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se/30 with sticktion
Download mac softwares with P.C. on the net.
External Monitor Support
What a great community!
Asante Desktop EN/SC (fwd)
Power CD
NEC 3x External CD Rom
SyQuest 44 For Sale
Alan Steckley from Classic Macs Digest 1.15
Bill Baldwin, Classic Macs 1.15
SE/30 and HD problems...
Re: Imagewriter II Drivers
Old MAC's

Subject: se/30 with sticktion
Sent: 1/31/97 11:17 AM
Received: 1/31/97 8:46 PM
From: Pierre Norman

The symptoms are as follows: The machine runs fine if it's used
regularly. However, if it's left for a week or more, at startup, it
shows a floppy icon with a flashing question mark indicating it can't
find its HD. Sometimes I can *fix* it by repeated restarts but this is
not usual. It will boot from a floppy or an external HD but then does
not recognize its own internal hard drive. Running SCSIPROBE finds the
Internal drive and all's fine from then on unless it's been left unused
for a week or two.

this problems is called "sticktion" especially on se/30 (i used to have one
too with the same problem. if it's the original 40MB sony mechanism, then
chances are the hard drive motor doesn't have enough torque to start the
hard drive platter spinning. apple had a "silent recall" for se/30 40 meg
drives that exhibited this behavior.

the cure? either jerk the machine violently in a clockwise direction at 45
degrees or sometimes just jostling the machine will get it up and running.

once the hd is up and running, copy your files off of it and replace the
internal hd with a new one because unfortunately, there is no fix.


Subject: Download mac softwares with P.C. on the net.
Sent: 1/31/97 1:53 AM
Received: 1/31/97 8:46 PM

I have got a Mac plus 6.0.3 with 1 Mb, an Hard disk and plenty of
softwares including utilities.

My question is about downloading softwares for my mac with a P.C. ?

I do connect myself on the net with netscape on a P.C. of my university. As I
download a Mac software, it saves it under a name xxxxxxxx.hqx on the
network of my university. With the only mac of it, I transfert the
file on a Mac floppie, but the file appers as a PC file but not a Mac
one !!! So, how to turn it into a normal mac file ?

Thanks, David.

Subject: External Monitor Support
Sent: 1/31/97 12:53 PM
Received: 1/31/97 8:46 PM
From: Kitt Thompson
To: Classic Mac Digest,

What sort of external monitor options do I have available for my SE/30
nowadays? That 9" screen is getting just a wee bit too small.

Kitt Thompson

Subject: What a great community!
Sent: 1/31/97 12:53 PM
Received: 1/31/97 8:47 PM
From: Kitt Thompson
To: Classic Mac Digest,

Ok, so this posting is not really relevant to the lists recommended topics
but I just had to point this out. The Mac community is a great group,
especially the "Classic Community".


Holy smokes! :-)

I would like to thank you all for a massive response regarding my hunt for
old WriteNow and elderly systems - in particular you, Jeff; you've set up
one hell of an archive! I'll make sure that you and others get a pretty
visible link on my page with links to Classic Mac enthusiasts soon to be
published on the web. Stay well, and again - thanks!

Warmest regards,
Hans Trygve Jensen

Subject: Asante Desktop EN/SC (fwd)
Sent: 1/31/97 3:30 PM
Received: 1/31/97 8:47 PM
From: Steven Stewart
To: Classic Macs,

I'm wondering if any one knows where I can get an Asante Desktop
EN/SC ether to SCSI adapter for a good price (no more than $120). I am
going to college soon and I have acquired a Mac Plus w/ 4mg ram, system 7.1.0,
and 130mb ext. hard drive (paid $10 for the plus and $70 for the hd) and I
want it to be connected to the internet. I have all the software needed I
just need the adapter.

Subject: Power CD
Sent: 1/31/97 7:06 PM
Received: 1/31/97 8:47 PM
From: George Crane

Bruce wrote:
It is not possible to boot from an ASCD using an old Apple
brand Power CD drive. (I have one on my kids machine.)

This is true, I have one on my kid's MacII as well. However you can make a
special floppy startup disk with the Power CD software on it. Boot from
the floppy and then use the CD for installation activity.

Subject: NEC 3x External CD Rom
Sent: 1/30/97 8:27 PM
Received: 1/31/97 8:47 PM
From: Gary Allgood

Any suggestions on how to get my NEC 3x cdrom to work on my MAC II? Being
a MAC newbie I see it being looked at and even see it in SCSI probe 3.1 and
MT Everything 1.1.1b, but no CD icon is to be found on my desktop.



Subject: SyQuest 44 For Sale
Sent: 1/30/97 9:29 PM
Received: 1/31/97 8:47 PM
From: Allan Atherton
To: Classic Mac List,

For sale:
(1) SyQuest 44MB removable disk drive - $50
(6) 44MB removable disks - $60
(1) Kensington MasterPiece Compact power director- $25
The drive and and power director are made to fit under a compact Mac I no
longer have. Used for backups for a year, then not used the past two years
since I got a PowerMac and big external drive. Will reformat the removable
disks before sale. I want to sell them all together. Shipping included.

Allan Atherton, Louisville, KY

Subject: Alan Steckley from Classic Macs Digest 1.15
Sent: 1/30/97 10:14 PM
Received: 1/31/97 8:47 PM
From: Tony Spinetta

Alan Steckley wrote:

I would also appreciate any help finding the latest driver for a HP
DeskWriter to use on a Plus.

Tony Spinetta replied:

Call HP at (800) 752-0900. They've always given me very good advice and
have sold me numerous printer drivers over the years.

BTW, I have no connection to HP other than as a customer and as one who
sometimes wakes up next to a very cool young lady who is a certified HP
technogeek. Unfortunately, she supports only the dark side of the force
and can't fathom the simple elegance that is Macintosh.

Subject: Bill Baldwin, Classic Macs 1.15
Sent: 1/30/97 10:19 PM
Received: 1/31/97 8:47 PM
From: Tony Spinetta

Bill Baldwin wrote:

c. If any of you have a source for a ImageWriterII manual and/or a SE/30
manual, please let me know.

And I replied:

Apple had still sells both of these according to some literature that I ran
across during the summer. They still sell original manuals for nearly
everything. The prices were good.
BTW, I wish that I were a highly paid marketing guru at Apple, but I have
no connection to them.

Subject: SE/30 and HD problems...
Sent: 1/30/97 10:45 PM
Received: 1/31/97 8:47 PM
From: Michel Boissonneault

Bonjour Mr Shelamoff,

I already have a Mac SE/30 (7 years old), and 2 years ago, I had the
fellowing problem. After Xmast vacation (with my mac 'Home Alone), I
discovered my hard drive completly "muted"(no noise...) on startup (it was
the internal original Quantum-Apple 40 mg).

After some testing, and exploration, the technician told me the drive's
bearing or actuator (little arm who seek information over the media) was
"sticked", gently knock on side of mac, and "voilÖ", the drive re-started
for a while. As a precaution, I have replaced the drive with another.


I now use that drive everyday (in external case), and he work fine...
Do you want to know the trick??

I'm resident of Canada (with cold temp as you know), and after some time
without running, the old drive's actuator or bearing tend to stick in his
lubricant, and the drive refuse to start.

Oh yes, you can beat your "friend" to teach them the right way to be ;-),
but I found an another trick in "Mac User's 1001 hints & tips" stack.

You just have turn your mac on his side in a warm room (70 F.) for a night,
or, remove your drive and put them into sun light for some time: the heat
will "liquify" the lubricant and at next startup, the drive's spinning will
re-distribute the lubricant over the mechanism.

Try it, it's work!

I hope this may help your friend,


Subject: Re: Imagewriter II Drivers
Sent: 1/31/97 8:41 PM
Received: 1/31/97 9:03 PM
From: B Soluski

Marc L. Briel wrote

Is there a version of the Imagewriter driver that supports background
printing and TrueType fonts on Inagewriter II?

background printing:
I have not found a satisfactory solution.
I experimented with GX when System 7.5 came out,
and had some success with B/W printing,
but color printshop output was off hue.

TrueType fonts:
These should work with no problems.
You did not mention your system.
With System 6, you need the TT extension.
Never had a problem with System 7


Subject: Old MAC's
Sent: 1/31/97 3:56 AM
Received: 1/31/97 8:43 PM
From: Richard T Recktenwald


I'm surfing looking for info on old MAC's. I have a PLUS which I need
to repair the power supply. A portable that is a door stop. And a
beefed up 128 with power supply problems. Do you know where I can get
schematics and parts for the good old MAC's. Thanks




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