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Re: Classic Macs Digest 1.9
Old Mac Games
Plus on the Web
SE Scan Lines
Re Batteries for MacPlus
Re: Classic Macs 1.10
9" display problem
Cheap 30 Pin SIMMs
Re: SIMM converter
Mac Plus battery....
Re: Apple cd-rom
Re: Classic Macs 1.10
More Mac Old-Fart Stuff
Apple Scanner Hardware/Software
Accelerator Boards and Micromac
Batteries for Mac Plus
Mac Web 2.0 source
Fwd: [macwiz] SE/30 B&W monitor probs

Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 1.9
Sent: 1/20/97 8:58 PM
Received: 1/20/97 9:10 PM
From: TL Reed
To: Hitz,

I'm working on a IIci for a friend. The monitor is diplaying the dreaded
spectre of death, and I'm hoping o get some input on diagnosis. The chimes
of death are four rising notes which I think denotes a RAM problem.. There
is also displayed the error codes 0000000F, and 00007FFF, whatever that
stands for.

So, does the ci have RAM soldered on the motherboard in additon to the four
slots? Just wondering if the system will run if I empty the slots. Any
suggestions appreciated.


Todd, the "F" as the last character of the first line of error code
indicates a software problem. Reinstall System and Finder.

In case anyone cares, the Ci had a disk in the floppy drive that crashed
the system on start-up. Once we got that out, it turned out the HD had
crashed! Oh well, at least the motherboard is still OK. Thanks for the
suggestions I received.


Subject: Old Mac Games
Sent: 1/21/97 12:27 AM
Received: 1/21/97 10:23 AM
From: Jag

Subject: using mac as server
From: macuser

I have a Mac 512e and I was wondering if there was an easy way to hook
it up to a new Macintosh Performa 6205CD.

I am also wondering if anybody out there has some old mac games. I am
looking for a few to add to my old mac.

I have tons of old Mac games on my website


Subject: Plus on the Web
Sent: 1/21/97 12:32 AM
Received: 1/21/97 10:23 AM
From: Jag

I've posted this before, but every day I see more people asking about the
possibilities of getting a compact Mac to surf the web. I'll post it once a
week to keep everyone up to date if that's OK.


I used MacWeb 1.1.1 to browse, (you can also get MacWeb 2.0 Newswatcher for news,
ircle for chat and Eudora for email on my Plus. It has 4 megs of ram (the
max) and a 40 meg drive. I use config PPP and MacTCP 2.06. I use system
7.01 (available at the Apple web site ot MacUser's software archives).
7.01 uses approx 1.5 megs with very few extensions.

I plugged in a Zip drive to transfer the system since it was too big for
the 800K floppy drive.

For full instructions on how I did this, go to

For more cool shareware, go to


Subject: SE Scan Lines
Sent: 1/21/97 12:57 AM
Received: 1/21/97 10:23 AM
From: Gary Crosby

Brian, in a recent ClassicMac post, you wrote:

Hi. I have just replaced a burnt out 9"crt in a Mac SE but now I am
having a display problem. The machine boots up with the normal desktop
dimly visible under this interference pattern. It is not solved by
adjustment of the four pots on the side analog board. It is a gray
background with very thin bright white horizontal lines going accross
the screen at a slight angle in a zig-zag fashion. I'm told that these
are called scan lines and normally are adjusted by the brightness
controls on the analog board, but if that fails, then one of the
resistors on that board is at fault. Now I may need to know which
resistor(s) to replace.Also, I'm wondering if the problem could be on
the little video board that clips on to the back of the crt.

According to my copy of "The Dead Mac Scrolls" by Larry Pina, the problem
is probably the R20 (100K, 1/2-watt, 5%) & R21 (1M, 1/2-watt, 5%) resistors
located near the top of the board on the right side (nearest the cut
corner). That or the R24 variable resistor labeled "cutoff" needs
adjustment, or possibly both in your case.


Subject: Re Batteries for MacPlus
Sent: 1/21/97 1:32 AM
Received: 1/21/97 10:23 AM
From: KathiT1

Don't know of any place online but I found a sort of strange, butvery
complete little shop near here. They mail batteries all over the

VRA Batteries
16260 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA 98052-3825

Just looked in the phone book and can't find the #, sorry....


Subject: Re: Classic Macs 1.10
Sent: 1/21/97 8:25 AM
Received: 1/21/97 10:24 AM
From: Jeff Bipes
To: Classic Mac,

I've also tried some of the system
versions from the site recently
posted by Jeff Bipes, and they also fail to boot my LC.

Can anyone point me to a source of a smaller system version that will start
up my Mac LC but will take up only about 600KB - 700KB on the floppy? Is
there a version of system 7 that is small enough? If so where can I find
it? Does such a thing even exist?

The Systems you tried from my ftp site are System 6 and under . You are
right, they won't work on yer LC.

I have a 7.0 version that will work as a start-up. I will post it to my
ftp site in a day or so.

You could also use an older version of Norton Utils.
Please be a bit patient. I'll mail you when I get it there, I have to
find it...


Subject: 9" display problem
Sent: 1/22/97 1:52 AM
Received: 1/21/97 10:24 AM
From: System Administrator

On Sun, 19 Jan 97 21:49:10 -0500, Hitz wrote:

Subject: 9" display problem
From: BrianE
Hi. I have just replaced a burnt out 9"crt in a Mac SE but now I am
having a display problem. The machine boots up with the normal desktop
dimly visible under this interference pattern. It is not solved by
adjustment of the four pots on the side analog board. It is a gray
background with very thin bright white horizontal lines going accross

The blanking circuit is malfunctioning, and the raster is still being
displayed during the vertical retrace interval (that's what the
diagonal lines are). I don't have a component# for that particular
machine, but if you don't get a more useful reply, trace out the
section of the circuit around the brightness and sub brightness
controls. (Start at the connector for the brightness pot on the front
of the cabinet, and work back from there). You'll find a lowish-value
resistor, probably quite high-power (1/2W), with one end to ground and
the other end into the part you're tracing out, which has gone open
circuit and needs to be replaced. This shouldn't take too long to

Subject: Cheap 30 Pin SIMMs
Sent: 1/20/97 10:08 PM
Received: 1/21/97 10:24 AM
From: Robert Sholl

I have no connection with this company but I thought that maybe other
"030 and below" folks might be intrested in this.

Computer Outlet Inc of Austin, TX advertised the following in the Austin
American Statesman, page C6, 20 January 1997.

1 Meg 30 Pin SIMM $3.98
4 Meg 30 Pin SIMM $16.98

This price is based on a 3% cash discount.


Computer Outlet Inc.
5300 N.Lamar #103
(512) 459-7247

I have never done any business with them and cannot indorse them other
than to say, "Great Prices!" Austin has a very competive RAM market ($28
for 8meg EDO, $54 for 16meg!!) so low prices are not an indicator of a
scam but these are the best prices I have ever seen on 30 Pins SIMMs.

Rob Sholl

Subject: Re: SIMM converter
Sent: 1/21/97 10:39 AM
Received: 1/21/97 10:48 AM
From: Robert Eye


I know you can go the other way, using four 30 pin SIMMs in a 72 pin "SIMM
Saver," but I have never heard of the other dircetion. Perhaps this is what
your friend was thinking of?

The best cost cource I have found for 30 pin SIMMs is Elephant Memory in
Denton, TX. They carry only TechWorks memory which is a very reputable

Their web site is:

As a reference point, they had 4 MB 30 pin SIMMs for $25 US; most places wanted
between $30-38 US for them when I was checking a few weeks ago.

Don't know if they ship your way, though.


Bob Eye

Subject: 72-pin SIMM to 30-pin SIMM converters?
From: Matthew J. Hall

Hi all!

I'm the proud owner of a IIci and SE both fully populated with 1Mb 30-pin

It was suggested to me by a friend that I could find a converter that
would let me use the cheaper 72-pin SIMMs in the IIci - has anyone heard of

Is it feasible? Being a little dubious I thought I'd consult the Classic
Mac hive mind :-)


Subject: Mac Plus battery....
Sent: 1/21/97 10:25 AM
Received: 1/21/97 11:31 AM
From: B.J. Major & Dennis J. Gorin

I had no trouble ordering/receiving a Mac Plus battery from a local Radio
Shack about six months ago. They do not stock them in the store but will
order them for you. Cost is around $9.00.


Subject: Re: Apple cd-rom
Sent: 1/21/97 12:41 PM
Received: 1/21/97 10:14 PM
From: Rodney A. Hoiseth

Dear Edmund,

I'm afraid *you* are *missing my point*.
I said neither that Apple should provide "tech support for [my] cd-rom" nor
that "apple *didn't* include the driver for [my?] el cheapo made in Ukraine
[?] cd-rom."

Here is my point once more. Now pay attention.
1. Under "hitsuyo-na-shisutemu-no-kousei" (System *Requirements*) the
Macintosh "Kanji" Talk 7.5 box says:
"- [snip]
"- [snip]
"- Appuru-sha-sei-no-CD ROM-doraibu (CD-kara-insutoru-suru-bai)"
[A CD ROM drive *manufactured by Apple* (if you are going to install from a

2. When I called Apple to question this, their service rep did indeed try
to make me think that I *could not* use any CD ROM drive that was not

3. Give me an example of *any other* software package that dictates -- or
even suggests -- whicxh manufacturer's CD ROM drive (or floppy disk drive)
must be used to install the software.
(This challenge, naturally, applies only to the Apple milieu -- I have *no
idea* what sort of tricks Bill Gates has come up with recently......)

(in Hayama Japan)

PS I am not an idiot, if that was what you intended to imply.

PPS I still haven't been able to make a lick of sense out of your
McDonald's hot coffee metaphor.....

Subject: Re: Apple cd-roms and tech support
From: Edmund A. Hintz

But my point was not that Apple didn't include the driver for my CD ROM
player, but rather that Apple's attitude is that if you don't have an
_Apple_ CD ROM player you can't install the OS from the CD.

I think the word "can't" is a little strong. The party line is
"reccomend", which is a whole world of difference from "can't".

although when I called Apple and asked if there was any reason for not using this procedure the (Japanese) service rep just said, "We can't recommend it...."

Isn't this attitude analogous to saying "If you don't have an Apple
printer you can't print your Mac files."? or "If you don't have an Apple
hard disc, you can't store your Mac files."? ad infinitum?
According to all the talking heads in the business world, it was this
exclusivity mentality that got Apple into fiscal and market share trouble
in the first place.

No. It's analogous to saying "If you don't have an *Apple* cd-rom,
we won't give you tech support for your cd-rom". For the same reason
McDonald's says not to spill hot coffee on your lap or you may burn
yourself. Some idiot out there would definitely call sos-appl, ask for
help on booting from his non-apple cd-rom, and then get bent because
apple *didn't* include the driver for his el cheapo made in Ukraine
cd-rom. It's the same as every other computer maker-verify that your
equipment works, then pass it on to the next guy if your equipment
performs ok. I don't see any way around it either...except a single
company monopoly, and I think that's bad for competition.

Subject: Re: Classic Macs 1.10
Sent: 1/21/97 11:14 AM
Received: 1/21/97 10:14 PM
From: Clark Martin
To: Hitz,

From: Robert Poland

I Have a Mac II. Running system 7.5.5 and 8 Meg of Ram. I have installed MODE32 v 7.5
When I try to install RamDoubler 2.0 I get a message telling me I need A MMU chip.
Upon looking at the processor board I can't find the 68851 chip, but I also
see no empty sockets. Assuming I can find a MMU, do I have to remove
something to install it, or what?

It's called the HMMU (Hardwired MMU ???). Inside Mac V5 doesn't seem to
have anything on it. It is (to my recollection) the same size and shape as
the CPU and sits nearby.

I can't recall now if this requires a ROM upgrade (same as the floppy
upgrade ???).

Subject: More Mac Old-Fart Stuff
Sent: 1/21/97 1:29 PM
Received: 1/21/97 10:14 PM
From: jross

You know you're a Macintosh Old-Fart when you remember:

1. "Through the Looking Glass", the gorgeously packaged game by Steve
Capps that Apple published for it's new Mac.

2. "MacChallenger", the space shuttle flight simulator that disappeared
when the real Challenger did.

3. MacWorld and MacUser magazines twice as thick as they are now.

4. The $1,000 20 meg hard drive.

5. Hard drives that bolted on the back of the Mac cabinet

6. The amazing ThunderScan

7. Mouse Feet

9. The Talking Moose

10. The Mac team signatures embossed inside the case.

Jordan O.F.Ross

Subject: Apple Scanner Hardware/Software
Sent: 1/21/97 10:54 AM
Received: 1/21/97 10:14 PM
From: mike_friese

I just recently bought the original Apple Scanner (4 bit gray, uses a green
lamp). I was able to get the extension Scanner 3.0, HyperScan 2.0.1, and
AppleScan 1.0.2. The problem is that AppleScan does not do grayscale correctly.

I have a Apple Scanner on my 8500/180. Even though this unit has its
limitations, it works almost perfectly. I don't have HyperScan and don't even
know what that is --- is that something I should want? Anyway, Apple says that
the Scanner 3.0 software is compatible with later scanners only. You need to use
Scanner 2.0. That's what I am using. I also used this setup on a IIvx and it
worked well there too.

There is only one problem that I have encountered with my Apple Scanner. If the
Apple Scanner is powered up when you launch SoftWindows 3.0, the system locks
up. The scanner is properly terminated and it does not matter what other SCSI
devices or INITs I have loaded. Interestingly an old SoftWindows 2.52 (for 68K)
works just fine.


Subject: macweb
Sent: 1/21/97 3:30 AM
Received: 1/21/97 10:14 PM
From: pfunk

I just downloaded macweb 1.1.1E (it's better than the older version I
checked out a long time ago I use Mosaic 1.0.3 on my Classic 4/40.) and I
can not seem to get the graphics to work (Gifs). I could not find a faq to
check this out either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Subject: Accelerator Boards and Micromac
Sent: 1/21/97 3:36 PM
Received: 1/21/97 10:14 PM
From: Jeff Blanton

To the one who had trouble with MicroMac.

Sorry you caught them on a bad day. I have been using one of their
Accelerator boards(030-32 with 16mHz fpu) in my Color Classic since
September of 1994. I have never had any trouble with it, it does not
require any software and I have used it with Sys 7.1.1 thru 7.5.5 with no
hassles. It is even compatible with Ram Doubler 1.5 - 2.0.1.

A couple of months ago I finally sprung for their ThunderCachePro board,
030-50 mHz with 50mhz fpu, 32 k cache, plus it has 4 Simm slots(max 16MB on
accelerator board) so I went whole hog and installed 26 MB Ram and boy does
it make my CC fly. <btw This board is not Ram Doubler compatible on the
Color Classic although it is on LC's. But I can live with 26MB.

Then about 2 weeks ago I started developing freeze ups and memory errors.
I called their support number, they never put me on hold, and the phone was
answered by a real live human being who honestly knew something about the
product that was sold, he helped me trouble shoot the problem and it turned
out to be a faulty simm bank on the board. They apologized for the faulty
board and are replacing it for me with no hassles. I can't say the same
for all the other computer companies I have dealt with. Usually when they
find out that I live outside the continental United States they sorry no
warranty outside the USA

I do not work for MicroMac but just hate to see a company bad mouthed that
has given me good service and has provided a product that has made my Mac
more enjoyable to use.

Jeff Blanton
South Africa

Subject: Batteries for Mac Plus
Sent: 1/21/97 6:38 PM
Received: 1/21/97 10:14 PM
From: j.holloway11

From: Rex

Does anyone know where I can order a battery for my MacPlus online? I can't
seem to find one locally. Thanks.

Go to Radio Shack and ask them to look it up in their battery catalog, they
have thousands listed. I ordered one for a Plus and it cost $5 total, $4
for the battery and $1 to mail it to my door. :)

John Holloway

Subject: Mac II PMMU
Sent: 1/21/97 8:14 PM
Received: 1/21/97 10:15 PM
From: George Crane

Robert Poland wrote:
I Have a Mac II. I get a message telling me I need A MMU chip.
Upon looking at the processor board I can't find the 68851 chip, but I
also see no empty sockets. Assuming I can find a MMU, do I have to remove
something to install it, or what?

You are referring to the Paged Memory Management Unit (PMMU) that is not on
stock Mac IIs. They have a Hochsprung Memory Management Unit (HMMU). On
the early models (like mine) it is at board ref U67. Later IIs had
different coordinates, but it's basically in the same place - under the
drive near the front of the box. It is one of the big square chips. There
are a couple of other chips, the CPU and FPU, both with gold stripes. The
HMMU has no stripes. You have to take the HMMU out to put the PMMU in.
Assuming you can find a PMMU to put in. One warning: There are apparently
several PMMU chips floating around that will fit, but they aren't all the
same speed. Since your Mac II is a 16MHz machine, be sure the PMMU you buy
is also 16MHz. Also, according to Larry Pina, there are some Mac II logic
boards where the socket for the HMMU is only soldered down at the points of
the 70 pins for the HMMU, not all 150 that are required for a PMMU. In
this case, you're pretty much out of luck.

have fun

Subject: Mac Web 2.0 source
Sent: 1/21/97 8:14 PM
Received: 1/21/97 10:15 PM
From: George Crane

There were two separate posts in 1.10 about Mac Web 2.0 being available on
MacWorld CDs. The problem is that one person says it's with the Jan 97
issue another says its with the Feb 97 issue and another doesn't know.
Which is it?

Subject: Fwd: [macwiz] SE/30 B&W monitor probs
Sent: 1/21/97 8:56 PM
Received: 1/21/97 10:15 PM

Hope you don't mind, I sent this to MacWizards first.
Forwarded message:
Subj: [macwiz] SE/30 B&W monitor probs
Date: 97-01-21 20:20:54 EST
To: owner-mac-wizards

Hi Wizards. Most of the time, I see new Mac stuff. Hope someone has an oldie
like mine.

I have an SE/30 that I got for very low $. I've been trying to keep it that
way, and would hate to go to a repair shop. My monitor was having some
jumpiness and flicker. Occasionally, something would bomb, and the following
would happen: a static pattern on the display would be accompanied by static
sounds from the speaker, or the monitor would go dead, followed by a nasty,
yucky, repeating clicking sound coming from the speaker. Also, I get quite a
few Bus error messages (which may or may not be related)

My friend thought it might be either power supply or analog board problems.
He fixed his sister's old SE with another analog board, after it had similar

Another guy I talked to said it was bad solder at the monitor wiring harness
connector where it went into the analog board. (straight 4 pin, connects to
the harness from the middle of the CRT). He had saved a few by resoldering.

This I did, and cured my problem for a week. Now I sometimes get a little
flicker, and last night I had the monitor bomb and speaker click.

Does anyone know what this is, and how I can fix it?

Also, I might be able to get my hands on another SE for low $. If my analog
board is dying, could I use the board from the SE on my SE/30?

Thanks in advance, and I will summarize.

Brian Scarborough,

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