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SuperMac Video Card
Re: Making Your Macintosh Happy
Re: Ci hard drive transplant
Re: Apple CDROM
MacPlus can't get going?
Classic II doesn't see floppy drive
SE/30 HD problems.
128k mac boot problems
SE/30 ADB ports out
Mac Plus: System 7.5.5
Re: Where do I find WriteNow v. 1.00?
Re: Where do I find WriteNow v. 1.00?
LCII & Zip Drive-Works Great
MacPlus schematics?
ImageWriter II
imagewriter II set up and cables
Imagewriter II Drivers

Subject: SuperMac Video Card
Sent: 1/28/97 4:38 AM
Received: 1/28/97 8:47 AM
From: Erick Dietrich


I have a NuBus SuperMac Thunder II 1360 v2 Video Card. Its ROM revison is 2.0.0, and it currently lives in Slot C of my Quadra 800 (not exactly a classic, but all my other Macs are '030s).

My question is regarding software. Is there special driver software available for this card? It works just fine as my primary video (my built in video hardware is connected to an Apple 12" Mono) connected to a NEC MultiSync 3D Monitor. The reason I think there must be something I am missing is because the performance isn't much better than built in video, even though it seems to have a DSP daughtercard, and because the Monitors control panel refuses to do better than 640x480. I know the monitor can handle greater than that because I also use it on a PC at 800x600.

I recieved the card by itself, with no softs or manuals. Searches of SuperMac's website have been in vain.

Any idead would be appreciated.


Subject: Re: Making Your Macintosh Happy
Sent: 1/28/97 7:37 AM
Received: 1/28/97 8:47 AM
From: Steve Dropkin

From: Tony Spinetta

While installing System 7.5 from Apple's original disks, the message
"Making Your Macintosh Happy" appeared in the dialogue box that reports on
the progress on the installation.

I was charmed by the same message recently when installing "generic" 7.5
onto a Performa 6116 ... Reason #324 why I use a Mac instead of some
lifeless Wintel number-cruncher ... <g.

Subject: Re: Ci hard drive transplant
Sent: 1/28/97 8:29 AM
Received: 1/28/97 8:47 AM
From: B Soluski

TL Reed wrote:

Hi all,
it would be preferable to install the disk into the Ci. When I've tried
to do so, it's been a real bear. Unlike my Performa 600, the Ci's power
supply doesn't just slide upwards once you've undone the retaining screw
on the back panel. The hard disk and floppy drives are also within this
plastic retainer. It's not clear how to get that out either, except that
the power supply seems to be sitting on top of the frame on a support
flange. Any advice on how to remove the hard disk would be = appreciated.

The power supply of a ci will pull up when the tab is removed.
The tab if on the back of the HD/floppy carrier near the hold down screw.
The power cords must be pulled out first.

But to remove the HD, is easy.
Carefully pull out the power and SCSI cables out of the back of the HD.
Then squeeze the clips of the HD metal holder.
Four screws on the bottom hold the HD to the metal holder.
I can do it in about 10 seconds without hurrying.
BE CAREFUL removing those cables.


Subject: Re: Apple CDROM
Sent: 1/28/97 8:29 AM
Received: 1/28/97 8:47 AM
From: B Soluski


In my experience with Apple system CD's I have found:

Every "Apple system install CD" (ASCD) I have come across includes
the disk images that allow the proper copying of install floppies
or mounting with ShrinkWrap.

Every ASCD also had the install files in the proper folder organization
to allow an install to be performed.

Therefore, the ASCD will allow a knowledgeable person to do
the appropriate install or update.

But many users are under the impression that "installing
from a ASCD means booting from the ASCD.
This misconception leads to problems:

The system on the ASCD may not boot all Macintosh machines.
(Many CD's had customized systems for a particular machine.)

It is not possible to boot from an ASCD using an old Apple brand Power CD drive.
(I have one on my kids machine.)

Although not recomended, it is possible to boot using a non-Apple brand CD
drive. (I have done this this with my Toshiba CD drive.)

Having done numerous installs from floppies,
I think ASCD's are really fine.
I copy the DiskTools disk and add the CD drivers.
I boot from this floppy, and then run the install from the ASCD.
No Complaints.


Subject: MacPlus can't get going?
Sent: 1/27/97 8:22 PM
Received: 1/28/97 8:47 AM
From: Rex
To: Classic Macs Digest,

I've got a MacPlus that will turn on & off when I flip the switch in the
back. The screen comes on with the 'bong' sound ...then goes black...then
'bong'... then black....

I've replaced the battery in the back. What could be causing this?
I would love to give this computer an external HD, more RAM, & a new life,
but I can't rationalize it if I can't get it going.

Thanks for any input!
Rex Rogers

Subject: Classic II doesn't see floppy drive
Sent: 1/27/97 7:54 AM
Received: 1/28/97 8:47 AM
From: Ian Leslie

I just brought a Classic II for my mom to run Eudora and Netscape. I
installed everything by networking it with my other Mac and it works
great. But it has one problem... When I insert a diskette the Mac does
not see the floppy. No icon appears and I can't use the menu or any
control key sequence to eject the floppy. I end up inserting a paper clip
to eject it. The diskette appears to insert all the way into the floppy
drive. Any hints?

Ian Leslie

Subject: SE/30 HD problems.
Sent: 1/28/97 1:26 PM
Received: 1/28/97 8:47 AM
From: Alex Shelamoff

When a friend of mine's son's SE/30 went non functional I stupidly
volunteered my services. At work, I've had an SE/30 from new (that's
what I'm typing this on) and I know something about their insides but
this one's got me stumped.

The symptoms are as follows: The machine runs fine if it's used
regularly. However, if it's left for a week or more, at startup, it
shows a floppy icon with a flashing question mark indicating it can't
find its HD. Sometimes I can *fix* it by repeated restarts but this is
not usual. It will boot from a floppy or an external HD but then does
not recognize its own internal hard drive. Running SCSIPROBE finds the
Internal drive and all's fine from then on unless it's been left unused
for a week or two.

A repair shop had replaced the HD ribbon cable, I've replaced the HD
with another, I've re-installed the system software, I've re-seated all
the socketed chips on the motherboard, I've played with the cables to
the HD and checked the power supply connector on the HD all to no

Fault finding's a slow process because, once *fixed*, it takes more
than a week for the symptoms to re-appear. My friend is talking about
buying his son a "reliable" windoze box so, any ideas? Could it be the
battery? I'll try that next.


Subject: 128k mac boot problems
Sent: 1/27/97 5:03 PM
Received: 1/28/97 8:47 AM
From: Jennifer Huebert

hey, i have got what i think is an original 128k mac. i got some old
system disk IMAGES, and tried to format and write them to 800k disks on
my powermac. using these disks, the little mac spins up to the smiley
face but wont finish the boot.

Ive heard these machines have 400k drives. what can i do to make boot
disks? i have been considering trying to format 800k disks into 400k
disks but id have to go in search of someone whod do me the favor, and
i'm wondering if a classic mac can even format a disk for 400k.
my ?? is, am i wasting my time? is there really any difference? i've
posed this question to others always with a different reply. and is
there any chance in hell i can use this computer to connect to my ISP?
using a terminal session, something like that? anyone tried it?


Subject: SE/30 ADB ports out
Sent: 1/28/97 12:22 AM
Received: 1/28/97 8:47 AM
From: Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

The ADB ports on the back of my SE/30 are OUT.

I had this problem on a couple of SEs. There is a noise suppression
component through which the ADB lines are routed, which is susceptible to
damage. My SEs are at home, but it's easily identifiable, it's a cuboidal
8-pin component. You can prise the top off this component and see a
toroidal core inside with wires wrapped around it.

wire in the connector, and that was why my machines blew).

Having POSITIVELY ENSURED that your mouse and keyboard cables are AOK, your
options are as follows :

1. If you can source the part, or scavenge it off an old SE or SE/30
mobo... good luck with that, but it's the preferred route.

2. If you have the old first- or second-edition Apple ADB keyboard
(originally shipped with the SE and SE/30, not sure about the SE/30), you
will find that both ADB in and ADB through have this same component on
them. If you can live with plugging your mouse into the back of the SE, you
can scavenge a filter from one of the ADB ports in the keyboard.

3. If you want to do what I did, quick, dirty, cheap, _ill-advised_
desolder the filter component and replace it with four links. These go from
pins 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5, ie across the component in parallel. You MUST
desolder the component, don't simply short out the pins. WARNING: If you do
this without first ensuring that your peripherals are all 100%, next time
there's a short, it will probably explode the ADB controller chip, which is
next to impossible to source.

That filter is not the only component that can fail and cause those
symptoms, but it's an 80% chance I'd say.

Subject: Mac Plus: System 7.5.5
Sent: 1/27/97 6:38 PM
Received: 1/28/97 8:47 AM
From: Virginia Steckley


System 7.5.5 is the last operating system to support the Mac Plus. I
installed it by connecting the hard drive to my extenal SCSI port on my
PowerPC. When I go to boot up my Plus I get a system error after the
"Welcome to Macintosh" title comes up and have to restart. Restarting
with extensions off does nothing. I also formatted the disk with FWB
Toolkit, maybe it was how I formatted it? Please give me some answers
that may help. I would also appreciate any help finding the latest
driver for a HP DeskWriter to use on a Plus. Thank you for helping or
at least reading this far.
-Alan Steckley

Subject: PLUS RAM
Sent: 1/29/97 2:45 AM
Received: 1/29/97 9:01 AM
From: George Crane

Karl Hoffman rote:
i just picked up a Macintosh Plus
last weekend. i thought it had only one meg of ram until i took off the
case and seen 4 in there. i clipped the R9 on the board like it said in
MacAddict, R8 was already gone. when i went to boot it up in only
getting a happy mac about an inch square...

Wel man, methinks you seen for chips but they wuz not 1 meg chips. they
wuz probly 256K chips. You best check that. If they is realy 256K chips
yu better reconnect that snipped resistor.
good luck

Subject: Re: Where do I find WriteNow v. 1.00?
Sent: 1/28/97 8:37 AM
Received: 1/29/97 9:01 AM
From: Jeff Bipes
To: Classic Mac,

Subject: Where do I find WriteNow v. 1.00?
Sent: 1/26/97 6:43 PM
Received: 1/27/97 9:35 AM
From: Hans Trygve Jensen
To: ClassicMacs,

Dear fellas!

Last week I got a Mac Plus-upgraded 512Ke along with some really old System
6.0.3 and a few elderly programs. These files were stored on a 800 K
floppy, stucked in a partly damaged external floppy drive. Luckily, I was
able to put the system on a new floppy but couldn't move one program,
WriteNow - version 1.00. : Probably due to some bad blocks or something.
Later I got the floppy repaired, and after some hours with lots of sweat
and shaky hands I fixed the drive too. But WriteNow is gone. And since I'm
getting 3 more classic Macs in the months to come, I plan to set up a
"museum" with systems and a few famous programs from different periods on
each Mac. So does anyone now if or where I could get hold of this
particular version of WriteNow, I guess one of the 1st programs made by
NeXT. (But I stand corrected; I've been using Macs for only three years.)
Thanks for any hints. It would be great to rebuild the exact old Macscape.
And if you good folks know of any ftp sites with systems older than System
6 and other classic programs or editors, please give me/us a holler. So far
I've discovered only System 6.0.7.

Best regards,

Hans Trygve Jensen

I have Old Mac System Software back to System 3.2.
I also have WriteNow 1.0.
Plus, there is a great 'Software Sampler' that came wit ha Mac Plus that
has MacWrite, MacPaint, MacDraw, MacProject, MacTerminal, and boot folder
all on an 800K Disk!
Check it out! Most a downloadable self-extracting files.

Try my site at:

I also have Versions of Word, Excel, and MacWrite avail.
Let me know.

Jeff Bipes

Subject: Re: Where do I find WriteNow v. 1.00?
Sent: 1/28/97 11:41 AM
Received: 1/29/97 9:01 AM
From: Hans Trygve Jensen

Holy smokes! :-)

I would like to thank you all for a massive response regarding my hunt for
old WriteNow and elderly systems - in particular you, Jeff; you've set up
one hell of an archive! I'll make sure that you and others get a pretty
visible link on my page with links to Classic Mac enthusiasts soon to be
published on the web. Stay well, and again - thanks!

Warmest regards,
Hans Trygve Jensen

Subject: LCII & Zip Drive-Works Great
Sent: 10/23/33 5:48 PM
Received: 1/29/97 9:01 AM
From: George E. Parisot

Howdy Folks,

Just wanted to let interested parties know that a great solution for
those running out of hard drive space is to add a Zip drive. It gives
you nearly unlimited space at a 100 MB a disc and they are cheap too. I
added one to my LCII via a scsi connection and it works pretty well. For
me it was a quick and simple solution to a problem of a nearly full 80
MB hard drive. Just my $0.02. (No, I don't have any financial
interest/connection with Zip Drive Manufacturers).

George E. Parisot
Web Design Available, Just Email...

Subject: MacPlus schematics?
Sent: 1/28/97 3:15 PM
Received: 1/29/97 9:01 AM
From: Rex
To: Classic Macs Digest,

Anyone know where I can find MacPLus schematics?

Subject: ImageWriter II
Sent: 1/28/97 8:36 PM
Received: 1/29/97 9:01 AM
From: Baldwin999

I'm Guilty, are you guilty too?
Of answering questions on this service by sending long winded e-mails to to
the individual at his/her address instead of posting a concise answer here.
This was made significant when I read another's answer and found out
something new. I now realize that help given here may just be interesting to
some of the other million readers in addition to the asking individual.
ImageWriter II info

a, Connects to computer with a DINN 8M printer cable, item ACC0595 for $11.00
. from MacWarehouse, but the printer cable used from the HP printer may work,
if both ends are DINN 8

b. I received 2 ImageWriters with purchase of a SE/30 a couple of months ago.
Neither would work until I changed the SW1 and SW2 switches to match a
working ImageWriter I borrowed.. Take off the top cover and look in the
front, lower left. The settings for operation as a single printer with a
single Mac are: SW1, all switch positions up except #6 is down, SW2 #1 & #2
down, #3,#4,#5 up and #6 down. Sorry, I don't know any other settings as I do
not have a manual.

c. If any of you have a source for a ImageWriterII manual and/or a SE/30
manual, please let me know.

d. Ribbons - cheap, same ribbon as for C-Itoh 8510, available from MEI/MICRO
CENTER, sales 1-800-634-3478. Last batch I bought for my C-Itoh (TI99/4A
printer) came to $25.83 including shipping for 12 ribbons (unit price $1.59)
their location code the for ribbons is 123B2

e. ImageWriter II driver info - title is ImageWriter, an extension, my copy
was created Mar 4, 1992 version 7.0.1, uses 48K and copy write info says
1983-1992. Since you can get system 7.0.1 from the Apple files on-line, the
ImageWriter driver should be in the 7.0.1 system folder.

f. Graphics from Claris Works print fine on my ImageWriters.

Bill Baldwin in MS

Subject: imagewriter II set up and cables
Sent: 1/28/97 6:38 PM
Received: 1/29/97 9:01 AM
From: Midge Kocen

The cables to use with the Imagewriter II are the same ones you would use
with any printer such as a Stylewriter. As to the driver - when I installed
System 7.5 the Imagewriter driver was installed.

When my laser printer and my ink jet stopped working, I used the
Imagewriter with my Power Mac 6100/60 System 7.5.

If the new drivers don't work, I do have copies of older drivers for the
imagewriter. I will be glad to forward them to you.


Subject: Imagewriter II Drivers
Sent: 1/29/97 4:40 PM
Received: 1/29/97 6:43 PM
From: Marc L. Briel

Is there a version of the Imagewriter driver that supports background
printing and TrueType fonts on Inagewriter II?




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