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Table of Contents for this issue:
Re: RealAudio for Older Systems?
Modem Recs and PowerBook Requests
SE and SE/30 Pieces-Parts
400K Floppy Drive Clarification
A slight change to my instructions...
Mac Signatures
Classic Mac LC Maintenance
Mac Plus SCSI Port Article
Low-level Formatting; Abandoning the Web
Ram Usage in a Mac LC
Recycled SE
The Q2 Transistor Mystery is Solved!
I Have Seen the Light

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Subject: Re: RealAudio for Older Systems?
From: sdropkin
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 97 05:24:38 -0500
To: "Classic Posts"

like to mess with RealAudio. Unfortunately, their web site says "040 or
PowerMac only" for version 3.0. Does anyone know if the older versions
work OK with our classics? Or do the older versions work with the audio
available on the net now?

RealAudio 2.0 worked on 68030s ... I was using it successfully on my IIci
before I upgraded to a "non-classic" <G> Mac. The major difference
between 2.0 and 3.0 is that 2.0 cannot do "streaming" or live RealAudio;
you d/l snippets and then they play. Still a miracle that it can be done
at all! I don't know if some mirror site might have 2.0, but if you can't
find it at all, email me. I _may_ have it on some CIS/AOL/MacWorld CD
hanging around here.


Subject: Modem Recs and PowerBook Requests
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 06:54:42 -0400
To: classic-post
From: Nick Canterucci

for my money,the best 14.4 modem that I've used on my SE,SE-30,
color Classic,PB100,and Quadra 700,has been the lowly ZOOM V.32...
easy to install software,and just no frills surfing..without the
GREY HAIRS! you can get em el-CHEEPO from places like Sun remarketing...

Does ANYONE have a dead or dying PB 100 laying around,or know of
someone who has one who's willing to sell to be a 'donor' for my
ailing PB 1OO,known as 'Zontar'..? as Elvis would say in rapid fire...

via SE-30 (known as Mousemeat)

Subject: SE and SE/30 Pieces-Parts
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 97 08:25:20 -0500
From: Jeffrey Bipes
To: "Classic Mac"

i have an se/30 that i hope to keep for a loooong time. i notice that
se's (not se/30's) are selling real cheap these days. how much of an se
can be reused in an se/30? the first (and easy) things that comes to my
mind are the screen, the floppy (1.44), the hard disk, tho ram. bit what
about other things like the logic board or stuff on it?


Everything except the logic board. BUT, keep in minde that if you have a
SE before they went FDHD, the floppy drive in it is only 800K. Otherwise,
get yourself a SE/30 Logic board, and swap out the SE, that's all you
need to do. And upgarde that Hard disk too!

Jeffrey Bipes

Subject: 400K Floppy Drive Clarification
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 10:03:25 -0700
From: "TLambdin
To: Classic Posts

My apology, There is some confusion over my last post regarding my 400k
floppy drives and my 128k. When the external 400k is not plugged into
the 128k the internal drive performs fine. It mounts disks and ejects
them, etc. When I connect the external 400k, with a disk in the internal
drive that I boot from, the internal continues to spin and act like it
wants to access it's disk constantly. If I place a disk in the external
drive the 128k mounts it, but the internal continues to whir away.
Basically the internal whirrs and acts like it is accessing the disk
constantly if the external drive is connected. Disconnect the external
drive and the internal drive behaves normally. I was wondering about the
cable, or if there is a system init I need to have installed to have the
internal behave correctly when the external drive is connected? Thanks
for the reply. I hope this helps. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Subject: A slight change to my instructions...
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 11:02:01 -0800
To: classic-post
From: Michelle Klein-Hass

Set MacWeb's homepage to file:///mypage.html/ and off you go. You have to
wait until your page loads but if it's just text it's easy and quick.

Actually, it should be file:///MacintoshHD/mypage.html/

with whatever you've named your boot HD in place of MacintoshHD if it's not
that. In my case, it's SodyPop, after one of Spumco's new post-Ren & Stimpy

Sorry if this confused anyone...


Michelle Klein-Hass:
Web Goddess/Animation Nerd/Troublemaker

Subject: Mac Signatures
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 14:59:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: Manuel Mejia
To: Classic Posts

According to The Mac Bathroom Reader (Sybex, 1994) the signatures of the
development team were molded into the plastic mold for the early macs
"outer shell". This mold wore out and had to be replaced some time around
1988. The last macs that were made from this mold were some of the
earlier SEs.

Manuel Mejia, Jr.
Tampa, FLA.

Subject: Classic Mac LC Maintance
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 15:11:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: Manuel Mejia
To: Classic Posts

Is there a specific book that is good for those wanting to repair an LC ?

I am thinking about buying a copy of the Dead Mac Scrolls. I have seen
post discussing specialty books for the Plus and the SE. Is there such a
book for the LC ?

Manuel Mejia, Jr.
Tampa, FLA.

Subject: Mac Plus SCSI Port Article
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 16:29:40 +0100
To: classic-post
From: Mike Rehbein

I won't retype the article, suffice it to say that on page 11 of the
May/97 Mac Addict magazine, there is a letter from a reader who does tech
support in a school using hunderds of Mac Pluses. The letter begins by
listing good points about the Plus and the last half discusses the SCSI
port of the Plus and the hows and whys of what it takes for a HD and a Plus
to be happy.


Subject: 1:1 vs. 3:1 HD Interleaving
From: Dave Bogart
To: Classic Posts

On 4/3/97 1:35 AM, Robert Eye wrote:

Does anyone out there have any DEFINITE answers on this? Are 1:1 Quantum
drives the only 1:1 interleave drives that will work on a Plus?

As I understood it, the 3:1 interleave vs 1:1 option was a performance
issue; slower Macs could not keep up with 1:1 interleaving, so the CPU
had to waste HD RPMs reading information. It would run in either setting,
but you'd be getting worse performance.


Subject: Low-level Formatting; Abandoning the Web
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 16:55:19 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: David Buchner

Tauni Arntsen Sandy


My previous attempts to mount an EZ cart formatted with FWB resulted in a
bizarre crash where the Plus' monitor turned into a chaotic mess of shapes
that gradually changed into static.


Anyway, this time I did a low level format (should have been obvious, I
guess) and will try things this weekend when I see my sister (who now owns
the Plus).

Here's what I wanted to know: when people are doing "low-level formatting",
what are you using to do it? Does the Apple HD setup program on the Disk
Tools disk do this, or does something else? I have several options here,
but none of them says clearly and unambiguously what sort of thing it's
going to do to my disk.

******** I am close to deciding to turn my back on "the web." Tired of
MacWeb crashing on my 68000 powerbook100. Tired of slow loading and a flood
of Noise. Just started using TurboGopher, what an elegant and spartan
arrangement, by comparison. I don't want to "browse" or "surf" -- I just
want to look stuff up and GET it. Sadly, many of the gopherservers seem to
have been shut down. I'd welcome anyone's up-to-date listings of
interesting Gophers. If I learned to write software, it would be to come up
with an indestructably stable, text-only web browser. ***********

David Buchner

Subject: RAM usage in a Mac LC
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 17:58:30 -0500
To: Classic Macs
From: Oscar Chavez

I have a Mac LC, with 10 MB RAM, I have a Centris 610 with 8 MB RAM, and I
have an external hard disk. If I startup both computers with the hard disk,
RAM seems to behave differently. The same configuration (same control
panels, extensions, fonts, etc.) run in the Centris uses for the System
around 2500 KB, and in the LC it uses over 4 MB. I started up the LC with
extensions off, and it is more than 3 MB used by the system alone. What's
going on?

I thought it had to do with System 7.5, so I tried with System 7.1, 7.0.1
and even 6.0.8 (from floppies), and it always used over 3 MB. I can't
understand how this same machine used to work fine with System 6 and only 2
MB RAM. Any suggestions?

Oscar Chavez

Subject: Recycled SE
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 20:39:15 -0400 (EDT)
To: classic-post

hilal asked:

how much of an se can be reused in an se/30?

The best things you can get out of an SE are the analog board and
powersupply. The powersupply in an SE is 100 Watts, and the SE/30 is 75
Watts. This means that it's easier to load up an SE/30 with 2 internal HD's
(for the intrepid hacker) and an accelerator and/or external video card. If
the analog board dies in the SE/30, you can also use the SE board. Right
now, my SE/30 motherboard is living inside an SE FDHD along with an 80meg
internal HD instead of the original 20meg. If your SE is an FDHD, you can
also use the high density Superdrive in the SE/30.

Other than that, I have not found any component level parts to fix the ones I
broke on my SE/30 motherboard. (See Classic Macs 970403 for a response to
STUGHEAD the Oaf!)

Brian Scarborough

Subject: The Q2 Transistor Mystery is Solved!
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 00:26:59 -0400 (EDT)

(Cross posted to Mac Wizards and Classic Macs.)

Thanks to all that replied.

Basically, because I am a computer oaf, I damaged a little itty bitty
transistor, labeled Q2 on the mother/logic board. This is NOT to be confused
with the analog board. Because it was the motherboard, and because it is not
an item that is likely to fail without assistance from clumsy Yours Truly,
Larry Pina makes no reference to it in his excellent books, Classic and SE
Repair and Upgrade Secrets, or The Dead Mac Scrolls. For those of you
interested, this transistor appears to be involved in audio circuits, because
prior to the repair, my sound would be crackly. Now, it's crystal clear (for
8 bit stereo).

Kudos to Ethan Benatan This bothered him so much, he
cracked an SE/30 just to look. He must not need glasses, like I do, because
he was able to read the tiny numbers on the transistor. He said:

Surface mount version is marked 2A, the "standard" number is FMMT3906,
corresponding to a normal (non-SMD) 2N3906. You can order the part from
Mouser, no minimum order, for 24 cents. Part is 2N3906S,
Mouser stock number is 333-2N3906S (that's original!). Looks like the
right shape, too. Order several. Also ask for their catalog. And if you
haven't done surface-mount soldering before, you will want to order some
fine desoldering braid, some fine solder, and a brand new tip for your iron.
There are tips on surface-mount soldering and other useful stuff at
<> (that's where I
cross-referenced the 2A number). Mouser: (800) 346-6873.

I followed Ethan's advise, and everything went well.

James_Smart said:

Bomarc Services
P.O.Box 1113
Casper, WY 82602
Has schematics on a lot of MACs - unfortunatly I don't have phone #

Rick Collins tried to help also, by offering me a

"toasted" SE motherboard. Sorry, Rick, I have an SE also, and I already
looked for the transitor. Nada, which stands to reason since both machines
have different sound capabilities. (There are 2 similarly shaped transistors,
but differently labeled, next to each other. One for L and R channels?)

Mike Sprecher suggested

if you can send me the type of the transistor, I could have a lock in my
databases. But without a name, it's pretty hard to find out what type it is
since Apple does not give away their schematic diagrams. But consider this:
In digital electronics, there' s a 90 percent distribution of transistors
that are only used as switches so therefore you do not need to know the
EXACT values since it operates with 5 Volts, has to resist
almost 20 MHz (in the SE/30) and it propably no power transistor. According
to the way it is connected to other components you can find out if it a PNP
or an NPN type. Try standard series. In Europe, we know the BC548C (NPN) and
the BC558C (PNP) as generic ones, US-types may vary.

Other contributors referenced the Horizontal Output transistor on the analog

Thanks again to everyone. I seriously don't anticipate future problems,
because I'm swearing I won't crack this case again! (Well, maybe, but I'll be
damn more careful!)

Brian Scarborough,
(also known as STUGHEAD the Oaf, to certain members of Classic Macs)

Subject: I have seen the light
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 00:00:53 +0100
To: Hitz
From: Jag

Kudos to all who have pointed out to me that a .hqx at the end of a file
doesn't make it a binhex. I never knew, because it has worked for all my
files on my site, so I thought it would work for everyone else. I have had
about 6 inquiries about not being able to get certain files to open, but
out of the several thousand hits I've recieved, that made me think it was
another problem like an incomplete d/l which happens to me quite often when
I visit other sites.

Anyway, in the coming days, I'll be painstakingly changing all 'fake' hqx
files to REAL hqx files. (D'oh! I also never knew you could binhex via Drop
Stuff!) I'll let you know when I am done so you can come back and get all
my goodies!

Thanks again!

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