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SE/30 won't boot from HD
ClarisWorks4.x won't run on 68000
SE external monitor
RE: Classic Macs Digest 2.3
Page Set Up Eudora V.1.5.1
want 1 mb RAM simms
Re: Qume CrystalPrint Publisher
Re: MacRecorder or compatable
Re: SE and CW4
Brainstorm for Plus!
Parts For Classic Macs
Re: The First Mac to Support Modems
Dying StyleWriter-help!
ImageWriter II spooling
RE: SE and ClarisWrks 4.0 v4

Subject: SE/30 won't boot from HD
Sent: 2/4/97 11:15 PM
Received: 2/3/97 9:23 PM
From: Alex Shelamoff

Thanks to all those who replied to my post.

Most have suggested *stiction* or some other drive fault but as I said
in my original post, **I've replaced the HD with another**. The
replacement drive (Quantum 80 meg LPS unit) had been functioning
perfectly well in my external drive case. It was used
**intermittently**, often spending a month between uses and wasn't
always turned on each time I fired up my Mac.

After reformatting it and installing system software, I installed it
inside the SE/30. The *new drive* booted O.K. but before removing
it, the *old drive* was in its *functional* state also. However, after a
week, perhaps a little longer, of it being left unstarted the *new
drive* wouldn't boot just like the *old* one.

Furthermore, I can hear the drive spin up (and it's not the SE/30's fan
I'm hearing) the light on the front flashes, it makes a few
*scratching* noises as usual then there's a long pause before I get the
floppy with the ?.

I've had a *stuck* drive in a friend's Amiga and know what it sounded

Others have suggested it's the pram backup battery. I'll check that
when a week has gone by since its last startup.

Any further ideas?


Subject: ClarisWorks4.x won't run on 68000
Sent: 2/3/97 9:19 PM
Received: 2/3/97 9:23 PM
From: Fred Mindlin
To: Classic Macs,

Something in the code will not allow 4.x to run on plus, classic,se,
etc. I've run 3.0 with a plus with an external hd, however--not too
hard to share 3.0 and 4.0 files...

Subject: SE external monitor
Sent: 2/3/97 7:06 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:42 AM
From: Jay

You can get a 'new' color pivot for SE or grayscale pivot for SE for
under $150 with cards at, (Apple/Sun
Products--, an
online auction that cycles its stuff every three days or so. Beware
though. The color pivot I bought for a IIsi requires System 7.5.1 or
UNDER. Won't work with 7.5.5 or even 7.5.3, though their docs say
it will limp along under 7.5.3. Easy to bid on, and delivered three
days after bids closed.
Eric the wondering web wanderer

There are color and B&W video cards that plug into the PDS
(Processor Direct Slot) floating around.

CRA Systems is currently advertising a Radius Pivot Display with card for
about $400. <>

Subject: RE: Classic Macs Digest 2.3
Sent: 2/4/97 12:22 AM
Received: 2/5/97 10:42 AM
From: Jones, Paul B
To: cmpost,

Subject: Mac II power on problem
Sent: 2/2/97 10:18 PM
Received: 2/3/97 8:31 PM
From: jbowra


I have a Mac II with a 21" Radius color monitor, 20/220 configuration,
and a 50 mhz '030 Daystar accelerater. My question is this: the power
key on my keyboard needs to be hit a few times to turn my machine on.
It is not a keyboard problem as I have tried multiple keyboards. The
switch on the back of the machine has the same problem. I have heard
that a bad clock battery would cause the keyboard problem, but I didn't
think that was true of the hard power switch. I have not tried swapping
the batteries as I don't feel like taking the soldering iron out.


The Mac II uses the battery in the Power On circuit. If you look you
will see two batteries. Disconnect the power. Buy Lithium Batteries
with leads, cut the original old battery leads as close to the old
battery as possible. Staighten the old leads so that they stick up from
the motherboard. Straighten the new leads so that they stick out from
the battery. Position the new battery so that '+' and '-' line up with
the original. Bend the battery leads around the old leads and solder
into position. trim the new leads and, if possible, leave the old leads
alone. Check for metal scraps on the motherboard, and then reconnect the
power and start your Mac II or IIx using the Power Key. Reset the PRAM
and check your Printer and AppleTalk settings. Finished.


Subject: Page Set Up Eudora V.1.5.1
Sent: 2/4/97 2:02 AM
Received: 2/5/97 10:42 AM
From: Victor Soleman

I want to keep the Classic Mac (after printing) in a nice binder as a valuable reference.
However, when I tried to print on A4 paper through HP Desk Writer 320 from
PB520 the margin was too close to the left.

If I punch two holes for the binder, they will certainly cut the text.
Anybody has a trick/solution to avoid this problem.


Sent: 2/4/97 5:03 AM
Received: 2/5/97 10:43 AM
From: ZOZTek

Pre-Fix at 1-800-264-2530, <> carries Larry Pina style
Analog boards for the old Mac compacts as well as individual parts. They also
carry books on classic Mac repairs.

Subject: want 1 mb RAM simms
Sent: 2/4/97 5:39 AM
Received: 2/5/97 10:43 AM
From: Alan123

Hi there!

I am looking for 1mb RAM simms, 30 pin, 80 nas or faster. Does anyone have
any laying around, for long past memory upgrades, that you want to part
with? Please email me at Alan123


Subject: Re: Qume CrystalPrint Publisher
Sent: 2/4/97 7:51 AM
Received: 2/5/97 10:43 AM
From: Steve Dropkin

I have a venerable ol' Qume CrystalPrint Publisher (with firmware
version and Postscript upgrades) -- at one point a fairly popular LED
printer. Unfortunately, although when it prints it prints well, it is
having severe difficulties moving paper. Anybody have any ideas where I
might be able to get it repaired?

No idea on where you can _take_ your printer, but you might want to poke
around a bit on your own. It sounds like the rubber rollers which grab
the paper have aged sufficiently that they no longer work. When this
happened on DeskJets/DeskWriters, HP released a kit (mostly a piece of
fine sandpaper) which roughened up the rollers and gave them grip again.
On older HP LaserJets and Apple LaserWriters, sometimes the rollers skid
a bit and are not positioned as they should be; they sometimes have to
be replaced outright.

If no one can fix this printer, I'd consider dampening the famous
lint-free cloth with a bit of Armor-All (or similar) and applying it to
the rollers you can reach and then running several pages through to
clear out what's left.

Good luck!

Subject: Re: MacRecorder or compatable
Sent: 2/4/97 10:59 AM
Received: 2/5/97 10:43 AM
From: Robert Eye


MediaGuide ( used to have them (I almost bought one;
they were $35), but their parts page does not show them any more. You might
give them a call anyway, you never know.

If you can get a copy of _The Incredible Sound Machine_ (I'll check to make
sure that is the correct title and I'll get the author's name), which is about
using sound on the Mac, it has instructions on building your own serial port
sound input module for classic Macs. Does not look too hard, and also has
information on less expensive reference oscillators for adapting to the
original kit. I was going to build one until I bought a Centris 650 mb to
upgrade my IIci.

I found a copy of this book at Micro Center on close out for about $5. It also
has an 800k disk with quite a number of sound programs that will run on many
old Macs. If you are interested, I can check this week and see if they have
any left (they had about 5 the last time I was there). I can send you a copy
if you'll cover the book cost and postage.

If you are not handy with electronic assembly, perhaps you know someone who is
(HAM radio operator, someone in your local MUG, etc.). Good luck.

Bob Eye

Subject: MacRecorder or compatible
Sent: 2/1/97 11:21 AM
Received: 2/2/97 12:03 PM
From: j.holloway11

I recently found a program called Master Tuner very cheap at a software
closeout. I would like to be able to use this with my band and string
students as it seems a great way to teach tuning fundamentals. The problem
is, it must have a MacRecorder or compatible sound digitizer in the modem
port. I tried to get it to see (hear?) the built-in sound port on my IIsi
without success.

I have tried Shreve, Sun Remarketing, and the A.R.C., but they don't have
one. Does anyone have an idea where I could pick one up at a reasonable

John Holloway

Subject: Re: SE and CW4
Sent: 2/4/97 11:06 AM
Received: 2/5/97 10:43 AM
From: Robert Eye


Sorry, I know of no way to get CW4 on a machine with less than a 68020. One
of the SE upgrades that used a 68030 might run, but I believe you also need
color QuickDraw which the SE does not support.

However, CW3 will run just fine on an SE, and there are copies still to be had
from the news group. I bought
mine for use on my Plus for $30; that seems to be about the going rate. It is
definitely cheaper than the hw upgrade route. If you don't need the features
in 4, you might go with 3 on both machines.

Bob Eye

Subject: SE and ClarisWrks 4.0 v4
Sent: 2/1/97 1:43 PM
Received: 2/2/97 12:04 PM
From: Bill Fielding

Wish to use ClarisWorks 4.0 on SE. No 800k floppies available from Claris, so
installed over network.

However, get Dialog stating that need "68020 or later, color capable, and
System 7.0 or later." I have System 7.1 installed.

Any way to get CW 4 to run on SE? I have CW4 on the other machine (68040),
would like to have all docs run on both.

Subject: Brainstorm for Plus!
Sent: 2/4/97 1:07 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:43 AM
From: Michael Jardeen

Yes I still have a Plus that is doing just fine.

I have a chance to get a Brainstorm Accelerator for only $24.95 (sounds
good). The only thing is that I know nothing about it. I do know that you
were supposed to send the board into them and they would put it together
for you. Here are my questions:

1. Just what is it and how fast is it?

2. Is that a great price?

3. How do you install it and can I do it myself?

Always Apple!, Michael

Subject: Parts For Classic Macs
Sent: 2/4/97 12:16 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:43 AM
From: John Brassfield

Classic Mac Fans:

Recently there was a post regarding reliable mail-order suppliers for
Classic Mac parts and pieces. The following address is for Lance Timco.
I have purchased parts and pieces from him in the past and he proved
very reliable and fair.

Information is also shown to subscribe to hs monthly inventory e:mail

I have no interest in his business but can recommend his practices.

John Brassfield

Lance Timco
Timco Computers
3407 SW Dakota St.
Seattle, WA 98126
206-933-6090 Voice
206-937-5058 Fax
Visa, MC and Discover accepted

Subscribing and unsubscribing to mailing list:
Inventory sheet e-mailed monthly (1st of month), weekly updates available
per each request. You may also fax your request to 206-937-5058, fax
subscription not available. To subscribe contact

"Subscribe to current list".

To unsubscribe send, "Delete me from mailing
list". To get copy of list without being added to mailing list, send the

"Request current list" or Fax "Request current list" to 206-937-5058.

Subject: Re: The First Mac to Support Modems
Sent: 2/4/97 2:03 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:43 AM
From: Mark Crummett
To: cmpost,

2. I don't think that it was possible to network a 128K, however. I think
that the evil empire had a hammerlock on networking for a while.

The Mac has been able to network from day one. Appletalk has always been
a part of the system.

Subject: Dying StyleWriter-help!
Sent: 2/4/97 2:50 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:43 AM
From: Mike McNeil

Dear Classic Mac-ers;

My antique StyleWriter (1st generation) seems to be fading away. Bought used
(very) from a friend, it has always needed to be fed paper manually - the
sheet feeder jams regardless of paper stock - and now the ink cartridge is

After installing a new Apple ink cartridge, it's still not printing very
well. Any hints on getting this dinosaur back into working status?

(BTW my local Apple tech has a rude nickname for these printers
"S***Writers" - his suggestion was another printer!)

And, as long as we're talking printers here, any tips on used or refurb.
Color StyleWriters (2400/2500) are welcome, since I will be buying another
printer if this one can't be fixed.

Mike McNeil

Subject: ImageWriter II spooling
Sent: 2/4/97 3:38 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:43 AM
From: Andrew Ludgate
To: Classic Macs Digest,

Whoever it was that was trying to print to thier Imagewriter II in the
background: I've been printing to mine for some time over an Appletalk
network using SuperSpool II software. Good luck finding it. It's a kludge
that works pretty well (doesn't like HP drivers too much though).

-For people who don't have a network server they can spool their work to,
info-mac has another neat little control panel to try: it's called
PrintAid, and what it does is make the "Printing..." dialog modalless
(this means that it doesn't keep itself as the frontmost thing on your

This little thing works fine for me; printing slows down a bit, but I can
set something to print in ClarisWorks, and then switch to my web browser
and surf the 'net while its printing.

PS: I've tried many times to get files from Jag's House, but they all end
up in some wierd compression format; Stuffit Expander seems to think that
it is a corrupted binhex file, but I've looked at the formatting, and it
doesn't use any binhex encoding scheme that I'm familiar with... MacWeb2
for example, begins the first line with the characters sit! (stuffit's
signature) and doesn't include the usual ":" that most binhex files start
with. However, the file is called macweb2.sit.hqx... what's going on?

PPS: I'm also looking to accellerate my Color classic (10/80). I
contacted MicroMac, who promptly tried to sell me their $500 (Canadian)
setup which includes 4 new RAM slots, a (50?) Mhz processor and an FPU.
I then looked into Sonnett's $149 (US) 33 Mhz accellerator, which looked
like a good deal. However, they haven't returned any of my emails.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Subject: RE: SE and ClarisWrks 4.0 v4
Sent: 2/4/97 12:08 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:43 AM
From: L.F.
To: cmpost,

Subject: SE and ClarisWrks 4.0 v4
Sent: 2/1/97 1:43 PM
Received: 2/2/97 12:04 PM
From: Bill Fielding

Wish to use ClarisWorks 4.0 on SE. No 800k floppies available from Claris, so
installed over network.

However, get Dialog stating that need "68020 or later, color capable, and
System 7.0 or later." I have System 7.1 installed.

Any way to get CW 4 to run on SE? I have CW4 on the other machine (68040),
would like to have all docs run on both.

Unfortunally the SE does not have a 68020 processor but only a 68000.I
believe that the SE will run ClarisWork 2.1 or maybe even 3.0. I believe
you can find 2.1 for as little as $20 $30 ..Check out Claris Web site

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