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Table of Contents for this issue:
A BASIC program.
Your Mac SE
RE: Video board
Ethernet Card
Brainstorm Accelerators for the Mac Plus or SE
PowerPC Upgrade Support Request
Black & White 68000 Games
SE Accelerator
Re: Brainstorm SE Accelerator
Re: 16Mhz SE Accelerator
MacTechGrp Meeting - December 18, 1996

Subject: A BASIC program.
Sent: 12/17/96 3:18 PM
Received: 12/18/96 9:49 AM
From: David Emmons


My Rocketed II and I are all set (for now :-) ) but a coworker is looking for a BASIC program that will run on a 1 meg Plus. Any Ideas?


Subject: Your Mac SE
Sent: 12/18/96 8:40 AM
Received: 12/18/96 9:49 AM
From: TylerIII

In partial response to the query of Todd Reed re his Mac SE in issue 12.16, the processor is the same as that installed in the Mac Plus, that is, a 68000 running at 8 MHz (unless the case says "SE/30"). The SE has a PDS slot, but I'm not sure whether your Speedcard will fit this. In any case, yes, you do need a special Torx driver that is at least 9 inches long in order to remove all the screws and "crack" the case.

Good Luck!
Tyler E. Williams, III

Subject: RE: Video board
Sent: 12/18/96 11:34 AM
Received: 12/18/96 9:49 AM
From: Jones, Paul B
To: Hitz,

Subject: Video board
From: Richard Pierce

Hi group

I have the following card

Full depth card ASSY 2680 - 08REVL , 670-0210 08, This card says Apple Computer C1989 another tag F55223 AE6, only other name on card is HOKE HANNIGAN. This card looks like it has a NTSC BNC connector in and a monitor ( 15 pin ) connection.

Does anyone recognize this?

If so, what is the functionallity, and what software do I need to run it?

Thanks much
Dick Pierce

it's probably an Apple ethernet board.

Paul B Jones

Subject: Ethernet Card
Sent: 12/18/96 8:32 AM
Received: 12/18/96 9:49 AM
From: Jeff Bipes

I have the following card

Full depth card ASSY 2680 - 08REVL , 670-0210 08, This card says Apple Computer C1989 another tag F55223 AE6, only other name on card is HOKE HANNIGAN. This card looks like it has a NTSC BNC connector in and a monitor ( 15 pin ) connection. Does anyone recognize this? It is an Ethernet Card If so, what is the functionallity, and what software do I need to run it?

It allows you to connect to other Macs, UNIX Boxes, etc. on a network. You need another Mac that has a similar type Ethernet Card to connect to ,or be on this type of Ethernet network.

Subject: Brainstorm Accelerators for the Mac Plus or SE
Sent: 12/18/96 4:27 PM
Received: 12/18/96 10:00 PM
From: Robert Eye

FYI: I just contacted Brainstorm Networks about the availability of their Brainstorm Accelerators for the Mac Plus and SE. Attached is the timely reply I received. Get 'em while you can! Sun Remarketing should be able to answer your questions.

Bob Eye

----- Begin Included Message -----

To: Robert Eye
From: corinne (Corinne)
Subject: Re: Brainstorm Accelerators for the Mac Plus or SE: still available?

We have discontinued and sold our remaining inventory of Brainstorm Accelerators. From now on, you can contact Sun Remarketing regarding the Accelerator products. Their number is 800-786-0999.

Corinne Mar (Account Manager)
BRAINSTORM Networks Bi-Directional On-Demand Connections*
FLAT RATE ISDN Bandwidth from 64K to 512K for LANs
FAX 988-2906

or call 415-ISDN-411 (415-473-6411)

----- End Included Message -----

Subject: PowerPC Upgrade Support Request
Sent: 12/18/96 8:43 AM
Received: 12/18/96 10:00 PM
From: keith leisses
To: classic-mac,


One of your subscribers suggested that we list our request for support with Classic Mac List. Dynamic Engineering is an Apple Authorized VAR, Service Provider and Developer. We can help with your "Classic Mac" needs, batteries, memory, accelerators etc. We want to develop a PowerPC based motherboard to replace the motherboard in several of the older Mac models. We make a market in MacPortable upgrades are repairs. We plan to build on our experience with the MacPortable and make the first PowerPC board for those models. Apple and IBM need to support our activities because a license to manufacture hardware requires their authorization. Apple and IBM do not believe that there is sufficient demand to support our efforts. Please help us to prove that there is sufficient interest in these products to warrant their interest. We have a web site located at At the bottom of the first page is a button to send mail to powerpcupgrades. Please visit our web page and send e-mail indicating your support of this project. Please let us know what model(s) you have and are interested in upgrading. We are interested in receiving the e-mail from anyone with an older Mac who wants to upgrade.

Thank you.
Sincerely, Keith

Subject: Black & White 68000 Games
Sent: 9/18/96 8:53 PM
Received: 12/18/96 10:00 PM
From: geoffhenry

Yes, finally there is a game page dedicated to all of the black and white 68000 mac users. These games are all about 17k to 50k (a few are larger) and can be used on the oldest macintosh computer (Games tested on a Mac 512e)! Wow! There are about 25 games so far to choose from (I have about 20 more coming soon) including Zork, Missle Comand, Pong, Daleks, Space Attack, and a lot more!

Come to the Classic Mac Game Page!

Subject: SE Accelerator
Sent: 12/18/96 9:42 PM
Received: 12/18/96 10:00 PM
From: bearingman
To: Classic Mac,

I have an SE with 4 megs of ram and 2 800K drives. I also have a 100 meg external SCSI drive. Apparently I have an accelerator installed (I have not had this machine very long and have not worked up the courage to crack the case). During the boot process I get a message that says Radius Accelerator 16, Version 2.0, 881. I know that there is a FPU installed, presumably on the Radius card, because when I installed Excel it said it detected an FPU. I have several questions.

Can anyone tell me what this accelerator is? Does it have a 68020 or 68030 on it? Can I run some version of System 7 on this computer? Can anyone suggest some way I can install a 1.44 drive on this computer?

Thanks for you help and input.

Subject: Re: Brainstorm SE Accelerator
Sent: 12/18/96 2:56 PM
Received: 12/18/96 10:00 PM
From: Robert Eye


The Brainstorm uses a 16 MHz 68000. I don't remember about the RAM capability. The SE installation is a snap as it plugs into the expansion port. They have a web site, but the accelerator page is no longer there. Sun Remarketing used to sell them (http://www,; I'd try there. They are not very expensive (a lot cheaper than new MicroMac products) and should work fine.

Bob Eye

Subject: Brainstorm SE Accelerator
From: John Stephens


I am considering buying a Brainstorm accelerator for my SE. Would like some advice.

1. Has anyone in the group used this configuration? How was it?

2. What processor does it use, 68020, 68030, 68040?

3. Does it allow for additional RAM beyond the SE 4mb?

Anyone have a used accelerator, any brand for sale?


Subject: Re: 16Mhz SE Accelerator
Sent: 12/18/96 5:47 AM
Received: 12/18/96 10:00 PM
From: Jason Ramsey
To: Hitz,

You make it sound like you have to destroy something to get into a compact Mac! There are 4 Torx screws holding all they're cases together, and sometimes it is difficult to get the case to open, but you don't have to "crack" anything! I'm just afraid you'll scare people away... DO be *VERY* careful inside a compact Mac though, the CRT can be easily damaged and you can be hit with some high voltage inside there too! A good practice is to let your Mac sit overnight unplugged, then flip the power switch to drain any AC power still remaining. It's not as safe a discharging the CRT, but it's better than nothing. By the way, I've been an Apple authorized technician since 1988, so if you have any questions on repairs I'll try to lend a hand. I also have access to Apple's Service Source CD-ROMs, so that's a big plus too...

Jason Ramsey
Dallas, TX

Subject: Re: 16Mhz SE Accelerator
From: John Brassfield

I can answer some of your questions, but not all. First, a Mac SE is a 68000 machine, so yours would probably benefit from installation of the accelerator. Second, to install it you have to split the case. Ideally you can locate a "case-cracker", and you will definitely need a long torx driver for the screws down behind the hand-hold.

The card probably installs directly on the motherboard with pins. It will lay flat on the top of the board, plugged in. Once this happens (that's a story in itself) the motherboard probably will not slide back in the same way it slid out. You may have to pry apart the grooves, place the motherboard in, and let go. Believe it or not, this is standard installation/removal procedure for boards in SE's. The board may have nylon posts to hold it in place on the motherboard.

That's it for me.
John B.

Subject: MacTechGrp Meeting - December 18, 1996
Sent: 12/18/96 12:15 AM
Received: 12/18/96 9:48 AM
From: Michael Bergman

Here's something of possible interest, though a little late to be much good to most people on this list.

Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 06:03:08 -0500
Subject: MacTechGrp Meeting - December 18, 1996

MacTechGrp Meeting
Wednesday December 18, 1996 7:00 PM
MIT Building E51-395
Cambridge, MA

"A Trip Down Memory Lane" (Mac history)
PLUS: Technical book sale / auction

Learn what it was like to program the Mac in the early days. Check out the accounts in the magazines of the times, including old BCS and MacTechGrp publications. Feel free to bring in any additional old material you have to show and share. Try comparing the "Mac the Knife" predictions in really old MacWeeks with the way things actually turned out. Come share your memories, reminisce, and relive the days of yore.

The MacTechGrp has acquired the former BCS's extensive collection of technical and programming books (3 boxes full). Rather than keep them somewhere where nobody will be able to access them anyway, they will be sold at the meeting by a "reverse silent auction" process, where the books will start at a fixed price (probably $10) and drop until they're sold. Come to the meeting to see what's available. If you have any questions that can't wait until the meeting, try contacting Owen Hartnett

As usual, the main discussion topic will be preceded a general discussion period which is open for any and all announcements, questions, rumors, and ruminations. Bring all your Macintosh programming questions - elementary to advanced.


If you don't know about the pedestrian bridge across Wadsworth Street, please see "WHEN THE DOORS ARE LOCKED" below.


** The Future of the MacTechGrp **

As you have probably heard, the BCS Board of Directors voted in September to terminate the organization's existence, primarily because of financial losses, but also declaring "mission accomplished". ! !?!?!

The MacTechGrp intends to continue its own existence, however, with relatively little change for the time being other than its newfound independence. Eventually, as some of the former BCS user groups reform out of the ashes, we may have the option of re-affiliating ourselves with one or more of them. Alternatively, we may explore the option of affiliating with some other group, or remaining independent.

If you are interested in being involved in the discussions to determine our future course, there are two primary ways you can do so. You can, of course, come to our meetings where the MacTechGrp's future will be a significant portion of our discussion periods until we collectively reach a decision. In addition, a special mailing list has been created to allow discussion of these questions on a continuous basis via e-mail. If you are interested, directions for joining this mailing list are included below. The existing mailing list for meeting announcements will receive information about any decisions reached, but will not receive the ongoing discussion.

To subscribe to the "mactech-future" mailing list:

Send a message to, with a BLANK subject and the following body:
subscribe mactech-future Your Name

for other commands, send a message with the body:


From now through our December meetings, we are assigned room E51-395. This is the same third floor room we used a few years ago, which was numbered E51-302 at the time.

Keep an eye on these announcements, in case we move again. Also, if we don't seem to be where you expect, please look around for us; we're most likely on either the first or third floor.

<><>Future Meeting Dates <><>

January 1, 1997 HOLIDAY -- NO MEETING
January 15,1997 TBA

(See YOUR name here! Volunteer to talk about your own work.)

In general, we meet on the first and third Wednesdays of every month, from 7 PM to 9 PM, with very occasional additional meetings, and very rare exceptions.

<><>Group information and directions follow <><>

This is the MacTechGrp e-mail announcement list. (If you received this in some way other than my mailing it directly to you, you can send me e-mail at the address below to be placed on the list or for more information.) Feedback on what you want to see in these mailings, and when, is welcome.

Volunteers to help with the running of the group are always welcome. Particularly needed are people to help arrange meeting speakers. Also welcome are those who would like to speak at a future meeting. Good topics include discussion of some part of the Mac OS and Toolbox that you've learned about the hard way, an introduction to some development environment or tool that might be of interest to others, etc.

Contacts: Owen Hartnett, co-director and meeting host, Steve Sisak, co-director, John Shockey, announcements editor


It appears that it is now MIT policy to have the doors to building E51 locked after "normal" hours. It may be worth trying the normal entrances to the building anyway, in case they are not yet locked, but for now the official way into the building is via the pedestrian bridge from building E52. Cross Wadsworth Street (not Amherst Street) and enter the building which has a pedestrian bridge back to building E51. (This is building E52.) Go up to the third floor, and then cross over Wadsworth via the pedestrian bridge.


MIT Building E51 is located at the intersection of Amherst and Wadsworth Streets in Cambridge, near Kendall Square. Traveling west on Memorial Drive, Wadsworth Street is the first right after the Longfellow Bridge. Traveling east on Memorial Drive, it is the first LEGAL left turn after the Harvard (Mass. Ave.) Bridge. Look for a sign for Kendall Square. The building is the one on the corner closest to Memorial Drive and Massachusetts Avenue.

If you enter through building E52 (across Wadsworth Street from E51), take the elevator to the third floor, cross back over Wadsworth Street via the pedestrian bridge on that floor, and continue along the corridor to room 395 at the very end.

If you are able to enter through the big entrance at the corner of Wadsworth and Amherst Streets, go up the half-flight of stairs to your right, and walk down the corridor (with the windows to your right side). Take the elevator there, or the stairs, to the third floor. Turn right out of the elevator and continue along the corridor to room 395, which is at the end. (If you are able to enter through the entrance from the parking lot on Amherst Street, the elevator will be to your left. Follow the rest of the directions as above.)

<><>Parking *** NEW *** <><>

We have now been officially told that we may park in the Sloan Parking Lot. This is NOT the lot immediately next to the building where we meet. (Although we were informally told for years that it was OK to use that lot, people have recently been ticketed for using it.)

The entrance to the Sloan Parking Lot in on Main Street, just a little towards Boston from Wadsworth Street. If you have turned on to Wadsworth Street from Memorial Drive, continue past Building E51 to the end of Wadsworth where it meets Main. Then turn right on Main, and the entrance to the Sloan Parking Lot will be a short distance ahead, on your right.

(I don't drive, and I have these directions by word of mouth and guesswork. If they can be improved, please let me know.)

John Shockey

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