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Table of Contents for this issue:
Mac II and Zip Drive Weirdness?
Proper Microphone for MacRecorder?
Mac Plus System?
MacroMaker on a IIfx?
Classic II and Universal Power Supply?
Where to find a Mac TV?
LC/HP DeskWriter PostScript Compatible?
Old Mac Problems and Questions
Re: Booting a Plus from a Zip
The Mysterious Disappearing SE HD?
Re: Mac Plus RAM Disks
The Ordeal of the Mac Plus/Iomega Zip Driver Continues... Mac Classic w/ 40mhz 68030 accelerator?
Re: Highest Version of Mac OS on a IIcx
Re: Booting a Plus from a Zip
The Rescuer's Conundrum?
Problems with Mac Plus and Zip?
Navigator 2.x?
Multiple System Folders?
Mac Plus Screens?
Pre-System 7.x Internet?
Classic II and Colour?

Date: Fri 25 Jul 97 03:14:27 +500
To: Classic Posts
From: Nathan Marler
Subject: Mac II and Zip Drive Weirdness?

Hello all,

I was wondering if you could tell me why an SCSI Zip Drive and my Mac II
seem to be so horribly incompatible. When I got the drive, it installed
fine, and worked when I rebooted the computer. Then, when I erased the Zip
Tools disk to use it for storage, I rebooted the computer, and every time
the Iomega driver located the Zip drive, I got a bus error at some point.
Sometimes it was while extensions were loading, and sometimes just before
the Finder came up. Eventually, I had to return the drive. I tried
everything before hand--boot disks, turning off the extensions, etc. I'd
love to use the Zip, but I can't figure out these prolific bus errors, and
the TIL was of no use. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Nathan Marler

Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 21:57:41 -0800
From: Waller_Mark
Subject: Proper Microphone For MacRecorder?
To: Classic Posts

Anyone know of a microphone, which is still available, that will work in =
a MacRecorder's 'MIC' jack? I've tried different makes in different =
MacRecorders, but none have worked.

Mark Waller

Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 09:08:31 +0200
From: Jakob Havkrog
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Mac Plus System?

Hi there,

This is probably a FAQ but I havent been able to locate the information
myself, som now I'm writig to you.

My friend just got a Mac Plus 1M RAM 2x800K diskette drives (no

Where can I find system software that fits this machine? What system
version is the best?

Thanks a lot.

To: Classic Posts
From: Tina Holm
Subject: MacroMaker on a IIfx?
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 10:57:29 +0100

Hi fellow Mac'ers

Boy I've missed you all.

So, the question this time. My "new" fx arrived, and with it a new system
(7.5.3 r2). Now that seems to have ended a long and happy relationship with
the old MacroMaker. The computer simply freezes before it's even started
up. (Works fine on my Plus with system 7.0.1)

I really need that MacroMaker, so does anyone now if there's a new version
that can run with that system or if there's something similar?


Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 09:28:53 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Carol Sue Cain Miller
Subject: Classic II and Universal Power Supply?


My sister, who lives in Germany, is thinking about buying a Mac Classic II.
I know that the Mac SE had something called a "universal power supply" that
would transform the european amps/voltage/whatever and therefore didn't
need an external transformer...all she would need was an adapter for the

Does this hold true for the Mac Classic II?

Carol Sue Cain Miller

Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 11:14:03 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Nick 'SOL' Schmitt
Subject: Where to find a Mac TV?

Does anyone know where I could find a MacTV for sale?. You know, the all
black Macs with the T.V. Tuner? I've been looking for a while and the
people who have them for sale never seem to know enough about them to make
me feel comfortable buying them.


Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 10:49:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mike Sullivan
To: Classic Posts
Subject: LC/HP DeskWriter PostScript Compatible?

Hello to the list from a new old-Mac owner. I just purchased an LC/HP Desk
Writer combo. I was wondering if I can run/print ppost script on it. If so
what do I need ? directions/pointers to info sources greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.


Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 13:37:06 -0500
From: mark akins
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Old Mac Problems and Questions

I have a Mac 512K which has been upgraded to a Plus. It has an 800K
floppy drive which works. It also has two Dove boards connected to the
logic board. One of the two boards has some small DIPs on it and clamps
over some DIPs on the logic board. The other board has two ROM chips and
two 128K DIPs; this board plugs into the ROM sockets on the logic board.
These boards also have "SNAP SCSI" on them. The smaller board has a plug
for connecting a scsi drive. I can connect an external scsi hard drive
through a cable I run out the back. The problem I have is that when I
bought it and brought it home, I connected an external drive and booted
the Mac up and everything worked. The mac saw the external drive just
fine. Then, I copied Tech Tools 1.13 over to the external drive and
tried to run it. The Mac crashed. I restarted the Mac and now it won't
see any external hard drive. (It will boot up just fine from an 800K
diskette) I opened the Mac, reseated the two boards, and insured that
all the cables were secure. No luck! Any ideas? I did notice that one of
the pins was busted off on the scsi plug on the smaller board (I think
this was already like this before I got the Mac). Could this be a
problem? Do I need some software? Does anyone have any info about Dove

I also have a Sigma Designs card for an SE. Does anyone have any info
about this? I assume that this is a monochrome video card. It has a
9-pin female connector.

Thanks for any help that I get!

Mark Akins

Subject: Re: Booting a Plus from a Zip
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 97 22:24:32 -0600
From: Vince Salupo
To: Classic Posts

Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 09:20:12 -0800
To: Classic Posts
From: Charlie Schorner
Subject: Booting a Plus from a Zip?

Hi Folks!

I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to boot my Mac Plus from an Iomega Zip
drive. The Zip drive is significantly more quiet than the ancient "zero


I got some feedback via Usenet that possibly using an old version of the
Zip Tools program to format the Zip disk would solve the problem. The
oldest version I could find was 4.2, and that doesn't seem to help. Neither

You need to update(downgrade) the driver on the disk to version 4.2. I
have a plus that boots fine from a Zip. But I found out the hard way that
upgrading from the Iomega Driver 4.2 to anything higher caused the
blinking question mark on my Plus at boot. As soon as I Changed the
driver back with Iomega tools 4.2 it worked fine.

Are you doing a complete reformat of the disk with Tools 4.2? Don't do
the quick erase. This will not update any drivers (I Think??).

If so, you may need to use another Zip disk. The last time someone
posted, they fixed their problem by using an ordinary disk. Not the tools
disk that ships with the drive. Apparently the empty disks are still
being formatted with the 4.2 driver.

A more complex option is to install SCSIprobe and start up one of your
other macs with your zip disk in the drive at startup. This will force
that Mac to use the driver off the Zip Disk. You can then use SCSIprobe
to check what version driver is installed for the Zip drive. This is the
only way I know to see what driver is actually installed on a Zip.

Keep trying, I know it works

Vince Salupo

Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 10:28:45 -0500
From: mark akins
To: Classic Posts
Subject: The Mysterious Disappearing SE HD?

I have a Mac SE with the Superdrive/Hard Drive configuration and 4
megs. When I first got it, it had an Apple 20 meg hard drive it in which
I couldn't get to work on this machine or on my Power Mac. I removed it
and put it a 40-meg drive (Quantum, I beleive, but it did not fit right
into the rack, so I replaced it with an Apple 40 meg drive (another

My problem is that when the SE has been off for awhile, I will turn
it on and the SE cannot see the hard drive. If I turn it off and then
turn it back on, it can now see the hard drive. I have reformatted this
drive using FWB toolkit and put a new system folder on it. It still has
this same problem. If I do a restart, it won't work. It is only when I
power it down and then power it back up does the hard drive show up. The
floppy drive works fine. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

Mark Akins

Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 18:35:00 +0200
To: Classic Posts
From: Matti Haveri
Subject: Re: Mac Plus RAM Disks

"Joyce R. Crosthwaite"

Can anyone provide me with some information regarding the use of RAM disks
and the highest system software I can use with 800k floppies and the RAM

RamDisk+ allows one to make RAM disks on a Plus - in the past I have tried
v2.21 with System 6.0.5 and it worked great. RamDisk+ is especially nice on
macs with only 1 floppy drive because they allow the System to reside in
RAM and apps on floppies, for example. v2.21 was an application, later versions
were control panels. For some obscure reason I have kept and preferred v2.21
instead of later versions.

There is also AppDisk which can make a RAM disk when launched as an app,
but AFAIK it can not be made as a boot disk.

System 6.0.8 is the last to fit on 800k floppies. However, System 6.0.5 is
also just fine and, IMHO, may even be better and smaller than 6.0.7 or

Matti Haveri

Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 09:52:46 -0700
To: Classic Posts
From: Charlie Schorner
Subject: The Ordeal of the Mac Plus/Iomega Zip Driver Continues...

[MODERATOR'S NOTE: Charlie, before you give up hope (in case the 4.3.2
driver does not work), be sure to read and follow Vince Salupo's post
entitled "Re: Booting a Plus from a Zip" and NeonGooch's post entitled "Re:
Booting a Plus from a Zip" that are listed in the Table of Contents.]

At 08:52 PM 7/22/97 -0600, Tony Bailey wrote:

Hello Charlie have you got your zip drive to boot with your Mac Plus? I've
been told you need the old Iomega extension driver in order for the Mac to
use the drive. I'm sending this driver to you. Also you might check Jags
web page on classic macs for more info. Hope this helps,


[NOTE: Tony graciously attached a copy of the Iomega driver/extension
version 4.3.2, dated August 5 1996]

Thanks, Tony!

I'm not sure that this driver will help, but thanks very much for your
efforts! I'll play with it when I get home, but let me explain what I've
heard. I'm passing this along to the mail list, if you don't mind. There
may be some other folks interested in solving this same problem. I have no
absolute knowledge that the stories I've heard so far are true. All of my
experimenting has produced no positive result, so I have no way to verify
that what I've been told is true. If anyone has any further or different
information (or maybe even works for Iomega), let's hear from you!

Here's the deal as I understand it: The Iomega driver/extension is used on
the boot drive so that the Mac will mount a Zip disk when you jam one into
the Zip drive... kind of the way floppies work on the Mac. Without the
driver, the Mac just never sees the Zip disk. The Mac Plus (and all my
other Macs) works admirably in this respect with every version of the
driver I've tried. I can use Zip disks to my hearts content when I've
booted the Plus from another hard drive or a floppy disk.

The only way to format a Zip disk is with the Zip Tools program. The story
I heard was that an ancient version of this program would format the disk
so that a Plus could indeed boot from it, but that, in later versions, this
feature was removed. The oldest version of this program I can find is
version 4.2, and to use it, you must have booted up with the version 4.2
driver/extension as well. I suppose the formatting function gets some sort
of low-level information from the driver. I will try this with the version
4.3.2 driver I just received.

Supposedly, and I have no reason not to beleive this, the Mac Plus ROM had
an odd sort of preliminary version of the SCSI code, and hard drives had to
meet certain specific characteristics to be used with a Mac Plus, even more
stringent if you wanted to boot from that hard drive. This is reflected in
an oddity in the PRAM, which does not support the "Startup Drive" cdev
(i.e., even if you've got several Mac Plus compatible hard drives attached,
only one of them will be the boot drive, and you have no way to choose to
boot from another. If you jam in a floppy, it will always be the preferred
boot disk.) Many drives were manufactured with a switch for "normal" or
"Mac Plus" mode. I have no idea what these SCSI oddities were, but
apparently there's something about the Zip drive that doesn't meet the

The Plus does not boot from a disk formatted with version 4.2. It does
check the SCSI bus, and interrogates the Zip drive, but for some reason
decides that it just doesn't want to boot from it. I don't know if an older
version of Zip Tools exists... Zip drives haven't been around for all that
long, and I got one when they first came out. It shipped with version 4.2.1.

I now use version 5.0.1, but it doesn't seem to support the Plus either (at
least as far as booting up goes.) So that's it! I hope this hasn't been too
tedious an ordeal (very possibly Nathan will decide that this is just too
much for the list!) If anyone has any other leads, please get in touch, and
I'll follow up with the results of the 4.3.2 driver experiment (thanks
again, Tony!)

Charlie Schorner

From: Doran Else
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Mac Classic w/ 40mhz 68030 accelerator?
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 14:03:32 -0400

Hi guys -

I'm a new member to Mac-Classics so hopefully I'm not covering
old ground with my questions..but here goes:

I have a Mac Classic and I just installed a Applied Engineering
40mhz 68030 with 16mb of RAM on the card in my Classic. (Works
great btw.)

Question 1: Can I now use a current web browser like Netscape if
I turn Graphics off? Do I need to turn graphics off?

Question 2: Is Applied Engineering still around? They mention having
a display adapter card that sits on my accelerator card
so I wanted to track that card down as well.

Question 3: I read in Mac Addict, 'This Old Mac', on the
Mac Plus article that the modem port on the Mac Plus was
limited to 9600bps, is that also true for the Mac Classic? If
not what is its bps limitation?

thanks for the help!
Doran Else

From: NeonGooch
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 19:37:34 -0400 (EDT)
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: Highest Version of Mac OS on a IIcx

Subject: Highest Version of Mac OS on a IIcx?

I was just wondering what the highest rev. of the OS people on this list
have been able to get running on a IIcx. Mine is running 7.5 right now, but
I've been trying to go the 7.5->7.5.3->7.5.5 route without much success...
Also when I went from 7.1 to 7.5 my Mode32 software started having problems
with virtual memory (ie. the machine refuses to boot under 7.5 with virtual
memory turned on.)

If it makes any difference, here's the specs on the system
IIcx, 8/1.2G (Segate 32000N)


The cx (heck even my Plus) should be able to run any system 7.5. But
something popped out at me. The version of MODE32, are you still running the
same one that you where for system 7.1, and have you been using it for some
time? You must have the most current version of MODE32 if you run system 7.5.
The older version will do great damage to the operating system (to system
7.5). If fact it is highly recomended to remove the old MODE32 and current
system if you have run system 7.5 with the old version of MODE32. Then
install system 7.5 again and find the current version of MODE32 and install
it. This might explain the problems upgrading.


From: NeonGooch
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 19:37:45 -0400 (EDT)
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: Booting a Plus from a Zip

Subject: Booting a Plus from a Zip?

I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to boot my Mac Plus from an Iomega Zip
drive. The Zip drive is significantly more quiet than the ancient "zero
footprint" CMS drive now attached to the Plus. I know that there are some
flaky quirks with the SCSI implementation in the Plus, but there's gotta be
a way to make this work.

So, does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone been able to accomplish
this feat? Funny thing is, I can boot all of my other Macs from the Zip
drive (SE/30. Centris 650, PB100, PB5300), and the Zip disk can be mounted
on the Plus after booting from another drive.

Yours, gratefully,
Charlie Schorner

I asked this last year and got some good responces. It seems the best way to
do it is to format the zip with another driver. I used SilverLining and then
put the disk in before I start the Plus. This allows it to mount the disk at
startup, and to even boot from it. To format the zip with another driver you
need a system folder that has none of the zip tools in it. I used my boot
disk and the zip, no other HD was on the system. Then I used the formatter to
format the disk (disk in before startup). This will mess up the features of
the zip disk you format (but then you can't trash the operating system disk
anyway), and the disk may not work on another Mac that has the zip tools
installed (don't know these things, possible driver conflict). But the Plus
will boot and run off the disk just fine, just like a hard drive (except
remember to push the disk in before you boot). This may be one of the best
ways to get a small hard drive for a Plus nowdays (for me, I use a HD to
boot, the ZIP is for my 52meg archive (compressed) of software for old Macs
(about 1/2 is my backups of commercial software so they are *not* available).


From: John Ruschmeyer
Subject: The Rescuer's Conundrum?
To: Classic Posts
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 14:44:19 -0400 (EDT)

Or otherwise stated: What to do when the cost of reviving a rescued
computer is as much as buying one of the same model?

To explain, I recently rescued a Mac+ (2.5/40) which was being thrown
out by my employer. When I got it, it would give intermittant Sad Mac
errors. No problem, I figure I can replace the RAM with some surplus
PC SIMMs. This fixes the Sad Macs, but after it heats up it dies with
an "Address Error" bomb. Some board switching points to the motherboard
(more specifically, the ROMs) as being the fault.

Checking around, I see that the most common price for a Mac+ system
board is $15 + shipping. As a last check, I call Intragate,
who has had good prices in the past, to find out
their price. It turns our that they won't even quote me a price for
the MB as they can get me an entire Mac+ system for $20.

This has really left me in a quandry as to what to do. I really don't
want to buy *another* one as I already have a working Mac Plus. Besides,
what would I then do with *this one*? I suppose I could keep it for
parts, but that seems a bit of a waste too.

Any suggestions? Anyone with a spare set of Mac+ ROMs?

Thanks in advance... <<<John>>>

P.S. Anybody also know of a source for a LaserWriter Plus logic board, too?

To: Classic Posts
From: Tina Holm
Subject: Virus????
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 01:27:43 +0100

A lot of my files and programs suddenly have damaged resource forks and
nothing works properly. Disinfectant 3.6 says that the resource forks are
damaged or in an unknown format. Macafee Virusscan 1.0.1 tells me the same

The computer is a Mac IIfx running system 7.5.3 and all the trouble seemed
to have started when attaching a new external harddrive and a screen from
an AV something, -possibly a Quadra.

I find it hard to belive that the problems should originate from those, but
it seems to be spreading, so hopefully someone can give me an explanation?

I'm also experiencing that some of the OK buttons are totally black. I have
tried installing a new system but it didn't help much, seems to be
especially the control panels and extensions that are damaged.

Lukcy for me that I still have my beloved and faithful MacPlus.

Can anyone help?


Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 00:05:15 -0400
To: Classic Posts
From: "Joseph L. Puente"
Subject: Problems with Mac Plus and Zip?

Got a few notes and question to field to you all. I've got a cool
little Mac Plus named "Bill" Even dedicated a web page to him at I upgraded the RAM on
Bill the other day (documented the experience on video, I might add) to a
whopping 4MB and I'm very happy that everything went okay. The jumper had
been clipped already, from a previous upgrade to 2.5 MB. Bill recognized
the extra RAM without a problem.

However... (You knew there was going to be a "However" didn't you?)
As you might note from my web page, I have successfully booted Bill off of
an Iomenga Zip Drive. Unfortunately, Bill is no longer able to do this and
I can't figure out why. The drive is working fine. When I boot Bill off of
a System 6.0.8 disk with an Iomega driver installed, it recognized the Zip
drive and any Zip disks I might put into it. The problem comes when I try
to restart the computer from the Zip. If I use my System 7.1 Zip disk (Note
screen shot on my Bill Page) all I get is the blank disk with a Question
Mark (?) in the middle of the screen. If I try to boot from the 6.0.8 Zip
disk, I get a sad mac with x'd out eyes and cryptic code beneath it
like"0F001C" or something to that effect.

I imagine I can find a cheep external hard drive but I'd much
rather continue using the Zip Drive. I find it easier to keep Bill's many
incarnations on separate disks... "Bill 6.0.8," "Bill 7.1," "Bill 7.5"
(When I get my hands on an old copy. ;-]

Any help with this would be appreciated. I'm no longer a subscriber
to the Classic Macs list, so please respond to me directly.


Joseph L. Puente

Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 13:31:24 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Rich McCord
Subject: Navigator 2.x?

Anyone know where I can find Netscape Navigator version 2.02 (or something
close to that)? I'm currently using v. 3.0 and it's too slow and
RAM-hungry for my '030 Performa! I've already tried Netscape's download
page--no luck . . .

[MODERATOR'S NOTE: Rick, Netscape no longer lists 2.02 on their WWW
download page. To find it, you'll have to root around on their ftp server,

Look carefully--it's there.]


Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 11:56:25 -0500 (CDT)
From: William Voelker
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Multiple System Folders?

Having gone through many back issues and doing multiple searches around
the web---

Is it possible to have both System 6 & 7 installed on the same HD?
Or will I need to get an external and switch between the two? I have a
Classic 4/40, so I do have 6.0.3 in ROM but it's not good for much besides
letting some old games run that die unter 7 (7.0*). I would like to be
able to use various screen savers, etc. under 6---and get a small speed
boost besides when I don't need to have more than one program running.

Thank you.

William J. Voelker

Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 14:13:39 -0400
To: Classic Posts
From: "Joseph L. Puente"
Subject: Mac Plus Screens?

I need help.

I work for an ISP that also puts together computer systems for sale
and I was asked to upgrade the RAM on a couple of Mac Pluses. Having
upgraded my own Mac Plus a few day prior and successfully, I might add, I
took on the task. Well, I open up the boxes, swapped out the SIMMS and
clipped the jumper so the computer would recognize the larger SIMMS.
Howeer, when I turned the Machines on with a System 6.0.7 startup floppy
and to my surprise, the entire screen was blank except for a tiny little
square in the center large enough for the Disk icon with a question mark or
the smiling Macintosh icon you see at startup. Unfortunately, after the
disk spins for a few, the computer freezes and all I see is the Mac icon
in it's little box in the center of the screen. I'm afraid I might have
cost my company the sale of two perfectly good computers. I need to redeem
myself. I'm the Mac guy in the company!

Here's a new problem with my Mac Plus. After I upgraded the RAM on
my Plus to a full 4MB, My computer recignized it fine and didn't have any
screen problems... however, I can no longer startup off my Zip drive like I
used to. I can boot off a floppy wioth 6.0.8 and the Iomega driver and the
Zip disks will mount, but that doesn't help me if I want to boot off the
Zip using system 7.1. All it does is give me a dead Mac in the middle of
the screen with 0F001C writen under it. Help! I want to boot off my Zip. I
don't want to hasle with getting an old hard drive.


Joseph L. Puente

Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 15:35:07 -0400
To: Classic Posts
From: "Joseph L. Puente"
Subject: Pre-System 7.x Internet?

What software would I need to get a Mac Plus on the internet with System 6.0.8?
I was just downloading the latest version of Eudora Light and saw Eudora
Light 1.3.1 (System 6) available for download. What else would I need?


Joseph L. Puente

From: chris.westbrook
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 14:53:39 -0800
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Classic II and Colour?

I recently read an article which stated that my Performa 200 (Classic II)
could run a colour monitor because it has a 'colour capable ROM'. Does this
mean I can connect an external monitor? I guess I'll need a card for this,
if so where can I get one? Even better, could I fit one of those colour
classic monitors in replacing my current B/W one (I'm assuming they're the
same size) ? Again where can I obtain one (preferably in the UK). Thanks
for any help.

Chris Westbrook

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