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RE: Mac Plus 1Mb
RE: Need advice on purchasing...
Re: Laserwriter Plus
Color Classic -> Performa 6200/100 logic board upgrade?
Mac II Modem
Re: SE Ether Cards?
SCSI hard drive adapter for Mac Portable
Computer Reinaissance et al....
Re: Duodock won't boot

Subject: RE: Mac Plus 1Mb
From: NeonGooch
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 23:05:34 -0500 (EST)

Subject: Mac Plus 1Mb

I'm trying to find a keyboard and mouse for a Macintosh Plus 1Mb, but am
having no luck. Anyone out there able to help me? Would also be
interested in a printer for same, as well as software, once it's up and

Kimberly Steinnagel

Here are my suggestions:

* Mailing Address: GALAXY HP/inc
1679 Willamette Street
Eugene, OR 97401

* PHONE SALES ORDER LINE: 800-366-2234

* Sales Support / Technical Support / Customer Service: 800-366-2234 *
* EMail: or
* Accounting/Administration: 541-345-1817
* Fax: 541-345-3094
* Web Site:
(very helpful, this was clipped from web catalog)

Sun Remarketing or 1-800-821-3221 or
(this will most likely be the most expensive)

Lance Timco
Timco Computers
3407 SW Dakota St.
Seattle, WA 98126
206-933-6090 Voice
206-937-5058 Fax
Visa, MC and Discover accepted
(I've had good and quick parts from here)


Lots of old stuff for Plus

Call 1-800-636-6782. We take VISA and MasterCard.
(good luck here, a transactions in progress right now)

All these should be able to get the keyboard and mouse as well as a printer.
I recomend an Imagewriter (1 or 2) or a StyleWriter 1 printer as they work
with a plus and are real Apple. The stylewriter disks should be free, I know
they are posted on AOL and possibly on Apples FTP site, but you may need more
than 1meg of ram to use it. The Imagewriter drivers are on system 6 software.
I recomend system 6.0.7 as lots of available stuff will work with it, older
and you will have to hunt for software (just plan on using the finder, not


Subject: RE: Need advice on purchasing...
From: NeonGooch
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 23:05:46 -0500 (EST)

Subject: Need advice on purchasing...

I'm wanting to purchase a compact Mac for the purpose of getting on the
Internet... and I'm SORRY, I've been in Windows Hell for so many years I'm
not even sure where to begin.

I've ascertained that the Mac SE/30 is supposed to be the best/most
expandable compact Mac, but now I need to know stuff like modem, software,

Basically I just want to be able to dial into a PPP-type account and get
email, get on the IRC... I don't particularly care if I can't even get on
the web, frankly.

Any help/suggestions on this topic would be greatly appreciated...
preferably by mid-April, 'cause this is for a birthday gift. :)

Thanks! giles

I have and recomend an SE/30, it is a great Mac. It is B&W unless you find a
very rare (read expensive) Micron video card that gave it 256 gray. I do not
have that card, but the standard Micron Exceed SE/30 video card that will
drive an external monitor at up to 256 colors or grays. If a video card is
wanted the Micron like I have is not uncommon (though not available new) and
the most stable, you can set it up to startup on it and then dissconnect the
external video and not have any problem starting from the internal B&W, then
plug it back in and it will again start from the external. The SE/30 has a 32
bit data bus so it is the fastest (the color classic is also 32 bit databus
but is slightly slower), it also has an 030 compliant PDS slot (mine with the
color video card) for expansion, however the SE/30 need its own cards because
of the shape (upright).

For software, it will run any system available except system 7.6 (7.5.5 and
older) I would recomend system 7.5 for your wants, not to expensive new. You
have 8 slots (must be filled in sets of 4) for 30 pin DRAMS (SIMMS), I use 8
1meg simms 'cause of the low price. To use more than 8meg of ram (or more
than 12meg with virtual memory) you will need MODE32 to give 32-bit memory
adderessing, you will find a double-boot durring startup with it, thats
normal and mine does it (done it for a long time). System 7.5 will get you
MacTCP and since it usually comes with the internet access kit you will get a
PPP (point to point protocall, for the dialup) also. The SE/30 will have no
trouble browseing the web even, but I'll let others recomend what apps are
best for your internet access. Any modem will work (except one that came with
another Performa Mac, 'cause they have 9 pins, extra one for power without
wall plug) even a 28.8, unlike the 68000 Macs which don't like to run too
fast at the modem.


Subject: Re: Laserwriter Plus
From: sdropkin
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 97 04:21:28 -0600
To: "Classic Posts" <

I have a Laserwriter Plus. Someone gave me an old toner cartridge -
brand new from Apple. It has an expiration date on it of July 1992. I
didn't think toner expired. All the stern warnings from Apple on the
package to not use it past its expiration date got me worried. Is it ok
to use? What trouble might I encounter?

Well, I know that toner of that vintage had a tendency to "cake" when
left undisturbed -- kind of like brown sugar or makeup (I'm told <G)
does over time. In '92, I was working with laser printers from a company
which no longer makes them (!); some of the new toner carts would cake
and we would have to bang the cartridge against a table or the floor to
loosen it up for use (I kid you not). There may also be some issues with
the toner not fusing well to the paper, especially with a LW Plus, which
is probably running a few degrees cooler than it did when new.

If it were me and the printer were not necessary for my continued daily
operation (i.e., I could not gamble with it), I would unwrap it, shake it
hard (tap it against a table; wouldn't hurt) and try it. If the test page
or a couple of small jobs print out okay, it's probably safe to use (I'd
monitor it for the first few dozen pages). If the toner does not fuse
well, you will know in a couple of pages and you can pull out the
cartridge. And if you hear big graunching noises from the printer, pull
the cart -- it's found some caked toner. You don't want to break
something extracting it -- new carts are cheaper than fixing old printers
... Good luck!


Subject: Color Classic -> Performa 6200/100 logic board upgrade?
From: wsmart
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 09:58:11 EST

Hi everyone,

I recall that several years ago, someone figured out how to
replace the Color Classic's logic board with one from an
LC580, thus giving it a 33MHz 68040, wider bus, and 640x480
display resolution. While looking for info on this upgrade
on the web, I found a page that (I think) talks about
replacing the Color Classic's logic board with the board from
a Performa 6200/100, which would give it a 100 MHz PPC603

Unfortunately, the page is in Japanese (again, I'm not sure).
Could someone take a look at it and figure out what it says?
The URL is <>. Also, does
anyone have info on the logic board swap using the LC580


Wade Martinson

Subject: Mac II Modem
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 09:05:41 -0600 (CST)
From: Eric Wersel

-- snippage --

In terms of modems, I read out of copy of "MacAddict" that some of the
older Macs (like the Mac II) cannot run a modem speed passed 9600 Baud.
Keep that in mind when doing your buying. You may save a few $$$.


Umm, I'm running 19.2k on my Mac II. What am I doing wrong? ;-)


Subject: Re: SE Ether Cards?
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 07:49:22 -0800
To: Classic Posts <>
From: Clark Martin

Subject: SE Ether Cards?
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 97 10:43:51 -0000
From: Scott Gurley
To: <>

We were thinking about serving a web site from multiple Mac's including a
couple of SE's to distribute the load. Graphics on one, automated email
response on the other... Does anyone know where to buy cheap ethernet
cards for these? I have one at home (supermac) but no documentation and
no software...I'll need at least 2 total.

I recently bought an SE/30 card from MediaGuide. It is an Asante Card and
I had to download the driver from Asante to use it but it works fine.


Clark Martin

Subject: SCSI hard drive adapter for Mac Portable
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 16:18:05 -0500 (CDT)
From: wiley
To: Classic Posts <>

I am looking for instructions for building an adapter cable to use
a regular SCSI hard drive in a Mac Portable. Can anyone help?


James L. Wiley

Subject: Computer Reinaissance et al....
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 15:06:36 -0800
From: B.J. Major & Dennis J. Gorin

In reply to:

If you have a place called "Computer Rennaissance" in the neighborhood,
stop by and see what they have. I picked up a Global Village 9600 Baud
Rate fax/modem new in the box with software/documentation/cables for
$25.00. It worked great on my Mac Classic. I have since sold the machine
and modem to a Kindergarden teacher who has had good results with the
machine. Computer Rennaissance is a division of "Play It Again Sports".
It can carry some interesting bargains like $1.00 user manuals.

I have bought many things in the past year at my local Computer Renaissance
store and have been satisfied with those purchases, but I would be
extremely reluctant to buy from them in the future. Why? Because--their
prices have *skyrocketed*! They now charge $5.00 for an Apple SE
*Brochure* (not a manual), and a model of Mac IIsi w/5 meg RAM that is
supposed to retail for only $225.00 used--according to the United Computer
Exchange on the Internet--they have on the floor for $399.00 (several of
them)!! And folks, that $399.00 price includes NO monitor, keyboard, or


Subject: Re: Duodock won't boot
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 97 18:04:24 -0000
From: <ehintz
To: "Classic Posts" <>

1) PB has powerbook setup control panel that shows that the machine can
operate as external harddisk (i can switch SCSI ID numbers). The PB itself
doesn't have a SCSI port, which is available on the Duodock, so I thought
that if I have PB docked and the special scsi cable (30pins-50female, which
makes pb 160 to fall into the scsi disk mode) attached to the dock the mac
would operate in an external scsi hd mode... but it doesn't: when i turn it
on with cable attached, it just boots normaly... so I moved to another

2) The Duodock has Ethernet card, and I decided to connect macs via
ethernet. Here I faced anothe problem. When i disconnect an external
monitro from the Duodock, it powersup, but stops booting in the middle of
the startup process. It boots perfectly with monitor attached.
So i ended up with regular localtalk connection which is (a little bit)
slow :(

Thanks in advance,
Dmitri Shishkin

PS the pb is running 7.1

OK, Let's take these one at a time. First, the Duo will work in SCSI mode
only when using a Mini-Dock, or 3rd party SCSI dock. The DuoDock
(full-size) won't allow a SCSI mode setup. So unless you want to invest
in more hardware this is out. Incidentally, if you are going to get more
hardware this will probably provide the fastest data transfer speeds
possible for you.

Next, Ethernet. I'm guessing from your text that you have only 1 monitor,
and this is the problem. I had the same problem when I had a loaner PCC
132 mac last December. My final workaround was: boot up the Duo (inside
the DuoDock), then power down the monitor, remove it, plug it into the
Powermac, and power up. Now, for shutdown, I'm running 7.5 and can do the
"power-on" + "return" trick, for 7.1 you'll need to devise a different
method. Timbuktu works nicely for this as well, but is somewhat
expensive. Been too long since I used 7.1, maybe someone else on the list
can suggest a shutdown method more healthy than a hard power down? One
last possiblility: there are several companies out there marketing boxes
which allow you to switch one monitor and keyboard between multiple
CPUs, but again this may be a bit pricey... Hope all this helps...


Edmund A. "Eddie" Hintz
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