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Re: Classic II PPP problem
Classic II Monitor Replacement
Old Mac Systems
Classic Classified Ads
Re: Problems with WriteNow file
Re: Classic Macs Digest 2.3
Re: Mac Classic questions
Re: SE and ClarisWrks 4.0 v4
Re: MacWeb 1.00A3.2 inline GIFs on 68000 macs
Re: panasonic dot matrix
Re: Classic 2 PPP problems
Speedster 040
Classic and a modem
SE narrow screen
imagewriter lids
Mac Classic II CRT
Component Manager
SE 30 and Mac OS
System 1.1 and HD20

Subject: Re: Classic II PPP problem
Sent: 2/4/97 12:22 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: L.F.
To: cmpost,

Subject: Classic II PPP problem
Sent: 2/1/97 8:28 PM
Received: 2/2/97 12:04 PM
From: Richard Savary

Hello out there! Help!

I have a problem with my Classic II, which I've not been able to
solve. Recently I was tinkering with an SE, trying to set it up to go on
the Net (I've become interested in using classic Macs to do advanced
computing jobs; i.e. to keep using old Macs). I knew to turn off the
computers before making the swap (although I'd heard this was one case
where it was unnecessary), but forgot to turn off the MODEM (a GV
Platinum). Have I fried my bus?

I'm using a MacTCP/Mac PPP setup. Everything works perfectly
except: When I attempt to connect via PPP Config, the Mac PPP status:
Dialing modem... box opens as normal, but then a few seconds later, another
dialog box: PPP wait timeout! Waiting on: CONNECT (if no connection has yet
been made) or Waiting on: OK (if a connection HAS been made) appears. The
only way out is to hit the OK button in the box, which terminates the
connection! This pattern repeats virtually every time I have tried to
connect to my server (many dozens of times), but on just two occasions it
has NOT, everything working normally!

I've tried everything I can think of, including reinstalling all
the communications software, trashing the several comm-related preference
files, fiddling with the settings in the PPP and TCP CPs, rebuilding the
desktop, doing a clean reinstallation of the system (7.5.1) software, turning off all but
essential communications extensions and control panels (Teleport, MacTCP,
PPP; I can get a connection, but the problem persists), running Norton disk
doctor (no problems). I've also swapped the modem to the printer port (the
printer works fine), but to no effect. The modem itself is OK, I'm using it
here on my wife's LC II to send this mail; I get identical results on my
machine with her modem.

I love my Classic II! Someone please tell me I have a software
problem (and how to fix it!). If I HAVE fried my bus, can it be fixed, or
must I trash my otherwise perfect machine?

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. Long live old Macs!

Rich Savary
San Diego, CA

Have you checked the port speed and flow control???
open config. PPP (or whatever oyu are using to dial in) click on config.
i believe for the platinum should be set on 57600 if it doesn't work try
going down in speed , the flow control should be CTS and RTS ?, but if
that doesn't work try the other options.

good luck

Subject: Classic II Monitor Replacement
Sent: 2/4/97 7:43 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: Mark Bauer

Greetings to the list. I have a Classic II which I really like, but I
"popped" the monitor while installing memory.

I was wondering what my options were. I have access to a used Mac
supply, but a Classic II is still 180$. I may try to repair it myself
(!) I have a lot of glassblowing experience. The small nub on the back
at the connector sheared off. I figured I could stick a tube to it, then
flush the tube by alternating nitrogen and vacuum, then evacuate it and
seal. Sounds simple, eh?

A local computer store said I could buy a new monitor for 120$, a
reasonable amount.

Unfortunately, I tried to swap in a monitor from an old Plus. All the
connections were the same with the exception of the connector to the
power board. I spliced my connector to the Plus monitor, matching wire
colors. Fired it up, but saw smoke from the power board after a few
seconds. =:^O

Someone please help. Have I fried my power board or did I catch it in
time? What computer monitors are compatible for a swap? I could get an
old Classic or SE or SE/30...

This list is great, lots of info here.

Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry for the length...

Mark Bauer

Subject: Old Mac Systems
Sent: 2/4/97 9:40 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: Tony Spinetta


I want to post system 1.1, and any other versions I can get (except 7.5.
Support good ol' Apple and BUY IT!) along with pics of these macs. I want system info, EVERYTHING.

Very cool idea. I'd like to let the list know that I'll be making some
reasonable rare 128K ephemera (including copies of the cassette "A Guided
Tour of MacWrite * MacPaint") available in the not too distant future.

I'd also like to let the list know that System 7.1 is still available
directly from Apple, and you can get it on 800K disks. The original Mac
fonts (Yes, even San Francisco!) are on the Tidbits disk. So, buy System
7.1 from our pals if you need it!

P.S. Yeah, I own stock in Apple, so I might derive an extremely indirect
financial benefit from anyone who does business with Apple Computer.

Subject: Classic Classified Ads
Sent: 2/4/97 10:33 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: hilal
To: Classic Macs,

anyone knows of good classified lists (buy/sell/trade...) for classics
macs and accessories on the net (www, newsgroups,...)?

Hilal Malawi
home page:

Subject: Re: Problems with WriteNow file
Sent: 2/4/97 11:09 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: B Soluski

Miguel Vermehren wrote:

I am writing on behalf of a friend who has a Classic. He has a
problem with a WriteNow file saved both on hard disk and on floppy -
when he tries to open this file he gets the error message 'a
non-existent file path was specified'. If he ties to open the file in
TeachText he gets the same message.
Any ideas? Unfortunately my friend does not speak English and is not

Quick run "Disk First Aid".
If this can not fix it, use Norton/MacTools.
If this can not fix it, consider reformating the HD.

I would have trouble like this sometimes after a crash.
I suspect, it was because the disk cache was not updated.
Since I got "Cache Saver" almost no problems.
(StClair Software $10 <>


Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 2.3
Sent: 2/4/97 11:32 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: ZOZTek

I have seen a few queries on switch settings on Imagewriter II printers.
According to Larry Pina in his book, "Macintosh Printer Secrets" Hayden Books
(available from Pre-Fix <> the settings should be: Left
bank (K-8) should be all open, on bank two (K-6) numbers 1 & 2 should be
closed or down, numbers 3 &4 should be open or up. Many Imagewriter IIs were
used on Apple IIGSs and had different switch settings. Also, a company called
Sequential Systems at 800-999-1717 makes networking cards for the Imagewriter
II as well as 32K buffer cards. Good Luck

Subject: Re: Mac Classic questions
Sent: 2/5/97 1:29 AM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: Chris Adams

From: Miles Anderson
I have been able to download the latest version of MacWeb, but it doesn't come
with any documantation on how to use it. Does anyone know a site where I can get
such documentation? Again, many thanks in advance. Miles Anderson

If I recall correctly, I got my MacWeb v2.0 here:

It came with full documentation - a set of web pages that you access from
your hard disk.

Chris Adams.

Subject: Re: SE and ClarisWrks 4.0 v4
Sent: 2/5/97 1:33 AM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: Chris Adams

Wish to use ClarisWorks 4.0 on SE. No 800k floppies available from Claris, so
installed over network.
However, get Dialog stating that need "68020 or later, color capable, and
System 7.0 or later." I have System 7.1 installed.
Any way to get CW 4 to run on SE? I have CW4 on the other machine (68040),
would like to have all docs run on both.

If ClarisWorks 4.0 needs colour, you're out of luck. However, there is an
app. (ClarisWorks File Converter) that will convert v4.0 files so they can
be read by earlier versions. It's probably available at the Claris site.
Not an ideal solution, but maybe the best you'll get.

Chris Adams.

Subject: Re: MacWeb 1.00A3.2 inline GIFs on 68000 macs
Sent: 2/5/97 1:34 AM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: Chris Adams

From: Matti Haveri
BTW, I briefly tried MacWeb 2.0 but downgraded back to v1.00A3.2 because
v2.0 was _very_ slow to paginate and quite often screen draws were messed
up with solid black covering the text.

The solid black problem seems to be caused by the <body bgcolor="XXXXXX">
tag. If you delete this from a web page on your hard disk and reload the
page, the screen-blacking disappears. Of course, this doesn't help at all
when you're online. What usually gets rid of it (but not always) on my SE
with 7.1 and 020 accelerator is:

1. Double-click on the title bar to "WindowShade"/collapse the browser
window (part of System 7.5, shareware control panel for us die-hards), then
double-click on it again to redraw the window. OR...

2. Go back or forward a page, then return. The redrawn window is often OK.

3. Don't scroll down a page using the scroll arrows - instead, click in the
scroll bar, move the scroll box, or hit the space bar.

All this fiddling is a nuisance, but so far I'm putting up with it because
of MacWeb 2's much fuller implementation of HTML tags. And not all sites
use background colours on their web pages. Yes, paginating is very slow,
maybe because more tags are being interpreted instead of ignored, as in
earlier versions.

By the way, using a colour Mac to edit the default background shade from
grey to white makes no difference to the screen-blacking when you copy the
prefs back to your B&W Mac's System Folder.

Anyone want to write a Color QuickDraw emulator for black & white Macs? :)

On a different topic, Matti's list of apps that work with 68000 Macs
includes GIFConverter 2.3.7 for viewing GIFs, JPGs, TIFs, and PICTs. But
often, trying to open JPEGs with "millions" of colours gives an "out of
memory" error on machines limited to 4 megs of RAM. A workround is to use
the shareware JPEG Convert 1.0 to turn the JPEG into a GIF. GIFs are
limited to 256 colours (you won't notice any difference in B&W!) and need
less memory to display. Can't remember where I got JPEG Convert from, but
it's in one of the archives, and works on 68000 Macs. Oh, it also converts
from GIF *to* JPEG.

While I'm here, RAM Charger from Syncronys Softcorp
<> also works on 68000s, I believe, but isn't in
Matti's list. It makes apps run in less memory than they normally demand,
only giving them more if they need it. It squeezes the last ounce of
performance from low-RAM machines. I can't swear that the latest version
(3.0.1) works with 68000 Macs, but it's fine on my 68020 SE, and earlier
versions (called OptiMem Ram Charger) certainly did run on 68000s. I seem
to recall that the readme makes a big deal of how users of 68000 Macs can't
afford to be without this wonderful product, etc. etc.

Chris Adams.

Subject: Re: panasonic dot matrix
Sent: 2/5/97 1:50 AM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: Chris Adams

From: Miraz Jordan
I'm sorting out a friend's old Mac Plus which she uncovered at work. it
comes with a Panasonic KX-P1081 dot matrix printer. It has an appropriate
cable but no printer drivers.

I have successfully connected and printed (garbage) with the chooser set
to Imagewriter so suspect that the printer driver is all I need.
Anyone know where I could get a printer driver which will make things work?

Try Chuck's Printer Driver ($20 shareware). It's in the usual archives and,
if the URL's still good, probably at:


Chris Adams.

Subject: Re: Classic 2 PPP problems
Sent: 2/3/97 9:45 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: Miraz Jordan
To: cmpost,

Subject: Classic II PPP problem
Sent: 2/1/97 8:28 PM
Received: 2/2/97 12:04 PM
From: Richard Savary

When I attempt to connect via PPP Config, the Mac PPP status:
Dialing modem... box opens as normal, but then a few seconds later, another
dialog box: PPP wait timeout! Waiting on: CONNECT (if no connection has yet
been made) or Waiting on: OK (if a connection HAS been made) appears.

Hi Richard,

with older Macs in particular sometimes the PPP configuration is really
fussy about the port speed you choose. Have you tried going down to the
slowest port speed and working upwards?



Subject: Speedster 040
Sent: 2/3/97 11:00 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: David


My computer at home is a Mac IIsi 9/260. I have a Mobius 040 29mHz
PDS card in it (w/the Speedster 1.3.3 control panel) and am currently
running System 7.5.5. I used the card and Speedster control panel with
System 7.1 for the last couple of years with not much trouble until
recently. This led to my decision to upgrade to System 7.5.5. I have a had
lot of freezes and the occational crash (a lot more than before)since
upgrading the OS. System 7.5.5 has been very stable on its own when I
don't use the accelerator card. Can anyone tell me of their experiences
with this setup? If anyone could help me with their experiences/advice
or has a newer version of the Speedster control panel I would surely
appreciate it.

I should mention that a man named Anthony Edwards made a patch for the
sound problems associated with the Mobius card. I have yet to try it (I'm
getting copy of it), but I'm told it works well.

Thanks in advance,


Subject: Mac Plus ext. HD SUMMARY TO DATE
Sent: 2/3/97 11:10 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: Bret Alan Fessenden


I still cannot get the 20SC external HD that I have to work with my Mac
Plus. Only one person responded with the suggestion to check the FUSE on
the HD, which I cannot find.

Anyway, I am begginning to think that the problem must be in the drive, not
the Plus, because, if anyone remembers, the drive USED to mount on my 6115
perfectly, and I tested and reformatted the drive with four different
utilities from the 6115 with no problems.

Now, however, the drive will not mount at all (still on the 6115). I can
find and format the drive with all versions of Apple HD Setup, which
reports no problems, but when I tried MicroMat's Utility, it can find the
drive, but when I try to format or test it, it reports that the operation
has FAILED due to a BUS ERROR.

So I gues my latest question is, what could that mean? And why does
Apple's utilities NOT report the same type of error?



Subject: Classic and a modem
Sent: 2/3/97 6:47 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: Harold Appel

I love my Classic to which I've added RAM (up to 4MB) and even drilled
out the speaker "grill" but my latest challange was to get on the net. My
wish was to use the Global Village Teleport Gold 2 modem that came with
my Performa 6115. To my chagrine, however, when I went to plug it in I
found that it's plug had a 9th connector pin and the Classic's serial
port had only 8. Is there an adapter that can let me use this modem on
the Classic? It the problem that the modem came with a Performa? Does
this mean that I can't get a faster modem for the Performa (which is my
ulterior motive)? What gives? Do I have to buy another modem for the

Subject: SE narrow screen
Sent: 2/3/97 11:30 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: jbowra

Another question:
I have a SE that displays a 1mm vertical stripe in the middle of the
screen. The machine boots fine otherwise. I thought it might be
cracked solder like someone talked about on Pluses, but my skills are
not in this area. If this is what the problem is, would someone please
(I would be eternally grateful) e-mail me some good instructions on
fixing this problem.

Subject: imagewriter lids
Sent: 2/3/97 6:55 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:44 AM
From: Jay

Received: 2/2/97 12:03 PM
From: Frank Bachmann To:

I have a problem with two "new" ImageWriters: They don't print at all. The
self test is ok, paper and ribbon too.

Hello Frank,
The imagewriter lid contains a magnet that when removed,
prevents the printer from working. I hope this helps.
eric the web wandering wonderer

Subject: Mac Classic II CRT
Sent: 2/5/97 1:28 PM
Received: 2/5/97 11:35 AM
From: Mark Bauer

Greetings Mac types!

I'm trying to get a new CRT for my Classic II, and wondered if any of
y'all had done this? Any advice, sources, etc?

Also, I found this info:

From the Apple Tech Support pages:

ALWAYS discharge the Macintosh CRT to the "GROUND LUG" (as described in
Macintosh Technical Procedures) of the Macintosh.

Discharging the CRT to the Macintosh chassis will destroy the logic
board! Make sure you follow the saftey precautions for working with the
CRT as described in Macintosh Technical Procedures.

Where is the "Ground Lug" located?

Thanks for any help,

Mark Bauer, Mac CRT challenged

Subject: Galaxy
Sent: 2/5/97 4:56 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:40 PM
From: ZOZTek

The company called Galaxy Hardware Publishers is one you should know! They
are one of the largest and most comprehensive supporters of Classic Macs,
from parts to systems. Their knowledge of accelerators and upgrades is clear
and accurate. Can't find something? They have the best shot at getting it.
Good service, low prices. Get a catalog on disk. I don't work for them, but
wish I did. I have done business with them for years.

Galaxy Hardware Publishers
1663 Willamette St
Eugene, OR 97401

Subject: Component Manager
Sent: 2/5/97 4:53 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:40 PM
From: Marc L. Briel

I tried to run Eudora Light 3.0.1 on a 4M Plus running system 7.0.1. I got
the message that the application needs "Component Manager" to run.

Where can I get a copy of this? Is it compatible with 7.0.1?


Subject: SE 30 and Mac OS
Sent: 2/5/97 9:57 AM
Received: 2/5/97 10:40 PM
From: Clifton M. Buell

Which is the best OS for the SE30?


Subject: BBS's
Sent: 2/5/97 10:05 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:40 PM
From: NeonGooch

Any body have suggestions for a BBS. I run system 6.0.7 so not all software
works for my setup. Prefer FirstClass or any terminal emulator (like Claris
Works 2.0). Would also like internet mail and FTP access. Also what terminal
emulator programs do you recomend and briefly why?


Subject: System 1.1 and HD20
Sent: 2/5/97 10:30 PM
Received: 2/5/97 10:40 PM
From: NeonGooch

Subject: Mac System 1.1
From: Leif

I have seen several people on this list asking for early system software.

I have system 1.1 on a 400K floppy, and it boots my SE and my 128/512
(upgraded) just fine. It used to have MacWrite on it, but I think the
prog got messed up before I got it.

Now I am looking for MacWrite (any version).

If anyone wants this software, I am thinking of opening a web site with
info (and software) relating to old macs. I want to post system 1.1, and
any other versions I can get (except 7.5. Support good ol' Apple and BUY
IT!) along with pics of these macs. I want system info, EVERYTHING.

If anyone wants system 1.1, or would like to help out on this web site,
or has MacWrite, please eMail me.

You can get system software 1.1 on AOL. If you don't have an AOL account
surely somebody you know has one. You can find it in the Macintosh Operating
Systems Forum, (keyword mos). Select the software library, then system
software, then other system software. System 1.1 is in there as well as 5.1
and most system 6.0.x's.

While in there check out another file, if you own a Mac with a 400k or 800k
disk drive. It is called "HD20". It has a swell floppy backup program for
backing to 400 or 800k disks that works with old operating systems as well as
even 7.5.3 (don't know anybody with 7.5.5). It also has an INIT to allow Macs
with a 64k ROM (400k disk drive Macs) to use 800k external disk drives as
well as Apple's HD 20 non-SCCI Hard Disk. I personally use a Plus (don't need
the INIT) with the HD 20, 20meg hard drive, the drive is slow but needs no
driver installed and is very reliable. As well as an SE/30 with a Joule
120meg internal (old apple internal HD's fail).

Hope this helps,

Subject: AOL
Sent: 2/5/97 10:55 PM
Received: 2/5/97 11:04 PM
From: NeonGooch

Frankly AOL is starting to scare me. They only seem to cater to high power users (and mostly PC's at that). It seems to me that more new users could be gotton by catering better to older computer users (computer age, not ours), we are less likely to jump to an ISP. Early learning of AOL by people using hand me down computers would seem to create loyalty. We most likely use less hours for our money as well (searching AOL and FTP for software we need instead of surfing the web for hours). If you feel this way and use AOL please post AOL a message to that effect at keyword "suggestions". THIS IS NOT A CALL TO SPAM AOL, just to let them know how many old Macs are out there. Let them know what your current Mac setup is and what its limits are (things like operating system, screen size and depth, memory).


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