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Table of Contents for this issue:
Re: Mac Plus & MicroMac Accelerator
Re: 7.1 on a Plus
Need Sound Manager 2.0 or Earlier?
Upgrading LC Video?
Apple ImageWriter II and Mac 512Ke Cable?
Two Printer Problems?

[Moderator's Note: The following is an installment of articles that Mr. Manuel Mejia has
been nice enough to create concerning web page creation on Classic Macs.
This feature will appear consecutively in each Digest from now until the end
of the series.]

Making Web Pages Using Classic Macs: Pt. 1

CTX Monitor Problem with Performa 460:
Re: Two Hard Disks _Inside_ a IIci
800k Disks: The Call of Desperation?

Subject: Re: Mac Plus & MicroMac Accelerator
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 97 20:10:20 -0500
From: L.F.
To: Classic Posts

From: waltz
Subject: Mac Plus & MicroMac Accelerator

I am attempting to install a Performer accelerator card into a Mac Plus
with 4 meg RAM. However, when I install the software for the card, the
computer will freeze when I try to open a document, a program or whatever.
(It starts up fine and all appears to be OK until you try to use
something.) This happens under 6.0.7 and 7.0.

One other thing. With the card in and software installed, the desktop,
under 7.0, will get to the end of a rebuild and freeze.

I have written to MicroMac but they have not replied.


Home Page-

The problem is (or it should be ) quite simple you need to install the
sys 7 tune up. Available from

Good Luck

"Mac to The future"

Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 22:55:34 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Jag
Subject: Re: 7.1 on a Plus

From: Manpower
Subject: 7.1 on 800K disks?

Dear Classic Mac:

We have a freshly refurbished 4 Mb Mac Plus that we want to use for email
and newsgroups. Can we download System 7.1 in some form that can easily be
transferred to 800K floppies? I know several people are running System 7.x
on these older machines, but I'm not up to speed on disk images and so forth
- please enlighten me!

BTW I already have the suggested software list for older Macs that appears
here regularly.


Mike McNeil

I THINK there is a version of 7.0 or 7.0.1 (the only LEGAL versions that
you can d/l) that will fit on an 800k floppy on the MacUser web site. Like
I said, I THINK I recall seeing one or the other there when I downloaded
7.0.1 a few months ago. If not, try the Apple web site.


A weird little oasis on the web. Download my Subgenius music, Mac
shareware, other assorted waste of bandwidth.


Subject: Need Sound Manager 2.0 or Earlier?
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 97 18:13:59 +0900
From: Benjamin Guansing
To: Classic Posts

I recently put a Radius Rocket in my IIci. It's incompatible with Sound
Manager 3.x. Anyone out there have Sound Manager 2.0 or earlier? If you
do, it would be greatly appreciated if you could send it to me via an
e-mail attachment. Thanks.


Subject: Upgrading LC Video?
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 97 18:14:03 +0900
From: Benjamin Guansing
To: Classic Posts

Exactly how do I upgrade the VRAM on an LC? At the moment my friend is
using a 17 inch monitor with it and can only display 16 colors. Can we
get it up to 256 colors on the 17 inch monitor?


Subject: Apple ImageWriter II and Mac 512Ke Cable?
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 97 07:46:55 -0400
From: Archer Gravely
To: Classic Posts

I am planning to give my sister my Apple Imagewriter II and I need to
find a printer cable that will let me connect it to a Mac 512ke. Any

Thanks, Archer

From: thomasvchipley
Date: 23 Apr 97 13:18:32 (+0000)
Subject: Two Printer Problems?
To: Classic Posts

I have two problems with which I need some help. I checked the archives and
could not find similar problems. My father-in-law has an old Mac LC II with 4
meg of memory connected to an HP DeskWriter C. Up until last week this setup
worked fine. He previously had System 7.1 installed and installed 7.5.1 last
week. From that point forward he has been unable to print properly. Here are
some of the symptom of his problems:

1. On startup, if the HP is on, the printer prints a page with junk on it.
Spurious characters in reverse printing come out on the top and bottom of the

2. When he requests a print, the LC goes about its business, preparing, then
spooling, then comes back with a message indicating the printer is not
responding and make sure it is connected - ok to continue or cancel. Sometimes
this message is replaced by an unexpected error #-97 message, sometimes not.
This type of problem did not occur until he moved to 7.5.1. Some times it comes
back and discretely indicates the serial port is in use. We are both rather

He has rebuilt the desktop, reinstalled 7.5.1 and flipped the printer cable. He
would like to blow away 7.5.1 and reinstall 7.1 but is not sure how to perform
this action. My suspicion is he has a cable that has gone bad or a port problem
as I had a similar problem with an old 386 and a LaserWriter on my job. My
father-in-law is so frustrated he is seriously considering purchasing a Wintel
machine. Considering that I am a DOS/Wintel head who is now moving to the Mac
platform this pains me. Any other possibilities (aside from the cable) or

My other problem relates to an old SE I picked up last year and basically
turned over to my 4 year old. It was on a LAN at my work and had access to
multiple printers. Occassionally he requests a print from MacPaint (or other
programs) and, as I do not have a printer, any print request causes the OS to
crash and then forces a restart. How can I get rid of the printers in the
chooser or teach the Mac to gracefully exit the program? I have checked with
AppleBoy and their solution didn't work (go to Chooser, select the offending
printer, since the printer doesn't exist it will shut off the connnection and
indicate no printer attached...nope didn't do the trick). I am running 6.0.8 on
the SE with 1 meg of memory.

Please forgive any ignorance of the Mac or any obvious solutions in the above
help request. As I indicated, my background is DOS and Windows and I once
though the Mac was a toy with those silly little icons. Let's just say my eyes
were opened by the Wintel hype over Windows 95 and how Mac-like it wanted to
be. The new PowerMac I have on order shows which operating system I now feel is
the best for my money.

Thanks for listening and for helping.

Tom Chipley

Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 16:31:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: Manuel Mejia
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Making Web Pages Using Classic Macs: Pt. 1

With the WWW being the rage, people are trying to get involved with
aspects of making a web page. For many, the first step seems to be going
out and spending money on an up to date Mac. While that works, one would
be surprised what can be done with a Classic Mac. In this installment, I
will discuss software and hardware requirements for a web page. Later
installments will discuss details like where it get software and how to
create an actual page.


Computer: For web pages with some graphics features, any color macintosh
will do--even a Mac II or an LC with the 68020 processor. A B&W Mac could
also be used but the page will be limited to text and perhaps a monochrome
image or two. The computer will need to have at least 8 megs of RAM
installed. In terms of video, just 16 colors is all that is needed for web
page creation.

Software: A few key pieces that you will need will be a text program and a
web browser. Text text or Simple Text will do for a text program. A web
browser that works would include Internet Explorer 2.0 or Macweb 1.1.1e. I
got the former web browser from Comp USA as a special deal that included
an 800 page book on the Internet. The software is encoded onto a CD that
is included with some of the books. The book is called Internet Starter
Kit for the Macintosh, fourth edition. For those who do not have a CD rom
drive, see if you can loacate the third edition of the book which had the
software in disk form. One could also borrow a computer with CD Rom to
copy Internet Explorer or just try to download the software from

Internet Explorer can be run on any computer using a
68020 processor. People using a 68030 machine can also use Netscape
Navigator. According to the packaging for Netscape's current
version (3.0), it does not work with 68020 machines. I have also not seen
a copy of the older 2.0 available for use. If someone see a copy that can
be downloaded for free or as shareware, I would like to know about it.

As for MacWeb 1.1.1E, It can be downloaded off existing MUG sites. It is
not as flexible as Internet Explorer but does take less memory to run it.

Another piece of useful software for web page design is either DOS Mounter
or Access PC. Either software will allow one to mount PC disks onto a Mac
hard drive. I often have to give my web pages to someone using a PC so
that they can view the page. Since the PC may have a problem trying to
read the HTML code that is written up using Simple Text, I use a piece of
Shareware called DOS Washer. This program converts mac simple text to a
form readable to MS-DOS. It can also do the reverse. Once the Simple Text
has been converted, I just drag and drop the page to the DOS formatted
disk. Comp USA can supply you with DOS Mounter or Access PC while DOS
Washer should be lurking at some local MUG.

PART 2--I will discuss graphical images that can be handled by classic
macs and by web browsers. If you want to see a web page that was created
by a Macintosh LC (68020 processor) with only a 16 color capability, go

Manuel Mejia, Jr.
Tampa, FL

From: DavidKST
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 23:49:52 -0400 (EDT)
To: Classic Posts
Subject: CTX Monitor Problem with Performa 460: Developments

I sent my question, posted earlier twice here, about my "CTX monitor problem
with Performa 460" to the MacDirectory help line and got the following

The Performa 460, 466, and 467 are all essentially equivalent to the LC
III which was the first of the Macs to have its "sync on green" signal
removed. The monitor works with the older SE/30 but probably would not work
on any AV, Quadra, or PowerMac (if my guess here is correct, which it USUALLY
is of course. S Hey I AM the baroness!)

Anyway, check with CTX to see if they have an adapter to sell you, make sure
to tell of them of the Sync on Green problem, and if they don't, or want to
charge you more than $35, call Griffin Communications (615) 399-0990. They
have an adapter which should do the trick. If you want to test this out before
spending the moolah, try to connect to another model of those listed above to
see if the monitor displays properly. When doing this test, make sure to
connect to the video port and not an installed after-market card.

Best of luck and happy MacOS-ing.


I have faxed a letter to CTX, but I don't have a response from them yet.

I also don't have a PowerMac to try out the suggestion on! Has any one else
heard of this?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

David Tyler

Date: Thu, 24 Apr 97 00:54:39 -0500
From: B Soluski
Subject: Re: Two Hard Disks _Inside_ a IIci
To: Classic Posts

hilal wrote:

hi everyone,

i have a IIci running system 7.5.5 (runs like a breeze). i want to
increase hard disk capacity but do not want to buy a larger disk. also,
because my daughter uses the machine, i am not happy with the external
hard disk solution that i now have (230mb internal, 160mb external). i
notice that there is enough space in the IIci's drive bay for 2 'thin'
(half height?) drives. but is there a way to get the scsi chain and power
to the second hard disk?

thanks for the advice.

The cables are easy. Splitters are available.
Try radio shack, back issues of this list, or
(or just visit them if you are in Dayton.)

You will have to jumper one of the
disks so the SCSI address is not zero.

You may not have as much room as you think.
I think there is room for one "half" height disk,
but not two 1/3 heights.

The IIci has a beefy power supply, so that is good.
(Some pizza box Macs cannot take new drives due to power constraints.)

But do you really want to have a hard disk loose in your case?


From: ribcage
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 14:15:01 -0600
To: Classic Posts
Subject: 800k Disks: The Call of Desperation?

Does anyone know where I can order some 800k disks for my MacPlus?


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