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68030 upgrade card
Hello ?
Mouse for Mac Plus
printers suitable for SE
HELP Read PC base message
Eudora Light 3.0.1 on Plus?
Mac II Memory upgrade
Keyboard DIPswitch
monitor problems IIcx
RE: Classic Macs Digest 2.6
MacPlus Mouse
Hard Drive for Mac Plus
Re: Phone Cable Network
SE Upgrade

Subject: 68030 upgrade card
Sent: 2/13/97 2:23 PM
Received: 2/15/97 7:34 PM
From: Wobs and Richard

Hi there - I've been looking for a site like this for weeks ( still in the
middle of my internet training ) - looks great.

Can anyone help me find a supplier for a 68030 processor upgrade card for a
Mac Classic, preferably in the UK. I had heard that even though there is no
expansion port, they can be soldered in to give a bit more memory and an
FPU ? (As long as you don't lean on the tube while the case is open !)

After a very long time as a computer-phobe,I was given the Classic, by
chance last summer, and have been converted. I have also just started a new
job here at Counter Image where the Macs are as old as mine.

At home I use the little Mac with System 7.0,TCP 2.0.4 (from the Internet
Starter Kit by Adam Engst), MacPPP, MacWeb .98a ,Fetch, Eudora Light and a
Global Village Teleport Gold (14.4) modem. It works fine - if a little

At work we use a IIci and a battered old SE, to run just about everything
in the office. Now they are networked together, sharing a laser writer and
both have internet access & fax. The IIci even just manages to cope with
Photoshop 3.0.

Please feel free to edit this e-mail. It was a challenge to get the Classic
'on-line' - most dealers were rather unhelpful.

Thought the above may be useful, to let someone know it can be done, as I
had to learn a lot very quickly. Most rewarding to 'fetch' my first file.

Subject: Hello ?
Sent: 2/13/97 9:57 PM
Received: 2/15/97 7:34 PM
From: Willem Koster


I have a Mac Classic (4 Mbb Ram, 40 Mb HD) and a II vi (5Mb ram, 60
Mb HD) (but that one's from the office).

I would like to know if there is a site where one can get old
versions of software, (you know, the ones that are faster, smaller
and actually work on a 7.0 system).


Willem Koster
RekenCentrum Rijks Universiteit Groningen

Subject: Mouse for Mac Plus
Sent: 2/13/97 9:39 PM
Received: 2/15/97 7:34 PM
From: alovett

I have a Mac Plus, but no mouse for it. I thought I could use a 9-pin
serial mouse from one of my friend's PCs, but the connectors for the Mac
mouse are female on the computer and male on the mouse, whereas the PC
mouse is female on the mouse and male on the computer. Can I just use a
gender-bender to convert the connector, or are the pin-outs different, in
which case, where do I find an old Mac Plus mouse? Thanks for any


Subject: printers suitable for SE
Sent: 2/14/97 10:11 AM
Received: 2/15/97 7:34 PM
From: Kam Shu Kin

Hello everybody,
I have a SE and I want to know which printers are best fitted for SE. For
your information, I have a imagewriter and I find that the quality is not
so good. I have Stylewriter 1200 too but it can not be used by SE and
therefore, I use it for another Mac machine.
Besides, which OS is the best for SE with 4M RAM? 6.0.3, 7.0.1, 7.1 or 7.5.5?
Best Regards,

Subject: HELP Read PC base message
Sent: 2/14/97 10:28 AM
Received: 2/15/97 7:34 PM
From: hoosier

Dear Mac Folks,
Please help me to translate the file I got from pee cee guy,
what tool and steps to convert this to my Mac

xegin 644 WAIS source info 2/3

Victor Soleman

Subject: Eudora Light 3.0.1 on Plus?
Sent: 2/14/97 11:46 AM
Received: 2/15/97 7:34 PM
From: Marc L. Briel

I tried running Eudora Light 3.0.1 on a MacPlus running System 7.0.1 but
got a message that it wouldn't run without Component Manager installed.

Did anyone else have this problem? If yes, were did you get Component Manager?
If no, what version of the system are you running on your 68K Mac?



Subject: Mac II Memory upgrade
Sent: 2/15/97 5:32 AM
Received: 2/15/97 7:34 PM
From: Andrew Morley

I rescued a truly classic Mac II for my girlfriend. With its 2 meg of RAM
it hasn't really got enough memory to make a good job of system 7, but with
system 6.0.7 (I couldn't find a UK version of it so I Anglicised it using
resedit!) and Clarisworks 2 it makes a great workhorse for her. (I wonder
how many of its MSDOS-based contemporaries are still useful!). It has a
40M internal HD and an 800k floppy drive which, sadly, doesn't work.
Still, the network and SCSI works, so between them the lack of floppy is a
minor nuisance.

However, I would like to upgrade it a little. I've downloaded several
different guides to upgrading memory and can't quite seem to understand my

I understand I can use 1M SIMMS or _special_ 4M SIMMS (what about 2M SIMMS
- will it work with those?), BUT because it doesn't have the FDHD upgrade I
understand that there are restrictions on the use of 4M SIMMS. Can anyone
explain what my options are? Would adding 4 or 8 1M SIMMS be my only
option or could I use 4M SIMMS in one bank?

BTW The FDHD upgrade is no longer available from Apple - does anyone know
how this can be done cheaply? I see little point in fixing the low-density
floppy drive, but if I could upgrade to a high-density one it might just be
worth doing.

With the extra RAM my GF will be able to run Sys 7.1, which, to my mind is
quite a 'classic' release - pretty stable and with most of the system 7
features ones needs without the bloat of 7.5+.

Thanks in advance,


Andrew Morley, High Wycombe, UK.

Subject: Keyboard DIPswitch
Sent: 2/15/97 6:37 PM
Received: 2/15/97 7:34 PM
From: George Crane

Hello. I have an ancient keyboard manufactured by Northgate Computer
Systems in 1988. It is called an Omnikey Ultra. It is meant to be used
either with a Mac (two ADB ports) or something else IBM-compatible I
believe. The problem is that there is a bank of eight DIP switches that
seem to be for configuring the keyboard. When I got the keyboard the guy
said it didn't work, but I believe his kids just messed with the DIP
switches since I have been able to get some activity (not full use) by
fooling with switches. What I really need is info on the correct DIP
configuration for this old beast. Anybody out there have one of these or
have the documentation? Thanks.
george crane

Subject: monitor problems IIcx
Sent: 2/9/97 12:50 PM
Received: 2/15/97 7:34 PM
From: Babette Thomson (Medium Pool)

Would this be the answer to my identical problem on my IIcx?
I posted my question last month, but nobody answered <sniff>. Also can I
do it myself? I've never taken a computer apart in my life.

Subject: SE Scan Lines
From: Gary Crosby

Brian, in a recent ClassicMac post, you wrote:

Hi. I have just replaced a burnt out 9"crt in a Mac SE but now I am
having a display problem. The machine boots up with the normal desktop
dimly visible under this interference pattern. It is not solved by
adjustment of the four pots on the side analog board. It is a gray
background with very thin bright white horizontal lines going accross
the screen at a slight angle in a zig-zag fashion. I'm told that these
are called scan lines and normally are adjusted by the brightness
controls on the analog board, but if that fails, then one of the
resistors on that board is at fault. Now I may need to know which
resistor(s) to replace.Also, I'm wondering if the problem could be on
the little video board that clips on to the back of the crt.

According to my copy of "The Dead Mac Scrolls" by Larry Pina, the problem
is probably the R20 (100K, 1/2-watt, 5%) & R21 (1M, 1/2-watt, 5%) resistors
located near the top of the board on the right side (nearest the cut
corner). That or the R24 variable resistor labeled "cutoff" needs
adjustment, or possibly both in your case.


Subject: RE: Classic Macs Digest 2.6
Sent: 2/9/97 7:11 PM
Received: 2/15/97 7:34 PM
From: Jones
To: cmpost,

Subject: Mac Plus as an Alarm Clock
Sent: 2/6/97 2:55 AM
Received: 2/7/97 6:11 PM
From: Erick Dietrich


I have a Plus here, with 4mb of RAM and no hard disk. I'm in need of an
alarm clock and since the machine is wonderfully quiet, I was thinking
about ways to use it as such. I'm looking for some software that would
be a bit more tricked out than apple's Alarm Clock DA. Is there any such

There woz some great Alarm clock software around years ago, try some of
the sites that specialize in OLD software


I have a Mac II with a 21" Radius color monitor, 20/220 configuration,
and a 50 mhz '030 Daystar accelerater. My question is this: the power
key on my keyboard needs to be hit a few times to turn my machine on.

I have a IIvx and this is normal. The power-on key is polled very slowly
so you have to hit it for a full second.

The Mac II has a different Power-On circuit to other Mac II series


Subject: modems on old macs
Sent: 2/6/97 4:04 AM
Received: 2/7/97 6:12 PM
From: Jag
To: Hitz,

Does anybody know the fastest modem that can be used on a Plus, SE and



I've used a 14.4k modem on a Mac Portable 2/40, SE, SE/30 and Mac II,
but it really depends what sort of software you are running, and on some
macs it may depend on the port that you use and if you are also using
AppleTalk as well. Apple says the max is 9600, but they should go to
33.6k. Some cables are not wired to allow some modems to work correctly,
it should use pins 4 and 5 for h/ware handshaking, some cables use 6,8
and 20.


Subject: Hacking Apple's HD SC Set up 7.3.5 ?
Sent: 2/7/97 3:59 AM
Received: 2/7/97 6:12 PM
From: Bo Schnick

Has anybody used the patch
at:<>, which I linked to
from:<> to use Apple's HD SC
7.3.5 on any make of SCSI hard drive? I downloaded the patch but I'm having
second thoughts about running the patched 7.3.5 hard drive formatter.

I've used a hack from a magazine on HD SC 7.5.3 It worked a couple of
drives but If it can't support a drive it will tell you, ie you can't
make changes.


Subject: Brainstorm
Sent: 2/9/97 6:32 PM
Received: 2/15/97 7:34 PM
From: Chris Clark

I am/was an authorized reseller for Brainstorm accelerators for Mac Plus
and Mac SE. I have some stock left that I would like to sell. They are
great products. If there is any interest, let me know.


Subject: MacPlus Mouse
Sent: 2/9/97 11:59 PM
Received: 2/15/97 7:34 PM
From: Rex
To: Classic Macs Digest,

I need a mouse for a MacPlus. I want to spend the least amount of money I
can & I'm wondering if I can use another type of mouse & just replace the
end. Does anyone know if this is possible? If it is, how do you do it?

Subject: Hard Drive for Mac Plus
Sent: 2/9/97 7:56 PM
Received: 2/15/97 7:34 PM
From: Virginia Steckley

I've investigated the help everyone has given (which was much
appreciated) and have decided that getting a new HD for my Mac Plus is
the only way to get 7.5.5 or anything else installed. To install the
new software, that I already own, I needed to connect the Plus' 20 meg
HD to my PowerPC, which installed system 7.5.2 for the PowerPC instead
of a universal version. The code doesnt boot on my plus so I need a 100
meg HD to copy the installer files to to intall the new OS. If anyone
knows where to find a 100 meg or around there for about $50 or less (the
$50 is the important part) it would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Subject: Re: Phone Cable Network
Sent: 2/8/97 2:03 PM
Received: 2/15/97 7:34 PM
From: Clark Martin
To: cmpost,

Subject: Phone Cable Network
Sent: 2/6/97 1:48 AM
Received: 2/7/97 6:12 PM
From: Bob Gilbert

I have a Mac Plus I would like to use in my kitchen and network to a Performa
575 located in an upstairs's bedroom. I understand one can network using the
existing house telephone wiring. Can anyone tell me how to do this. What kind
of special connectors are needed and where to get them. Will this interfere
with the telephone in any way?


Most phone wiring is at least four wires. One pair (red and green usually)
is used for the phone. The second (black and yellow) is usually a spare.
However it may be used for a second line or in some rare cases power for
phone accessories.

I would check it first to see if it might be in use. First use a DVM
(Digital Voltmeter) set to AC volts to see if there is any voltage on the
line (real unlikely). Next set the DVM to DC volts. Assuming the those
tests are negative (<1V) put the DVM on ohms. If it's anything but
infinity you have a problem.

If the second pair looks okay and assuming it goes everywhere you want then
all you need to do is wire it to the second pair on your existing phone
jacks (the outer of the two pairs. These will usually be marked black and

If your phone jacks are wired right, the cable will go from one to another.
Sometimes they are all wired from the entry point. If it's the former then
attach a 120 ohm 1/4 watt resistor across the black and yellow terminals of
the two phone jacks at each end of the wiring. If it's the latter, attach
the a resistor to each of the phone jacks connected via the longest cable
run. This isn't as good a setup and it may cause trouble but probably not.
The resistors are available from Radio Shack OR a good electronics retail

Once you do that, just plug your PhoneNet adapters into the wall jack. Try
to keep the cable used to plug it in short (also any phone cables). If you
have two PhoneNet devices in the same room, just plug one into the wall and
the other into the first. You can also plug a modem or phone equipment
into the PhoneNet adapter. I would avoid putting any phone equipment
between the PhoneNet adapters and the wall jack, some phone equipement
doesn't patch the second pair through.

Subject: SE Upgrade
Sent: 2/16/97 4:26 AM
Received: 2/16/97 2:36 PM
From: Julia Bauer
To: Classic Macs,

I read in the most recent MacAddict magazine that my SE may be upgradable
to an SE/30 with a logic board replacement. I have an 4/40 SE with an
E-net card in it that I want to use for a LocalTalk Gateway (Apple SW for
EtherTalk to LocalTalk) and as a mail server AIMS. I also have a 1 GB
hard drive to put in as well.

My concern is over the warning MA gave that some "older" SEs may not be
able to handle the upgrade with an internal expansion card installed.
How do you identify if your system is "older"?

Secondly, I my upgrade is a go. What is the best source for the logic
board purchase. Surfing yesterday yielded some interesting alternative
warranting some phone calls but additional suggestions would be

Thirdly, does anyone have any reservation about running the upgraded
system in this way.


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