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 Re: Networking Plus and SE
Question:Classic w/OS 7.5.3 & OT
Re: More than one Provider in one Mac

Subject: Re: Networking Plus and SE
Date sent: Fri, 21 Mar 97 19:23:53 -0500
From: B Soluski

From: Terry Galka

I have aquired a Mac Plus and SE. I would like to
network them so I can exchange software and use as a
communication device at my home (to play with). What
do I need to network in System 6.08 ?


From: Tim Scoff

You need either the AppleShare FileServer version 2
(or so) that will run on system 6, or a little CDEV
that was available back in 1989 called Public Folder.
The physical networking requires 2 localtalk
connectors (one for each computer) and some telephone

I tried public folder a few months ago.
It worked fine with sys6.0.8 but I had some trouble with
sys7.5. But sys6.0.8 can reference sys7 apple share
volumes. If one of the macs is running sys7, problem
solved. Just do a "workstation" install of sys6.0.8.

Public Folder may have been released to public domain by
Claris. It works well, but has a poor interface. All
shared files or folders must be in folder "public" on
the desktop. (option to change name) The other mac
accesses Public Folder
thru the chooser and selects files to copy.

If a bunch of files are copied into public folder.
copied to the client by selecting all of them and doing menu "put away"
will put them back where they came from.


Subject: Question:Classic w/OS 7.5.3 & OT
Date sent: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 20:29:59 -0500 (EST)
From: Bo Schnick

Is anyone using System 7.5.3 or 7.5.5 and Open Transport
1.1.2 and OT PPP 1.0 on a Classic?

Does anyone have any info on: LINELINK 144E Modem
Technology Concept Inc , Prometheus Product.

I'm looking for Modem init strings or any other info
available for this modem.

Thanking in advance.

Subject: Re: More than one Provider in one Mac
Date sent: Fri, 21 Mar 97 19:50:56 -0500
From: "L.F."
To: "cmpost" <>

From: hoosier
Date sent: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 06:49:19 +0730


I would like to know if anybody has tried more than one
Internet Service Provider in one Mac ? Had tried my
self, but each time ppp must be changed with the next
ISP's data or it caused a conflict or 'hang'. Is there
a trick or possibility to run more than one ISP without
doing to complicated steps.

Since I travelled alot, email response is highly

Tons of thanks.
Victor Soleman

I am not sure I understand exactly,but all you have to
do is type in the access # for the 2 or more ISPs in the
PPP control panel.Clicking on "NEW" will allow you to
enter as many ISP's setting as you want.Since, you are
calling your ISP over the phone,you'll have to dial each
ISP # to be able to connect,therefore you have to
change (from the PPP server pop up menu) the ISP # every
time you "Call" in.. Did it help? I hope so


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