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Souping-up an LC
How to get your basic SE & Plus on the Internet....
SVGA to Mac II
Stylewriter II with Mac Plus
Mac Games wanted
problem with MacPlus
Re: System 7 RAM requirements
Re: Software for 128/512/Plus
Fwd: Macintosh Plus on the Web
System 7.0 Install-->MacPlus problem
Mac OS 7.5.3 on old Mac IIs
Shareware for SE
3M Post-IT Index tabs...!
Audio CD playthrough on LC475?
Performa 550 upgrade
Upgrading IIsi

Subject: Souping-up an LC
From: Lidio Iacobelli

I recently was given a MAC LC and a 14" color monitor. The monitor needed a fuse to get it working and basically that was it for what appears to be a pretty good machine. It has 10 megs ram and the original 80meg hard drive. I installed system 7.5.5 in it and trimmed down to where it only uses about 1.7megs for the system and around 2.3 with speed doubler on, and around 3 megs total with TCP/IP and free ppp 2.5v2. What I want to do with this computer is let my two daughters (2 & 5yrs old) use and abuse it for their CD games or what ever they want and on occasion surf, e-mail and news on it myself. I took the LC apart and got the 4X internal CD from my power MAC to work on the LC by using jumper cables on the inside of the LC while the cover was off. Every thing appeared to work fine except for music CDs and some of my kids games which demand a 68040 processor. I can get by with this machine only being able to have a total of 10 megs ram, (I have a Power MAC to do anything more intensive) but a speed increase would be nice.

My question is I ve seen many accelerators that offer a 040 upgrade and bump the LC upwards of 25 to 33 or higher speeds with the PDS slot. I'm wondering if any body has any experience with this sort of hardware and if theirs any conflicts with these type of speed boosters. I would also be using an external CD of course when and if I get it sorted out. Also I'm not real worried about music CDs working but I'm curious why they didn t, I know the CD drive I was using had no provisions for a head set nor did the LC have that separate cable for the audio but some of the CD games played the audio through the LC's speaker very well.

Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays

Lidio Iacobelli

Subject: How to get your basic SE & Plus on the Internet....
From: B.J. Major & Dennis J. Gorin

I know this topic has been discussed a lot on here recently, but I still thought I would share how I got my two "oldies" on the internet and what I used to get them there in case there are any newcomers on the list who want to know how.

I installed a "for this Macintosh only" System 7.0.1 on the SE's initialized internal 20 meg hard drive via 7.0.1. Shrinkwrapped folders I had on my Syquest EZ135 drive (that way you have no floppy disk swapping and the folders act as an installer set). When that was finished, I installed the following internet applications on the internal drive, all of which work perfectly with 4 meg of memory:

Anarchie 1.6.0 (with the PPC code stripped out of it)
Fetch 3.0.1
Eudora Lite 1.5.5
MacWeb (version 100A32)
Stuffit Expander 4.0.2
Shrinkwrap 2.1 (with the PPC code stripped out of it)
YA-Newswatcher 2.1.2 (with the PPC code stripped out of it)

For stripping out unneeded PPC code, I used the Strip Fat utility found on Info-Mac archives. The other programs listed above contained no PPC code. You want these programs running as lean as possible due to your memory limitations. I decided to go with older versions of Newswatcher and Anarchie for memory reasons. All the rest are up to date apps.

For my basic Mac Plus also with 4 meg of memory, the procedure was virtually the same, except this time I was installing from my EZ135 drive to an external 30 meg hard drive. Both the Plus and the SE use less than 1,400K of memory in the "About this Macintosh" window, so there is plenty of room to use the above programs (one at a time, of course!)

I connect to my ISP via MacSLIP, so all of the above includes the installation of that and MacTCP as well. The only file I had to leave out was the "MacSLIP Apple Events" file because I do not have Applescript or Apple Events Manager on these older machines. MacSLIP/TCP still connected with no problem.

For those hesitant to try and hook up these oldies to your internet connection, don't be--it works (very well)!!!


Subject: SVGA to Mac II
From: Charles T. Smith

Hi all,

I recently purchased a used SVGA monitor (Samtron) and I planned to hook it up to a Mac II. I already have one Mac II hooked up to an SVGA (Magnavox) monitor using a small adapter. When I hooked up the monitor up, though, it rolled like it needed adjusting. It seemed that the picture was okay if I could just get it to stop rolling. No adjustment seemed to cure it, however.

I tried it on another Mac II--same story. Thinking I might have gotten burned, I tried hooking up to a 386 laptop. Perfect picture!

Am I missing something here. Anyone know what my problem is? Are some monitors just for PC's?

Thanks for the help. (If you see this twice, please forgive the cross posting.)


Subject: Stylewriter II with Mac Plus
From: WrestleFly

Can the Stylewriter II be used with the Mac Plus?

System 6?
System 7?

Frank Rader
Powerbook 520c

Subject: Mac Games wanted
From: geoffhenry

I am looking for the original Mac Man game and some other old mac games for my mac game home page. I run a obsolete macintosh game page in my free time.

Could you PLEASE send any black and white macintosh games to geoffhenry

Go to my mac game home page at

I will give you a PRESENT in return if you give me a lot of old mac games. So please send me your old mac games, please.

Subject: problem with MacPlus
From: Bret Alan Fessenden

I have a MacPlus that I just purchased with 4 megs of RAM, and there seems to be a problem with the mouse or in the computer itself. I am running 6.0.8 on this (nice and new and clean; I just made the 800k disk from the 4 install disks from apple)

This is what happens;

When I first turn the computer on, the mouse cannot open anything by double-clicking on it. Instead, it just selects, then immediately de-selects the object. Hence, the only way to open anything is to select, then use the OPEN command in the FILE menu.

Now, sometimes this goes away after a few minutes, after I stick in another disk (external drive), or sometimes I must restart and wait a few more minutes.

The mouse is missing one pin in its connector (lower left pin), but the mouse works fine on what I think is a 512ke (no name on the case, 1 meg of RAM, 800k drive). Both computers are using the same software also.

I have taken the 523 battery out for a while to re-set the settings in the computer, just on a whim, but that did not work.

Basically, I am probably going to junk the machine if I cannot fix this myself, since I only have twenty bucks in it, and do not want to replace the entire insides of the machine to do it.

Please, if anyone can help, email me!



Bret Alan Fessenden
Cynthia Benner

Subject: Re: System 7 RAM requirements
From: Anthony de la Rosa

Bill Vinson said

Is it possible to run sys 7.0 with only 1 MB of ram? I'm not talking about useablility, as in being able to start apps..., but rather actually installing and booting in sys 7.0 (w/ tuneup). I have a ppc 7100 and an SE which I hope to upgrade from 1 MB to 4 MB, but I wanted to know if this is even feasible?

No, you can't. I inadvertently tried this on a 1MB Mac Plus and it put up a dialog saying I needed more memory.

You definitely can run System 7, 7.1, 7.5, 7.5.1, 7.5.3, and 7.5.5 on a 4MB SE. The minimum memory you need is 2 but that leaves almost nothing left for apps, 4MB is really the only way to go.

On my Plus, System 7.5.1 takes up about 2 MB.

with 2.5 megs and System 7.1 installed you have just enough memory to run Eudora and ircle. anthony

Subject: Re: Software for 128/512/Plus
From: Anthony de la Rosa

I dont know if this is allowed so here goes anyway.

I realize that many on this list are looking for 128, 512, KE and Plus software.

I have the following that I would like to give away for free to anyone interested.

MS Basic 1.0
MS MultiPlan 1.02
Copy 2 PC - the last two upgrades
Mac Terminal <-- run on 128 and 512 only, try this on an SE with a HD and it'll bomb

I also have a 512 with a busted tube I'd give away for free to anyone who needs parts.

I would have to this up on comp.sys.mac.wanted but I felt that it would better serve the classic Mac community by posting this message here.


Subject: Fwd: Macintosh Plus on the Web
From: MFSimon95


This comes from Guy Kawasaki's MacWay Evangelist. I hope it's of value.

Mike Simon

Forwarded message:
From: MacWay
To: (Subscribers to)
Date: 96-12-27 16:17:45 EST

Keyword: Market by market, Internet

This tidbit is from:


For those of you who want to get on the web with a browser on a Plus, SE or SE/30, Portable or other 68000 series Mac, here's the URL for the MacWeb browser:


It will work with Macs with 4 megs minimum.

Here's the URL for an instruction manual on how to do it:


Subject: System 7.0 Install-->MacPlus problem
From: Bret Alan Fessenden

This is really frustrating me.

I have a MacPlus with 4 megs of RAM, 800k drive and NO HD. I have been running 6.0.8 on it fine, but I would like to upgrade the system. I can't run 7.0.1, because you need a 1.44 floppy drive or HD, which, as I just mentioned, my MacPlus does not have. So I want to put 7.0 on the thing,


I CANNOT get a copy of System 7.0 Installer that works!

I have been downloading System 7.0 (8 800k disks for the Installer) for the past two days trying to make a 800k 7.0 diskette to run on the MacPlus. (I am doing this on a 6115CD with 24 megs of RAM)

The first time I downloaded it from one of Apple's sites, the installer said "Not enough memory for the Installer to run - try quitting blah, blah blah" I did not have anything running. I restarted - same thing. I restarted with all ext. off - same thing. Increased the memory for the Installer app - same thing. So I threw the thing away, figuring it was corrupted.

So I downloaded it again from a completely diferent site. Turns out that it was System 6.0.8, instead of 7.0 (which it clearly said it was!). So I threw that out, and found ANOTHER site.

This time, the SAME THING happened again - not enough memory!

I have tried mounting the disk images on the desktop (on the 6115) with ShrinkWrap from my HD, from my second HD, copying them to 800k diskettes, everything I can think of! HELP!

This is ridiculous. Where can I get a copy that works?

-- Bret

Bret Alan Fessenden
Cynthia Benner

Subject: Mac OS 7.5.3 on old Mac IIs
From: Matthew Yam


I have a few old Mac IIs including a FX, CI & 3 units of CX that are collecting dusts in the warehouse. I own a repro house with 10 units of PowerMacs running Mac OS 7.5.5 & are all networked to a 100 Base/T backbone. After reading Classic Mac's posting regarding old Mac IIs running Mac OS 7.5.3 & fancy the idea I tired to install it with a Mac OS CD Rom "Power Macintosh 7200, 7500, 7600, 8500, & 9500 Series". Yes. The one that was bundled with the PowerMacs. The thing is old Mac IIs do not have a CD Rom drive so I did this:

1) I installed a 1GB hard drive into a PowerMac 7200/120's expansion bay & install Mac OS 7.5.3 via this Mac (so I have access to a CD Rom drive).

2) After the installation of Mac OS, I then move the hard drive over to a Mac II FX to replace its original 80MB hard drive.

3) This message appear on Mac II FX's startup screen "This startup disk will not work on this Macintosh model. Use the latest Installer to update this disk for this model."

VERDICT : I must have screw up somewhere or the method used is too radical. Maybe the CD Rom is the wrong one. Standardizing the version of OS between old Mac IIs & PowerMacs would vital to our production environment & in house support, I appreciate if someone out there can help out with problem.

Matthew Yam

Subject: Shareware for SE
From: John B. Byrne

Hi all and Happy Holidays!

I 'resurrected' a Mac SE from work for my mom to play around with. Could someone point me to a good source of freeware/shareware for a 2.5 meg system running 6.0.8? I'm looking for anything: games, educational, etc.

Also, is there a list somewhere of commercial software that runs on classic macs?


John B. Byrne

P.S. It may not have all the features of my new Performa 6400/200--but I had forgotten just how fast those classic Mac's startup! Simple and fast. Somehow we need to get back to that...

Subject: 3M Post-IT Index tabs...!
From: Stephen R

I don't know how relevant this is to _everyone_ -- but it was something that struck me when I took possession (at work) of a PowerMac 8500.

I have a IIcx at home, and an SE -- and I have needed to replace floppy drives in both machines in the last 18 months: mainly because of the irremovable dust build-up inside. However, the IIcx started having floppy problems again recently; and I found the only way to cure these was to either (i) blow through the *hole* on the front of the Mac casing, or (ii) -- when things got _really_ bad... -- clean the drive out (removed from the Mac) with a low-power vacuum cleaner.

Using the 8500 at work, it suddenly dawned on me that what I really needed was (not thinner fingers to pull floppies out through that damned curved profile... but...) a dust cover for each drive!

Obviously it had to be something flexible, something that didn't do any damage to the Mac case, and something easy to attach....

Well, 3M Post-IT Index tabs have been the rage in the office all year (you know: those little transparent stickies with a little bit of non-sticky colour at the end? My father-in-law uses them to great effect to intimidate his PhD students by inserting them as comment markers in their theses...!?!); and I think I've finally found a real Mac-use for them! If you stick them vertically, so the coloured bit (at the bottom) _just_ covers the *hole* in the case (you'll need five, overlapped), you'll find the answer to all your problems!

So far, since I did this a month ago, I've had no recurrence of my intermittent floppy mis-reads and -writes, and inspection reveals that dust build-up has been minimal.

[If anyone needs a better description of how the *stickies* attach, I'd be willing to email better instructions, and perhaps a QuickCam TIFF of how my setup looks.]

Subject: Audio CD playthrough on LC475?
From: Alex Gollner

Hello all,

Could anyone confirm that there is a hardware limitation on the LC series that stops playthrough of an audio CD from an external SCSI CD-ROM drive?

I _think_ it is a software problem (though the LC has Sound Manager 3.1 and AppleCD Audio player works fine), but if the computer cannot play audio CDs, I can give up gracefully (at the moment the audio comes directly from the drive to an external amp).



Subject: Performa 550 upgrade
From: Jim Spadoni

Hi! Anyone out there know of a manufacturer making a logic board upgrade for my Performa 550. Apple used to make one that upgraded the 68030 to a 68040. They also discontinued the PPC upgrade, although the '040 would be just fine for us. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Jim Spadoni

Subject: Upgrading IIsi
From: Craig Banner

I am trying to make my old IIsi a little more current. I have 17 MB RAM and run system 7.1. I recently added a 4X CD drive only to find out many of the new CD's require an 040 processor (IIsi is 030). Is there any way to "upgrade" my machine? COuld I get by with some sort of accelerator or could I purchase a new processor for my machine? Cost is a factor and I don't want to upgrade at any price. If anyone has any suggestions or information I would appreciate hearing it.


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