just read an ad in 'MacUser' Dec. issue (US): Sonnet promotes a PDS-Based card for the Color Classic with a 68040 CPU running at 25 MHz with or without FPU ($199.- / 299.-). That's what I've been waiting for my CC, too ;-)

That seemed pretty interesting to me at first too - until they told me that it doesn't support 16-bit colour. That means that even if you've increased your VRAM to 512k, you'll have to go back to only 256 colours. That's too big a price to pay, I think! Instead, I'd look at the Thundercache accelerators from Micomac - you're still left with a '030, but it's still a big speed improvement, you can keep your 16 bit colour and it gives you 4 more simm slots, breaking the 10meg max!!

Patrick Lajeunesse

Subject: Re:Mac IIcx goes mute
From: Robert Zusman

Well, there are a couple of possibilities:

1) your speaker is unplugged.

2) the audio-out jack has (or thinks it has) something plugged into it.

3) the audio amp is blown or shorted (unlikely)

Subject: Re: 68000-compatible (net-) apps and OpenTransport on IIsi
From: Clark Martin

Some apps that still work on 68000 macs like Plus, SE, Portable, Classic, PB100; System 7.0.1*, 4 MB RAM. In parentheses notes and RAM requirements. Note that also newer versions _might_ work.

Add ClarisDraw 1.0v3 (latest)

FileMaker 2.x (I haven't check 3.0 yet).


Subject: Re: Open Transport on a IIsi
My IIsi (17 meg) running on Open Transport 1.1.1 and OT/PPP 1.0 since early November. Works just fine. Highly recommended.

It doesn't apply in this case, but I recently tried to install 7.5.3 on my 5Mb IIsi and activate OT 1.1. Every time I tried to use the 'Network Software Selector' to activate OT, it showed the change and then after I rebooted no OT. NSS still showed OT as selected but not active. Well after much trial and tribulation I realized it was the memory, activated VM and Bingo,... OT. About this Mac reported that I still had a little less then 5Mb in use, so in theory, OT could have loaded but I guess there is some margin programmed in. I just wish there was some reporting mechanism to tell me WHY it didn't load.

P.S. I only use this machine for use as a FileSharing Server so the hit to the memory is no biggy.

Clark Martin
Redwood City, CA, USA
Macintosh / Internet Consulting

Subject: Re: 68000 apps
From: Bob Laughton

Some apps that still work on 68000 macs like Plus, SE, Portable, Classic,PB100; System 7.0.1*, 4 MB RAM. In parentheses notes and RAM requirements.Note that also newer versions _might_ work...
FileMaker Pro 1.0v2

FileMaker Pro 2.0v3 works on all or most of these machines. A PB 100 can have 8MB RAM so it can run FMPro v.3


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