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Table of Contents for this issue:
Old Macs on the Web
Replacement CRTs
Re: 16Mhz SE Accelerator
Mac SE on
AT&T; Worldnet?
Abaton 300GS
SE card
16 mhz SE accelerator
RE: blank Mac Plus screen
Re: 16 mhz SE accelerator
Brainstorm SE Accelerator
Video board
Compact Virtual 3.0

Subject: Old Macs on the Web
Sent: 12/16/96 4:58 PM
Received: 12/17/96 9:32 AM
From: mike_friese

This originally appeared on Guy Kawasaki's MacWay list, but it's something the old Mac aficionado would appreciate:

Keyword: Advocacy, Why Macs Are Better

This tidbit is from: charles.bouldin (Who is *certainly* not speaking for NIST!)

Following up on a previous posting about how an old Mac+ can be used as a net surfer tool, I thought folks just had to know that you can also make a perfectly fine low-volume web SERVER out of a Mac+!! Check the URL and note at the bottom of the page "The hardware is a Macintosh Plus running MacHTTP, connected to the Internet via Appletalk".

I know this statement is true, although you won't be able to tell directly because it is indistinguishable from any other web site, because I know the folks who put this together. Most amazingly, the hardware for this site was FREE, they got the equipment because the Mac+ wasn't being use for anything else!

The PC contemporary of a Mac+ is, what, an 8088 based IBM/MSDOS machine? I'd sure love someone to point out an example of a web site running on such a machine! Unless you feel absolutely compelled to check out this site, please don't. The setup is designed for low volume and the final link is via appletalk. Don't throw out that Mac+ just yet!

Subject: Replacement CRTs
Sent: 12/16/96 11:12 PM
Received: 12/17/96 9:32 AM
From: Alan August

If you need a replacement CRT (monitor/picture tube) for a Mac Classic, Plus, or SE I found a source today while I was surfing the Web. Point your browser to and click on . They're selling for $10-$20 depending on the model. Some are listed as new. I have absolutely no connection to MacResQ except as a previous customer.

--Alan August

Subject: Re: 16Mhz SE Accelerator
Sent: 12/17/96 12:32 AM
Received: 12/17/96 9:33 AM
From: John Brassfield

Todd: I can answer some of your questions, but not all.

First, a Mac SE is a 68000 machine, so yours would probably benefit from installation of the accelerator. Second, to install it you have to split the case. Ideally you can locate a "case-cracker", and you will definitely need a long torx driver for the screws down behind the hand-hold. The card probably installs directly on the motherboard with pins. It will lay flat on the top of the board, plugged in. Once this happens (that's a story in itself) the motherboard probably will not slide back in the same way it slid out. You may have to pry apart the grooves, place the motherboard in, and let go. Believe it or not, this is standard installation/removal procedure for boards in SE's. The board may have nylon posts to hold it in place on the motherboard.

That's it for me.
John B.

Subject: Mac SE on AT&T; Worldnet?
Sent: 12/16/96 7:32 PM
Received: 12/17/96 9:33 AM
From: Bhavesh.Patel

I've been thinking of picking up a 4/40 SE for rudimentary internet use at my parents home. From the posts here, it seems quite capable of doing that. I use AT&T; as my primary ISP and since they have pop's nationwide, they are also a local call from my parents home. My question here is if anyone uses such a machine with AT&T; Worldnet service? Reason being, AT&T; worldnet has a special log-in system (CHAP, I believe) which is supported by FreePPP 2.5 and OT/PPP, but not my MacPPP 2.01. Anyone know if FreePPP 2.5 will run on a 4 meg SE? Or does MacPPP 2.5.1 support CHAP login and run within a 4 meg SE? Any other PPP implementations?

Bhavesh Patel

Subject: Abaton 300GS
Sent: 12/16/96 12:15 PM
Received: 12/17/96 9:34 AM
From: Norman Fournier

This is not exactly about Classic Macs, but about an old scanner that I tried to donate to my daughter's elementary school. The manufacturer was Abaton, whom I believe is now defunct. The scanner requires a "SCSI Box" between the 25 pin connector on the back of the Mac and the 50 pin connector on the back of the scanner. This box is lost or misplaced with the older Abaton scanner which I gave to a friend.

Does anyone have any information about this mysterious piece of equipment and the function it performs? Is there some way to override it? Does anyone know where I can get one? The kids at Westview Elementary in North Vancouver BC are counting on me, and I am counting on you :) --

Norman Fournier
Fournier Communication Art Inc.
Phone: (604) 925-0201 Fax: 925-9501
Integrated communications designed to meet your marketing objectives

Subject: SE card
Sent: 12/17/96 8:29 AM
Received: 12/17/96 9:45 AM
From: Jeff Bipes
To: Todd Classic Mac,

Subject: 16 mhz SE accelerator
From: Todd Reed

Hi all,

I recently purchased a Supermac Speedcard accelerator for an SE I have lying around. For $7.50 it seemed like a mild kind of risk for the money. In any event, I don't know how to install it, or even if my SE needs it. Aren't SE's 20 mhz '020's?

No, The SE, (I heard once the name was Somewhat Enhanced) is a 68000 CPU, running at best about 16mhz, if that.

Is this card a 16 mhz '030?

Can you see the large square chip on the board? It's probably only a 68020. Look on that chip for some sort of designator.

Do I need one of those Tork wrenches to get inside?

Yes, you need a long shaft t-15 Torx Driver, not a wrench. A decent hardware store may have it. Also, an electronics super-store or discounter MAY have it, but they would also have to sell other types of components. When you open the case, you will have to remove the main logic board. After that, you will see the long black connector that the card mounts on. Send me a FAX number or a mail address. I have a few pages of instructions I can send you that deals with how to remove the case and logic board, and how to mount a similar type board.

jeff bipes

Subject: RE: blank Mac Plus screen
Sent: 12/17/96 1:56 AM
Received: 12/17/96 9:33 AM
From: Anders Doms

Rex asks:

When I first got this MacPlus a couple of weeks ago, the screen had a little trouble coming on. It has now completely stopped working. When I turn the computer on , the screen does nothing. What could be the problem?

Think this is something I had about 5 years ago on a plus that was an upgraded original Macintosh. After long time troubleshooting it showed up to be the power supply part of the analog board (the standing one). A resistor located low and in the rear part had burned internaly.

You can't se anything on the outside of it. It was a 510 kohm resistor ( I think). If this is your problem the Mac is "rather stone-dead" i.e. it will not try to read floppies etc. Otherwise you shold look at the analog board for burned (=dark) or hot capacitors.

Good luck!
Anders T Doms.

Subject: Re: 16 mhz SE accelerator
Sent: 12/16/96 7:56 PM
Received: 12/17/96 9:33 AM
From: Tim Scoff

Hi all,

I recently purchased a Supermac Speedcard accelerator for an SE I have lying around. For $7.50 it seemed like a mild kind of risk for the money. In any event, I don't know how to install it, or even if my SE needs it. Aren't SE's 20 mhz '020's? Is this card a 16 mhz '030? Hopefully someone will recognize this product and enlighten me. The box I have is a standard 4 meg SE with a 20 meg HD. Do I need one of those Tork wrenches to get inside?


The SE has a 8 mhz 68000 processor. The accellerator you described should drastically increase the speed of your SE. You will need a torx screwdriver to get inside of it. Alternatively a long handled allen wrench of the proper size will open an SE right up. Once you get inside of the SE however it is very difficult to do anything. I replaced the hard drive and added a PDS card in mine, and it was the hardest computer I've ever worked on. The PDS card I have installed isn't compatible with system 7, and to me it isn't worth the time and effort to pull the card out so I can use 7.1. Tim Scoff

Subject: Brainstorm SE Accelerator
Sent: 12/17/96 1:44 PM
Received: 12/17/96 5:18 PM
From: John Stephens


I am considering buying a Brainstorm accelerator for my SE. Would like some advice.

1. Has anyone in the group used this configuration? How was it?

2. What processor does it use, 68020, 68030, 68040?

3. Does it allow for additional RAM beyond the SE 4mb? Anyone have a used accelerator, any brand for sale?


Subject: Video board
Sent: 12/17/96 10:33 AM
Received: 12/17/96 5:18 PM
From: Richard Pierce
To: Classic Macs,

Hi group

I have the following card Full depth card ASSY 2680 - 08REVL , 670-0210 08, This card says Apple Computer C1989 another tag F55223 AE6, only other name on card is HOKE HANNIGAN.

This card looks like it has a NTSC BNC connector in and a monitor ( 15 pin ) connection. Does anyone recognize this? If so, what is the functionallity, and what software do I need to run it?

Thanks much
Dick Pierce

Subject: Compact Virtual 3.0
Sent: 12/17/96 10:31 AM
Received: 12/17/96 5:18 PM

Hi all Classic Fans:

I have an accelerated Mac Classic, and I'm looking for someone to either share or sell to me the software Compact Virtual 3.0 by Connectix. This software allows some accelerated classic 9-inch Macs to access up to 16MB of RAM, much more than the inherent 4MB limit of these machines.

Can anyone help me?

Connectix no longer has this software available.


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