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Re: Mac IIci Memory Wierdness
RE: Classic Macs Digest 3.3
Re: SyQuest??
Re: Classic Macs Digest 3.3
Sad Mac Error Codes
FoolProof Isn't
Re: LC LAB Reformating HD's
Re: Mac IIci Memory Wierdness
Ethernet for si
Performa 475 Info
Slot Expander for si
Mac II vi

Subject: Re: Mac IIci Memory Wierdness
Sent: 3/4/97 8:25 PM
Received: 3/4/97 8:31 PM
From: Michael Blazer

Subject: RE: Classic Macs Digest 3.2
Sent: 3/3/97 9:09 PM
Received: 3/4/97 5:20 PM
From: Jones, Paul B
To: cmpost,

Yes there is some weirdness about IIci and RAM. I think it stops at
16Meg, a hardware limit. I went nuts one weekend with the same problem.


I don't think that's the problem; my IIci works fine with 32 megs of real
RAM (8 x 4 meg). Before that, it worked fine with 20 megs (4 x 4 + 4 x 1,
just like the original poster is trying to do). I think it can go even
higher than 32.

Sorry, I don't know what the problem could be. Might be worth checking the
chips. There's a RAM checker available as part of the freeware "Gauge
Series" from Newer Technology -- I don't remember where I got it, but it
must have been either Info-Mac or the Newer Tech web site.

Subject: RE: Classic Macs Digest 3.3
Sent: 3/4/97 7:58 PM
Received: 3/4/97 8:44 PM
From: Jones, Paul B
To: cmpost,

Subject: MacPlus Failure! Constant Beeps & Clicks at Powerup
Sent: 3/3/97 11:02 PM
Received: 3/4/97 5:19 PM
From: Vince Salupo
To: Classic Mac maillist,


My hunch is a power supply problem- either resoldering or a new supply
altogether is needed.

But I figure it could be a bad battery also. Does a Plus have PRAM that
could get corrupted and produce this behaviour?

The battery is under a cover just above the power switch, you should be
able to get them from a photo shop etc. But It may be a power supply on
it's way out.


Subject: HD Formatter
Sent: 3/4/97 4:34 AM
Received: 3/4/97 5:19 PM
From: Peter Anderson-Stewart,

Hi good people,
I've just found the patched HD SC Setup formatter, believe me, this
one works miracles on any SCSI drive.

It doesn't work on every drive, just most of the common ones.
Technically, hacking an app is bad, and Apple will change HDSC as soon
as they get the chance.


If so, the advertising was probably in response to all those PC ads for
"DX4/100" (25MHz bus, 100MHz processor internal) that were appearing then.

Trivia time: a DX4 is actually a 33/99MHz chip. For some reason the
series went, DX 33, DX2 66, DX4 100. Some PC mags only detected a 15-25%
increase in overall computer speed between DX2 and DX4, buyers were
expecting much more.


Subject: Re: SyQuest??
Sent: 3/4/97 8:30 PM
Received: 3/4/97 8:44 PM
From: B Soluski

alovett wrote:

I'm not really sure if this is a "Classic Mac" question, but does anyone
know if you can use a SyQuest SyDos 44 MB drive on a Mac? It has a SCSI
interface, but will I need any drivers or anything to get it to work? I'd
like to get it working since it would be a perfect removable drive
for my Plus.

It is very doable. I had that configuration on my SE for several years.
In fact, the syquest is now attached to my Dad's LCII working fine.

Just make sure you have the proper driver.
If you are running sys7, you will need 32 bit clean drivers.
Even if you are running your Mac in 24 bit mode.

You may be able to connect it and use the disks without changes
as the driver will load from the syquest, but you may have troubles.
I strongly suggest you reformat them.

There are shareware drivers available, but I never used them.


Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 3.3
Sent: 3/4/97 11:17 PM
Received: 3/5/97 6:36 PM
From: Domingo Robaina
To: cmpost, chasque!!

Subject: PowerBook 145 HD Stops
Sent: 3/3/97 11:01 PM
Received: 3/4/97 5:20 PM
From: TexasDaddy

I have a PowerBook 145 with 4/80 memory. Every so often the HD stops
turning\ and the screen freezes up. Sometimes I can restart the computer
with the reset button on the back panel; other times it can't be restarted
till it has rested for several hours. It might stop in mid start up or
after I have launched an application. It can happen 3 times in 5 minutes,
then, perhaps five hours later, it will work perfectly for two hours of
note taking. This problem seems worse -- I think -- after I have carried the
PowerBook 145 around for a while (e.g. to school, to a meeting; it usually
sits on my desk at work).

Here is what I have attempted to do (with no appreciable effect):

1 - did a clean install of system 7.1 - removed system 7.5
2 - bought a new apple battery
3 - ran norton utilities = it found many things to correct but the problems
4 - reinitialized the HD

Sometimes the screen will flicker a bit; this problem seems to have gotten a
little better after I corrected some of the software problems.

Are these software problems or hardware problems? Do I need a new hard drive?
Any ideas about where I can get the 145 fixed without being charged an arm
and a leg?

All ideas appreciated!!!!

It sounds like a hardware related problem. May be your PB has a false in
one of the internal connectors, or there is dust in the contacts of the
shield. Often, this dust generates electrical noise.

Hope it will help.

Greetings, Domingo

Subject: Sad Mac Error Codes
Sent: 3/5/97 12:51 AM
Received: 3/5/97 6:36 PM
From: Peter Anderson-Stewart

Hi good people,

I've just inherited a 1 Mb Mac/floppy Mac Plus from the haematology
department of my hospital and when it is powered up the sad Mac icon is the
first and only thing to appear, with this code, 01E3BE and some bits
cycling underneath the icon, it does this whether there is a valid system
disk in there or not. I've looked in the TIL, downloaded the TIL's
Diagnostics-The "Sad Mac" icon data file, read it but cannot make any sense
of it whatsoever, is there anyone out there with the necessary skills able
to make head or tail of these things.

Roll on Rhapsody, with its promise of explicable error coding.

All the best.
Be seeing you. PA-S.

Subject: FoolProof Isn't
Sent: 3/5/97 1:11 AM
Received: 3/5/97 6:36 PM
From: nmesoft

Hey, Mac fans:

Just thought I'd chime in a note from experience. At our elementary school we
have PowerMac 5200/72's for the kids to play their educational games on, and I
am constantly DiskFirstAiding the hard disks or reinstalling System components
that magically got "Trashed". We have FoolPROOF INIT installed, but it has been
worthless to us for two reasons: First, the kids figure out eventually via
spying what keypress combination disables the init and gives them all access;

Second, the INIT is more troublesome than helpful; it interferes with peoples'
honest work more than it prevents disasters. I would be forced to recommend
AtEase or Kid's Desk over FoolPROOF, since these not only give limited access
but depend on a password, not a key combination, to disable their protection.
Once the protection is disabled, then normal teacher or parental work can ensue
without constant interruption or a gaggle of control panels.

Nathan Marler

Subject: Re: LC LAB Reformating HD's
Sent: 3/5/97 1:21 AM
Received: 3/5/97 6:36 PM
From: B Soluski


Response to suggestion to reformat HD with 'HD SC Setup' from Bruce and
others : It won't work, I get a responce 'Unable to unmount drive. a file on
the disk may be in use.' ( I assume this would be the SAM Intercept that I
can't turn off)

Is there any other way to reformat the HD?

I trust that you are running HDSC on the boot floppy.

Try this:
Boot from floppy holding down DOCS ksys...
This should keep the HD drivers from loading.

If the HD has been formatted by a nono-Apple driver
you may not be able to use HDSC.
But there is a patch available.
I do not know the filename right now,
but keep reading the digest...


Subject: Re: Mac IIci Memory Wierdness
Sent: 3/5/97 1:21 AM
Received: 3/5/97 6:36 PM
From: B Soluski

Tobias Beal wrote:

Here's one for the experts-

I've got a IIci which presently has 16 megs of 70ns ram in it-
everything works fine in that configuration. I've tried to upgrade it
to 20 megs by adding 4-1meg simms; the machine runs, but crashes
regularly and suffers from lots of Type 1 errors. If I reverse the
banks, I get the same results, but if I run the machine on just the 4
megs, all is well. It would seem that the two sets of memory just don't
get along. I've tried various simms for the 4 extra megs- 2-chip,
8-chip, and 9-chip, down to 60ns, and all exhibit the same wierdness.

Jones, Paul B wrote:

Yes there is some weirdness about IIci and RAM. I think it stops at
16Meg, a hardware limit. I went nuts one weekend with the same problem.

I have a MacIIci that ran for over a year on 20MB without problems.
It now has 32MB.
All problems have been traced to software.

Maybe your 1MB SIMMS are too slow...


Subject: Ethernet for si
Sent: 3/5/97 2:08 AM
Received: 3/5/97 6:36 PM
From: Sisamon, Luis Javier
To: '',


I have a Mac si with a Nubus adaptor and a Nubus video card.
I would like to add Ethernet to my machine retaining my video, I have
seen an add for an SCSI based Etthernet and for a specific si/SE30
Ethernet card.
I would like to hear from epople using any of them.

Thanks in advance
Luis Sisamon

Subject: Performa 475 Info
Sent: 3/5/97 3:16 AM
Received: 3/5/97 6:36 PM
From: Dick Johnson

My fond gratitude to the members of this SIG who responded...many of them my inquiry about the box. I had been a bit concerned that
the subject was a bit off-topic for this group. After all, that Mac was
introduced in October of '93.

I have ordered the beast, with 20M Ram, mouse, and X-keyboard for $496,
including shipping. It's guaranteed by the commercial seller to arrive
alive. If it doesn't turn out to be a Commodore 64 weighted with a six-pack
of Coors and does indeed work, I'll post the vendor URL here.

Subject: Slot Expander for si
Sent: 3/5/97 2:43 AM
Received: 3/5/97 6:36 PM
From: Sisamon, Luis Javier
To: '',


I am looking for a Nubus slot expander box, I know of a couple of makers,

but of course they can not be found right now. Where can I get one of
these boxes (at a reasonable cost)'
Thanks in advance

Subject: Mac II vi
Sent: 3/5/97 3:51 PM
Received: 3/5/97 6:36 PM
From: Willem Koster


I got a II vi from work (well actually I borrowed it, but I have no
intention to give it back). Are there any II vi owners on this list
that can tell me about their adventures with the machine ?

I have a fact sheet with all kinds of info on it (like it's a 16 Mhz
68030, has 80 ns RAM, not supported by system 6.*, etc). (but not the
original apple codename)

What's the history of the machine (why do I see it in so little lists,
is it a limited edition, is something wrong with it, ...)


PS: I'm getting more and more annoyed about the size software gets these
days. The claris email program is 5 Mb... Now I remember the days when
software larger than 100 Kb were considered huge.

PS2: Is there a place where obsolete software goes ? I could use a
fresh copy of Microsoft works 2.0 (my installation disk is crooked, it
makes my files get deleted).

Willem Koster
RekenCentrum Rijks Universiteit Groningen

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