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Enhanced SE/30 sound
RE: monitor problems IIcx
re: SE Upgrade
RE: Mac II Memory upgrade
PDS Slot Options
Chooser question
Re: Classic Macs Digest 2.10
Internet access for the mac classic
Re: SE/30
Re: Mac Plus problem
Re: Subject: Mac Plus as an Alarm Clock
SE 1/80 needs a floppy upgrade
Mice for the Plus
Classic II Power board

Subject: Enhanced SE/30 sound
Sent: 2/17/97 11:22 PM
Received: 2/17/97 11:40 PM

Hi everyone. Hope you can help with this. I want to enhance the sound on my
SE/30. Right now, I have 8bit mono with no sound input, correct?

1) How can I get sound in?
2) Can I get stereo sound out?

I understand there may be a way to do it thru the serial port.

Thanks for your help.
Brian Scarborough

Subject: RE: monitor problems IIcx
Sent: 2/18/97 2:38 AM
Received: 2/18/97 8:38 AM
From: NeonGooch

From: Babette Thomson (Medium Pool)

Would this be the answer to my identical problem on my IIcx?
I posted my question last month, but nobody answered <sniff>. Also can I
do it myself? I've never taken a computer apart in my life.

No, if an external monitor or ANY color monitor fails you should take it to
be fixed (often cost prohibitive) or trash it and get a new one. Sorry, only
the B&W baby Macs get it that easy.

Subject: re: SE Upgrade
Sent: 2/18/97 2:43 AM
Received: 2/18/97 8:38 AM
From: NeonGooch

From: Julia Bauer

I read in the most recent MacAddict magazine that my SE may be upgradable
to an SE/30 with a logic board replacement. I have an 4/40 SE with an
E-net card in it that I want to use for a LocalTalk Gateway (Apple SW for
EtherTalk to LocalTalk) and as a mail server AIMS. I also have a 1 GB
hard drive to put in as well.

My concern is over the warning MA gave that some "older" SEs may not be
able to handle the upgrade with an internal expansion card installed.
How do you identify if your system is "older"?

Secondly, I my upgrade is a go. What is the best source for the logic
board purchase. Surfing yesterday yielded some interesting alternative
warranting some phone calls but additional suggestions would be

Thirdly, does anyone have any reservation about running the upgraded
system in this way.

Thanks, Julia


A card for the SE will most likely not work if you convert it to an SE/30.
The SE has a 68000 compliant PDS slot on its motherboard and the SE/30 has an
030 complient slot. Furhter the SE/30 is unique because the PDS card has to
be built upright, just like in the SE. You should contact the cards
manufacturer to find out. The best way to get the logic board (and floppy
drive) is used, from an SE/30 being scrapped because its analog board

You want the floppy drive to give you the abailty to read and write to 1.4
meg floppies, unless your SE already has the 1.4meg drive built in (some of
the last SE's had this). I have no concerns about the motheroard swap, but
some about the large hard drive. Some say they use enuf extra power to cause
the analog board to fail in time (the power supply). I don't think this would
be a problem for an upgraded SE, 'cause the SE's power supply was rated for
100watts and the SE/30 for only 75 watts.


Subject: RE: Mac II Memory upgrade
Sent: 2/18/97 2:43 AM
Received: 2/18/97 8:39 AM
From: NeonGooch

From: Andrew Morley

I rescued a truly classic Mac II for my girlfriend. With its 2 meg of RAM
it hasn't really got enough memory to make a good job of system 7, but with
system 6.0.7 (I couldn't find a UK version of it so I Anglicised it using
resedit!) and Clarisworks 2 it makes a great workhorse for her. (I wonder
how many of its MSDOS-based contemporaries are still useful!). It has a
40M internal HD and an 800k floppy drive which, sadly, doesn't work.
Still, the network and SCSI works, so between them the lack of floppy is a
minor nuisance.

However, I would like to upgrade it a little. I've downloaded several
different guides to upgrading memory and can't quite seem to understand my

I understand I can use 1M SIMMS or _special_ 4M SIMMS (what about 2M SIMMS
- will it work with those?), BUT because it doesn't have the FDHD upgrade I
understand that there are restrictions on the use of 4M SIMMS. Can anyone
explain what my options are? Would adding 4 or 8 1M SIMMS be my only
option or could I use 4M SIMMS in one bank?

BTW The FDHD upgrade is no longer available from Apple - does anyone know
how this can be done cheaply? I see little point in fixing the low-density
floppy drive, but if I could upgrade to a high-density one it might just be
worth doing.

With the extra RAM my GF will be able to run Sys 7.1, which, to my mind is
quite a 'classic' release - pretty stable and with most of the system 7
features ones needs without the bloat of 7.5+.

Thanks in advance, Andrew

With 2meg of ram it must currently have 8 256k simms inside. Without the rom
(read only memory) upgrade you cannot use larger than 1meg simms in bank "A".
Also without the rom upgrade you cannot use more than 8meg total, even the
32-bit enabler or MODE32 will not get around that, they just won't work
around the Mac 2 (non-upgraded) rom. The Mac 2 has two banks of 4 slots for
memory expantion. Each bank of 4 must be filled with identical 30 pin simms.
2meg simms are not supported, I don't know if they will work or if they need
the special PAL, 512k simms are also not supported but shouldn't need the PAL
and may work.

The Apple upgrade contained the new rom, a PMMU (needed for virtual memory)
and a superdrive (1.4 meg floppy). It sounds like the hot ticket for you if
you can find the kit in an Apple resellers stock. It would fix and improve
the floppy, and gain Virtual memory, and 32-bit adderessing for more than
8meg of ram. Your best bet is 4 or 8 1meg simms, bumping the total to 5meg or
8meg (you would have to remove 4 or 8 of the 256k simms 'cause you only got 8
memory expantion slots). They need to be 120ns or faster and each group of 4
need to be identical. This is like my SE/30 where I have 4, 1meg 100ns simms
and 4, 1meg 120ns simms. Without the rom upgrade you don't need to worry
about the special 4meg simms, you can only use 8meg of ram anyway, max, and
have 8 slots that must be filled in fours.

Yes, system 7.1 is a classic, espcially if you find system 7.1.1 which has an
improved Finder, that more and more new stuff needs. I have system 7.1 on an
external hard drive, but find it to be much slower on the older Macs and
usually use the system 6.0.8 (not following my own advise, but all my
printing software comes from the stylewriter disks anyway). At
<> you can get the Claris works 2.0 to 2.1.4 updater, its
great, but I have not been able to get the Claris version 4 to 2 converter
there. I got mine on America Online, and could e-mail you a copy if you need


Subject: PDS Slot Options
Sent: 2/18/97 6:52 AM
Received: 2/18/97 8:39 AM
From: Paul DiGiovanni
To: Classic Macs Digest,

Is the PDS slot on the IIsi capable of using more than one device via the
use of an adaptor? I have a SuperMac DIgital Video Card (VideoSpigot si),
which sits in one of two slots on an adaptor which itself sits directly in
the PDS slot. The documentation strongly suggests that the second slot is
for adding audio via another SuperMac card. Can it be used for anything
else? Would this (or a different adaptor) allow use of the VideoSpigot
and, say, an accelerator? And is that a comm slot being partially covered
by the VideoSpigot? Do typical devices which use this slot "fit" beneath
the VideoSpigot?

Paul D. DiGiovanni
Cortland, NY

Subject: Chooser question
Sent: 2/18/97 8:15 AM
Received: 2/18/97 9:12 AM
From: Foley, Edward A.
To: ''

My neighbor's LC has the following two quirkies:

1. The printer selection in the Chooser won't persist from session to
session -- every time you turn the machine on, you have to go in and
select the printer again. She's using a HP Deskwriter through the serial
(modem) port.

2. The machine powers up in black and white, but when you do a restart
through the Finder, it comes on in color as it should.

Where should I begin in helping her with this?

I can't tell you much about the machine, but I do know it is 100%
factory hardware except for an add-on hard drive (LaCie) and it is
running System 7.0.

Any suggestions will be appreciated, and I can get more information
about her configuration if that would be helpful to anyone.

Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 2.10
Sent: 2/18/97 6:34 PM
Received: 2/18/97 9:49 PM
From: John Stephens
To: cmpost,

Tru Galaxy in Eugene Oregon.
They are specialists in Macintosh upgrades..... I have no connection with
them except as a very satisfied customer.

Subject: Internet access for the mac classic
Sent: 2/18/97 9:06 PM
Received: 2/18/97 9:49 PM
From: Garry Stewart

Hi Classic Macs!
I have recently been given some information for accessing the web and
writing e mail.

Will Mcnaughten gave me the information on how to download,
I don`t think that it is possible with the system I am using at work,which
is an IBM clone.

Is there anybody in the Vancouver BC area who could help me .


Subject: Re: SE/30
Sent: 2/18/97 10:10 AM
Received: 2/18/97 9:49 PM
From: Robert Eye


Disk Doctor is the disk tool in Norton Utilities. Might you mean
Disk First Aid? In any case, Disk First Aid usually works on
Apple and non-Apple drives (at least it does on mine).

The latest version of Norton Utilities is 3.2.4 (although the
boxes contain a slightly earlier version and you get the update
on-line), and it will run fine on a SE 30. Many old sw places
have version 2.0 for about $20; the upgrade to v 3.2.x is about
$40 from the mailorder places, so you could save some $, at the
expense of some time to get 2.0, and then send in the info to get
3.2.x. The newest version is about $100, even by mailorder.
BTW MacWarehouse has a nice Norton/RamDoubler 2 bundle for $99.

There is a place near me (Allen, TX) called Software Etc. (not
affiliated with the stores of the same name owned by Babbage's)
that has a number of copies of 2.0 available for, I think, $20.


Bob Eye

Subject: SE/30
Sent: 2/16/97 6:01 PM
Received: 2/16/97 6:11 PM

I'm setting up this beauty for my sister. 8megs of ram and a 210meg
Cirrus hard drive and system 7.1.3 and everything works fine. Only
trouble is Disk Doctor dosn't work on the hard drive. Don't think
the hard drive has apple roms......what can I do to keep the hard
drive humming along. Should I use an old version of Nortons'
Utilities? Which version of Nortons?
Jim Kelly

Subject: Re: Mac Plus problem
Sent: 2/18/97 10:55 AM
Received: 2/18/97 9:49 PM
From: Rex
To: Classic Macs Digest

I have a Mac Plus 1/0 with the following symptoms. When I first boot up,
with a cold machine, the screen will sometimes get 'wavy' for a second -
like the Plus is about to segue into a dream sequence. This doen't happen
everytime I use it, and when it does happen it usually only happens once
or twice.

Once the Mac's been on for a couple of hours the screen will sometimes
black out. If i tap the right side of the case near the top it comes back
on - but it blacks out again from time to time if I continue to use it.
It seems to me that some connection is coming loose as the temperature
inside goes up.

Does anybody know what the exact problem is? or how much it would cost to
fix it? (does anybody even repair old Mac Pluses anymore?) I've never
opened a 'compact' Mac before so I don't think I'm up to repairing it

Joe Svatek

I had the same problem with my MacPlus. I was told by many people that the
power supply needed to be resoldered on the circuit board. That seems to be
the common problem. I did that, but it wasn't the problem. It actually
turned out for me that there was a different loose connection on the
circuit board that needed to be resoldered. I did it & now it works great.
It was really simple to do, but if you are uneasy with the idea of
soldering, get a friend to do it.

Subject: Re: Subject: Mac Plus as an Alarm Clock
Sent: 2/18/97 1:05 AM
Received: 2/18/97 9:49 PM

Subject: Mac Plus as an Alarm Clock
Sent: 2/6/97 2:55 AM
Received: 2/7/97 6:11 PM
From: Erick Dietrich


I have a Plus here, with 4mb of RAM and no hard disk. I'm in need of an
alarm clock and since the machine is wonderfully quiet, I was thinking
about ways to use it as such. I'm looking for some software that would
be a bit more tricked out than apple's Alarm Clock DA. Is there any such

PS- For you PowerBook owners in the New York City area: Incredible
Universe is going out of business and they currently have PowerBook
Wetsuits for about $15.75 each. All four versions, for the 100, the
140-180c, the duo's and the newer machines. Protect your classic
Powerbook! Just take the bus to IKEA from midtown, the IU is in Jersey.


I doesn't know any DA or software that turns a Mac plus into an alarm
clock But if you have Hypercard or Excel you can program it.

- With HYPERCARD : program it with the hypertalk language and make a
"stack" that will wake you up when you want. (Normaly, if you have a mac
plus, you may have Hypercard with its documentation, but it's very hard to
use it without hard disk.)
Hypertalk is very powerful and really adapted for this problem,
but you will have to learn it, throught it is very interresting.

- With EXCEL, you can use the MACRO, Excel's programming language.
By example, you can use those two small MACRO to
paste in a MACRO sheet. They will ring 10 seconds after you launched
the first one.
To make them work, don't forget to "Set the name" of both macros, in
the menu "Select", then execute Set_the_clock.


=ALERT("It's time to wake up !!!")

IMPORTANT : don't forget in both cases,
1 to turn the screen black to save it.
2 Are you sure to use your mac as a alarm clock, if it is turns on
a too long time, it may failed. You may buy a standart alarm clock.

Subject: SE 1/80 needs a floppy upgrade
Sent: 2/18/97 11:14 AM
Received: 2/18/97 9:49 PM
From: Ron Carlson

How does one upgrade the SE from an 800K to a 1.44M floppy drive. Simply
plug in the 1.44? Is there are ROM that needs to be changed along with

I have a 1.44 from an old Mac IIcx - where can I find any needed ROMs or

Regards, Ron Carlson

Subject: Mice for the Plus
Sent: 2/18/97 11:46 AM
Received: 2/18/97 9:49 PM
From: B.J. Major & Dennis J. Gorin

In response to:

PC Mice don't work on Macs, but... You can use a PC serial mouse on a
Mac serial port if you can dig up a Mouse driver that was round years
ago. It allowed you to use a PC Mouse but you loose a serial port on
your Mac. You can rewire an Amiga mouse to work on a Mac Plus, I think
an old Atari mouse may work too.



I see lots o' questions about Mac Plus replacement mice on this list.
Actually, for anyone who has an old Apple //e around (it MUST be the //e,
not the //c), the Apple //e mouse works perfectly in the Plus nine pin
port. (//c mouse is somehow pinned differently and does NOT work).



Apple //-///-Macintosh user, supporter, and collector.

Subject: Classic II Power board
Sent: 2/18/97 5:25 PM
Received: 2/18/97 9:49 PM
From: Mark & Kris Bauer

I have heard that there's an "A" and a "B" series of tube/power board
for the Classic II. Does anyone know if they are cross-compatible?

Does anyone know what power boards will work for the Classic II?

Thanks again!


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