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Table of Contents for this issue:

Classic II upgrade
CFM-68k Runtime Enabler Public Beta
1986 SE RAM upgrade
Re: Classic Macs Digest 2.14
Right and Wrong -Duo and Display Card
IIsi & Mobius stuff
DuoDock Video
Battery in Performa 200
MacWeb Brower on Macworld CD-ROM
RAM limit & RAM Doubler 2.0
TCP and PPP on Mac II
Re: Mac Plus questions
Aaron for MacPlus?
Xceed Greyscale card
Re: what speed simms?
multisynch on IIcx
Floppy Mac on WWW?
Hard Drives for Classic Macs
microphone for SE/30

Subject: Classic II upgrade
Sent: 2/22/97 7:08 AM
Received: 2/22/97 11:23 AM
From: michael Wong

I am thinking of upgrading my Classic II with a new higher capacity HD. Is there a
FAQ on how to proceed with such an upgrade? I have a Zip drive which I can
use as a backup drive to transfer data back.

The second question I had is where can find a good source of HD's that will
fit my Classic II?

My last question is concerning Apple floppy drives.

My HD floppy drive recently died or rather partly died and the local Apple outlets want a
fortune for a replacement $200 Canadain. Any suggestions on fixing it or a
source to buying a new one. I reads only some disks and not other, the same
on writing disks as well. Thanks

Regards MikeW

Subject: CFM-68k Runtime Enabler Public Beta
Sent: 2/22/97 10:58 AM
Received: 2/22/97 11:23 AM
From: Bo Schnick

The public beta of the CFM-68k Runtime Enabler is available.

From the "ReadMe" at:


What is the CFM-68k Runtime Enabler extension?

This extension allows applications to share code libraries
on computers using a 680x0 processor. A shared code library
is a file which contains common programming routines. By
using shared libraries, applications can reduce their memory

What version of system software is required?

You must have at least System 7.1 installed to use this
software. This software also works with System 7.5, System
7.5.1, System 7.5.2, System 7.5.3, System 7.5.5, and Mac OS

What is the problem with the CFM-68k Runtime Enabler

In late November, Apple announced a bug in the CFM-68k
Runtime Enabler extension. This bug could cause random
crashes and hangs, resulting in application instability and
potential loss of data. Because of the potential seriousness
of these problems, Apple has recommended that customers
disable the extension.

What happens when the extension is disabled?

If the CFM-68k Runtime Enabler extension is disabled,
software which requires it will no longer run. This includes
OpenDoc, Cyberdog, LaserWriter 8.4, the Apple Media Tool,
AOL 3.0, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.

Does this updated CFM-68k Runtime Enabler v4.0b1 extension
fix this bug?

Apple has reasonable expectations that this extension fixes
the bug. It has undergone significant testing for Apple to
determine that it is reasonably stable. However, keep in
mind that this is beta software, and has not completed all
of Apple's quality testing.

When will Apple release the final version of this extension?

Apple expects to release the final version in mid-March. No
guarantee is given, however, that Apple will meet this ship

ObjectSupportLib version 1.2 is included with this software.
Is this also beta software?

No. ObjectSupportLib is officially released software. It is
not beta software. Apple includes this software to install
along with the CFM-68k Runtime Enabler v4.0b1 because of
problems using older versions of ObjectSupportLib with the
CFM-68k Runtime Enabler.

URL for this beta software is:


Subject: 1986 SE RAM upgrade
Sent: 2/21/97 8:50 PM
Received: 2/22/97 11:23 AM
From: Lawrence Monteiro

I have a Mac SE which was built in 1986 and another built in 1988. I
upgraded my 88 and everything works perfectly. The 88 has a three pin
jumper which needs to be removed for anything over 2MB RAM. The 86 has
no such three pin jumper. The motherboard is inscribed with the following
information in the area where the three pin jumper appears on the 88:

256K (resistor here) R35 BIT
ONE (no resistor) R36 ROW

I was told to cut the one resistor to allow the upgrade from 1MB to 4MB
RAM by a outfit from which I bought my SIMMs, however, the person I spoke
with wasn't entirely sure this was correct. He hadn't seen this classic
mac in a long time.

If anyone can help me with this upgrade, I would be very greatful.


Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 2.14
Sent: 2/21/97 9:04 PM
Received: 2/22/97 11:23 AM
From: Clark Martin
To: cmpost,

Subject: Help with Plus
Sent: 2/20/97 7:20 PM
Received: 2/20/97 7:29 PM
From: Doug Rose
To: cmpost,

I have a mac plus with 4mb ram and would really like to add it to my
small ethernet network. Is this possible? I know se's can take a card,
but what about a plus?

The Plus doesn't have an expansion slot. You can however attach a
SCSI-Ethernet adapter. They are available from Asante, Sonic and others.
Most Mac mail order places carry them. The performance won't be the best,
but better than LocalTalk. Their pricey, around $200 or more.

Subject: IIsi Monitor Problems
Sent: 2/21/97 12:37 AM
Received: 2/21/97 3:30 PM
From: Ron Carter

I picked up a IIsi with 17mb RAM and 80mb HD and keyboard and mouse for
$75. It has card with 68882 co-processor but it will not fire up a monitor
from the monitor port on the motherboard. It did fire up a monitor with a
video card added to the co-processor board. What's the problem? Are there
only certain monitors the IIsi will work with? Any ideas?

Yup, the IIsi's internal video can handle 512x384, 640x480 & 640x870. I
don't know off hand what the horizontal scan rate is for these resolutions.
It works with the Apple 12", Apple 13/14", Apple's Mono Portrait display
and some SVGA monitors using an adapter. What monitor are you trying?

Subject: what speed simms?
From: The Malawi's

According to my book "Fix Your Own Mac" by Jan Harrington, you must use SIMMs
that are 80ns or faster (remember the lower the #, the faster the SIMM. 70ns
is faster than 100ns). It isn't a clean 32 bit machine, either, so use Mode
32 extension to increase your memory more than 8megs. According to the book,
your IIci can accept up to 128megs, but it also said the same for my SE/30,
and the SE/30 can only go to 32megs max. 'Course, 32megs should be plenty for
me! You have 2 banks of SIMM slots, four slots per bank. Increase SIMM size 4
at a time (i.e. four 1 meg SIMMs, four 4 meg SIMMS) Don't mix different speed
SIMMs in the same bank.

The IIci IS a 32bit clean machine (I have one with 20Mb RAM now). The IIcx
wasn't and the SE/30 isn't, but the IIci definetly is.

Subject: Right and Wrong -Duo and Display Card
Sent: 2/21/97 11:16 PM
Received: 2/22/97 11:23 AM
From: EL

Subject: macintosh display card 8?24
yep, you can run two monitors, twice the desk space! You can also get
24bit colour, millions, on the 8.24 card but i think the Dock can only
get 16bit colour, thousands. Put the 16" on the card and get a 12" mono
or 13"RGB and park all of those tool windows and spellcheck dialogs on
the smaller screen.

The Duo Dock will support millions of colors just fine with the card
installed. I'm using that arrangement right now. Logical, if you
consider it. The card does the work.

Eric the web wandering wonderer- Buda, Texas

Subject: IIsi & Mobius stuff
Sent: 2/21/97 11:48 PM
Received: 2/22/97 11:23 AM
From: David

According to "Fix Your Own Mac" by Jan Harrington, DayStar made several PDS
accelerators for the '030 IIsi, from 33MHz to 50MHz. They also made 2 '040
PDS upgrades with pass thru. These were 40MHz with 128K cache, an 50MHz with
32k cache. Mobius made about 6 '040 upgrades, that have an adaptor that
replaces the CPU directly in the logic board. The original CPU is still
retained in the adaptor, allowing the original CPU and upgraded CPU to be

I suspect that if you got any PDS accelerator, you could easily use it in
your dual PDS adaptor along with your graphics card.

Check MicroMac at <>
DayStar at <>
Sonnet may also make logic board direct accelerators, <>
Mobius <> doesn't show any accelerator info on the web
page, but maybe if you call them at (800) MOBIUS1, they could give you some

David writes:

I have a Mobius 040 accelerator in my IIsi. It plugs in the PDS slot via a
special adapter similar to the FPU/Nu-Bus adapter that is on most IIsi's. I
am not sure about Mobius' history, but I believe that the Mobius that made
monitors and accelerators is out of buisness and the one at the website
listed above are two different buisnesses. I called that same number last
year and was told that this Mobius never made any products for Macs, only
networking software. If anyone else has any more info or a newer version
of the Speedster control panel for the 040 accelerator I would sure
appreciate it.


Subject: DuoDock Video
Sent: 2/21/97 5:11 PM
Received: 2/22/97 11:23 AM
From: Bob Laughton

I have a Duo2300c and a DuoDock II+ (Soon to be classic)

Does anyone know if I can expand the internal 1 MB of video RAM to 2 MB?
I'm trying to run a 17" AppleVision monitor with this setup.
Would I be better off with a NuBus video card?

And what would be a good use for the second NuBus slot? I hate to see it
sit there empty. DOS Card?

I just graduated from a PowerBook 100 and I'm going to be using this
setup for many years to come.

Subject: Response....
Sent: 2/22/97 11:01 AM
Received: 2/22/97 6:34 PM
From: B.J. Major & Dennis J. Gorin

In reply to:

As to not being able to connect, make sure the network info is entered in
MacTCP, since you've already said you selected 'MacPPP' in MacTCP...Also
check on whether or not you have the AppleTalk control panel installed.
AppleTalk doesn't need to be turned on, but the control panel has to be
present before a connection will work.

HUH????!!! An Appletalk control panel ONLY exists if you are running
Open Transport, NOT Classic Networking with MacTCP. This new Appletalk
control panel replaces the former "Network" control panel used with
MacTCP and Appleshare.

Subject: Battery in Performa 200
Sent: 2/22/97 5:22 AM
Received: 2/22/97 6:34 PM
From: eriedl
To: Classic Mac,

After following this list it seems clear that the battery in my
daughter's Performa 200 must be replaced. I live in "Mac-poor" area and
will have to replace the battery myself. Any tips?

Subject: MacWeb Brower on Macworld CD-ROM
Sent: 2/22/97 5:23 AM
Received: 2/22/97 6:34 PM
From: eriedl
To: Classic Mac,

I tried running MacWeb 2.0 from this CD-ROM but it freezes on the startup
page every time. I don't have problems w/Navigator 2.? or E-mailer?
There's nothing on the CD-ROM to indicate any problem with my system
(7.5.1). Any suggestions?

Subject: RAM limit & RAM Doubler 2.0
Sent: 2/22/97 5:23 AM
Received: 2/22/97 6:34 PM
From: eriedl
To: Classic Mac,

I understand that Performa 400 are limited to addressing a max of 10 meg
physical RAM. I've got 8 installed now and use RAM Doubler 2.0. Is there
any wau for me to break the 10 meg limit?

E Riedl

Subject: TCP and PPP on Mac II
Sent: 2/22/97 12:24 PM
Received: 2/22/97 6:34 PM
From: duaneod

I have a Mac II with 8 megs RAM and System 7.1.1, MacTCP 2.0.6, and
MacPPP 2.5, and a SupraExpress 33.6 modem. When I try to connect with
PPP, it initializes the modem, the window says that it is dialing my
ISP, but it doesn't seem to dial or connect. One time I managed to log
onto the ISP with Zterm, send the PPP command, close Zterm, open MacPPP,
and actually run Netscape 2 for about 30 minutes before it crashed.

What is wrong with my setup?

Duane O'D

Subject: Re: Mac Plus questions
Sent: 2/23/97 12:09 PM
Received: 2/23/97 3:55 PM
From: Miles Anderson
To: cmpost,

I'm trying to fix up a Mac Plus for my girlfriend. Let me tell
you about it: 1. It has 256k RAM. I would like to upgrade it
to 4MB. Good sources for RAM?

The best source for RAM is the The Chip Merchant in San Diego.

What about RamDoubler or SpeedDoubler? Can I install the
newest versions of these 2 programs on the Mac Plus, providing
that it's upgraded to 4MB = RAM, 100 MB internal HD, sys. 7.1?

Those programs will not run on any 68000 Mac.

Subject: Aaron for MacPlus?
Sent: 2/23/97 2:42 PM
Received: 2/23/97 3:55 PM
From: Rex
To: Classic Macs Digest,

I'm sure a catch a lot of flack for this, but here goes.

Is there a version of the Aaron extention that would work on a MacPlus
w/4megs & sys.7.

I'm really interested in programs to "liven" up the desktop a little. So if
your using something that looks cool, let me know!

Just curious,

Subject: Xceed Greyscale card
Sent: 2/22/97 11:12 PM
Received: 2/23/97 3:55 PM

In Classic Macs 2.14, you wrote:

Does anyone have any info on where you can find the Xceed video card
mentioned in the latest issue of MacAddict? It is a card for the SE/30.

I have one of these machines and I love it to death! I want to browse the
web on my souped up SE/30 with internal gray scale video!
Please e-mail trmptman with any info or sources you have
for the Xceed videocard for the SE/30.

Nicholas Kelly

My best advise is to start huntin'. I found my Xceed color card used on AOL's
classifieds. I have seen other cards, such as the Raster Ops cards, but never
the internal Greyscale.

Good luck,
Brian Scarborough

Subject: Re: what speed simms?
Sent: 2/22/97 11:40 PM
Received: 2/23/97 3:55 PM
From: B Soluski

in reply to a question on MacIIci memory...

It isn't a clean 32 bit machine, either, so use Mode
32 extension to increase your memory more than 8megs.

The MacIIci is definitly 32 bit clean.
Dirty ROMs are in MacII, SE/30, MacIIcx and such.
I put 20 MB into my ci without problems or Mode 32.

By the way, there are two versions of Mode32.
They are both on the Apple FTP site, but have different names.
I believe the newer one is needed for 7.5 operation.


Subject: multisynch on IIcx
Sent: 2/22/97 11:43 PM
Received: 2/23/97 3:55 PM
From: hilal
To: Classic Macs,

i am considering getting an apple 15" multisync monitor for my IIcx. will
i be able to change resolutions on such an old machine?


Subject: Floppy Mac on WWW?
Sent: 2/23/97 3:42 AM
Received: 2/23/97 3:55 PM
From: System Administrator

I received this message today via a link on my website.. I don't think it's
possible to get floppy-only Macs on the WWW, but if you have an answer for
this guy, and you reply to the list, please cc to him,

Gregory A. Havenga. Thanks!

Is it possible to get an old Mac on the web?

In particular, I think my Grandpa has a _floppy_ based mac.... Is he out of luck, or is there some reasonably easy way to get him up and running? If you could point me in the right direction, I'd sure appreciate it.

I'm not a Mac guy, so I'm going to plead the fifth (a US term referring to the 5th amendment - holler if you want more explanation), and hope those in the know will help.

Subject: Hard Drives for Classic Macs
Sent: 2/22/97 8:10 PM
Received: 2/23/97 3:55 PM
From: Julia Bauer
To: Classic Macs,

I would like to install a Quantum Empire 1030S into an LC. When I tried
the initial installation, HD Toolkit PE V1.7 did not recognize it after
scanning the SCSI chain. While I am sure I am missing something, I'm not
sure what it is.

Kurt Bauer

Subject: microphone for SE/30
Sent: 2/23/97 9:15 AM
Received: 2/23/97 3:55 PM

I'm trying to find a microphone to use with an SE/30. It has to connect via
the modem port since this beauty dosn't have the microphone jack later macs
have. Could someone advise which microphone I should buy and where I could
find one?

Jim Kelly

From the List Moderator:

Hi, all. Over the weeks we've noticed that many of the same questions and
answers keep coming up over and again. If you are relatively new to the
list (two months or less), why not spend some time reviewing the
archives? Among many benefits two stand out. One, you may find the answer
to your question, saving everyone else the time of going over old
discussion, and two, you will enrich your knowledge with other
outstanding information that has been posted here since the list began.
Give it a try. Certainly your questions are always welcome.


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