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Performa 5200 purple screen
Re: Classic Macs Digest 3.13
Re: Classic Macs Digest 3.12
Re: Classic Macs Digest 3.13
Re: Classic Macs Digest 3.13
Milk of Mag Screen
A knownothing enters the Mac world
Powerbook 100 power problem
Re: upgrading Mac Classic system
Re: two old pluses
Plus ROMs
Networking Plus and SE

Subject: Performa 5200 purple screen
Date sent: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 19:39:20 -0500
From: Michel Boissonneault

Hi everyone,

Here, in Canada, we have a special extented warranty program from

The troubles found on some performas (5200...) concerning system
freeze, and suddent color change on monitor due to bad cable inside
monitor. As I read, the extended warranty program is available
worldwide... You can found a "tester" software (tester 5XXX-6XXX) at
the following address:

'hope this may help...

Michel Boissonneault.

Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 3.13
Date sent: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 13:17:39 -0800
To: cmpost <>
From: Clark Martin

Date sent: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 00:48:27 -0500
From: Jag
Subject: Two Used Pluses

Subject: A knownothing enters the Mac world
Sent: 3/11/97 9:06 PM
Received: 3/12/97 7:01 PM
From: Pierre-Rene Noth

The other ??. Have one power cord, one keyboard, one mouse with one serial pin
missing. No disks with it, though a friend sent me "images" of 6.0.5.

You need a keyboard cord to go to the Mac, a common phone cable
works fine.

No it doesn't. A common phone cable reverses the connection,
potentially damaging the computer or keyboard. (You may have used an
uncommon phone cable that doesn't).

Clark Martin
Redwood City, CA, USA

Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 3.12
Date sent: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 13:07:30 -0800
To: cmpost <>
From: Clark Martin

Subject: PowerBook 100 Unimplemented Trap

This "Unimplemented Trap" thing is the single most popular way for
software to crash when it doesn't like running on a PB100. It is the
"explanation" offered by the system error "bomb" alert. It always
happens right away when I try to launch the interesting-but-sorry-
not-on-THIS-computer new download of the day. At least I can see
right away if it'll work or not.

Not that I think I can do anything about it, but I'm curious -- does
anyone happen to know (VERY generally) what this means in the mind of
the Mac OS and what it is in the PB100 it's taking such an exception

Most likely the software is assuming that some system software is
present when it isn't. A common on is ColorQuickDraw. 68000 Macs
don't have it. Well behaved software should check for it's existance
first and put up a dialog saying that it's not available and then
quit. Unfortunately too many programmers don't know or care about
68000 Macs and write code assuming it's present. There are other
things besides ColorQuickDraw but it's probably the most common.
Fortunately enough people still write programs that do work on
CQD-less machines.

It could also be a program run amuck. Once a program starts executing
at the wrong place in memory, pretty much any error is possible,
including but not limited to: Unimplemented Trap, Missing FPU (even if
you have a FPU), Bus Error, and so on.

Subject: Re: Mac SE upgrade question (was: upgrading mac Classic

Does the "original" DeskWriter work on 68000
processors? I know the current ones require a 68020 (as do Apple's
StyleWriters), but I don't know about the DeskWriters.

Yes the "original" DeskWriter does work with 68000 machines.

Clark Martin
Redwood City, CA, USA

Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 3.13
From: NeonGooch
Date sent: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 15:03:39 -0500 (EST)

Have one power cord, one keyboard, one mouse with one serial
pin missing.

The keyboard cord is the same as the cord from a telephone handset to
the phone, not the one used from the phone to the wall. The Mouse is
supposed to have one pin missing, only 8 pins but 9 spots available in
the plug.


Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 3.13
From: NeonGooch
Date sent: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 14:55:27 -0500 (EST)

Subject: Re: [macwiz] SE/30 vs. ][ci
From: Steve Dropkin
To: "cmpost" <>

I recently recieved an offer for an encyclopeadia on CD-ROM. For the
system requirements it listed a Mac ][ci minimum. Is there any
reason that this program would not run on a SE/30. From all i can
tell the only differences are processor speed and the
color factor (which can be over come witha card).
Is there something else I have over looked?

Well, the IIci does have "32-bit-clean" ROMs and the SE/30 does not.
However, this can be fixed with Mode32/System 7.1 32-Bit Enabler,
etc. Sounds like you're okay with the rest of the differences ...
Keep in mind, though, that the encyclopedia may be assuming a 12" or
13" monitor on the color end.

Steve Dropkin

It may insist on a color or 640 by 480 monitor for some of the stuff
on the CD to work. It may very well be, however, that stuff on the CD
NEEDS Color QuickDraw. It is not in the SE/30's 256k ROMs. I just got
done adding it to one (the extention) so a certain game would work for
my son.

I believe the main diffs between the 256 ROM and the 512 ROM are, 512
is 32-bit clean, 512 has Color Quickdraw, and the 512 can boot from
CD. Even a Plus can use a CD but the older Macs won't boot from them.


Subject: Milk of Mag Screen
From: dhill
Date sent: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 07:57:23 -0600

Thanks to all who sent me ideas on the Pink screen of a
Mac 5200/100 Performa. With all of the information, I
was able to talk to an Apple Rep half way intelligibly.
Besides posting the question on c-post, I wrote a letter
to Apple about 2 months ago after trying for over 30
minutes to reach their tech support line. I received a
letter which directed me to call 1-800-776-2333 between
8-9 Pacific Time or between 4-5. Out of school yesterday
for parent conferences, I was able to reach them.
Talked to a Jeff, hopefully still there after the
layoff, who was quite knowledgeable about the pink
screen syndrome. A summary of his discussion with me is
as follows:

On that model of Mac, Apple is offering to fix, under
warranty any freezing of screens and other conditions
including color changes that have to do with the LEVEL
II CACHE CARD, only. Any other problems with that
computer is not covered under the warrantee. Somewhere
on the Internet and probably on some page of the APple
Homepage, there is software that can be downloaded to
check the problems on a computer and will diagnose the
problems as related to the Cache Card. If you have
problems with the color or sporadic freezes on those
models, find the software and check your machine out.
Maybe someone knows the url for that location; otherwise
call the logistics department at 1-800-538-9696 which
will send out the software on disk to check out the
Computer. Both Jeff and Susan were professional and
helpful. Thanks again.

I sent an e-mail to concerning Joshua
Quittner's editorial on switching from a Mac to a
Windows95 beast. The article also described Steve Capps
evacuation as well. Quittner's last sentence states
"... Forgive me, Bill for I have sinned." Time (March
17,1997) No Joshua, you have that wrong. It should
have ended, "God, Bill hath tempted me and like a
serpent hath beguiled me. Forgive me for my
transgressions." (Quittner 5:15)

===== Dale (ha!)

Subject: A knownothing enters the Mac world
Date sent: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 09:24:38 +0000
To: cmpost <>
From: Cesare Cioni

On 3/11/97 9:06 PM Pierre-Rene Noth wrote:

OK, where do I start, after I get the 10-inch TORX
wrench needed to break open the case? Or do I have bad
set of disks? There are 5, named Network Installer,
System Tools, Utilities I, Utilities 2 and Printing

It could be that the disks are bad. There is a site
somewhere where you can get an old system, but I don't
have the address here.

*[Moderator's note:

is where you can get Systems 6.0.5-7.0.1]*

If you need it, e-mail me and
I'll try to send it to you. Once you have a good startup
disk, try it. If it still does not work, before you open
the computers (at least the one whith the good screen) I
would suggest you try to attach an external SCSI hard
disk with a good system to see if it works. If it does,
you'll know it is only the floppy that does not work.


Subject: Powerbook 100 power problem
Date sent: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 09:24:29 +0000
To: cmpost <>
From: Cesare Cioni

On 3/12/97 11:20 AM Fuzzy Gerdes wrote:

I just got a PowerBook 100 for a song. I'm sure the
main battery is completely dead, because it will only
start up with the AC adapter plugged in. Whenever I do
start it up, it says "Battery Reserve Power completely
gone - will sleep in 10 seconds to preserve memory."
which it then does. My first thought was to replace the
backup memory (the 3 lithium batteries) but that
doesn't help. I've searched the Tech Info Library and
back digests of the Classic Mac mailing list, but I
can't find any mention of this problem.

I had a similar problem. Even after I got a new battery,
it still had problems when connected to the AC adapter.
It was the small socket in the computer where the AC
plug goes in, whose soldering to the motherboard was
"broken" so it made not contact well. I opened it,
removed the motherboard and remade the soldering. I was
lucky: it worked.

P.S. Does anyone know what the switch on the back of
the PB that shows the battery connected (to the AC
power?) and unconnected is for?

when it is "unconnected", ALL batteries are not
connected to the computer. This saves their power from
slowly draining out if you don't use it for some time.
Remember that with this computer you should NEVER let
the main battery drain completely.


Subject: Re: upgrading Mac Classic system
Date sent: Sat, 15 Mar 97 06:49:07 -0000
From: Robert Carr
To: "cmpost" <>

Subject: upgrading Mac Classic system

Someone has given me a Sheikosha
SP-1000AP dot matrix printer without documentation
which seems to work only when connected to the modem
port and I cannot find ribbons for it any more.

Ribbons for the Seikosha 1000 can be obtained from
MEI/Micro Center @ 1-800-634-3478. They are item number
626267 and cost $15.18 for a pack of six.

- Robert C.

Subject: Re: two old pluses
Date sent: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 15:31:11 +0900
From: George Crane

I have come into possession of two Mac Pluses...
One of the Macs is 4 Megs (says indelible maker on
back). The other ??. Have one power cord, one keyboard,
one mouse with one serial pin missing. No disks with it,
though a friend sent me "images" of 6.0.5.

The four meg Mac turns ? into happy face when I insert
installer disk. Churns, then does nothing. Happy face in
middle of otherwise dark screen. Disks do not eject.
Paper clip works badly ... on both. Pushing clip will
raise housing; tweezer will then grab disk and pull
partially forward. With third hand, grab disk, pull
about half inch out, second push on paper clip then
ejects disk.

No time to answer all your questions, but... The 4MB
written on back of case means zip. Somebody has
probably removed the RAM. I had the identical problem
of a happy Mac in an otherwise dark screen because
somebody had removed the 4MB of RAM that was supposedly
in the box and dropped it down to 1MB without
reconnecting the resistor that must be snipped. (see
archives for more on this resistor). Secondly, your
disk removal methods are prety well guaranteed to screw
up the drive if it wasn't already stuffed. NEVER use
force on disk drives. If you have tug and pull, it
means you are tweaking or bending one of an assortment
of finely adjusted parts inside. Better to leave a
stuck disk in until you can open the case, remove the
drive and do surgery.

TIFN. george

Subject: Plus ROMs
Date sent: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 15:31:11 +0900
From: George Crane

What is advantage of upgrading the ROMs in a Plus?
What is the most recent version of the ROMs? Is there a way to check the
version I have without cracking open the case and

There were three versions of the 128K ROMs. The first
version was buggy, the second and third OK. To check
which ones you have, boot the unit, hit the rear of the
two "programmer's switches" on the side of the box. (If
you don't have a switch, get a little flashlight and
look into the grilles on the bottom left side of the
case - use a toothpick or micro-screwdriver to press the
rear button) You'll get a dialog box with this prompt
">". If you get a system error, you have older 68K ROMs.
Anyway, type DM4000000 and press "return". THe box
will fill with a bunch of code. Look at the top row,
second and third columns. If you see 4D1E EExx , you
have version one ROM. If you see 4D1E EAxx or 4D1F 81xx
you have version two or three respectively. Type "G"
and "return" and you are back in Kansas.


Subject: Networking Plus and SE
Date sent: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 22:04:16 -0500
From: Terry Galka

I have aquired a Mac Plus and SE. I would like to
network them so I can exchange software and use as a
communication device at my home (to play with). What do
I need to network in System 6.08 ?


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