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Re: Mac IIci Memory Weirdness
Speakers on the LC520
Re: Classic Macs Digest 3.3
Gifs in Mosaic on B/W Classic
Re: Performa 475?
Plus/Asante EN/SC
IIci Memory Wierdness
Performa 475?
A Couple of Questions
Re: PowerBook 145 HD Stops

Subject: Re: Mac IIci Memory Weirdness
Sent: 3/5/97 9:56 AM
Received: 3/5/97 6:36 PM
From: Robert Eye


According to Apple's Hardware Note 515, 16 MB is the limit when you
have 24 bit addressing set (including memory support for the NuBus
slots, etc.). Go into the Memory Control Panel and change the
addressing to 32 bit and see if this works. Apparently, the 8 MB
limit on 24 bit addressing is for older Macs without 32 bit clean
ROMs (even with Mode32 installed). Try this first.

Also, IIci memory needs to be "Fast Page Mode" type memory. Most all
current memory meets this requirement, but some older memory may not.
Again, from HW 515:

IIci Memory Specifications:

256k (made from 1 MB Fast Page Mode parts), 1 MB, 4 MB, or 16 MB SIMMs
RAS: 80 ns
CAS: 20 ns
Access type: Fast Page Mode
Refresh Type: CAS before RAS
Refresh Period: 15.6 us

If your 1 MB SIMMs are old, they may not support the Fast Page Mode
or CAS before RAS requirements. Were they perhaps old PC SIMMs?

I could also be that your particular IIci requires *parity* RAM;
apparently, Apple made some IIci's that required parity RAM because
US governemt procurement requirements at the time required parity RAM.
The parity chip should be near the front of the card by the SIMM
connectors; if you have a chip there (about 1" x 1") you need parity
RAM. If there is a blank place on the motherboard where a surface mount
IC could have been soldered, then you don't have the parity chip and
don't need parity memory. While a possibility, this is the least
likely scenario.

There is no hardware limit per se on the IIci going above 16 MB RAM.

Let me know what you find out.

Bob Eye

Subject: RE: Classic Macs Digest 3.2
Sent: 3/3/97 9:09 PM
Received: 3/4/97 5:20 PM
From: Jones, Paul B
To: cmpost,

Subject: Mac IIci Memory Wierdness
Sent: 3/2/97 2:15 AM
Received: 3/2/97 12:01 PM
From: Tobias Beal

Here's one for the experts-

I've got a IIci which presently has 16 megs of 70ns ram in it-
everything works fine in that configuration. I've tried to upgrade it
to 20 megs by adding 4-1meg simms; the machine runs, but crashes
regularly and suffers from lots of Type 1 errors. If I reverse the
banks, I get the same results, but if I run the machine on just the 4
megs, all is well. It would seem that the two sets of memory just don't
get along. I've tried various simms for the 4 extra megs- 2-chip,
8-chip, and 9-chip, down to 60ns, and all exhibit the same wierdness.

Yes there is some weirdness about IIci and RAM. I think it stops at
16Meg, a hardware limit. I went nuts one weekend with the same problem.


Subject: Speakers on the LC520
Sent: 3/7/97 5:53 PM
Received: 3/5/97 6:36 PM
From: Joe Dulak

Has anyone ever had to repair the speakers on their LC520. Mine stopped working
and I'm left with a couple of questions. I'm pretty sure it's a hardware problem
since I can access sound through the headphone jack. When they first started
acting up, they would work sometimes, and then quit. Now they just plain don't
work. Is there any chance it's a software problem?

I'm wondering if anyone has actually fixed the speakers, or had them fixed? I want
to know how hard or how expensive this may be. I'm thinking of buying a new
machine and I'm not sure if I want to put any more money into this one.

Basic system information: System 7.5 (no updates), 20 meg's of RAM, the rest is
standard. The speakers went out shortly after I updated my system software to 7.5,
(and had also just recently added the RAM). Maybe I caused my own problem when I
installed the RAM?

Any ideas/comments are welcome
Joe Dulak Voice: (507) 457-1414
ASC, St. Mary's University #1470, Winona, MN 55987

Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 3.3
Sent: 3/5/97 1:11 AM
Received: 3/5/97 6:36 PM
From: Clark Martin
To: cmpost,

Subject: MacPlus Failure! Constant Beeps & Clicks at Powerup
Sent: 3/3/97 11:02 PM
Received: 3/4/97 5:19 PM
From: Vince Salupo
To: Classic Mac maillist,

I have a Plus with 4MB Ram booting from a Zip drive. The zip has both
system 7.1 and 6.08. I use System switcher to switch between the two. The
unit has a Kensington System Saver on it and I have never thought the
case was hot (I check regularly). Everything was working fine and all of
a sudden the screen blanked out and the startup chime keeps going off
every second or so. The screen will remain black and either a chime or
clicking will be heard.

If I power down and up again, the Zip disk will be accessed long enough
to keep the manual eject from working. But the screen remains black and
the restart process seems to keep repeating.

My hunch is a power supply problem- either resoldering or a new supply
altogether is needed.

It sounds like the power supply voltage is too low. The following is
recommended only if you have some understanding of electronics. To start
with open the case. Attach a voltmeter to a 5V connection (one of the
electrolytic caps near the power cable on the logic board). Look for the
voltage adjustment on the analog board. Adjust it so that the 5V is 5.00.

But I figure it could be a bad battery also. Does a Plus have PRAM that
could get corrupted and produce this behaviour?

The Plus has PRAM but this is not symptomatic of a bad battery
(principally los of clock is).

My questions are:
Does anyone know the disease these symptoms belong to?
How can I troubleshoot it further?
If you know the problem, is there a cheap solution?

I would really like to keep this Plus going.

Thanks in advance
Vincent P Salupo

Finally!: All opinions are mine and who cares what the views of my
Company, Managers, co-workers, spouse, children, dog
etc.... are!

Subject: Fans
Sent: 3/5/97 11:58 AM
Received: 3/5/97 6:36 PM
From: Andrew.Kowalczyk

As best I recall, on the original Mac case there are vents under the handhold.
There were a number of fan kits that squeezed into the hand-hold recess on the
top of the Mac and drew air through these vents. I took a discarded chassis
fan from some old equipment, set it on top of the Mac and with a little
cardboard and duct tape sealed the air "plenum" so that the fan would suck air
through the Mac.

I had an 128k Mac upgraded to a 512kE (with doublesided drive) and upgraded to
1 meg (or was it 2) with a Dove Snap on board. So I needed to dump some heat.
The only problem, this turns the inside of your Mac into an electrostatic
precipitator for your entire house.

I recall another product called something like MacChimney that was just folded
cardboard that you added to the top of your Mac over the vent holes - it
gathered into a small, long, vertical tube that created enough vertical draft
to increase the airflow through the case significantly.

Subject: Gifs in Mosaic on B/W Classic
Sent: 3/5/97 1:50 PM
Received: 3/5/97 6:36 PM
From: Christopher Adams

From: sherburn
I've noticed that my Mosaic 1.0.3 browser does not render gifs as well as
is possible on my b/w Mac Classic screen and am wondering if there is
anything that can be done to improve on it.

If Mosaic 1.0.3 supports helper applications you could try using
GIFwatcher, which renders colours as proper stipple patterns. Using
browsers on black and white Macs is discussed at some length at:


Chris Adams.

Subject: Re: Performa 475?
Sent: 3/4/97 9:25 PM
Received: 3/5/97 6:37 PM
From: Caldance

There is a file located on AOL in the Macintosh Software section called
"MacFACTS" which lists every imaginable specs on all Macs from day one. Its a
large file but worth having if you intend to do much with older Macs or just
to know what your own is about.

For your immediate information, your processor runs at 50 mhz; its the data
path speed that's 25 mhz.

Subject: Plus/Asante EN/SC
Sent: 3/4/97 9:24 PM
Received: 3/5/97 6:37 PM
From: Matt Hanes

Howdy -

I've got a Mac Plus that's been in the family for years. I've also got an
Asante EN/SC SCSI to ethernet converter.

Has anyone gotten this combination to run? The folks at Asante have
stopped returning my emails, so I'd appreciate any help that you can give

Why even try this, you ask? Well, I endure comments at least once a day
from my co-workers about the death of Macintosh (I've even got one guy who
walks by chanting "A-mi-ga, A-mi-ga, A-mi-ga" every once in a while). So
to prove the innate superiority of the platform, I'd love to get my 10 year
old Mac online and use it for all my email, as well as running my Gantt
chart software.

If you email me directly, please use matt@, though I'd prefer if
this went through the list so as to share the wealth.

Thanks for your support,
Matt Hanes

Subject: IIci Memory Wierdness
Sent: 3/4/97 9:52 PM
Received: 3/5/97 6:37 PM
From: Dave Mitchell
To: cmpost,

At first when I saw the post about memory problems w/a IIci, I figured you
may have got bad simms or something. From personal experience, I can tell
you that there is no 16Mb limit on RAM in the IIci. I have personally
upgraded 3 IIci's all from 8Mb to 20Mb. This involves removing 4 of the 1Mb
simms in the first bank and replacing them w/4Mb simms. (4x4Mb)=16Mb +
(4x1Mb)=4Mb == 20Mb! Make sure that all the simms are of the same speed,
though, and that simms in the first bank of 4 are all the same type, and
that simms in the second bank are the same type. Make sure 32-bit
addressing is on, and you should have no problems. If your simms are of
different speeds, I would suspect that this could lead to timing errors
w/the RAM, and this could cause the errors you described.

Dave Mitchell

Subject: Performa 475?
Sent: 3/4/97 6:42 PM
Received: 3/5/97 6:37 PM
From: mike_friese

Help! I thinking of buying an old Performa 475, but can't seem to find the
specs. It is supposed to have a 68LC040 chip at 25MHz. A strangely low
speed for that chip, wouldn't ya think?

Can anyone point me to some info on this beast?

Nice machine, that Performa 475. When it was about to be discontinued, you could
find 8/160's for only $500.

From the Macintosh Developer note:

Here is a summary of the hardware features of the Macintosh LC 475 and Macintosh
Quadra 605 computers:
- Motorola MC68LC040 microprocessor (no FPU) running at 25 MHz
- installed RAM capacity of 4 MB, expandable to 36 MB
- 1 MB ROM soldered to main logic board
- low-profile design with external video monitor
- built-in video hardware using separate video RAM
- internal hard disk with 80 MB or 160 MB capacity (or 230 MB on Macintosh LC
475 ), using the internal SCSI connector; external SCSI port for additional SCSI
- internal high-density floppy disk drive with 1.4 MB capacity
- standard Macintosh I/O ports: two serial ports, sound output jacks, a SCSI
port, and an ADB port
- sound input jack
- internal speaker
- expansion slot for 96-pin or 114-pin expansion cards (accepts PDS cards
designed for the Macintosh LC series; not directly connected to the MC68LC040
Electrically, the Macintosh LC 475 and Macintosh Quadra 605 computers are similar to
the Macintosh Centris 650. Table 1-1 compares the features of those computers.


Subject: A Couple of Questions
Sent: 3/5/97 1:28 AM
Received: 3/5/97 6:37 PM
From: Daniel Hopkins
To: Classic Mac List,

Hey everyone,

A couple of questions for the group.

1) Anyone know if there is a FAQ or something that would give me some
help in diagnosing problems with an SE/30? Especially some info on what
everything is on the inside? (BTW, been fixing PC's/UNIX machines for
years, just never worked on macs)

2) Anyone know of a cheap place to get a Mac Plus kb & mouse. Also a
source for an external 800k diskette drive and SC20HD?

Thanks in advance.
Danny Hopkins

Subject: Re: PowerBook 145 HD Stops
Sent: 3/4/97 10:38 PM
Received: 3/5/97 6:37 PM
From: Pierre Olivier
To: Classic Mac reply,

Subject: PowerBook 145 HD Stops
Sent: 3/3/97 11:01 PM
Received: 3/4/97 5:20 PM
From: TexasDaddy


I have a Powerbook 145B, and recently had a very similar problem.

I also did most of the things you describe to cure the problem, with no

I'm sorry I can't be more precise, but this appears to be a mechanical
problem: My PowerBook would boot when the cover was closed. It would
also boot when i squeezed it at certain places.

I thus deducted it could be due to a bad contact somewhere inside. So I
dismantled all I could, and carefully reassembled it, reseating every
connector in the process. It now been working fine for almost three
weeks. I haven't carried it yet, though.

You could also check that the metal bracket holding the diskette and
hard drives is well screwed to the case, thus well grounded.

Good luck!
pierre Olivier

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