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Recent problems solved!
Plus Mouse problem
Re: Mac OS 7.5.3 on old Mac IIs
Re: IIsi and CDs
Mac 512 screen problem
Accelerator Card
Colour Classic screen resolution
Re: problem with MacPlus & Audio CD playthrough on LC475?
??SIMM Size??
Warcraft II for 68030
Re: SVGA to Mac II
MacPlus problem & Sys 7.5 on II
Re: SE Shareware
Re: Sys 7.5 on II
SE/30 floppy drive problem
RE: blank Mac Plus screen
Drivers for assorted Mac hardware
Software for IMPACT 030 accelerator?
No Cd on an LC
Re: problem with MacPlus
Mac Classic

Subject: 512k
From: Jag

I bought several power supplies for the Plus and 512k Macs for $10. I have a few questions regasrding this part.

Are they usable in both the 512 and the Plus? Do I need a floppy to boot the 512k or can I connect a drive to it? (I have no floppy for it.) Can I make the 512k work with just the monitor, mother borad and power supply? I have no front chassis for it.

How much are these parts worth if I should decide to sell them? Monitor for Plus, 512k motherborad and power supply.



Subject: Recent problems solved!
From: Bret Alan Fessenden

My apologies; I recently posted two MacPlus questions (not being able to double-click items, and not being able to run the 7.0 installer) that I have found the solutions for already, since there was quite a delay in this current issue of classic-macs.

Item 1; Turns out that the SHIFT keys on the keyboard I have are automatically engaged upon startup every time, hence the double-clicking problem. The solution, from what I gather, is to put up with it, or buy a new keyboard.

Item 2; The installer will not run on my 6115 for whatever reason (the 6.0.8 installer runs just fine), but it does run fine on the Plus itself.

Unfortunetly, I am having several other problems with the MacPlus currently; I'll post these if I cannot find solutions elsewhere.

Thanks to all,


Bret Alan Fessenden
Cynthia Benner

Subject: Plus Mouse problem
From: Jag

You can buy a new mouse for about $20. I bet $100 that's what it is. No need to junk a perfectly good Mac Plus. Those babies just won't die! If that's not what it is, it might be a connection on the motherboard that's cost about $60 to fix (unless you know somebody who can fix it for you on the side for less).

Good Luck


Subject: QuickTime
From: Leif

Does anyone know of a way to get QuickTime to run on an SE? The SE has 4MB RAM, and a 40MB Hard Drive, and is happily running system 7.5. But, QuickTime says it can't run on that chip (68000, I think). Is there a work around for this? Its not REALLY important, I just wanna see if I could do it!

Also: I will be posting soon with information of the SE that a friend and I are "building" as a web server. Only were breaking a few rules... heheheh

Even though there are only 2 drive bays, were sticking an xtra 20MB hard drive under the monitor tube (along with the installed 40MB and 800Kfloppy). Only problem, it heats up in there. So we put in two fans... The power supply is yet another crazy story!

Anyway, it will be very cool when its done, and I will give everyone here a full update...


Subject: Re: Mac OS 7.5.3 on old Mac IIs
From: Steve Dropkin

From: Matthew Yam

3) This message appear on Mac II FX's startup screen "This startup disk will not work on this Macintosh model. Use the latest Installer to update this disk for this model."

VERDICT : I must have screw up somewhere or the method used is too radical. Maybe the CD Rom is the wrong one. Standardizing the version of OS between old Mac IIs & PowerMacs would vital to our production environment & in house support, I appreciate if someone out there can help out with problem.

The IIfx was always a little out-of-step with the rest of the Macintosh lineup, but I would think it would take System 7.5 ... If you have access to the World Wide Web, check out Apple's Tech Info Library on IIfx issues. Or perhaps someone else here can state this for sure.

That said, I think you got it right when you said the CD-ROM is the wrong one. You didn't mention that it worked on any of the other Mac IIs (that would be valuable information). I can tell you that 7.5 _does_ work on IIcx's and IIci's (I'm typing on a IIci now). In the past, I have had problems installing the System from disks that did not belong to that model or which were not generic. Maybe there's an extension or hard disk driver that's incompatible?

The solution, unfortunately, probably will be to spend money. You can buy a generic 7.5 which will install on any Macintosh. And you really should do this anyway: Macintosh System software is not free anymore, so, according to Apple, installing four systems from one CD is not legal.

Good luck!

Subject: Re: IIsi and CDs
From: Steve Dropkin

From: Craig Banner

I am trying to make my old IIsi a little more current. I have 17 MB RAM nd run system 7.1. I recently added a 4X CD drive only to find out many of the new CD's require an 040 processor (IIsi is 030). Is there any way to "upgrade" my machine? COuld I get by with some sort of accelerator or could I purchase a new processor for my machine? Cost is a factor and I don't want to upgrade at any price. If anyone has any suggestions or information I would appreciate hearing it.

Hmm ... I have a IIci (also 68030) and at least a dozen CDs (including some current software) and have yet to hit a "68040 landmine." Just lucky, I guess :-P If you must upgrade your CPU, however, IMHO you have two choices.

One is to get a Sonnet or MicroMac 040 accelerator (see MacZone/MacMall catalogs); that will run about $350; I have no idea how well they work or how compatible they are. The disadvantage to this is the expense (you're pretty much doubling your investment in your Mac) and that the streets are littered with companies that once made accelerators but aren't even around anymore -- Novy, Applied Engineering, Total Systems, Radius, Dove .. I think it's a gamble.

The other alternative, though, is to buy a newer Mac. You may find that you can sell your IIsi box (just the CPU or the whole system) and throw in a couple hundred for a used Centris or Quadra and have a newer 68040 system that you know will work right out of the box.

Me -- I was planning to buy a Power Mac clone, but have decided to hunker down in 68030Land until Apple decides what to do "NeXT". Good luck!

Subject: Mac 512 screen problem
From: Benjamin Guansing

Help! We've been passing around a Mac 512 among some friends. One of them was impressed that such an old machine could do "Windows". Old faithful recently starts up but with only a single verticle line in the middle of the screen. The floppy drives and startup chime all seem to work. Any ideas as to what's going on and how it could be repaired? Yeah, I could go out and look for an SE them but these are international students here in Japan on a shoestring budget. I've been told that the 512 has been VERY helpful for them. I'm willing to try repairing it for them if the fix is not too difficult.


Subject: Accelerator Card
From: Jeff Blanton

From: Lidio Iacobelli

I recently was given a MAC LC and a 14" color monitor. My question is I ve seen many accelerators that offer a 040 upgrade and bump the LC upwards of 25 to 33 or higher speeds with the PDS slot.

Over the last 3 years I have used an acceleratorcard in my Color Classic first an 030-32 and now a 030-50mHz from Micromac Technology and I have had no problem with them. It sure is nice to zip along at 50mHz, with 26 MB RAM (without Ram doubler) & 32K cache.

Check out their web site and see what they can do for you.

Subject: Colour Classic screen resolution
From: Derrick Lala

Some of my daughter's CDROMs will not play on the colour classic which is equivalent to the Apple 12in. monitor, and a 14in. is required because of the screen resolution. Is there a software-based solution for this?

Subject: Re: problem with MacPlus & Audio CD playthrough on LC475?
From: Clark Martin

From: Bret Alan Fessenden

I have a MacPlus that I just purchased with 4 megs of RAM, and there seems to be a problem with the mouse or in the computer itself. I am running 6.0.8 on this (nice and new and clean; I just made the 800k disk from the 4 install disks from apple)

This is what happens;

When I first turn the computer on, the mouse cannot open anything by double-clicking on it. Instead, it just selects, then immediately de-selects the object. Hence, the only way to open anything is to select, then use the OPEN command in the FILE menu.

Try changing the double click time in the Mouse or General control panel. It's the only thing I can think of.

From: Alex Gollner

Could anyone confirm that there is a hardware limitation on the LC series that stops playthrough of an audio CD from an external SCSI CD-ROM drive?

I _think_ it is a software problem (though the LC has Sound Manager 3.1 and AppleCD Audio player works fine), but if the computer cannot play audio CDs, I can give up gracefully (at the moment the audio comes directly from the drive to an external amp).

I'm assuming an LC (vs LC II or III).

Since the LC has no audio in how do you expect it to playthrough. CDs sound doesn't play through the SCSI bus. Later machines that have internal CDs also have audio in capability and can switch this to the audio output of the internal CD drive. What you have sounds like it should work fine. You'd really want to have the external amp and speakers anyways for both sound quality and stereo.

Subject: ??SIMM Size??
From: John Stephens

Does anyone know how to determine memory size and speed by looking at 30 pin SIMMs??

I have 8 SIMMS, The four on my SE motherboard I know to be 1MB. The four on my accelerator have physically larger ICs than the ones on the motherboard. There are numbers all over the components but none which seem to indicate 1, 2, 4MB.

Thanks for your help.

Subject: Warcraft II for 68030
From: Jered Heeschen

I recently upgraded to a Mac IIci, set it up with system 7.5.5, then started rooting through my girlfriend's software library (she has a 7200/90). I noticed that the box for Warcraft 2 wants a 68040 processor or better, but just for the heck of it I hooked my old CD-ROM drive up to the IIci and gave it a try...

Well, it ran great. I can't vouch for how well the movies run off the CD, since I suspect my CD-ROM drive is single-speed, but the game ran well, with no noticable stutters or slowdown compared to playing it on the 7200/90.

I wrote to Blizzard tech support and they basically told me that the game hadn't been tested on a 68030 Mac. From what I can tell, the game runs without a hitch...I can't use speech recognition, of course, and I haven't tried using it for network play yet. Still, I was thinking of buying it sometime for myself...

So, the moral is, if you're interested in a program for an older Mac and it isn't PowerMac only, try downloading the demo or borrowing it from a friend. Developers only want to support systems they had on hand for testing, so it might work, or might work with a couple features missing...

Jered Heeschen

Subject: Re: SVGA to Mac II
From: Dmitri V. Shishkin

Had the same problem with couple SVGA trying to connetct them to my LC III, untill I got a used GoldStar 1466DM which worked perfectly right away save for some initiall picture centering problem. I guess it has smth to do with how the monitor hendles frequency and my experience is, although have no idea about technical reasons, that brand names (like ViewSonic, GoldStar etc) seem to work fine with Macs.

Good luck,


Dmitri Shishkin
Moscow, Russia
(7-095) 386-2816

Subject: MacPlus problem & Sys 7.5 on II
From: ghl3.dtp

Greetings! From: Bret Alan Fessenden

I have a MacPlus that I just purchased with 4 megs of RAM, and there seems to be a problem...

When I first turn the computer on, the mouse cannot open anything by double-clicking on it. Instead, it just selects, then immediately de-selects the object. Hence, the only way to open anything is to select, then use the OPEN command in the FILE menu.

Your Plus is behaving as if the shift key were being held down. There are 2 things I can think of that could be causing this:

(1) The "Easy Access" Control Panel has the 'sticky keys' feature enabled. This feature is enabled & disenabled by pressing the shift key 5 times, and will sometimes inadvertantly enable if the shift key is just held down for a time. Also, if it is enabled, there is normally a tiny half-box icon in the far right of the menu bar.

(2) It could be a short in the keyboard itself. This can easily be checked by opening the "Key Caps" applet under the Apple Menu. If the shift key is shorted, it will show as being hilited even when no keys are being pressed. If this is the case, you can give your keyboard a basic cleaning fairly easily. While dis-connected from the cord, remove the 6 screws that hold the keyboard case together. With a =clean= brush (I use various size brushes similer to what you might find in a childs' watercolour set), brush off the PC board on one side, then on and around the keys on the other side. You can use rubbing alcohol -sparingly- (min. 90% reccomended) if needed. Then re-assemble the keyboard and try it out. If it still shows a short, you're likely going to need a knowledgable person look at it.

Hope this helps! :)


From: Matthew Yam

After reading Classic Mac's posting regarding old Mac IIs running Mac OS 7.5.3 & fancy the idea I tired to install it with a Mac OS CD Rom "Power Macintosh 7200,..."

It's VERY possible the installer is machine specific and does not contain the resources necessary to work with other Mac models. Also, most of the 7.5.x installers no longer give you the option of which Mac model you're installing to. It reads the machine gestalt ID number, and then installs for that specific system.

One thing that may work: When you first open the installer, click the "Continue" while holding down the option key, and continue to hold it down until the install window comes up. It should give you the option to install a "System for any Mac" If it doesn't, then it can't.

Subject: imagewriterII
From: jocelyn d. weissman

Am trying to set up a small localtalk network(via phone net) between a 6100(sys 7.5.5), hp deskwriter and my old imagewriterII and my old SE(sys 6.0.5,4megs). Found from the apple tech info files that i need a localtalk option card for the imagewriter. does anyone know where to get this? also which system do i need for the SE to be seen by the 6100-obvious less ram the better...?

Subject: Re: SE Shareware
From: David S. Jackson

From: John B. Byrne

I 'resurrected' a Mac SE from work for my mom to play around with. Could someone point me to a good source of freeware/shareware for a 2.5 meg system running 6.0.8? I'm looking for anything: games, educational, etc.

Also, is there a list somewhere of commercial software that runs on classic macs?

Take a look at BMUG, just one of their Newsletter CDs will keep you busy for a while. There are also some good old Mac sites on the net:

drop by at

the Mac512k web pages:

And there are more but my list is at work:(

Yours: David.

Subject: Re: Sys 7.5 on II
From: David S. Jackson

After reading Classic Mac's posting regarding old Mac IIs running Mac OS 7.5.3 & fancy the idea I tired to install it with a Mac OS CD Rom "Power Macintosh 7200, 7500, 7600, 8500, & 9500 Series". Yes. The one that was bundled with the PowerMacs.

Here-in lies your problem: The Installer checks which Mac it is installing to, and adjusts the System to match it. You most likely need the 7.5 CD or disks "for the rest of us," and you must tell it to install the system for a Mac II. Or possibly if you select the option to install the "System for any Mac." I have run a Mac LC and a standard Mac II on system 7.5, so it does work.

Yours: David (the happy owner of many Macs) Jackson

Subject: SE/30 floppy drive problem
From: Pat Sitton

I recently bought an SE/30 on which everything works fine with the exception of the floppy drive. The floppy drive reads w/o any apparent problems but anything that it writes is unreadable--not only on other Macs but on this SE/30 itself as well.

* I replaced the floppy drive. That didn't help; the expensive replacement drive didn't work either. Symptoms remained the same.

* I ran TechTools Pro which claims to do diagnostics on logic board component chips as well as floppy drives. It confirmed that the floppy drive had write problem but no read problem. It showed all logic board components as being OK but doesn't seem to check the SWIM chip.

* Changing the floppy drive ribbon cable didn't help.

Can anyone suggest additional things I should check or tell me what's probably causing this problem?? Is the SWIM chip likely to be involved? the logic board plug for the floppy ribbon cable? bad solder or other connections someplace?


Subject: RE: blank Mac Plus screen
From: Bruce Creswick

I had the same problem with my "old" Plus, it occurred after I up graded the Ram to 4Megs. There is a little connection into the back of the screen the becomes loose. Just pull it off and, clean the contacts and you should be on your way!! Sorry if you are getting this after the fact I have not checked ny e-mail for a while. Cheers!

Subject: Drivers for assorted Mac hardware
From: System Administrator

This message was posted via the feedback link on the Classic Macs web mirror, from someone who doesn't have a real email address. Presumably s/he will look for answers on the archive:

This is for the Classic Mac archive. I've received some Mac equipment that I need information on.
I have a NuBus board from Spectrum Innovations (out of business) - the MacDSP 16K. Where can I get the software to utilize this NuBus card?
The same for a double NuBus board AST's Mac286?
And I also need info on Orange Micro's 486 NuBus board? Lastly, where can one get on software, specifically PageMaker 4.02 and Silicon Beach's wonderful Airborne! My daughter accidently erased the program disk for Airborne. Thank you in advance. (Sorry, I don't have an e-mail address) E. Harris.

Subject: Software for IMPACT 030 accelerator?
From: System Administrator

If there is someone out there with an Extreme Systems IMPACT 030 LC-PDS 68030 accelerator card (32MHz 68030, 32K cache, optional 68882 FPU), would you mind getting in touch with me? I'd like to know if the card is "plug-n-play" or if some software is required to activate it.

If the card is meant to be plug-n-play... it doesn't accelerate my system any 8-( Anyone with an LC, LC II or Performa 400 get in touch for a dirt-cheap accelerator 8-)

Subject: No Cd on an LC
From: EL

From: Lidio Iacobelli
I recently was given a MAC LC and a 14" color monitor.

Everything appeared to work fine except for music CDs and some of my kids games which demand a 68040 processor.

, I know the CD drive I was using had no provisions for a head set nor did the LC have that separate cable for the audio but some of the CD games played the audio through the LC's speaker very well.

In your effort to trim your system, you probably left one or more of these extensions disabled and thats may be why your Audio CD, and even the others you mentioned, would not play audio. I don't know that Quicktime is required, but you should consider that as well.

Foreign File Access
ISO 9660 File Access
High Sierra File Access
Audio CD Access

These extensions are all aimed at recognizing CD-Rom formats, and QuickTime 2.5 allows auto-play of audio-CD's when inserted.

Eric the Web Wandering Wonderer

Mac IIsi w/17 meg/fpu MacOS 7.5.5/Dual monitors-24-bit 13" color and 8-bit grayscale portrait/4x CD-rom patched to my stereo/33.6 modem

Subject: Re: problem with MacPlus
From: Jean-Charles Oge

From: Bret Alan Fessenden
I have a MacPlus that I just purchased with 4 megs of RAM, and there seems to be a problem with the mouse or in the computer itself. I am running 6.0.8 on this (nice and new and clean; I just made the 800k disk from the 4 install disks from apple)

This is what happens;

When I first turn the computer on, the mouse cannot open anything by double-clicking on it. Instead, it just selects, then immediately de-selects the object. Hence, the only way to open anything is to select, then use the OPEN command in the FILE menu.

Your Mac+ behaves as if the Shift key is held or stuck down. I sometimes have this problem on my LC475 with a cheap AppleDesign keyboard when I start my Mac w/o extension - Shift key down at startup. Somehow the Mac behaves as if the Shift is still pressed. Bad contact I presume. I just press on the Shift key one or twice and it works.

When I was still using my Mac Plus, this machine was notorious for bad contact between keyboard and Mac. I often started the Mac to have only a US Qwerty original Mac keyboard working and showing as such in the Keyboard Desk Accessory. I only had to unplug the keyboard's RJ-11 from the Mac and plug it back (Mac still on) to immediately have the Mac Plus recognizes my French Azerty extended keyboard again. So you can assume keyboard contact problems on your Plus I think.

Hope it helps.

Jean-Charles Oge
PACT France (Sernam Logistique)
14 avenue Edouard Vaillant
93500 Pantin FRANCE
tel : 33 1 48 10 79 38
fax : 33 1 48 10 79 10

Subject: Mac Classic
From: Bob Gilbert

Dear Classic List,

I have a friend who has just been given a B&W Classic Mac. Note it is B&W and not the color version. He has a Mac Plus with problems which he is retiring. The Plus has an external 80Meg HD and 2-2Meg memory chips installed, apparently the Classic has 4-250K chips currently installed. He would like to remove the 2-2 memory chips and install in the Classic. He would also like to use the external HD. The questions:

Can he move the memory from the Plus into the Classic?
What is the maximum memory the Classic will accept?
How and where does he install the extra memory?
How about an accelerator card and where can he obtain one?
How about Ram Doubler, yes or no?
Can he load System 7.0.1, which he has available?
Will the external HD work?



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