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HTML Viewer
Re: MicroMac 68030 Accelerator
Netscape 1.1.1
Mac IIci Memory Wierdness
Claassic II Clock Stuck
Performa 475?
Re: Classic Macs Digest 2.20
Web Browsers
Re: Web Browser for System 6
Case Cracking
Protecting Macs From Kids
IIci Accelerator

Subject: HTML Viewer
Sent: 3/2/97 10:28 AM
Received: 3/2/97 12:01 PM
From: Robert Sholl

This may seem like a tall order but here it goes. Im looking for an
HTML "viewer." I need a way to take a web site on a lap top and show it
to a client so that they can see how their web sit will look once
posted. Essentially, I need Nagivator or IE with the communications
functions striped out. I would perfer to be able to show Java and Java
script. Running on a 68K Powerbook is a BIG plus. I will collect and
"digest" responses and repost them here.

Rob Sholl

Subject: Re: MicroMac 68030 Accelerator
Sent: 3/1/97 11:03 PM
Received: 3/2/97 12:01 PM
From: RCarlson1

I am considering getting a MicroMac 68030 accelerator for my old
(but very much loved) Plus, but I have some questions I hope the
"gang" can help me with.

I installed one from MicroMac in my SE about 2 years ago.

1. How good are they? Do you really get the performance boosts
they claim?

Performance boost was very noticeable for computation functions. Disk I/O
was slightly faster, screen animation about 2X faster. Applications like
EXCEL 4.0 and WORD 5.1 now run slow but acceptable - previously they were
uselessly slow. I got the version with the FPU which EXCEL checks for.

3. What about using Virtual by Connectix to get up to 16 MB
virtual memory with these 68030 accelerators? How well does
this *really* work?

I've heard that not all applications, DA's or extensions work bug-free with
virtual memory. The results of persistent crashes can be tiresome.

4. Are they reliable? Any body have one that's been chugging
along for years?

Mine been running for 2 years with not one crash or incompatability noted. I
have lots of shareware that I've tested and a hundred or so applications
that I use. They have all worked identical to my Mac IIci which is a native
68030. Those with bugs give the same bug behavior on both systems, which is
what is desired.

So I'm satisfied with mine - this was the #1 issue in my selection of an
accelerator, price was #2. The MicroMac was also reasonably priced, there
are several others that are ridiculous - one could buy two complete Mac IIci
or cx 68030 systems for the price of one SE 68030 accelerator card.

5. How difficult was it to install (Plus and Classic users only
need reply to this one).

Easy enough, the instructions actually worked.

6. Are you limited in max modem speed despite having a faster
processor? I assume that the faster processor does nothing
for the UART-to-bus transfer speed (assuming that you are
still limited to the 8 MHz system bus).

Max modem speed is limited, but I noted a dramatic throughput improvement
since the Rx duty cycle was rather low on the standard SE - It's about 4
times faster in ftp or WWW file downloading now.

7. I already use a Kensington Mac System Saver unit to keep the
Plus cool; is there anything else I should do to reduce the
power supply burden? *IS* there an additional power supply

I vacuum out the dust every 9 months. I also wash the CRT with Windex


I then clip a cliplead from the Mac frame to the end of the lead while I wash the CRT. Look for
signs of overheating on the powersupply card - there's a resistor that
toasted the princted circuit card.

(I plan to only go to MacOS 7.1 max on this machine, so this is
not a problem.)

I ran 7.1 for a year and then went back to 7.0.1 for the speed improvement
even though it lacks the newer features.

Regards, Ron

Subject: Netscape 1.1.1
Sent: 3/2/97 12:39 AM
Received: 3/2/97 12:01 PM
From: Domingo Robaina


I have read anywhere that Netscape 1.1.1 runs on 68000 machines.
Does anyone know of that ?
If so, where can I download it ?


Subject: Mac IIci Memory Wierdness
Sent: 3/2/97 2:15 AM
Received: 3/2/97 12:01 PM
From: Tobias Beal

Here's one for the experts-

I've got a IIci which presently has 16 megs of 70ns ram in it-
everything works fine in that configuration. I've tried to upgrade it
to 20 megs by adding 4-1meg simms; the machine runs, but crashes
regularly and suffers from lots of Type 1 errors. If I reverse the
banks, I get the same results, but if I run the machine on just the 4
megs, all is well. It would seem that the two sets of memory just don't
get along. I've tried various simms for the 4 extra megs- 2-chip,
8-chip, and 9-chip, down to 60ns, and all exhibit the same wierdness.

Anyone have any insight into this problem? Is the IIci fussy about the
relationship between the two banks? Is there anything I need to watch
out for besides just using memory faster than 80ns? Any thoughts on the
matter would be appreciated! Thanks,


Subject: Claassic II Clock Stuck
Sent: 3/2/97 8:52 AM
Received: 3/2/97 12:01 PM
From: hoosier

Dear Classic-ers,

Thanks to all responding to my clock problem.
It seems time to buy a new battery since 1992 I bought the machine.
Is the battery easily obtainable at place's like "Radio shacks" or
must be specialby "Apple" ?

Victor Soleman

Subject: IIsi
Sent: 3/2/97 12:22 PM
Received: 3/2/97 12:29 PM
From: PeDrO
To: cmpost,

I am just a lucky owner of IIsi. My friend gave me this baby and I'd like
to use it for some years more.
Is this NuBus slot compatible with all NB cards, especially 040
accelerators. How much are such cards and who makes it?
Any suggestions would be fine. Please sent'em to: pedro

Subject: Performa 475?
Sent: 3/2/97 5:19 PM
Received: 3/2/97 5:59 PM
From: Dick Johnson

Help! I thinking of buying an old Performa 475, but can't seem to find the
specs. It is supposed to have a 68LC040 chip at 25MHz. A strangely low
speed for that chip, wouldn't ya think?

Can anyone point me to some info on this beast?

Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 2.20
Sent: 3/3/97 1:10 AM
Received: 3/3/97 5:26 PM
From: Dave Bogart
To: cmpost,

On 2/28/97 5:59 PM, cmpost wrote:

I just got MacTCP 2.0.6 and MacPPP 2.0.1 running nicely, and I'm looking
for a solid extensions manager so that I can make an Internet-only set, a
minimal set, a work set, etc... INIT cdev 3.0 does the job, sort of
(limited sets) -- but it does it by changing file types and crashes when
I try to invoke it on startup (not real helpful!). Extensions Manager 2.0
claims back-compatibility to System 4.x, but it crashes on startup too,
and -- get this -- it actually doesn't do anything. It plain doesn't
work. (!?!) Answer is pretty, but it can't load on startup or make sets.

There are two parts to Extensions Manager. The Control Panel, and a small
extension that makes it load first. If you don't have the extension
installed, it can't load its set information on startup. That could be
part of your problem.

I'm surprised that EM2 claims backward compatibility. It performs its
magic by moving extensions and control panels to and from folders called
"extensions" and "extensions disabled". (and the same for CPs). System 6
doesn't have folders for extensions and CPs, so I wouldn't think EM will

If you need this arrangement, and if InitCDev isn't doing it for you,
maybe you should upgrade to System 7.1, Update 3. Then Ext Mgr will be OK.


Subject: Web Browsers
Sent: 3/3/97 3:29 AM
Received: 3/3/97 5:26 PM
From: Casey Antoncich

Wazzup Peeps,
Just postin' to find out if there is a web browser that would run on a Mac SE
with 4meg ram and 68000 processor that supports, most importantly forms, and\or
frames. Thanks in advance. Ciao
Casey Antoncich

Subject: Re: Web Browser for System 6
Sent: 3/3/97 10:26 AM
Received: 3/3/97 5:26 PM
From: Robert Eye

Sorry, but all web browsers for the Mac REQUIRE system 7. If you are
running on a Mac plus or SE, try Mac Web 1.00a3.2. There are several
sites on the 'net that have it. I personally like the ftp search
capabilities of Filez (


Bob Eye

Subject: Web Browser for System 6
Sent: 2/28/97 8:04 PM
Received: 3/1/97 2:38 PM
From: NeonGooch

Does anyone out there know of a browser that will work with system
6.0.7? I really hate to run system 7 just to browser the web. I
do not require, or even really want, a browser that displays graphics,
as I am in B&W. Even better would be where I can download such a
browser, preferably in ftp, but anything, even buying the browser
would be helpful right now.

Thanx, neongooch

Subject: Case Cracking
Sent: 3/1/97 12:20 PM
Received: 3/3/97 5:26 PM
From: Andrew.Kowalczyk

I've read all the ways to open the case - rulers, special tools, the "Pony"
brand woodworker clamps with the lip bent straight (I think these where
distributed by Ehman). But I have never needed to use them.

1. I grab the Mac from the side in a big bear hug.

2. I put the same grimace on my face that I use when I open a jar (in one
turn) that my wife has just spent five minutes in attempting to open.

3. I press the fingers from one hand on the side of the bezel and the fingers
from the other hand on the case near the bezel ( trying to get some purchase in
the groove with my finger tips)

4. Pull apart a little bit at a time and work around the case evenly.

This has always worked for me even when the Macs were brand new. By now I
can't imagine that any toaster Mac you would come to inherit would not have
been opened at least once in its lifetime. That first opening is always the
hardest (I guess the sprayed-on coating on the interior of the case seals the
seams a little)

I successfully put together a TORX tool from a visit to the Power Screwdriver
accessory rack at the hardware store. I found a 6 inch magnetic
bit-holder/extension that got me beyond the case handle, but still was slim
enough to fit in the recessed screw hole.

But my big discovery was a screwdriver set at Trak auto supply - 24 inch long
screwdrivers! One Philips, one regular, and one T-15 - perfect! A little
over-kill, but it does the job.

Subject: Protecting Macs From Kids
Sent: 3/3/97 1:05 PM
Received: 3/3/97 5:26 PM
From: Bruce J. McGurk

Brian wrote in with this question:

from: B Soluski
KSQUAD wrote:

I have a acquired 11 Mac LC's 2 or 4 MB RAM and 20Meg HD's.
I want to teach a basic compter curriculum to children
at our local Boys & Girls Club.

3. What are some of the obvious programs I should have on the computers?

Realistic answer: students.

The reader that answered "students" is right - I maintain 6
Classics in an elementary school childcare facility, and the kids
love to create folders with 'creative' names and drag and drop stuff
into the trash - often the system folder or game apps.
An access control program called "Foolproof" is the answer - it
leaves the Mac desktop available to the kids, but various levels of
'locking' are possible and works great. Issue the passwork, and you,
the administrator, have access to everything.

Foolproof is put out by SmartStuff Software, PO Box 82284, Portland
97282, order # is 800-671-3999, and their web site is

I have no investment or other financial interest in SmartStuff,
but it keeps headaches to a minimum when you have first graders
getting their hands on a mouse for the first time.....


Subject: IIci Accelerator
Sent: 3/3/97 2:00 PM
Received: 3/3/97 5:26 PM

Steve Hanson
I see a few manufactures such as Sonnet and MicroMac
still make 68040 accelerator cards for the IIci, for about $400.
Has anyone bought such a card for their Mac IIci?...

First thing I did when I bought my used IIci was get an accelerator card.
(Or maybe it was more memory - I forget) <G>. Anyhow, I needed the accel. card
because I was used to an Apple IIGS and the IIci needed the speed boost to
allow me to experience the same performance. I grabbed the Daystar, which I
think you may still be able to find.

No matter what you decide, look around a little more - I think you can beat
$400 on the price (but I haven't followed the prices too closely).

I think I could live with that for another year or so until I'm ready
to buy a new computer...

If you've been happy with the IIci so far, I'd suspect you could live with
an accelerated IIci for MORE than another year:) Sometimes you just "luck
out" and purchase a fantastic machine. I consider the IIgs and the IIci that
type of computer, I still have and use both - usually in preference to the
PPC I also own:)

Hope this helps!

Subject: SyQuest??
Sent: 3/3/97 6:17 PM
Received: 3/3/97 7:25 PM
From: alovett

I'm not really sure if this is a "Classic Mac" question, but does anyone
know if you can use a SyQuest SyDos 44 MB drive on a Mac? It has a SCSI
interface, but will I need any drivers or anything to get it to work? I'd
like to get it working since it would be a perfect removable drive for my


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