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RE: Classic Macs Digest 1.1
Re: Mac OS 7.5.3 on IIfx
SE/30 with socketed CPU?
7in NuBus Monitor Cards (Manufactured by Apple)
LC Memory
Re: IIsi Monitor
Re: Mac OS 7.5.3 on old Mac IIs
MAC Plus Freezes
Buick Promotional Diskettes
Mac II compatibility list?
II Si upgrade
Re: imagewriter II
A couple of questions

Subject: RE: Classic Macs Digest 1.1
Sent: 1/6/97 12:13 PM
Received: 1/5/97 9:39 PM
From: Jones, Paul B
To: Hitz,

Subject: SVGA to Mac II
From: Charles T. Smith

Hi all,

I recently purchased a used SVGA monitor (Samtron) and I planned to hook it up to a Mac II. I already have one Mac II hooked up to an SVGA (Magnavox) monitor using a small adapter. When I hooked up the monitor up, though, it rolled like it needed adjusting. It seemed that the picture was okay if I could just get it to stop rolling. No adjustment seemed to cure it, however.

I tried it on another Mac II--same story. Thinking I might have gotten burned, I tried hooking up to a 386 laptop. Perfect picture!

some monitors are Multisync and can latch onto many signals, others are
built to just get SVGA. My guess is that the monitor is only good for SVGA.
Try testing it on an LCII which has a setting for SVGA monitors, if you have
the correct adaptor.


Subject: Stylewriter II with Mac Plus
From: WrestleFly

Can the Stylewriter II be used with the Mac Plus?
System 6?
System 7?

Yep, it should work, sys 7, and sys 6, maybe.

Subject: Mac Games wanted
From: geoffhenry

I am looking for the original Mac?Man game and some other old mac games for my mac game home page. I run a obsolete macintosh game page in my free time.

Could you PLEASE send any black and white macintosh games to geoffhenry

Go to my mac game home page at

EDUCORP had a whole lot of old stuff on CD, also try Home and School Mac,


Subject: problem with MacPlus
From: Bret Alan Fessenden

I have a MacPlus that I just purchased with 4 megs of RAM, and there seems to be a problem with the mouse or in the computer itself. I am running 6.0.8 on this (nice and new and clean; I just made the 800k disk from the 4 install disks from apple)

This is what happens;

When I first turn the computer on, the mouse cannot open anything by double-clicking on it. Instead, it just selects, then immediately de-selects the object. Hence, the only way to open anything is to
select, then use the OPEN command in the FILE menu.

Now, sometimes this goes away after a few minutes, after I stick in another disk (external drive), or sometimes I must restart and wait a few more minutes.

The mouse is missing one pin in its connector (lower left pin), but the mouse works fine on what I think is a 512ke (no name on the case, 1 meg of RAM, 800k drive). Both computers are using the same software also.

I have taken the 523 battery out for a while to re-set the settings in the computer, just on a whim, but that did not work.

Basically, I am probably going to junk the machine if I cannot fix this myself, since I only have twenty bucks in it, and do not want to replace the entire insides of the machine to do it.

Please, if anyone can help, email me!


Test the battery and see if it OK. Change the Double-click settings in the
mouse control panel. To reset the PRAM correctly in 6.0.8 you hold down the
Command-option and shift keys(?) as you open the control panels, a note
should say that it is about to reset the PRAM, which is possibly the


> Subject: System 7.0 Install-->MacPlus problem
> From: Bret Alan Fessenden

This is really frustrating me.

I have a MacPlus with 4 megs of RAM, 800k drive and NO HD. I have been
running 6.0.8 on it fine, but I would like to upgrade the system. I can't
run 7.0.1, because you need a 1.44 floppy drive or HD, which, as I just
mentioned, my MacPlus does not have. So I want to put 7.0 on the thing,


I CANNOT get a copy of System 7.0 Installer that works!

This time, the SAME THING happened again - not enough memory!

I have tried mounting the disk images on the desktop (on the 6115) with
ShrinkWrap from my HD, from my second HD, copying them to 800k diskettes,
everything I can think of! HELP!

This is ridiculous. Where can I get a copy that works?

system 7 on an 800k floppy won't be much fun. The cost of a hard drive would
be worth it. You may find that the sys7 installer is having trouble with
your PPC and installing sys7 from your Plus really needs to be done with a
second floppy drive. I think that the original instal disks came with sys
6.0.7 to boot the computer and run the installer which then put sys 7 onto
your machine. Two things to check are, The Memory settings in the Get Info
box for the sys7 installer application, set them to a couple of meg, and try
turning the Modern Memory Manager off on your 6115CD in the Memory control


> Subject: Audio CD playthrough on LC475?
> From: Alex Gollner

Hello all,

Could anyone confirm that there is a hardware limitation on the LC series
that stops playthrough of an audio CD from an external SCSI CD-ROM drive?

I _think_ it is a software problem (though the LC has Sound Manager 3.1 and
AppleCD Audio player works fine), but if the computer cannot play audio

CDs, I can give up gracefully (at the moment the audio comes directly from
the drive to an external amp).

Internal CDs use a hardware connection to the Audio Hardware. External CDs
don't have this connection to the Audio Hardware so you cannot get
Playthrough. This is the same for any(?) Mac.

Paul B Jones

Subject: Re: Mac OS 7.5.3 on IIfx
Sent: 1/5/97 10:44 PM
Received: 1/5/97 10:46 PM
From: Rodney A. Hoiseth

Matthew, and Steve,

I have been using 7.5.1 English on one partition and KanjiTalk 7.5.1 on
another on my IIfx for more than a year with no (or minimal...;-) problems.
I have just purchased the CD version of the English system 7.5.3 (after
using a "trial" floppy disk version for much longer than I had really
intended). I am still waiting for the English version of the CD to arrive,
but I did install the Japanese version of 7.5.1 from CD. If I remember
correctly the manual for the Japanese version said to start up from a
floppy disk (included) and for some screwy reason known only to Apple (X-(
said you have to have an Apple CD ROM player to install from the CD ROM.

I simply replaced the Apple CD ROM driver on the working copy of the FD
with my Aiwa CD ROM driver and proceeded by the book. Everything seemed to
work fine, although when I called Apple and asked if there was any reason
for not using this procedure the (Japanese) service rep just said,
_naturally_, "We can't recommend it...."

I'm looking forward to/dreading the joy of installing the English system
when the CD ROM arrives.

Good luck. Let me know if this helps.

(in Hayama, Japan)

At 19:59 97/01/05 -0500, Hitz wrote:

Subject: Re: Mac OS 7.5.3 on old Mac IIs
From: Steve Dropkin

From: Matthew Yam

3) This message appear on Mac II FX's startup screen "This startup disk
will not work on this Macintosh model. Use the latest Installer to update
this disk for this model."

VERDICT : I must have screw up somewhere or the method used is too
radical. Maybe the CD Rom is the wrong one. Standardizing the version of
OS between old Mac IIs & PowerMacs would vital to our production
environment & in house support, I appreciate if someone out there can
help out with problem.

The IIfx was always a little out-of-step with the rest of the Macintosh
lineup, but I would think it would take System 7.5 ... If you have access
to the World Wide Web, check out Apple's Tech Info Library on IIfx
issues. Or perhaps someone else here can state this for sure.

That said, I think you got it right when you said the CD-ROM is the wrong
one. You didn't mention that it worked on any of the other Mac IIs (that
would be valuable information). I can tell you that 7.5 _does_ work on
IIcx's and IIci's (I'm typing on a IIci now). In the past, I have had
problems installing the System from disks that did not belong to that
model or which were not generic. Maybe there's an extension or hard disk
driver that's incompatible?

The solution, unfortunately, probably will be to spend money. You can buy
a generic 7.5 which will install on any Macintosh. And you really should
do this anyway: Macintosh System software is not free anymore, so,
according to Apple, installing four systems from one CD is not legal.

Good luck!

Subject: SE/30 with socketed CPU?
Sent: 1/6/97 1:01 AM
Received: 1/6/97 9:40 AM
From: Jim Paul

Hi. I just got a nice clean little SE/30 8/80 with what was advertised as a socketed CPU. Can anyone tell me what the advantage/disadvantage of such a feature is and what upgrade paths might be available? I ve been searching for info all over the net but with no luck.

BTW I experimented for days with different flavors of SE/30 operating system:
- 6.0.8 started fast, finder functions very fast, applications seemed sluggish, but system used only 700k of RAM
- 7.0.1 started fast, finder functions slow, applications ran quicker, 1.2 mb RAM for system
- 7.5 starts slow but runs fast! Finder and apps are zippy! Only downside: takes 2 mb+ RAM, even with extensions pared down.
Based on the above, I d recommend 7.5 to anyone who can afford the RAM. Added bonus: 7.5 allows you to run many Internet apps that won t run on earlier system software.

Subject: 7in NuBus Monitor Cards (Manufactured by Apple)
Sent: 1/5/97 5:58 PM
Received: 1/6/97 9:40 AM
From: David Emmons

Greetings, and Happy New Year!,

Does anyone know if Apple made a 7in NuBus monitor card (normal size is 9)
that will work in a IIsi?

Reason is I was telling my Father (He has the IIsi) that he could get the
screen size of a 15in monitor out of his old 13"RGB if he had an Apple Video
card and a piece of software called MaxAppleZoom (which is available at the
University of Michigan Web site). This amazing control panel lets you use the
black area around your screen. It actually adds Pixels there (well actually
they were always there, but Apple chose to put a border there so your screen
is flat as possible, but I much prefer the added screen size). Your 640x480
screen goes to 704x520!!!!

So he order the IIsi NuBus adapter (also gives him a FPU) but the IIsi only
will accept a 7in card, and most the cards are nines (which is not a problem
in my II).

Any ideas?????


-David Emmons

Subject: LC Memory
Sent: 1/6/97 9:25 AM
Received: 1/6/97 9:40 AM
From: Dave Zelenski

I run a lab in a junior high with 20 LC II and 3 LC 550s. When I
increased the RAM from 4 to 8 megs, the disk drives on two of the 550s and
one of the LC IIs quit working. The drive will eject a disk on startup but
will not recognize a disk inserted (the disk will not show up on the
desktop). I've replaced the SIMMs but it makes no difference. I removed
the SIMMs and the drive works fine.
Any ideas? Thanks alot!

Subject: Re: IIsi Monitor
Sent: 1/5/97 11:48 PM
Received: 1/6/97 9:40 AM
From: Paul DiGiovanni

Many thanks to those of you who responded to my query regarding a color
monitor for a IIsi. One reader suggested a Magnavox model (CM2080), which
I was able to find new at CDW for about $256. It works like a charm, and
now I don't have to contend with my kids for time on my "main" Mac.

Paul D. DiGiovanni
Cortland, NY

Subject: Re: Mac OS 7.5.3 on old Mac IIs
Sent: 1/6/97 4:49 AM
Received: 1/6/97 5:40 PM
From: Norman Fournier
To: Hitz,

From: Matthew Yam

3) This message appear on Mac II FX's startup screen "This startup disk
will not work on this Macintosh model. Use the latest Installer to update
this disk for this model."

VERDICT : I must have screw up somewhere or the method used is too
radical. Maybe the CD Rom is the wrong one. Standardizing the version of
OS between old Mac IIs & PowerMacs would vital to our production
environment & in house support, I appreciate if someone out there can
help out with problem.

The IIfx was always a little out-of-step with the rest of the Macintosh
lineup, but I would think it would take System 7.5 ... If you have access
to the World Wide Web, check out Apple's Tech Info Library on IIfx
issues. Or perhaps someone else here can state this for sure.

The IIfx will run the latest system software, we have one here that we
use daily, that is every day, including Staurdays and Sundays for
Photoshop 2.5, Logic 2.5, and other high overhead software. It has been
running like a dream since 1990. But why do you need standard system
software? We run everthing from System 7.1 on a Q950 to 7.5.1 on the
IIfx to 7.5.3 on my 8100/ problems file sharing or anything.
Good luck

Subject: MAC Plus Freezes
Sent: 1/6/97 1:11 PM
Received: 1/6/97 5:40 PM
From: Tim Wahlstrom

Runinng with 4 Meg of RAM and an External 20 Meg Hard Disk. Typing "too
fast" and clicking the mouse button "too" much causes the system to freeze.
The only recourse is to old reboot. Has anyone else experienced that? Any

Tim Wahlstrom

Subject: Buick Promotional Diskettes
Sent: 1/6/97 1:29 PM
Received: 1/6/97 5:40 PM
From: Evans, David
To: Classic Macs,

For several years the Buick division of General Motors had promotional
diskettes made to advertise Buicks. One year I remember they had a
nifty golf game in addtional to the descriptive information about Buick
models. Another year they had a Buick Trivial Pursuit type quiz game.

Does anyone out there have these? I think there were even two versions
(800K B&W and 1.4M Color) of some of years' diskettes. I would really
like to get the original diskettes, if possible, but even copies would
be great.

I'm not sure when they began, since the 1990 version with information on
the Reatta was the earliest I've heard about. Please let me know if you
have any of them, and how much you would like to sell them for. Thanks
for your help!

David Evans

Subject: Mac II compatibility list?
Sent: 1/6/97 6:21 PM
Received: 1/6/97 6:28 PM
From: Kelley Boylan

I'm pulling a few old Mac II boxes out of the closet ('020) and am looking
for a list of compatible/incompatible software. E.g., does Netscape work?
What about Photoshop? I started going from site to site to check specific
software, but it turned into a real time-killer.

Anyone know of a site or have a list of known software for the Mac II?

Many thanks.


Subject: II Si upgrade
Sent: 1/7/97 12:52 AM
Received: 1/7/97 9:05 AM
From: Craig Banner

Thanks to all who responded on IIsi upgrade. It appears general opinion
is the II si can be upgraded for about $350.00, getting acceleration to
80 MHz and an 040 processor. That means if you invest as much as the
machine is worth back into it you'll have a fairly screemin machine
(relatively speaking). I haven't contacted the micromac company yet but
they seem like the place to go ( I'm very close to
trying this upgrade out but would like to hear from anyone who has taken
the plunge and done it. Are there conflicts, do you have to run Sys 7.5, etc.
I'm open to suggestion 'cause $350 is not small change to me.

Subject: Re: imagewriter II
Sent: 1/7/97 1:14 AM
Received: 1/7/97 9:05 AM
From: hilal


like apple's stylewriters, the imagewriter II (which is now discontinued)
needed a localtalk card to connect them to a localtalk network (different
printers need different cards).

my guess is that apple also discontinued the imagewriter's localtalk card
too, but check with apple or a mail-order firm. new cards used to sell
for about $100.

if you are interested, i have a spare card that has never been used.
email me if you can't find one.


Subject: A couple of questions
Sent: 1/6/97 6:40 PM
Received: 1/7/97 9:05 AM
From: Bill and Josephine Bair

Some time ago I posted a couple of questions to this list which never got
answered, so I am reposting them here in the hope someone will answer them
for me:
1. Does anyone know if the IIfx is upgradeable? If so, what do I need?
2. I recently obtained a MacPlus (from my father since he now has an 8100
<incredibly jealous look>) that I am giving to my wife. My problem is that
the internal 800K floppy drive doesn't work anymore and the 20M Jasmine
drive got reformatted prior to my getting it. So, I am stuck with a Plus
that I know works, but have no way to load the OS onto the Jasmine drive.
I have a IIfx which I am trying to figure out how to use to upload the OS
onto the Jasmine drive. The IIfx however is not self terminating and I
cannot find the terminator that came with it (I never had occasion to use
it before now). I also have two Iomega Zip Drives which are self
terminating. Now, is there a method I can use to upload either System 6 or
a stripped down 7 onto the Jasmine drive using what I have. I have tried
to do this several times, but am not sure why it is not working. Also, the
Jasmine drive has Dip Switches (numbered 1-8) that I am not sure how to
configure to assign it #4 (since the internal drive on the IIfx is No. 0
and the zip drives take up no.(s) 5 & 6. The intuitive method of setting
just No. 4 didn't work. When I tried to hook up the Jasmine drive as part
of the SCSI chain, all the other SCSI devices disappeared from the chain
(i.e. not recognized--therefore non-existent as far as the IIfx was
concerned). Another important fact is that one of the Zip Drives is not
operating properly, it will read just fine, but the drive clicks endlessly
if I try to write to it (gonna have to send it to Iomega eventually,
otherwise I would just let my wife use it as the external drive-providing I
could load the OS onto it). Well, that about sums up this question and I
would love for someone to tell me how to work around this problem.
3. When I do finally get my wife's MacPlus working,does anyone know of an
IRC client that works on the Plus? My wife is using my machine *way* too
much for this and both she and I would like to give her the capabilty to
use IRC on her own machine.
I am sure that I will have more questions as time goes on, but for now
please help me out, my wife asks me everyday when she is gonna be able to
use her computer and I cannot answer that one at all.
Many Thanks,
Bill Bair

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