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Table of Contents for this issue:
Software for 9" Screen Macs
Re: 1.4MB Disks Masquerading as 800K Disks
Centris CD-ROM Question?
Memory for LC II?
File Attachments with Pine?
PB 170 Startup and Modem?
Re: Starting to Use an SE...
Re: Mac II Info
Re: Think Tank

Date: Sat, 3 May 1997 21:52:33 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Jag
Subject: Software for 9" Screen Macs

Date: Sat, 03 May 1997 13:42:20 +0200
To: Classic Posts
From: Stephan van Radecke
Subject: Older Shareware for the SE/30?

Where to search for 'older' shareware? I think there must be tons of bytes
of shareware from the good old 9" time. To use without filling up the 40MB
hd of my SE30.



My site has lots of goodies!

Mac Plus on the WEB??? Yep!
A Plus as a web server??? Yep!
For some really nifty instruction manuals and shareware for older Macs,
check out




Date: Sat, 3 May 1997 22:13:26 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Mike Rehbein
Subject: Re: 1.4MB Disks Masquerading as 800K Disks

If you need a newer Mac to think a 1.4 meg disk is really an 800k disk,
just take some tape and cover the hole in the disk which tells the disk
drive on newer Macs that the disk is a 1.4 meg disk. Not the hole with the
sliding tab, the "other" hole :)


This is NOT a good idea unless it's an emergency and you HAVE to get
data over to an 800k drive. DO NOT think that the data will be stable
(it won't). Sometimes it works great for months, sometimes the data is
lost. DON'T TRUST it.


Sorry Jag,

The 1.4meg disks are made of better media than the earlier 800k disks.
You could have had other problems. Or super cheap disks :) but there is
nothing magical about the media in general. The amount of data that a disk
can hold is merely a measure of the media quality.


Mike Rehbein Minnesota, USA
N0AGG Ham Radio

From: JAG
Date: Sun, 4 May 1997 01:48:17 -0500 (CDT)
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Centris CD-ROM Question?

This isn't really a classic mac question but...

Why is it that every time I start up my Centris, my CD ROM drive has to be
on (it's an external) for it to mount automatically?



Date: Sun, 4 May 1997 02:50:17 -0500 (CDT)
From: James Lewis Dering
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Memory for LC II?

Hello all!

I have a question concerning my LCII. I want to upgrade my RAM, and I
know that it uses 30-pin SIMMs, but I guess I don't exactly know about the
whole "parity" and "chip" thing. Could someone tell me exactly what I
should ask for for this model?

Also, does anyone know what a Mac 1M is, or if there even is such a thing?
Someone is selling one.


Date: Sun, 4 May 1997 01:22:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kamal Larsuel
To: Classic Posts
Subject: File Attachments with Pine?

I'm not sure how to retrieve an attachment without using fetch.

I use Z-term and Unix and Pine. I have access to fetch, but I have a low
density drive so it makes it difficult to copy stuff without lugging around my
external hard drive.

Kamal Larsuel

From: sgf
Date: Sun, 4 May 1997 19:22:16 +0100
To: Classic Posts
Subject: PB 170 Startup and Modem?

Dear Listmembers,

I was wondering whether any of you might have any ideas regarding my newly
acquired pb170.

After startup the screen seems to be covered in a repeated barcode-like
pattern and the hard disk makes a number of attempts to start-up. Sometimes
it gets stuck at the 'welcome to macintosh message' and sometimes it
starts. When it starts it seems to run okay and Norton Utlities doesn't
report any problems.

The modem port does not seem to be recognized by the modem and the printer
port only gives a very slow throughput. It says it connects at 14,400 ARQ
but the data transfer seems intermittent and very, very slow (I've had
faster throughput using the same modem and an old Mac Portable).

Also the powerbook came with a small grey (matchbox sized) 9600 fax modem
that plugs into another modem port to the right of the serial ports as you
look at the computer. I can't get the computer to see this (yes, I've
selected 'internal modem' in the control panel). It looks like it needs
some software that I haven't got. Does anybody have this (I've looked on
the Apple site and tried installing a newer 'express modem' software but it
didn't install properly and didn't work.

Any help with any of the above most welcome. Off list to sgf if
you prefer.


Date: Sun, 4 May 1997 23:02:51 +0000
To: Classic Posts
From: Christopher Adams
Subject: Re: Starting to Use an SE...

Jim Ratchford asked:

If I reformat it in a friend's PowerMac (or off a boot disk) can I
use my IBM 40meg SCSI, my Iomega Bernoulli scsi, or any other SCSI
drives that happen to be lying around for my SE?

Almost certainly, though you may need to sort out a few issues to do with
formatting software for non-Apple drives, setting the SCSI ID number, and
drive termination. For info on this try:

Here's an extract which may apply to your set-up:

"If you are adding more than one external SCSI device to an SE without an
internal hard disk, you will need two terminators. One goes at the end of
the chain. The other must be plugged into the first device, and the system
cable from the SE plugged into the terminator (terminators have a male
connector on one side and a female on the other)."

Chris Adams, Birmingham, UK.
The Mac SE Support Pages:

From: Jones, Paul B
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: Mac II Info
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 10:13:00 +1000

Subject: Re: Mac II Info
Date: Sat, 3 May 97 00:37:27 -0400
From: hilal
To: Classic Posts

Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 11:09:44 -0400
To: Classic Posts
From: John Ruschmeyer
Subject: Mac II Video and General Questions?

2) The system has 4MB RAM. Do I need special SIMMs or can I use regular
1x8, 30 pin, 8-chip ones?

you must use 'parity' chips. these are 30 pin, 9-chip ones.

No, any 1x8 or 1x9 simm will do, 120ns or better. You would need special
4x8 simms if you want to go higher.


4) Any other upgrades that I should check for?

There is a HD Floppy upgrade, which requires a ROM change, and you can
replace the PMMU apple chip with a Real PMMU and then use RamDoubler or
Virtual Memory. They can also drive almost any Hard Drive. And there are
some accel cards, but many have compatibility problems. If you don't
mind being stuck in early system software you can use old radius Rocket
cards and get Quadra performance out of the old MacII.

PBJ (MacII owner, Retired)

From: Jones, Paul B
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: Think Tank
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 10:13:00 +1000

Date: Sat, 03 May 1997 13:42:17 +0200
To: Classic Posts
From: Stephan van Radecke
Subject: Think Tank?

Nearly 10 years ago there was an Mac program on market called 'Think Tank'.
A kind of brainstorm-supporting program.
I assume it is now out of market. Are there any copies to sell or any ideas
where to get this program?

I have a brand new original copy, if you want to pay freight from


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