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Re: SE/30
The First Mac to Support Modems
External monitor support, SE/30
Old MAC's
RE Download mac softwares
Re: Mac II large HD
ethernet and plus
Not really "Stiction", but a problem...
Imagewriter II backgrounded...
Source fopr old Macs and parts
Mac System 1.1
panasonic dot matrix
RE: Classic Macs Digest 1.16
HD Cable for MacPlus
Mac II power on problem

Subject: Re: SE/30
Sent: 1/31/97 10:57 PM
Received: 2/2/97 12:04 PM
From: Edwin C. Togami

I wouldn't bother with the 2 meg SIMMs. I don't even think they'll work in
an SE/30. Get 4 each 4 MB SIMMs instead. This way you'll end up with either
16 or 20 MB. You'll also need a copy of MODE32 to enable the extra RAM
beyond the 8 MB limit of the SE/30 ROMs. MODE32 is available from the Apple
software servers.

Subject: The First Mac to Support Modems
Sent: 1/31/97 11:52 PM
Received: 2/2/97 12:04 PM
From: Tony Spinetta

In response to a few recent queries:

1. The 128K supported modems. From p. 123 of "Macintosh:" "The Apple
modem is avilable with either a 300 or a 300 and 1200 baud rate."

2. I don't think that it was possible to network a 128K, however. I think
that the evil empire had a hammerlock on networking for a while.

If anyone knows where/how to put a 128K online, please inform. Thanks!

Subject: External monitor support, SE/30
Sent: 2/1/97 12:08 AM
Received: 2/2/97 12:04 PM

Kitt Thompson asks:

What sort of external monitor options do I have available for my SE/30 nowadays?

There are color and B&W video cards that plug into the PDS (Processor Direct
Slot) floating around.

CRA Systems is currently advertising a Radius Pivot Display with card for
about $400. <>

I obtained a used Xceed SE/306-48 thru AOL's classifieds. Unfortunately, it
only runs a 640x480 resolution. The old VGA I got from a friend doesn't sync
on green, so I'm now in the market for a used Apple 14".

I have heard that Lapis made some cards that had multiple resolutions.

Doubtful that anyone is currently producing these cards.....

Good luck
Brian Scarborough

Subject: Old MAC's
Sent: 2/1/97 12:17 AM
Received: 2/2/97 12:04 PM

Richard T Recktenwald asks:

I'm surfing looking for info on old MAC's. I have a PLUS which I need
to repair the power supply. A portable that is a door stop. And a
beefed up 128 with power supply problems. Do you know where I can get
schematics and parts for the good old MAC's. Thanks

Try Apple Resource Center (or something similar) on the web

I would give the URL, but right now my crappy AOL 2.7 can't seem to open Web
Browser 1.1, and I have the URL in my lists. I found the ARC in back of a Mac
magazine, which I also cannot find.

Brian Scarborough

Subject: RE Download mac softwares
Sent: 2/2/97 10:29 PM
Received: 2/3/97 8:31 PM
From: Domingo Juan Robaina

Subject: Download mac softwares with P.C. on the net.
Sent: 1/31/97 1:53 AM
Received: 1/31/97 8:46 PM

I have got a Mac plus 6.0.3 with 1 Mb, an Hard disk and plenty of
softwares including utilities.

My question is about downloading softwares for my mac with a P.C. ?

I do connect myself on the net with netscape on a P.C. of my university. As I
download a Mac software, it saves it under a name xxxxxxxx.hqx on the
network of my university. With the only mac of it, I transfert the
file on a Mac floppie, but the file appers as a PC file but not a Mac
one !!! So, how to turn it into a normal mac file ?

Thanks, David.

xxxxxxxx.hqx is called BinHex. This is an encoded file in an ASCII
format. That way it can travell through the different platforms found
in the Internet. To retrieve the original file you must use either
BinHex or Stuffit Expander. Those can be found on the net, but they are
encoded too. You could use a Mac to look for a Mac Binary BinHex (that
is what I have done) or ask a friend for it.
Hope it will help

Regards, Domingo

Subject: Re: Mac II large HD
Sent: 2/2/97 7:45 PM
Received: 2/3/97 8:31 PM
From: ehintz
To: cmpost,

i have a mac II with a 160MB apple hard disk inside. the drive is much
larger that those i have in my se/30 and IIci. it is about 8" by 6". does
anyone know if it can be made to fit inside an se/30, IIci, or duo dock?

Not in the DuoDock, unless you muldoon it into the space used for
NuBus cards. MIght not even fit there. The DuoDock allows one 3.5"/1"
drive in the empty bay. It might be possible in the NuBus space if you're
really desperate, but Club Mac has a 1.2 gig for $269 these days. I
rather doubt it would fit in the Classic Macs, but I can't say that with
athority, I haven't cracked my SEs case yet, only the Duo.

also, is there room and connectivity in a mac se to fit an internal hard
disk. the se has two 800k floppies. thanks.

Yes. I have a 40 meg hd in mine, it was originally a dual floppy
unit. The conversion was done by the PO, so that's all I know about it.

Subject: ethernet and plus
Sent: 2/3/97 2:21 AM
Received: 2/3/97 8:31 PM
From: Doug Rose

is the plus capable of an ethernet connection? If so, what additional
hardware is neccessary?
Thanks, Doug

Subject: Not really "Stiction", but a problem...
Sent: 2/3/97 8:29 AM
Received: 2/3/97 8:31 PM
From: Jeff Bipes
To: Classic Mac,

The problem you are describing is not called "stiction", technically.
'Stiction' refers to the heads on the suspension assembly "sticking" to
the platter when the drive is turned off. Some drives do not park the
heads, and if the platter is too smooth, the head will actually adhere to
the platter. Most drive platters are not the smoothest they can be, with
good reason. With the advent of MR heads, the problem of 'stiction' has
returned. The drive mfgs. want smoother platters, so as to make smaller
trackes, for the smaller footprint heads, hence the return of the problem.
You have correctly identified the problem; it is the grease on the
spindle motors. They pick up moisture from the air, and combine, leaving
a mess the start-up chips cannot over-come when power is applied. This
was typical on a lot of Seagate 40 meg and Sony drives. On the Seagates,
you can get at the bottom of the drive, use a needle-nose pliers on the
spindle, on the circuit-board side of the drive, and gently but firmly
rotate the motor.

Subject: Re: SE/30 HD problems


I think you have a hard drive that doesn't spin up. I've heard people call
the problem you describe "stiction". If the drive isn't used for a long
period of time, some type of lubricant gets too viscous (spindle grease?).
When the drive gets power it tries to spin the platters, but if they don't
spin it cuts the power. So like you've found, restarting repeatedly may
eventually get it to spin on startup. Once the platters spin the
viscosity goes down which is why it takes significant down time for the problem to

The symptoms are as follows: The machine runs fine if it's used
regularly. However, if it's left for a week or more, at startup, it
shows a floppy icon with a flashing question mark indicating it can't
find its HD. Sometimes I can *fix* it by repeated restarts but this is
not usual. It will boot from a floppy or an external HD but then does
not recognize its own internal hard drive. Running SCSIPROBE finds the
Internal drive and all's fine from then on unless it's been left unused
for a week or two.

this problems is called "sticktion" especially on se/30 (i used to have one
too with the same problem. if it's the original 40MB sony mechanism, then
chances are the hard drive motor doesn't have enough torque to start the
hard drive platter spinning. apple had a "silent recall" for se/30 40 meg
drives that exhibited this behavior.

the cure? either jerk the machine violently in a clockwise direction at 45
degrees or sometimes just jostling the machine will get it up and running.

once the hd is up and running, copy your files off of it and replace the
internal hd with a new one because unfortunately, there is no fix.


Subject: What??
Sent: 2/3/97 8:33 AM
Received: 2/3/97 8:31 PM
From: Jeff Bipes
To: Classic Mac,

A full height 5.25 drive? As Scotty would say "I canna change the laws of physics!"
No way. The best you could do is get a full height into the duo-dock and
the SE, and IIci.

Replace the top drive in the stack for the SE. You needanother bracket to
hold the drive. It can be down ,but it is tight work. Same with the IIci.
It will fit.

Subject: Mac II large HD
Sent: 1/31/97 10:33 AM
Received: 1/31/97 8:46 PM
From: HMalawi To:

i have a mac II with a 160MB apple hard disk inside. the drive is much
larger that those i have in my se/30 and IIci. it is about 8" by 6". does
anyone know if it can be made to fit inside an se/30, IIci, or duo dock?

also, is there room and connectivity in a mac se to fit an internal hard
disk. the se has two 800k floppies. thanks.

Subject: Imagewriter II backgrounded...
Sent: 2/3/97 4:10 AM
Received: 2/3/97 8:31 PM
From: Scott Gurley

Whoever it was that was trying to print to thier Imagewriter II in the
background: I've been printing to mine for some time over an Appletalk
network using SuperSpool II software. Good luck finding it. It's a kludge
that works pretty well (doesn't like HP drivers too much though). :-)

Subject: SoftPC/SoftWindows
Sent: 2/3/97 10:15 AM
Received: 2/3/97 8:31 PM
From: Reuben Rubio
To: cmpost,


Do SoftPC or SoftWindows work on an SE/30? Are there shareware
versions available?

I have successfully used SoftPC on my IIcx (same CPU); it handles simple
stuff (text and graphics) just fine, but runs at AT or even XT speed.


Subject: Source fopr old Macs and parts
Sent: 2/3/97 2:09 PM
Received: 2/3/97 8:31 PM
From: Robert Eye

I thought I would post two sources, of which I am aware, for old
Macs and Mac parts.

I bought a Mac IIci bundle from the first person, and I was very
pleased with the system and in doing business with him. I posted
an inquiry on one of the news groups about him prior to my purchase,
and I received about a half dozen posts, all expressing favorable
exchanges. His name is Tom Spearman. Info on his mailing list

Tom Spearman To be on my electronic mailing list for the best
415-493-7790 Mac hardware deals on the Internet, e-mail me at
415-493-7176 (fax) mactime with "mailing list" as your

While I have no business affiliation with this next person, and I have
personally never done business with him, I thought the readers of
this list might be interested in another source for old Macs and
Mac parts. His name is Lance Timco. Info on his mailing list follows:

Subscribing and unsubscribing to mailing list:
Inventory sheet e-mailed monthly (1st of month), weekly updates
available per each request. You may also fax your request to
206-937-5058, fax subscription not available. To subscribe contact
lance: "Subscribe to current list". To unsubscribe
send, "Delete me from mailing list". To get copy of list without
being added to mailing list, send the message, "Request current
list" or Fax "Request current list" to 206-937-5058.

As with buying any used equipment, CAVEAT EMPTOR.

I have no stake in either of these business ventures. I am a
satisfied customer of the first, and I have knowledge of the
existence of the second. I offer no warranties or guarantees of
these businesses, as I am not affiliated with either. There, that
should do it for the disclaimer...


Bob Eye

Subject: Mac System 1.1
Sent: 2/3/97 7:12 PM
Received: 2/3/97 8:31 PM
From: Leif

I have seen several people on this list asking for earlt system software.

I have system 1.1 on a 400K floppy, and it boots my SE and my 128/512
(upgraded) just fine. It used to have MacWrite on it, but I think the
prog got messed up before I got it.

Now I am looking for MacWrite (any version).

If anyone wants this software, I am thinking of opening a web site with
info (and software) relating to old macs. I want to post system 1.1, and
any other versions I can get (except 7.5. Support good ol' Apple and BUY
IT!) along with pics of these macs. I want system info, EVERYTHING.

If anyone wants system 1.1, or would like to help out on this web site,
or has MacWrite, please eMail me.

Subject: panasonic dot matrix
Sent: 2/2/97 6:51 PM
Received: 2/3/97 8:31 PM
From: Miraz Jordan

I'm sorting out a friend's old Mac Plus which she uncovered at work. it
comes with a Panasonic KX-P1081 dot matrix printer. It has an appropriate
cable but no printer drivers. Her voluntary agency needs to sell this setup
to recoup costs on a newer system.

I have successfully connected and printed (garbage) with the chooser set to
Imagewriter so suspect that the printer driver is all I need.

I've checked the Panasonic web site, where they have lots of printer
drivers ALL for Dos / Windows. Zilch for Mac.

Anyone know where I could get a printer driver which will make things

Subject: RE: Classic Macs Digest 1.16
Sent: 2/3/97 10:25 AM
Received: 2/3/97 8:31 PM
From: Jones, Paul B
To: cmpost,

Subject: SoftPC/SoftWindows
Sent: 1/30/97 6:54 AM
Received: 1/30/97 11:01 AM
From: Dr. Rabbit


Do SoftPC or SoftWindows work on an SE/30? Are there shareware
versions available?

Yes I have used SoftPC and Softwindows Ver 1.0, They will be only running at
about 4MHz AT speed. Softwindows Ver 2 or better only works on PowerMacs.
SoftPC is useful for text based applications but avoid anything with
graphics! And there is a Demo of SoftPC floating around but it is time
limited to 15 minutes. Shareware? You may be able to find a secondhand copy
of SoftPC or better yet, an Old Orange PC Card.


Could be as simple as the power connection being disconnected (inside the
case). I had this happen with one of those old external floppy drives.
There are two connectors between the floppy drive mechanism and the rest
of the system. The smaller one supplies the power. Make sure both are
connected firmly.

No, this is a hard drive! the floppy drives have a single 20 wire ribbon


If you've never opened up a compact Mac case before, be very careful with
the back end of the CRT...

Yes please be very careful!!

Their reference books and parts source are a must for keeping our "classic
Macs" going. I don't have stock in the company. I just appreciate their
efforts. John Szostek

I have a hard bound copy of the Apple Mac Hardware Reference Manual from
Apple. It also contains a lot of Pinouts and decriptions of macs from the
early classics to the MacII. And there is a series of Developer notes that
covers most Macs that is also available.


Subject: HD Cable for MacPlus
Sent: 2/2/97 8:30 PM
Received: 2/3/97 8:31 PM
From: Rex
To: Classic Macs Digest,

I just got an Apple 20 meg external HD I want to I want to connect to my
MacPlus. Can anyone make a suggetion where I can find the cable neccassary
to do this? I'm a Newbie so any terminalogy that's applicable would be
greatly appreciated!


Subject: Mac II power on problem
Sent: 2/2/97 10:18 PM
Received: 2/3/97 8:31 PM
From: jbowra

I have a Mac II with a 21" Radius color monitor, 20/220 configuration,
and a 50 mhz '030 Daystar accelerater. My question is this: the power
key on my keyboard needs to be hit a few times to turn my machine on.
It is not a keyboard problem as I have tried multiple keyboards. The
switch on the back of the machine has the same problem. I have heard
that a bad clock battery would cause the keyboard problem, but I didn't
think that was true of the hard power switch. I have not tried swapping
the batteries as I don't feel like taking the soldering iron out.


BTW The accelerater is a PDS card I believe, using an adapter to plug
into the CPU socket. Would this card work in the PDS slot of a IIci?

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