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Table of Contents for this issue:
Screen share?
68000 Mac Apps
Sys 7.1 on Mac Plus
Re: MacInTalk
Plus boot from external drive problem solved!
Re: Upgrade Sources
Mac IIsi and PC drive
Dead MacPlus Screen?
Mac Web URL
Accelerator for Mac Classic and Mac SE
Classic Mac peripherals?

Subject: Screen share?
From: rosed

Is there a version of Timbuktu that will run on the Plus? Any other screen control/observe software that is compatable?


Subject: 68000 Mac Apps
From: ghl3.dtp


Some apps that still work on 68000 macs like Plus, SE, Portable, Classic...

One notable omission: You can also use Quark Xpress 3.32 on (at least) a Plus. Though the "Get Info..." window says the minimum memory is 2000K, and the minimum recommended is 3000K, it can be opened and run on as low as -900k- (yes, nine-hundred). Of course, this means limitations (fewer Xtesions, etc), I have used it many times to enter text and basic layout on my Plus at home, then brought the file to work to place graphics, polish it up ,etc.

Just my $.02. :-)

George / Mac & DTP RT @ Genie

Subject: Sys 7.1 on Mac Plus
From: ghl3.dtp


We've had a 4MB Plus and a Bernoulli (sp?) drive donated to our school.We tried installing System 7.1 on the drive to use as a startup drive and it starts loading okay, then crashes with a "segment" error message.

I've had a similar occurance with a friends Mac Classic. He had installed Symantics Antivirus for Mac by dragging it from one drive to another (i.e., he didn't use the installer). This caused a "Segment Loader error" because SAM was looking for a bit of code the the -installer- would have written directly to the HDs bootstrap(it is NOT an invisible file, but a modification of the HDs exisiting bootstrap).

Your best bet would probably be to re-initialize the Bernoulli using a 3rd party program (like SilverLining or HWB Disk Tools) and re-installing all other software, utilizing the installers where possible.

Hope this Helps! :)


Subject: Re: MacInTalk
From: Michael Blazer

Thanks to all who helped in my search for the old version of MacInTalk. However, shortly after posting my pathetic cry for help, I did find it on Apple's web site. It was hidden away in the PlainTalk 1.4.1 folder. (I had already looked in the PlainTalk 1.2.1 and 1.3 folders in vain, and I hadn't thought there was any point in looking in 1.4.1, especially since Apple's server seems like about the slowest thing on the whole net from where I am -- it was taking several minutes just to get a directory listing!)

So now I have installed the software, but can't find any apps that can use it on a 2 meg 68000 machine. The Word PIM reports insufficient memory, Simple Text doesn't run under system 6, and the Talking Fraction Teacher demo doesn't recognize Speech Manager (although it works fine on my IIci with system 7.5.3 and lots of RAM.

Any suggestions? I seem to remember some old HyperCard stacks that used MacInTalk, but can't remember what they were called.

Subject: Plus boot from external drive problem solved!
From: Gregory A. Mulhollan

First I have to say thanks to everyone who responded to my question. It turns out that the problem is one having to do with the Plus ROM. Before the platinum Plus came out, the ROM has a bug in it which will keep it from booting from a drive with the 'unit attention' feature. Unfortunately, the drive I had purchased to use with my Plus (Maxtor 213s) has this feature AND it is not selectable by software (no page 0 for those in the scsi know) or by jumper. So following a comment in the FWD Guide Storage book I simply snipped the RST (reset) line (#40 in the 50 conductor ribbon) and Voila! she boots. I can now do my instrument simulation coding. For those interested, I am using the Plus to simulate a 15,000 instrument that I am remote controlling and the $50 Plus makes a good stand-in... and of course I can now have the flying toasters on two screens 8-).

Subject: Re: Upgrade Sources
From: JRjr66

I am a teacher at a computer teacher at a school in the LA area. When I need to get replacement hard drives I normally go to a computer swap meet in southern Cal or northern Cal(when visiting relatives). Many of the venders do mail order of fax on demand.

Try: Corporate Systems Center at 418.743.8751 or or maybe

Or: All Tech Electronics they are located in Santa Ana next to ACP(below) and in Oceanside.

OR: Team America at 818.787.1920 or (I recently saw 212 MB SCSI hard drive for $40) You also have to know a little bit about computers insides and will problem.

Since you are in the area as well the 2 swap meets that I go to are: Advanced Computer Products in Santa Ana off the 55 at Edinger and go north about a mile. It varies on dates.

And: TRW (near LAX) in LA off 405 at Rosecrans-go west, turn left at Aviation, swap meet on right. or contact my e-mail: jrjr66 for more info.


Subject: Mac IIsi and PC drive
From: Charles T. Smith

I recently bought a Mac IIsi so my mother can replace her aging PC XT. She will need to transfer some of her information from the PC to the Mac. I have a PC drive attached to an old Mac II. Is there an adapter that will allow me to install the card for the PC drive in the IIsi?



Subject: Dead MacPlus Screen?
From: Rex

When I first got this MacPlus a couple of weeks ago, the screen had a little trouble coming on. I thought there might be a short or something. It has now completely stopped working. When I turn the computer on , the screen does nothing. What could be the problem?????Thanks for the input.

Subject: Mac Web URL
From: Jag

Hello All

For those of you who want to get on the web with a browser on a Plus, SE or SE/30, Portable or other 68000 series Mac, here's the URL for the MacWeb browser:


It will work with Macs with 4 megs minimum.

Here's the URL for an instruction manual on how to do it:




Subject: Accelerator for Mac Classic and Mac SE
From: William Kuhle

I have a Mac Classic and a Mac SE, one of which I would like to upgrade with an accelerator. I would like to know which one is a better candidate for such an upgrade and why. I would also like to know which accelerators are recommended. Currently, I know of the Performer, PerformerPro and Multispeed accelerators form Micromac Tech, the SE accelerator from Brainstorm, the Allegro accelerator from Sonnet Tech, and the Newlife accelerator. Thanks.

Hi Maurice,

I have an accelerated Mac Classic, and my thoughts on your question are as follows. The Classic post-dates the SE, so the hardware (including the floppy drive) and software (ROMs) are just as good as that found on the SE. However, regarding acceleration, I would probably choose to accelerate the SE via its PDS slot rather than accelerate a Classic. The Classic doesn't have a PDS slot, so the accelerator attaches to the motherboard by a 68 pin PLCC socket which fits over the native 68000 chip. This connection can be problematic sometimes, with poor pin-to-pin contact, leading to installation headaches and crashes. With a PDS slot, the connection of the accelerator to the motherboard will be much more reliable and probably simpler. However, my 25MHZ '030 accelerated Classic works well, so either way you can probably get a good result. I use the Allegro from Sonnet, which can address up to 16MB (important these says) with the assistance of the no-longer-available software Compact Virtual 3.0 by Connectix. Sonnet probably doesn't have much of these Classic accelerators left, so if you delay, you may not have a choice of which machine to accelerate anyway.


Subject: Classic Mac peripherals?
From: Stephen R

AppleTalk'd to my _three_ classic Macs (2 x SE, plus a IIcx) is a classic of _another_ kind... -- an original LaserWriter IINT (at 140,259 pages, not _too_ bad for a *personal* printer!?!).

Some years ago, I *upgraded* this to a massive 2Mb RAM (with the Apple 2Mb Memory Expansion Kit (M0219), I think -- sadly, I still have the original packing) ..which is as far as the IINT goes, memory-wise, I believe); and I wondered if anyone knew if it was possible to upgrade it even further now by swapping the motherboard -- e.g. to a IIf or IIg. (Also, where -- in the UK, if possible -- I may be able to get one from....)

I know I'll never get more than 300dpi out of it; but I seem to remember IIf/g boards being pretty similar to the NT's; and I remember the printers looking pretty much the same -- although I wouldn't be disappointed to learn that only the IINTX can be upgraded this way... -- I'd just like to be able to put more memory in it (up to 8Mb, IIRC). Otherwise (or, if it's not cost-effective), I'll just have to get something newer!!!

Many thanks...

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