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Re: Recipe Programs
system 7 in a plus?
Re: photoshop on a color classic
Re: A couple of questions
Re: A couple of questions
Re: A couple of questions
CI goes belly up
Re: System 7.0 Install -- Mac Plus Problem
TrasWarp 4300
? Boosting Older Macs ?
[Q]Transwarp1340 for SE to 16MB
Techie Classic Fans/Install 7.5

Subject: Re: Recipe Programs
Sent: 1/12/97 1:49 AM
Received: 1/12/97 12:03 PM
From: Charles Thompson
To: Scott,

OK, I have an SE with a 16Mhz accelerator sitting on my kitchen counter
running Now Contact and system 7.5.3. I have been looking for a recipe
program with a database of recipes and have had no luck. I've downloaded
dozens from the net but none has worked (either the screen was too small
or the program crashed or something). Anyone know of a good one?


There might be one or two written in Hypercard. Check out Info-Mac

If there are none I would be happy to make one for you in HC. No cost.

Kitt Thompson

Subject: system 7 in a plus?
Sent: 1/12/97 2:01 AM
Received: 1/12/97 12:03 PM
From: Stan Lathrop

First time user, so please forgive if this question has been ask before.

The Mac Bible discourages installing system 7 on Macs designed to run on
system 6. I use two Mac pluses in my classroom and would like to network
them which, if I'm not mistaken, requires system 7.

Do you recommend system 7 for the Mac plus? What, if anything, would be
the down side?

Also, one of the external drives for the plus died. Any good resources
for cheap drives?


Stan Lathrop

Subject: Re: photoshop on a color classic
Sent: 1/12/97 7:02 AM
Received: 1/12/97 12:03 PM
From: Pat Lajeunesse

I can run Photoshop 2.5 and Netscape 2.02 at the same time on my CC. Not
that I can think of a reason to WANT to...

Patrick Lajeunesse

Subject: Re: A couple of questions
Sent: 1/11/97 1:00 AM
Received: 1/12/97 12:03 PM
From: Rodney A. Hoiseth


Sorry I'm in the process of moving and I can't get to my resources
(old issues of MacWorld & MacUser) to quote facts, but I remember that at
the time my IIfx was still "state-of-the-art" (5 - 6 years ago?) there were
a few _accelerators_ available for the IIfx, (one of which was mentioned by
Laurent). I believe some of them were even reviewed in one of the Mac
magazines. I am pretty sure more than one were advertised.
As for _upgrading_ (to Power PC?), it's probably not possible, as
Norman noted.

(in Hayama, Japan)

Subject: Re: A couple of questions
Sent: 1/10/97 5:34 PM
Received: 1/10/97 8:25 PM
From: Laurent Vitou


Re. IIfx upgrades, I only remember the Tokamak NuBus card which was
said to be incompatible with about anything. Consider the IIfx as an
already upgraded II or IIx! People with those machines would be glad to
have IIfx speed...

The only safe expansion IMO would be to cram as much RAM as you can
in the machine, as even IIfx memory has become affordable. That would allow
you to speed up the IIfx by using a big RAM disk, for example. Then you
could get as many NuBus video boards as you can afford, along with suitable
monitors. With *Apple* 8*24 (not GC) cards, you'll be able to boost each
connected 13-14" AppleColor to 704x518/256 colors with MaxAppleZoom. Dunno
about other monitors, but this control panel depends on *Apple video

Nobody with an Apple NuBus video board (up to the 8*24 Rev. B) and
a 13" should be without MaxAppleZoom! MAZ 1.44 works with 7.5.3 and most
probably 7.5.5.

If both your Zips _and_ the Jasmine are internally terminated, it's
no wonder the SCSI got confused, especially on the IIfx, which expects
special termination.

Re. IIfx termination, problem is, both the IIfx and the Plus have
their own, different peculiarities about SCSI termination so be sure to buy
the right thing. I have been told that _some_ active terminators should
work with both the IIfx and the Plus. You could check with APS or another
knowledgeable HD vendor. In any case you should probably take the internal
termination out of the Jasmine as that could induce problems with the
external terminator.

Once the IIfx recognizes the Jasmine, you'll be able to install
whatever you want on it that you need on the Plus.

I hope this is of some help. Now Gold help me with _my_ IIfx


Subject: Re: A couple of questions
Sent: 1/9/97 4:49 AM
Received: 1/10/97 9:35 AM
From: Norman Fournier
To: Hitz,

From: Bill and Josephine Bair

1. Does anyone know if the IIfx is upgradeable? If so, what do I need?

As far as I know, it is not. You can expand RAM, but my suppliers are
reluctant to purchase it now because it is so expensive. The IIfx is
kind of a dead end as far as upgradeability goes, but it is still a
great computer.

The IIfx however is not self terminating and I
cannot find the terminator that came with it (I never had occasion to use
it before now).

You should be able to purchase a IIfx terminator for about $30. They are
recognizable by being black. I found a second one after I bought a
replacement by looking in the box the CPU shipped in.

Subject: CI goes belly up
Sent: 1/13/97 2:46 AM
Received: 1/13/97 8:43 AM
From: Todd Reed

Hi all,

I'm working on a IIci for a friend. The monitor is diplaying the dreaded
spectre of death, and I'm hoping o get some input on diagnosis. The chimes
of death are four rising notes which I think denotes a RAM problem.. There
is also displayed the error codes 0000000F, and 00007FFF, whatever that
stands for.

So, does the ci have RAM soldered on the motherboard in additon to the four
slots? Just wondering if the system will run if I empty the slots. Any
suggestions appreciated.


Subject: Accessories
Sent: 1/13/97 8:43 AM
Received: 1/13/97 8:55 AM
From: mike price

Greetings: It really is nice to be in the fellowship of other Mac

Question: Would anyone out there have or know how to obtain a USED
Kensington Trackball for a Mac SE ??



Subject: Re: System 7.0 Install -- Mac Plus Problem
Sent: 1/13/97 5:41 PM
Received: 1/14/97 12:02 AM
From: tonytony
To: Classic Macs Post,

From Robert Eye's previous message:

I think the second poster meant that system 7 is not much fun *if you run from
floppy only, without a hard drive*. This is the Plus set-up the first poster
(the Mac Plus owner) had. You can do an emergency start-up disk on system 7.0
but you will not abe able to run applicatios unless you have either another
external floppy or a HD.

What is an NOS source?

- - - -
1. You are correct; System 7 would be a real drag to run from a
floppy. I misinterpreted the post. A friend and I set up a Plus to
run on System 6.0.8 from floppies only (He had an external floppy,
though . . . ooooohhh - aaaahhhh :-) ), and that rig is comically
slow. We located an assortment of physically small applications, but
the machine still ran like a science project. Revisit the days when
few of us could afford hard drives if you want to truly appreciate
today's Macs.

2. To my mind, the acronym "NOS" comes from the world of automobile
restoration. NOS stands for "new old stock." For example, I purchased
an NOS pumpkin gear for my dad's Model AA a few years ago. The part
was in the original packaging and had never been used. The part is
"old", i.e. obsolete inventory, but it's new to the end user.
Incidentally, the parts house was so surprised to find this part in
stock that they sold it to me for the price marked on the box. I paid
less than ten bucks for a gear nearly the size of my head.

* * *
Better living through marketing (TM).

Tony Spinetta

Subject: TrasWarp 4300
Sent: 1/13/97 10:09 AM
Received: 1/14/97 12:02 AM
From: mike_friese

I have a upgrade(accelerator) board at home labeled "TransWarp 4300" from
Applied Engineering. It has pds/nubus-looking connector; "MC68EC030FE40B"
processor; 40 Mhz crystal; cash card on top and another pci-type flat
connector. I guess it is pds, since it's flat and if installed in smth like
IIci would cover all other nubus slots. It doesn't work on my LC III.

Any hints on what that board is for.

This accelerator was advertised for use with the IIci and the IIvx and its
clones (IIvi, etc.). It plugs into the cache slot on a IIci or the PDS slot on a
IIvx. In reality, it only works with the IIci. A friend has one running System
7.5.3 with almost no problems. And it is fast!


Subject: ? Boosting Older Macs ?
Sent: 1/15/97 7:09 AM
Received: 1/14/97 7:06 PM
From: Gregoire SEITHER
To: Classic Mac,

Hello Wizards, and Happy New Year !

I need your help in upgrading, boosting and accelerating some older

A local Computerstore having gone broke, we managed to get - for peanuts
- the following equipment for our Primary School Project:

- Mac IIcx 8 RAM - 80 HD
- Mac LC - 6 RAM - 40 HD
- Mac LC - 6 RAM - 100 HD
- Mac IIsi - 8 RAM - 100 HD

I would be very interested in any suggestion in how to improve the
performance of these Macs,
- what kind of RAM can be added,
- what kind of Upgrade are possible and available
- what kind of Accelerator Cards
- and so on,

in short, anything that can boost them.
Also if you have tips on WHERE to find the necessary RAM, Upgrade Cards
(mail order) or if you have any of it for sale, or if you want to share any experience
you had with similar situations....
We would be very grateful !

As a thank you I can supply 50 weird and wonderful fonts ( in a Stuffit
.sea) created by our junior Font Creators !

Gregoire SEITHER - 16 Putiki Street - Grey Lynn - Auckland 2
Ph (64 9) 378 8062 - Fax (64 9) 378 8099

Subject: [Q]Transwarp1340 for SE to 16MB
Sent: 1/14/97 4:16 AM
Received: 1/14/97 7:06 PM
From: Kazuo KATOH


I am now using AE Transwarp 1340 accelerator for Mac SE.
I want to expand memory totally 16MB, but failed.
I installed 4MB X 4 simms to Transwarp 1340 simm slot.
4MB simm work fine with my Mac Si and CX.

If you know how to expand memory for 16MB, please give me suggestion.
It need special SIMMs, such as PAL SIMMs? Warp030 is ver.1.5.

Thank you.

Kazuo Katoh,

Subject: Techie Classic Fans/Install 7.5
Sent: 1/14/97 12:52 AM
Received: 1/14/97 7:06 PM
From: Thomas Mabry
To: Hitz,

Hello Classic fans:

I purchased a Performa 405 (used) for my son for Christmas which had a
LaCie 125 (Quantum) hard drive and a System 7.1P2 installed. Since I
understand the System 7.5 much better than the other systems, I wanted to
install System 7.5 on the drive, or in the computer.

So, I tried to install 7.5 from my original disks. I followed the
installation instructions, including running Disk Tools to see if the
drive was OK (it was) but when I tried to install 7.5 the machine froze
on the first floppy (there are seven). Thinking it was the floppy, I ran
it through Norton Disk Doctor and the floppy disk was OK. I then ran it
through again and it froze again. I then tried to and did mount an
EZDrive with a System 7.5 installed and tried to boot from it but all I
got was the "Welcome to Macintosh" dialog box and nothing more. It
would not load from there.

I initialized the original disk with Silverlining 5.6.1 and copied the
7.5 from the EzDrive to the LaCie/Quantum disk. Again, the same freeze
at the dialog box. I then unhooked the LaCie/Quantum disk and tried to
boot directly from the EZDrive, again the freeze at the "Welcome to
MacIntosh" dialog box.

I have installed 7.5 successfully on my six machines previous to this
one, one a Performa 400 and one an LC. I am stumped. If anyone has had
this problem, please let me know or give me a tip on how you would
proceed. I am only interested in tips to install 7.5.

Thanks in advance,

Tom Mabry


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