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Browsers other than MacWeb?
New to List
Web Browser for System 6
Re: Classic Macs Digest 2.20
Re: LC Lab Questions
Re: System 6.0.8 for a Color Classic
SE Vertical Bars on Screen
Gifs in Mosaic on B/W Classic

Subject: Browsers other than MacWeb?
Sent: 2/28/97 5:20 PM
Received: 3/1/97 2:38 PM
From: EL

I recently got my IIsi at home hooked up with the local ISP (hooray!).
The software package that came with it included Netscape 3.0, but has a hard time
keeping up when I type URLs directly or mail from it.
I guess what I want is a middle-weight browser. Something not as piggy
as Netscape 3.0

I run version 2.02 of Netscape on my IIsi with terrific results. (I had
the same problem with version 3. Your results depend on how much ram you
have. That doesn't mean you should assign too much ram to Netscape

Its like locking an alchoholic in a liquor store if you give it a bunch
of ram. It will gobble up ram, get drunk, smash everything up, and then
pass out, taking your MAChine with it.

G' Luck
eric the web wandering wonderer

Subject: New to List
Sent: 3/1/97 3:31 AM
Received: 3/1/97 2:38 PM
From: R. Joshua Murry

I'm new to the list and here to ask a question and maybe learn a thing or
two. I just bought an beautiful little Performa 200, but, I suspect the
internal battery is dying. The clock loses its setting and keeps thinking
its 1956, etc. So, just how hard is it to replace the battery? And, where
can I get one and how much?

Thanks from Okinawa

Subject: Web Browser for System 6
Sent: 2/28/97 8:04 PM
Received: 3/1/97 2:38 PM
From: NeonGooch

Does anyone out there know of a browser that will work with system 6.0.7? I
really hate to run system 7 just to browser the web. I do not require, or
even really want, a browser that displays graphics, as I am in B&W. Even
better would be where I can download such a browser, preferably in ftp, but
anything, even buying the browser would be helpful right now.

Thanx, neongooch

Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 2.20
Sent: 2/28/97 8:26 PM
Received: 3/1/97 2:38 PM
From: The Rocket Scientist
To: cmpost,

On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, cmpost wrote:

On the other end, I tossed MacWeb after about five minutes because the
publicly available versions don't support tables.

Well, I got a newer MacWeb 2.0 off of a CD I got in a Mac magazine. It
appears to be shareware and I was a little more impressed with this newer

This version see tables, centers things, see's backgrounds, etc.. It's
small too. On my Mac IIvx with 8 megs of ram I can't run Netscape 3.0, so
MacWeb 2.0 works great until I boot the ram. Since it's shareware maybe I
could load it up to the FTP shareware site..


Subject: Re: LC Lab Questions
Sent: 2/28/97 9:41 PM
Received: 3/1/97 2:38 PM
From: B Soluski

KSQUAD wrote:

I have a acquired 11 Mac LC's 2 or 4 MB RAM and 20Meg HD's.
I want to teach a basic compter curriculum to children
at our local Boys & Girls Club.


Number 1. Can I turn the Sam Intercept Extensions off without knowing the
password?(I tried to throw it in the garbage but it would not let me)

You really should reformat the drives.
You never know what other surprises are lurking on the drive.
Also, you may have trouble with sys7 if you do not reformat.
(You need 32 bit clean disk drivers.)
If these are original Apple drives, HDSetup should work.

2. Was my instilation method ok, or will it cause problems down the line?

A clean install after a reformat keeps problems away.
Unless you have an external disk or CD reader,
you are stuck doing the install by floppies.
But you really should get a cheap small external
drive to handle that many machines.

3. What are some of the obvious programs I should have on the computers?

Snide answer: Microsoft.
Realistic answer: students.
You will spend hours getting Macs up and running,
and someone will trash the system folder.
BUT if you have a standard install on that spare HD,
you can just recopy everything quickly.
(Do not folder drag the system folder to an other disk.
An active system does not always copy perfectly.
Get hold of a copy utility like disktop or desktools.)

4. Where can I find GOOD Freeware and Shareware that can be ran with the
current memory capcity that I have on these computers?

Read the Classic Macs archives.
Get the AMUG CD collection.

5. How can I find out the amout of RAM and MEGS on the Hard Drive?

Open a folder on the hard drive. Set view to icon.
Add the two numbers at the top of the window to get disk size.

Select "About this Macintosh" in the apple menu.
Ths will tell you how much RAM memory yo have.
(You really, really need a minimum of 4MB.)

Good Luck,

Subject: Re: System 6.0.8 for a Color Classic
Sent: 2/28/97 9:41 PM
Received: 3/1/97 2:38 PM
From: B Soluski

Matthew W. Schmeer wrote

Does anyone know where to download the "special" version of System 6.0.8
that works on a Color Classic?

According to the myth/rumor/lore that I remember reading, this special
version of 6.0.8 was an unofficial, unsupported release from Apple for
use by U.S.-system users in Japan, where System 7.0/7.1 was not yet
available when the Color Classic was introduced in February of 1993.

This is not a rumor.
The information was written up in MacWeek a few years ago.
But the info I remember was that this
system ran the old Powerbook 100.
Does Apple have an FTP site in Canada for you to check?


Subject: SE Vertical Bars on Screen
Sent: 3/1/97 3:04 PM
Received: 3/1/97 3:13 PM
From: Todd Hakala

I just got a Mac SE. When I power it up, vertical bars appear on screen.
I have taken all the SIMMs out and cleaned the contacts with an eraser.
I have also tried switching the SIMMs around. Any ideas on what's wrong?

Also, the HD light doesn't come on at boot-time. If I unplug the data
cable from the motherboard and turn it on, the light does come on for a
few seconds.

Having the drive disconnected doesn't fix the vertical bar problem. I
have tried putting some 1 MB SIMMs in it as a test, but that was no
help, either.

One time I did turn it on, I initially got the vertical bars, and then
buzzes came from the speaker, and I got a Sad Mac. The code underneath


SIMM error? ROM error? Drive error? Help!

Subject: Gifs in Mosaic on B/W Classic
Sent: 3/1/97 8:06 PM
Received: 3/1/97 7:46 PM
From: sherburn

I've noticed that my Mosaic 1.0.3 browser does not render gifs as well as
is possible on my b/w Mac Classic screen and am wondering if there is
anything that can be done to improve on it. The same images look much
better in GIFConverter. I've even tried doing simple graphics in MacDraw
and converting them to gif images and then viewing them in Mosaic. Any
portion of the image that had a screen pattern became solid in Mosaic.

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