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Table of Contents for this issue:
Re: Global Village Teleport Platinum
Response on GV TelePort Platinum
Re: Mac Plus HD Interleaving
More Info On Mac Plus HD Interleaving
Yet More Mac Plus HD Interleaving
EZ135 on a IIsi?
Re: Pluses and Zip Drives
SE Signatures and ROM Photos
Common SE; SE/30 Parts
Daystar Accelerator P33?
Video Display Trouble, SE/30
PAS 16 Sound Card
Mac SE Signatures

Subject: Re: Global Village Teleport Platinum
Sent: 4/3/97 3:00 PM
From: L.F.
To: Classic Posts

Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 04:52:03 (MST)
From: "Nathan Marler"
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Global Village Teleport Platinum

Sounds to me like you are using the wrong access # now that you have a
28.800 modem you need to get a new access # from your server, one that
support 28.800.

But just in case you did:
The Init string ..try "AT&F1", also try to lower the port speed on
your "configPPP" control panel.

Good luck

Subject: Response on GV TelePort Platinum
Sent: 4/5/97 4:57 PM
From: Nathan Marler
To: Classic Posts

Hey, Mac fans:

I'd really like to thank the wonderful people who gave me a ton of advice
and fifteen or so init strings to try with my fickle GV TelePort Platinum.
I have typed in for, glared at, yelled at, and pleaded with the modem for
about two months now; I'm not in for this any more. As soon as I can get
their fax to answer, I'm asking for a replacement ASAP. I think that one
person put it succinctly: "You're trying to do things with [the modem] that
it should know how to do itself." Why my Platinum is too dumb to connect to
anything but the local library mainframe (an IBM System/36, no less) is a
mystery to me and one I could care less about. So off with the thing, I say
;-) !! Also, a big thanks to people who recommended alternate brands. If
things don't go smoothly with the RMA, I'll be sure to keep others like
Supra in mind.

Thanks again for the overwhelming response,
Nathan Marler

Subject: Re: Mac Plus HD Interleaving
Sent: 4/3/97 10:01 AM
From: Tauni Arntsen Sandy
To: Classic Posts

I haven't got any definite answers, but I have been trying to use an EZ
135 with a Plus and have had no success. SCSI probe can see the disk but not
mount it. I'm still playing with the situation (I'll try a pass through
terminator next).

Anyway, a tech support person from Syquest wrote: "Its how the cartridge
is formatted and the software we used to do it. Your problem lie not in the
drive but the software used to prep the cartridges and the Mac+. The Mac+
is SASI not fully SCSI and some commands issued by the cartridge when
inserted cause the Mac+ to ignore the device as a startup. You should be
able to use your FWB software to prep the cartridge on another machine and
then bring it back. Don't worry about the interleave, check with FWB if it
still doesn't work as a startup drive."

My previous attempts to mount an EZ cart formatted with FWB resulted in a
bizarre crash where the Plus' monitor turned into a chaotic mess of shapes
that gradually changed into static. I hope I didn't hurt something!
Anyway, this time I did a low level format (should have been obvious, I
guess) and will try things this weekend when I see my sister (who now owns
the Plus).

Regards -

Subject: More Info On Mac Plus HD Interleaving
Sent: 4/4/97 4:57 PM
From: George Crane
To: classic-post

Bobeye wrote:

I have read in several places, including this list, that any HD
attached to a Mac Plus MUST be set for an interleave of 3:1, or
it won't work (especially as a boot disk).

Does anyone out there have any DEFINITE answers on this? Are
1:1 Quantum drives the only 1:1 interleave drives that will
work on a Plus?

I think this has been gone over a few times. It's not a matter of MUST but
of BEST IF. The 3:1 ratio will give you the highest possible speed for the
Mac Plus. The Plus is a bit of a slow reader and can read much more
efficiently if data is written to every third sector. If it is written to
every sector in succession, it can't read it fast enough and has to spin
the disk all the way around again to read every succeeding one. If the
interleave is 3:1 the data is written to every third sector so the old Plus
only has to read every third one which it apparently can handle. This
means it has to spin the disk less and can read faster. 1:1 just means
lower efficiency and speed.


Subject: Yet More Mac Plus HD Interleaving
Sent: 4/3/97 12:04 PM
From: Jean-Charles Oge
To: classic-post

I have read in several places, including this list, that any HD attached to a
Mac Plus MUST be set for an interleave of 3:1, or it won't work (especially as
a boot disk).

I have TWO Quantum drives (a 52 MB and a 165 MB) that are BOTH formatted to a
1:1 interleave ratio and both run FINE as boot disks for my Plus. In fact, my
formatting software (APS Power Tools) DOES NOT give me the option of changing
the interleave ratio!

A Mac HD Management book I bought years ago stated that the Quantum mechanisms
(circa late 1980's early 1990's) were "hardwired" to a fixed 1:1 ratio. A
similar comment was made in the manual that came with the 52 MB mechanism
(from APS).

Does anyone out there have any DEFINITE answers on this? Are 1:1 Quantum
drives the only 1:1 interleave drives that will work on a Plus?

My experience is that a Mac Plus can work with an old Apple HD20SC
formatted at 1:1 but much slower than with the same drive formatted at
3:1 interleave. Explanation is that a Mac Plus is not fast enough to keep
up with 1:1 interleave, it needs 3:1 in order to read one out of 3
sectors for each rotation. 1:1 is too fast and the drive has to make
three rotations for the Mac Plus to read three contiguous sectors, thus
it is slower with an 1:1 formatted drive.

In 1992 I bought a used Quantum PD210S, equipped with a 64Ko cache as
have been nearly all HDs since 1988. The PD210S model is itself a 1988
product. I asked APS tech support and they assured me that because of
this cache I could use the Q210 formatted at 1:1 with my Plus. The guy
answered so fast and without any hesitation that I couldn't trust him
completely, surely he doesn't even know what a Mac Plus is...

WRONG. APS was right. I tested my Q210 formatted 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 both
with HDT, Silverlining and Apple HDSC Setup (patched to recognize the
Q210). On a Mac Plus, 1:1 IS THE WAY TO GO for HDs with caches, period.

BTW, I now use APS Power Tools 4 and I think you can modify the
interleave in the format option dialog, but is is useless as a setting of
"0" selects the default for a given HD and system.

Hope it helps.
Jean-Charles Oge

Subject: EZ135 on a IIsi?
Sent: 4/4/97 3:23 AM
From: TomS999999
To: classic-post

I have a Syquest EZ135 drive that I use with my PowerMac 8100/80 (and I
guess it's time *that* machine became part of the Classic Macs Digest
discussions <g>). I recently tried to use the EZ135 with my IIsi but can't
mount it.

Various SCSI utilities (including Silverlining lite that comes with the
EZ) see that the drive is connected, but the drive is unavailable for
mounting. I am currently running system version 7.5.5 and think maybe I need to
reinstall an earlier version of the system, but before I hassle with that, does
anyone have any ideas?

I also tried to hook up my old GCC BLP Elite printer to the IIsi, which I
used to use with that si but, although when choosing "print" from a
document it shows that the si is trying to print to the BLP, it can't "find"

The Chooser does not show the BLP in its right-side window for selecting. (The
printer works fine on the 8100). It was an attempt to trouble shoot the
printer problem that led me to try to connect the EZ drive so I could
install an earlier system version on *it* rather than mess with a new
installation on the si's drive. Any ideas on whether 7.5.5 is the culprit?
Thanks in advance for any input.

Tom Smith

Subject: Re: Pluses and Zip Drives
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 97 20:55:31 -0500
From: Vince Salupo
To: "Classic Mac maillist"

Jag wrote

You can get 80-100 meg drives for about $40-60 these days.Most (all?)
Pluses will not boot off a ZIp. I think because the ROMs don't allow it.

A Plus can boot from a Zip. I have been doing it since I got my Plus
about a year ago. The key to making a Zip boot a Plus is the version of
Iomega driver you use. I have found that the Iomega v4.2 driver which was
the first to ship with a Zip drive will boot a Plus just fine. If you
update the driver to version 4.3 or above, it will no longer boot the
Plus. I do not have an explanation for this.

Also, Someone else on the maillist said a Zip cannot have its desktop
rebuilt. This too is false. It rebuilds like any other disk.

And finally, as far as I know, if you are booting from any other disk
besides the Zip, the Zip drive will be recognized by the Plus no matter
what version of the driver is loaded by the the boot disk v4.2, v4.3,

As for speed, the Zip is as fast as any old HD. Newer drives are faster
but it only goes so far on a Plus anyway.

Vincent P Salupo

Finally!: All opinions are mine and who cares what the views of my
Company, Managers, co-workers, spouse, children, dog etc.... are!

Subject: SE Signatures and ROM Photos
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 97 14:35:04 -0400
From: hilal
To: "Classic Macs"

the 'macworld's mac and powermac secrets' book says that the signatures
of the original mac team members are embossed on the inside of the back
case of early (128 512, and SE) macs. i have an se/30 and it too has
signatures (can't confirm they are the same).

the book also says that the se has a series of photos of the team in rom.
to get to it, press the interrupt button and type G 41D89A!


Subject: common SE, SE30 parts
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 97 14:35:10 -0400
From: hilal
To: "Classic Macs"


i have an se/30 that i hope to keep for a loooong time. i notice that
se's (not se/30's) are selling real cheap these days. how much of an se
can be reused in an se/30? the first (and easy) things that comes to my
mind are the screen, the floppy (1.44), the hard disk, tho ram. bit what
about other things like the logic board or stuff on it?


Subject: Daystar Accelerator P33?
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 97 22:11:14 -0000
From: Julia Bauer
To: "Classic Macs"

I have inherited a Mac IIcx that has some sort of Daystar accelerator in
it. It has P33 written on it. The Daystar website does not have any
documentation on it? What are its particulars? Does it need any special
software to control/enhance its operation?

Thanks for the help.

Kurt Bauer

Subject: Video Display Trouble, SE/30
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 20:20:52 -0400 (EDT)
To: classic-post
From: Ed Bernat


Just became a proud owner of a SE/30. Trouble is on boot up the video display is frozen.
Screen is frozen immediately on start and the top 3/4 looks like a
honeycomb pattern with the bottom 1/4 looking like a checkerboard? Anybody
have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Ed Bernat

Subject: PAS 16 Sound Card
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 97 23:15:04 -0500
From: B Soluski
To: classic-post

Does anyone have experience with a PAS 16 NuBus card.
Company is MediaVision. Dated May 1993.

I connected it to my MacIIci running 7.5.3 and
the supplied inits were X'ed out upon initial loading.
I would appreciate hearing from anyone with experience with this board.


Subject: Mac SE Signatures
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 97 23:15:06 -0500
From: B Soluski
To: classic-post

From: Nathan Marler
Subject: What signatures??
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 97 03:02:34
To: "Classic Posts"

Okay, SE owners. You all _say_ there are signatures on the inside of the
case or the front cover. Where? I've seen wax rubbings of them before, but
they were from the BACK of the case. My circa 1988 SE has no such goodies
that I can see. Am I just not special, or just not looking? ;-)

From: "Jones, Paul B"

The SE had the Easter Egg in the ROMs, not signatures. The ROMS contain
pictures of the development team, I'll find out the magic codes to type
in and post it to the list. The Mac Portable has signatures on the base,
and the StyleWriter II has names inside the front cover.


Actually there were different models of the SE.
SE vanilla and SE -FDHD (circa 1988).
The former had signatures on the back case and 800K floppies
and a memory resistor.
The latter had no signatures and 144K floppies
and jumpers for memory adjustment.
(Most had only one floppy.)
I know this from personal experience.


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