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Table of Contents for this issue:
MacInTalk on Plus running system 6.x
16 mhz SE accelerator
Tex-Edit for old MacinTalk 1.31 & 68000 macs
old 512Ke
Olde Program books n' stuff
subscription request and mac II won't start
RE: Classic Macs Digest 12.14
A-ten-HUT! Classic Mac readers sa-LUTE! A Plus goes Navy...

Subject: MacInTalk on Plus running system 6.x
Sent: 12/14/96 5:06 PM
Received: 12/14/96 11:26 PM
From: Laurent Vitou
To: Classic Macs

Michael, I think Tex-Edit 2.7.2 will talk to you. (Tex-Edit _Plus_ requires system 7.x)

Subject: 16 mhz SE accelerator
Sent: 12/15/96 12:04 AM
Received: 12/15/96 11:32 AM
From: Todd Reed

Hi all,

I recently purchased a Supermac Speedcard accelerator for an SE I have lying around. For $7.50 it seemed like a mild kind of risk for the money. In any event, I don't know how to install it, or even if my SE needs it. Aren't SE's 20 mhz '020's? Is this card a 16 mhz '030? Hopefully someone will recognize this product and enlighten me. The box I have is a standard 4 meg SE with a 20 meg HD.

Do I need one of those Tork wrenches to get inside?


Subject: PowerBooks
Sent: 12/15/96 10:21 AM
Received: 12/15/96 11:32 AM
From: Rick Nash
To: Hitz,

Hey Gang,

Anyone out there know of a PowerBook list such as this? I need some help in deciding on a Duo230.


Subject: Tex-Edit for old MacinTalk 1.31 & 68000 macs
Sent: 12/15/96 11:10 AM
Received: 12/15/96 11:32 AM
From: Matti Haveri
To: Classic Macs,

Tex-Edit 1.4 worked with the old MacinTalk 1.31 and 68000 macs unlike newer versions of Tex-Edit plus and Tex-Edit 2.7.2. Are these old MacinTalk 1.31-compatible versions of Tex-Edit still available somewhere?

-- Matti Haveri


Subject: old 512Ke
Sent: 12/15/96 1:15 PM
Received: 12/15/96 3:59 PM
From: Domingo Juan Robaina


Here is a doubt from the southern hemisphere ! I've got a 512Ke with an accelerator board on it. The accelerator is a 'Quik30' from Systech (I think Systech does no longer exists). It has a 68030 running at 25Mz and 4 Mb of RAM. It works very fine with sys 6.0.7, but I want to use it for Internet purposes, and so, I'm needing to upgrade to sys 7.x. Here start the troubles:

1) I first tried sys 7.1 and the thing hangs as soon as the Finder is loaded.

2) The best results were obtained with 7.0; everything seems to work pretty well, except for one thing: it does not work with the communications ports ! It hangs when attempting to print and when attempting to establish a modem link. The hardware is in good working order, so the fact appears to be an incompatibility between sys 7.x and the 512Ke board.

The questions are:

a) Is there such incompatibility ?

b) If so, is there any fix I can do in the motherboard ?

c) If the only solution is to upgrade the motherboard to Plus, where can I buy one ? (Remember: the seller must accept foreign orders)

Ok folks, I'm waiting for your answers !

Greetings from Montevideo, Uruguay
Domingo Robaina

Subject: Olde Program books n' stuff
Sent: 12/15/96 2:41 PM
Received: 12/15/96 5:30 PM
From: noise

I was at my Mac user group's x-mas garage sale last week. There were tons of brand spanking new books for old, old programs (i.e., PageMaker 3.0, Illustrator 88, Quark 2.0). They were having trouble getting rid of them, but I thought that this list would be the perfect solution. Since our old trusty Macs have trouble running the latest and greatest software, why not just run a system that would have been the high end way back when?

Would there be any interest in getting a list of these old books? You'd have to pay shipping and the cost of the books but it's probably the only way of getting a hold of these old titles. And since most old programs you might find no longer have any manuals, these books would be just the thing. I could also get folks who have old software to give me a list of what they have and who ever would be interested could get in contact etc. I picked up a copy (complete with manuals) of SoftPC for $20.00Cdn! (It's great for running old MIDI stuff).

For thoes not yet involved with user groups, they are a great way of accessing old software and knowledge. I belevie that there is a web site that lists the user groups in your area. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Philip D. Emery
OneDogDigs Design it's "Good Design" noise

Subject: subscription request and mac II won't start
Sent: 12/15/96 12:03 PM
Received: 12/15/96 12:13 PM
From: siochi


I have a mac II which now will not start at all either from the kwyboard on switch or the power switch on the back of the cpu. Its logic board was recently (1-2 months ago) replaced and it worked fine after that. Recently (2-4 weeks ago) it started automatically when I plugged the power cord in, and then wouldn't shut down: I select shutdown from the menubar, it shuts down, then starts up immediately. the only way to shut it down was to unplug it.

More recently (1-2 weeks ago) it wouldn't even start at all. Not from the keyboard switch, not from the back button on the cpu. I replaced the keyboard with one that works, and it wouldn't start. I used its keyboard on another mac and that mac started fine. I checked the batteries a couple of times. Sometimes the readings are less than 1 v, sometimes greater but not greater than 2v.

If this is a frequently asked question, please forgive me and direct me to the nearest FAQ.

In any case, many thanks in advance for your help!

-Anton Siochi

Subject: RE: Classic Macs Digest 12.14
Sent: 12/16/96 10:11 AM
Received: 12/16/96 9:58 AM
From: Jones, Paul B
To: Hitz,

Subject: Minifinder
From: J. Altaras

I just ran across Minifinder in one of my old system software disks for my SE. I was wondering of there was a web site or something that could give me some background on the program. For some reason, playing with Minifinder interests me. I asked around on some Macintosh IRC channels but they never heard of it and saying I was crazy. Oh ya. I can't seem to find the disk images needed to run Minifinder properly. Maybe they are out there somewhere too.

Casey Antoncich

Minifinder is just that, a MINI - FINDER. It runs more like an Open File Dialog box that allows you to do not much more than start applications. Not system 7, or even system 6(?). You have to turn it on from the Special menu in the Finder, System 4.1 or 5.3 should have it(?). It was mainly an option to conserve as much memory as possible on old Macs.

Another little goody is Switcher, it allowed Multiple apps to run on Classic Macs, eg MacWrite and MacPaint, you could then switch between the 2 or more apps without going back to the Finder.

Worth a look!
Paul B Jones

Sent: 12/16/96 12:38 PM
Received: 12/16/96 4:13 PM
From: GMcneiL99


I was just given a Lightning Scan 400 handheld scanner by a friend who was able to find everything except the software disc or discs. The scanner was made or distributed by Thunderware in Orinda CA, but so far I have been unable to contact them for more information. If anyone has updated information about the company or a copy of the software I would love to hear from you.

Greg McNeil

Subject: A-ten-HUT! Classic Mac readers sa-LUTE! A Plus goes Navy...
Sent: 12/16/96 11:51 AM
Received: 12/16/96 4:13 PM
From: Michelle Klein-Hass

This is a neat story, again from the EvangeList.If you are not on this list, get on it! It's great!

*** begin quoted message ****

Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 02:31:52 -0500
From: MacWay
Subject: Old Macintosh Plus still useful!
Keyword: Advocacy, Why Macs Are Better

This tidbit is from: charles.bouldin (Who is *certainly* not speaking for NIST!) Following up on a previous posting about how an old Mac+ can be used as a net surfer tool, I thought folks just had to know that you can also make a perfectly fine low-volume web SERVER out of a Mac+!! Check the URL and note at the bottom of the page "The hardware is a Macintosh Plus running MacHTTP, connected to the Internet via Appletalk".

I know this statement is true, although you won't be able to tell directly because it is indistinguishable from any other web site, because I know the folks who put this together. Most amazingly, the hardware for this site was FREE, they got the equipment because the Mac+ wasn't being use for anything else! The PC contemporary of a Mac+ is, what, an 8088 based IBM/MSDOS machine? I'd sure love someone to point out an example of a web site running on such a machine!

Unless you feel absolutely compelled to check out this site, please don't. The setup is designed for low volume and the final link is via appletalk.

Don't throw out that Mac+ just yet!

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