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 PPP Connection On Sys7.0.1
Re:Mac SE upgrade question
System 7.5 & Classic II
Padded Carrying Case for "Toaster" Macs?
PB100 batteries
Re: Upgrading Memory in a Mac Classic II
Re: LCII battery (?)
Cool your Mac!
Fax on a Classic
Memory in a Plus & IIci
Color Classic Booster
Re: PB100 Batteries
Sound in, SE/30
Radius accelerator stuff...
Daystar Accelerator and Dayna E/Z port and more

Subject: PPP Connection On Sys7.0.1
Date sent: Fri, 21 Mar 97 00:32:15 -0400
From: Arye Guggenheim

I'd like to first offer my thanks to the several people
who have been aiding me thusfar in my attempt to get my
LC on the web, particularly Andiamo. It seems that I
have MacTCP in order, but both FreePPP and its ancestor
Mac PPP 2.5 require a minimum of System 7.1, while my
software is at 7.0.1. Do earlier versions accomodate my
OS version?

Arye Guggenheim

Subject: Re:Mac SE upgrade question
Date sent: Sun, 16 Mar 97 15:31:39 -0500
From: "L.F."
To: "cmpost" <>

Mac SE upgrade question (was: upgrading mac
Classic system)

Does the "original" DeskWriter work on 68000
processors? I know the current ones require a 68020
(as do Apple's StyleWriters), but I don't know about
the DeskWriters.

I am now using a "Deskwriter 540"inkjet and a "QMS 420
PS" laser post script printer, All connected to a
AppleTalk Net. I am printing from my SE an my
Performa040 with no problem and decent speed ...
You can find older DW like the 540 for very little
money,they are very
reliable ,also if you don't care about color, an older
used post script printer will do fine, though costing
more than a DW 540..


Subject: System 7.5 & Classic II
Date sent: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 21:04:12 -0600 (CST)
To: Classic Macs <>
From: Oscar Chavez

I have tried to install System 7.5 from floppies and
from a CD in a Classic II, and it just did not work. Why
is this? In one of the Classic II's that I was trying, I
started up with an external hard disk with System 7.5
and it worked fine. Nevertheless, the Disk Tools disk
doesn't work as a start up disk in these Classic II's.

Any help on installing System 7.5 in a Classic II will
be deeply appreciated (I can't use a Color StyleWriter
1500, unless I install System 7.5 first!).

Oscar Chavez
Ciudad de Mexico Mexico

Subject: Padded Carrying Case for "Toaster" Macs?
From: "Crooks, John"
To: "'Classic Macs'"
Date sent: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 14:58:00 EST

Tony Spinetta wrote:

I'm going to use the SE/30 as a portable Mac for the
foreseeable future, and I 'd like to purchase a padded
carrying case for it.

I remember that such an item used to be hot on the Mac
mail order circuit. The bag also had partitions to
protect the keyboard, and modem. Does anyone know
where I might be able to find this bag nowadays?

I just bought a case for my Mac SE from Sun Remarketing
( or (800)821-3221) for $20. I like it a


Subject: PB100 batteries
To: cmpost <>
From: David Buchner
Date sent: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 13:36:21 +0000

Since there has been some discussion of the Powerbook
100's batteries, does anyone know if they can be
reconditioned/repaired. I have one which gives a max of
30 mins, and one that lasts about 30 seconds, so I am
willing to experiment if necessary.

Someone mentioned being able to replace the cells. I
don't know what else they would be made for, but if
anyone finds a source pleeeze tell. I tore my wrecked
battery apart the other day, and the cells look pretty
throw-away. They're little flat graham-crackery things
taped together. The cases are clear plastic bag, so I
can see that they contain row of little lead lozenges.
These look dry and cracked. Oddly, there's only 3 of
them -- I thought 2 volts per lead-acid cell was a
universal. There's actually room in the case for 10 "AA"
nicad cells, so I've been wondering...

David Buchner

Subject: Re: Upgrading Memory in a Mac Classic II
Date sent: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 18:50:21 +0100
To: cmpost <>
From: Dirk von Seggern

Carol Sue Cain Miller wrote at 20.03.1997 9:18 Uhr -0500
in "Classic Macs Digest 3.16"

Can someone point me to a source for information on
upgrading memory in a Mac Classic II? I just bought
one with 4MB and I would like to upgrade.

The Classic II came with 2 MB soldered on motherboard.
It has 2 slots (must be filled equal) for 30 pin SIMMs
(100 ns or faster). Possible memory settings are:

2 MB none
4 MB 2 * 1 MB Like your Classic II. If you upgrade,
you must remove them. 6 MB 2 * 2 MB 10 MB 2 * 4 MB The
Classic II has 10 MB as technical maximum! 2 MB are

PC SIMMs with parity work too.


Subject: Re: LCII battery (?)
Date sent: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 18:37:44 +0100
To: cmpost <>
From: Dirk von Seggern

Dick Johnson wrote at 20.03.1997 9:18 Uhr -0500 in
"Classic Macs Digest 3.16"

The battery on my LCII has about 9M hours on it and has
never been changed. The box has started acting freaky,
as dropping to black and white.

The battery is empty. After the experiences with some LC
IIs, it seems, that the battery life time is 4 years.

Does anyone know the battery specs so I can have it on
hand when I open the case?

Just ask your Apple dealer for a LCII battery.


Subject: Cool your Mac!
Date sent: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 07:05:53 -0800 (PST)
From: Greg Burford

This is in response to the numerous articles pertaining
to the problem of cooling the older Macs, 128K and 512K.

Here is my solution, which cost me about $5.

I obtained a small (3-inch) 110-volt 'muffin-fan' from a
local discount palace (Radar Electric). I chose one made
of heavy metal, you will see why below.

I spliced a 6-foot power cord and a small inline
'feed-through' thumb-wheel switch to the power leads of
the fan.

Next, I obtained a small roll of CLOSED-CELL 3/8-inch
weather-stripping, the kind that has the adhesive
applied to one side. I cut and applied the stripping to
the 'bottom' side of the fan, on all four sides, to
create a vibration-dampening, non-slip, cushioning and
air-tight layer.

Now, the 'bottom' of the fan is the 'sucking' side, the
'top' of the fan is the 'blowing side'.

To install the new cooling fan, simply place the fan on
the top surface of your Mac, over the left side, so that
it is directly over the top vents. carefully center the
fan so that it covers all of the ventilation slots in
the left area of the top of the Mac. Now turn the fan

You will notice a slight whisper as the fan operates,
sucking air from the cooler lower vents up through the
hot power supply, and then up and out into the air. The
closed-cell weatherstripping prevents transfer of
vibration to the Mac, while sealing the air-flow path,
and preventing the fan from slipping off of the top,
which has a slight tilt to the rear. A small piece of
tape can be used to hold the fan in place, if it tends
to 'walk'.

I figured this heat-busting for my 512K, and have used
it for over 2 years with no heat problems. Email to me
if you need any more details.

This is my first contribution to CM. I thank all
contributors for their participation!

Yours in MacAddiction,

Greg Burford/Spokane, Washington

Subject: Fax on a Classic
Date sent: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 21:11:42 -0800 (PST)
From: Guy Wooden

At, it is
mentioned that several fax programs are capable of
being run on the Classic (ie.FaxSTF 2.6.1, MaxFax 3.32
and Valuefax 2.0.9). Has any one on a Mac Classic had
success with faxing? What would be a compatible modem

At present I am using a Quick Link II fax program on my
Classic running System 6.0.7 and a Zoom 14.4 v.32bis
modem. Works fine--the program came with the modem but
it may be available commercially. Fax transmission rate
9600 baud. Try: Smith Micro Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 7137
Huntington Beach, CA 92615
Sorry no telephone number.

Guy gdwooden

Subject: Memory in a Plus & IIci
Date sent: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 14:36:09 +0000
From: "Mr. Tripp Frasch"

I've just recently joined the list and an thrilled with
all the great advice! I have a couple of memory
questions. I have a Mac Plus currently with 4mb of RAM.
All literature seems to indicate that it is at its max.
If I fill the SIMM slots with 8mb (4 2mb SIMMs) will
the machine be able to access all 8megs? Since this is
not a 32bit 'clean' machine, I could understand
difficulties accessing more than 8. Does anyone have
any practical experience?

I also have a IIci with 16mb of RAM. I'd like to
upgrade. The ideal case would be to get 4 or 8 16mb
30pin SIMMs. New these are both difficult to come by
and prohibitavely expensive ($150 - $200 each). Does
anyone know of a source for such memory used (or have
some to sell to a Mac lover short on cash)?

Thanks in advance for the help,
Tripp Frasch

[Moderator's Note:] The Plus, SE, and Classic compact Macs cannot
go over 4MB of memory, regardless of whether you cram more physical
memory in or not. That is all that they can access via their hard-
ware and ROMs. Please see the Classic Mac Archives, located at, for more information, since
many articles have already been posted on this subject.

Subject: Color Classic Booster
Date sent: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 19:24:48 +0100
To: cmpost <>
From: PeDrO

I've just bought a Color Classic. 10/80, FPU, VRAM.
Nice. Are there any *cheap* booster cards with faster
CPU? 040 prefferably? And where to buy it. I live in
Poland, so UK or Germany would be nice. It is really
hard to transfer money from here to US without a credit
card. I do not have such toy... TIA


Subject: Re: PB100 Batteries
Date sent: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 12:30:54 +0000
From: "Robert T. Joyce"

Michael Skeggs wrote:

Since there has been some discussion of the Powerbook
100's batteries, does anyone know if they can be
reconditioned/repaired. I have one which gives a max of
30 mins, and one that lasts about 30 seconds, so I am
willing to experiment if necessary.

I doubt seriously that lead-acid batteries can be
repaired economically.

I have a couple of sources in my file for aftermarket
batteries, though my notes are a couple of years old so
don't know whether they're still valid.

Replacements are available from Dynamic Engineering in
Ben Lomond, CA, at $89. Also, Battery Technology Inc.
of Commerce, CA has the MC100 internal PowerBook100
battery for $59.95.

If anyone tries these sources, please let us know if the
batteries are still available.

Bob Joyce
Knoxville, Tennessee

Subject: Sound in, SE/30
Date sent: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 00:02:00 -0500 (EST)

I know I've read something about this once before. Sorry
I couldn't find it in the archives (my eyes are getting

I would like info on the device you can build to input
sound into the serial port of an SE/30. Any software

I'd love to import soundz from my digital out audio CD
player, to send to friends. (Until I get a CD Rom

Brian Scarborough

Subject: Radius accelerator stuff...
Date sent: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 15:59:38 -0500
From: Tobias Beal

Hi Nathan-

I've got a Radius SE25 card, and I've seen or heard
about problems like yours a couple of times. First off
(and I apologize in advance- I'm doing this from memory
alone) most, if not all, of your problems could be
related to having the outdated ROM. I think version 2.1
is the latest on that board (it's basically the same
thing as mine except for the CPU speed, as far as I
know) Of course, that isn't very encouraging, since we
have no idea whether or not you can still get those
ROMS. Something in the back of my mind tells me that
there was a patch for the accelerator software that
cured the sound problem- I'll check out the Radius
site, and if I find it, I'll let you know. I think the
floppy problem is separate from the sound problem- it
may well be that the Radius ROMs, esp. the 2.0 ROMs, may
not get along with the FDHD ROMs on your SE. There is
something funky (due to the interaction between the
machine and the accelerator) about how software tries to
identify what machine it's running on. I've got
software which I know runs on an '020, but it won't run
because it thinks it's running on a 68000. It's an
irritating problem, esp. since TechTool and other
diagnostic software have no problem picking out the real
CPU ond other hardware.

As far as getting the thing in the case, I hear you-
try fitting in a Radius 2-page display card in there on
top of it all!

In short, I think making sure that you have the latest
accelerator software (the easy part) and then the latest
ROMs (the harder part) should solve all of your
technical problems. The software stuff is something
_I'm_ still working on. If you discover anything on
that front, I'd love to hear it. Hope this helps at
least a little bit,


Subject: Daystar Accelerator and Dayna E/Z port and more
Date sent: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 15:25:08 +0000
From: jbowra

3 questions:
1. I have a MacII with a 50mhz Daystar '030 accelerator
in it. As far as I can tell it is really a 40mhz chip
that is clock-chipped to 50mhz, as the chip has 40 in
the number on top where the speed it. The card plugs
into the CPU socket through a card labeled MacII adapter
(I think). Looking at the size of the connector, my
guess is that it is a PDS card. Does anyone know if
this will work in a IIci's PDS slot.

2. I am trying to figure out if there is a use for 2
Dayna E/Z port boxes were donated to a local school.
They have an AUI, BNC, and DIN 8 connectors on the back.
I am guessing that they are ethernet to local-talk
converter/bridge boxes. They have no sw or
documentation. Does anyone have the specs on these?
Also, I believe that they take 12v DC adapters, but I
only have one. Is that something that can be bought at
Radio Shack or such (or is it some wierd proprietery

3. I have a small local-talk network at home (6100, 630,
MacII, DeskJet 855C) that I would like to make part
ethernet (more specifically between the 6100 and II). I
know I need a transciever for the 6100 and a card for
the II, etc. My question is this: I have a IIsi with
ethernet card in 9/160 configuration that I was thinking
of using as a server. I believe that I could use it as
a bridge between the ethernet and local-talk portions of
the network. If this in fact possible, what do I need
to do sw wise and hw wise. The network would be printer
and 630 on local-talk, 6100 and II on ethernet, and IIsi
on both.

4. A Kodak DataShow LCD panel was in the lot with the
E/Z ports. It has a manual and panel and AC adapter.
According to the manual it needs a card for a SE or Plus
and some special cable. The school has SEs. Any ideas
on getting a card and cable or work-around?


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