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Table of Contents for this issue:
Networking E-mail w/AIMS and Mac II?
Mac Plus and HDFD Drive?
Problem with 7.5.3 on 68020
Lotus Jazz?
Mac Plus Modem?
SE SuperDrive -and- Booting Plus from Maxtor
A Tale of Two Systems
Re: To help a newbie
Microtek SE/30 Greyscale Card?
PSI Portable Memory?
Re: Plus and Bad Power Supply
Classic II Web Browsing?
NEC CDR36--Need Drivers
Need Software for Mac286 Board
Re: Apple Basic Color Monitor
Re: SE SuperDrive
512k Macs and Dove Boards
Re: Plus as Dedicated Fax
RE: Classic IIs, SE/30s, Performa 200s and Color
Re: What I've Done to My Color Classic
Miss Daisy Lost Her Driver!
128k Macs--Where to Find Them
Speaking of 128k's...
Re: SE SuperDrive

Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 22:01:42 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: "Charles T. Smith"
Subject: Networking E-mail w/AIMS and Mac II?

Hello all,

I teach in a "mostly" Mac district and we are just getting our middle
school lab (28 LC 580's) hooked up to the net. We already have several
individual machines connected. We have someone who can do the ethernet
cabling, etc. My question concerns an email server. Our current plan
includes purchase of a Wintel machine to do the email serving. I've read
some things lately that lead me to believe that this is foolish. We already
have several Macs around, including an LC, Classic II, Mac II, etc. Can one
of these older machines be set up to be the email server. Alternatively,
should we use one of the 580's?

Do any of you kind people have experience with AIMS or it's Eudora
version/successor EIMS? How much computer power do I really need to serve
mail for 28 machines and 250 students plus staff?

Please help me keep one more Wintel machine in it's proper place (on a
shelf, unsold!)


Charles T. Smith

Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 12:40:50 -0600 (MDT)
To: Classic Posts
From: "Brian Robson"
Subject: Mac Plus and HDFD Drive?

I'd really appreciate any info. on this!

I have enjoyed and appreciated your http and ftp sites. I have a Plus
and just connected an HDFD floppy drive to it. It only reads 800k disks.
I was told that Apple had a system extension called "HD20" or something
like that which would enable reading of 1.4 disks. Can you shed any light
on this? Is it true? Where could I find this extension? Any info. you could give would be
greatly appreciated!

I'm trying to fit a system and Hypercard player on one disk so my kids (ages 5
and 3) can use their stacks on a separate disk. It seems a 1.4 would do it if
it would read. Thanks!

Brian Robson

Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 19:04:04 EDT
From: Cornel BOZDOG
Subject: Problem with 7.5.3 on 68020
To: Classic Posts

I've recently updated my Mac from 7.5 to 7.5.3. Everything is OK (speed and
al.) except that I cannot shut down (or restart) the computer properly anymore.
Every time I try that a window pops up saying " ..bus error Finder... RESTART",
which is not big deal when simply trying to restart but becomes very annoying
otherwise (that means that I have to depress the emergengy back button to shut
it down unconditionally).

-most of the cases the Finder seems to cause the crash, but sometimes other
applications do.

-keeping the Shift key down at restart doesn't help (i.e. this isn't an
extension bug).

-initializing from a floppy (system 6.08) solves the problem, but I really
want to use 7.5! (and I don't have a backup for it, so I'm stacked with this
unfortunate 7.5.3 update).

Does anyone see a solution to this? Please.. maybe a hint?

Thanks, Cornel

Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 23:28:46 -0400
From: jgoodwin
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Lotus Jazz?

Hello, i am trying to get some info or help in finding a program called
Jazz by Lotus.I am looking for version 1a , i have version 1. from what
i have read, 1a can be copied to a hard drive, but v. 1 cannot. any help
would be greatly appreciated. thanks


Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 22:33:39 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Rich McCord
Subject: Mac Plus Modem?

Greetings, all! Many thanks to those who responded to my last posting . . .

My question this time: Does the Mac Plus require a modem (external, of
course) without an ADB cable, but with an external, switchable power
source? I ask this because I have read in several places that any modem
should be able to work. The 14.4 modem I use with my Performa doesn't work
on my Plus--the power is supplied through the ADB port, which a Plus lacks.

I guess this leads to another question: where can one find 9600 or 14.4
modems meeting the criteria of having an external power supply and no ADB
cable? I'm checking some of the online classified boards, but I want to
resolve this technical question before I make a purchase.

Thanks again,

Subject: SE SuperDrive -and- Booting Plus from Maxtor
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 97 07:36:12 -0400
From: Daniel Knight
To: Classic Posts

From: Stephen Wright
Subject: SE SuperDrive

From my reading on the net, it would appear that an SE
was 1 hard drive and 1 superdrive or 2 superdrives.
Any comments?

There were third-party brackets to mount an internal drive without
removing a floppy. (You probably guessed!)

1. I do not have any software that can recognise an IBM disk
in the superdrive. Was this in the standard system?

Apple didn't ship PC Exchange with the sytem until 7.1, if I remember

[MODERATOR'S NOTE: Maybe so. But I remember having a program on my SE
FDHD under System 6.0.8 and 7.0 that I could open and stick an
IBM-formatted disk in in order to read it and transfer files to and fro
between the Mac and my Wintel machine. It was an Apple program, but the
name slips my mind for the moment--something like "Apple File Translator"
or so. Does anyone else have this program?]

From: "Michael E. Abrams"
Subject: Can't Boot a Plus from 120MB Maxtor

I have been unable to boot my MacPlus from my external 120 mb
Maxtor. I have tried everything. THe drive is just not recognized
by the SCSI program.

The drive is easily recognizable on a SCSI chain with my 7100....

Your drive is probably interleaved at 1:1. The SCSI port on a Mac Plus
cannot handle a 1:1 interleave and is being overwhelmed by data.

Daniel Knight,
webmeister, Low End Mac User

From: Baldwin999
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 08:11:23 -0400 (EDT)
To: Classic Posts
Subject: A Tale of Two Systems

Try the following:

Make two new folders in your system folder and call each "hidden system 6", 7
or similar.

Place one of the "system"'s in each folder . Drag out the one you want to
open with from the folder and leave it in the system folder - it is the
active system, restart.

Made an alias for the system folder and place it on your desk top.
Then when you want to change, just open your system folder from the alias,
hide the one in its folder and drag out the other to become the active
system and restart.

This works on an SE/30 and on my Q660AV, because the computers can not find
the "hidden system".

As far as I know, it is not possible to switch from one system to the other
without restarting.


From: Baldwin999
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 08:11:29 -0400 (EDT)
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: To help a newbie

For older but still very good Mac's, try a SE/30.
Try "Sun Remarketing, Inc." 1-800-821 3221, web site

Their latest catalog does not show a SE/30, but give them a call
anyway or check their web site.


Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 08:54:40 -0400 (EDT)
To: Classic Posts
From: Dave Brasgalla
Subject: Microtek SE/30 Greyscale Card?

Hello, all on the list!

(my first post!)

Recently on the MacAddict site (Eek! Those colors...), in the "This Old
Mac" column, I read a mention of a video card for the SE/30, supposedly
made by Microtek, that allowed the internal picture tube to display 256
shades of grey.

Now, I think this is a *great* idea, but I have never heard of a card like
this before, and I have been in this thing since the 128K came out (I
worked at Motorola at the time and had one of the very first 128s!). Now,
there was a period around '89-'91 when I was out of the Mac loop, so I
suppose it is possible that they sneaked one by me...yet it seems like such
a good thing that you would think it would be a popular and sought-after

Is this card just a cyberban myth? Can anyone confirm the existence of
such a card, or where might it be found? Is not Microtek out of business?

I feel slighty blasphemous even thinking about abandoning my bitmap status,
but - greyscale...what a tempting idea!

Dave Brasgalla

Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 15:08:49 +0200
To: Classic Posts
From: Ulric Björck
Subject: PSI Portable Memory?

I have a memory expansion card for the Macintosh Portable which I need
information about. It's a PSI Portable Memory expansion card, which fits
into the Portable's unique PDS-slot. The card is called LXPi 2B REV G.
Unfortunately I have no manual or software for the card so I don't know if
I can install it. Do I need any software to install it? Which system may I

I don't know how much memory there is in the card, but it might be 3Mb. The
card has three dip-switches that I don't know anything about either. How
should they be set?

Any information about the card or would be interesting to me.


From: John Ruschmeyer
Subject: Re: Plus and Bad Power Supply
To: Classic Posts
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 09:54:33 -0400 (EDT)

From: Jag
Subject: Plus and Bad Power Supply

To explain, I recently rescued a Mac+ (2.5/40) which was being thrown
out by my employer. When I got it, it would give intermittant Sad Mac
errors. No problem, I figure I can replace the RAM with some surplus
PC SIMMs. This fixes the Sad Macs, but after it heats up it dies with
an "Address Error" bomb. Some board switching points to the motherboard
(more specifically, the ROMs) as being the fault.

Any suggestions? Anyone with a spare set of Mac+ ROMs?

Thanks in advance... <<<John>>

Your prob is a bad power supply. Very common. You can get another used
Plus and take out its power supply and put it in the other Plus very
easily. It's worth it, you can use the other Plus for parts, ram,
floppy, MB. Power supplies were going for $200 as recently as 3 years
ago from dealers (I call them con artists.) Just buy the whole darn Plus
for $15 (heck just the 4 megs is going for $20 these days!).

I'll be darned, that does seem to be the problem. I finally took apart
my known-working Plus and swapped the MBs. Low and behold the supposedly bad
board works fine.

So... any idea what component(s) may be failing? I can't seem to find my
copy of Larry Pina's book. :-(

A couple of years back, I got my first Plus and ended up fixing 3 or 4
supplies. One was totally dead (which I never did get working), the others
had the "usual" failures (vertical line, burned connector, bad flyback, etc.).
This one has me a bit stumped, though.

Someone off-line suggested that the HV transformer may be spiking and
causing the random crashes. I did notice that the flyback appears to have
some problems (rippling screen), so would it be good to start by replacing
that and the associated transistor? (God I hate replacing that transistor.)

Thanks... <<<John>>>

P.S. About the LW+ board. I did look at Sun Remarketing's price. Geesh!
For what they want, I could buy an entire other printer *and* have it
overnight shipped. Do they *ever* actually sell any parts at those prices?

Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 08:28:43 -0500
From: Koelpien, Greg
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Classic II Web Browsing?

I have a friend with a Classic II, (Performa 200) which is a 9" B/W
68030 with a 10 MB RAM limit. It's kind of like a SE/30 without the RAM
capacity or PDS slot. I'm wondering if anyone knows if it is color
quickdraw compatable, which I am assuming is necessary for graphical WWW
browsing. Any suggestions or information if this machine is capable of
graphical browsing and how to get there would be appreciated. I would
guess Netscape 1 or 2 would be the leading contenders.

Greg Koelpien

Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 08:57:40 -0600
To: Classic Posts
From: Julie Walstra
Subject: NEC CDR36--Need Drivers

Got an old NEC CDR36 cd-rom as a donation, but no software. The drivers NEC
has posted do not cover this model. Anybody got one or got any ideas? Email
me directly if you have any clues.

Thanks- Julie

Julie Walstra

From: John Ruschmeyer
Subject: Need Software for Mac286 Board
To: Classic Posts
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 09:58:38 -0400 (EDT)


I recently picked up an old AST Mac286 board for my IIx.

Unfortunately, it did not come with docs or disks. By any chance, would
one of you have a copy of the SW?

FYI, I tried calling Orange Micro (who bought the board and technologies
from AST). They can offer no support for a board that old. (Apparently,
if I had had one of their 386 boards they had some SW.) Argh!

Thanks in advance... <<<john>>>

P.S. Mime-encoded disk images are fine. I can deal with about any format
you throw at me.

From: andrewh
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 08:25:52 +0000
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: Apple Basic Color Monitor

Don't take any more work to that local repair guy. I wonder how many homes
he's walked away from because the porch light burnt out?

Eliminate as many causes as possible yourself, maybe with the help of a
mechanically inclined friend, then take it to a professional.

Start with the obvious. For example, is it plugged in? Is there a blown
fuse? Is the switch shot?

If it a simple matter that you can attend to youself, you can save a bundle
in labour charges. I had a local shop tell me that my ImageWriter II w/
sheet-feeder would cost over $700 to replace the circuit board in the
printer to stop the head from slamming into the sides and rebuild the paper
path in the feeder. All it took for me to fix the problems was new
bushings, light oil, and two rubberbands.

I'm hoping someone out there can give me some pointers
on this one. The monitor that came with my venerable
LCIII suddently one day wouldn't start up. The little
green light wouldn't come on or anything. Now, my question
is this: Could it be the switch, or is it just dead,dead,
dead? A local computer repair guy said if the light
didn't come on it wasn't worth fixing. Is he right? Or
should I dismantle it or trade it in on a rebuilt? Any
and all advise welcome on the list or by e-mail.

Thanks people!

Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 07:34:19 -0700
To: Classic Posts
From: Clark Martin
Subject: Re: SE SuperDrive


Just writing to say that I just picked up a MAC SE Superdrive
- All I got was the machine, keyboard and mouse. Nothing else!

The machine inside has:
1 Rocket Drive - 40 Meg
2 Superdrives on the front
4 meg RAM

The system software is version 6.0.7

From my reading on the net, it would appear that an SE
was 1 hard drive and 1 superdrive or 2 superdrives.

Any comments?

I would like to know what files I am supposed to have
that makes up a complete 6.0.7 system.

A couple of observations are:
1. I do not have any software that can recognise an IBM disk
in the superdrive. Was this in the standard system?

No, that became available (with the System) in System 7. There was third
party commercial software to do it, PC Exchange and DOS Mounter. One or
both of those may still be available but I don't know if they'd still work
with System 6.

2. I can see 'Multifinder' grayed out but cannot select it.
Other than that, I seem to be in good shape,so I'm just taking
my time before I rush in - I haven't even performed a rebuild!

You have to turn Multifinder on, using the Set Startup command in the
Special Menu.

Clark Martin

From: Keith O'Hara
To: Classic Posts
Subject: 512k Macs and Dove Boards
Date: 07 Aug 1997 05:33:21 GMT

Mark Akins, writes;

I have a Mac 512K which has been upgraded to a Plus. It has an 800K
floppy drive which works. It also has two Dove boards connected to the
logic board.


I restarted the Mac and now it won't see any external hard drive. (It will
boot up just fine from an 800K diskette) I opened the Mac, reseated the two boards,
and insured that all the cables were secure. No luck! Any ideas? I did notice that one of
the pins was busted off on the scsi plug on the smaller board (I think
this was already like this before I got the Mac). Could this be a
problem? Do I need some software? Does anyone have any info about Dove

G'day Mark,

I've used one of these setups for years now and it's performed pretty well.
(actually, I have a cooling fan and a SCSI hard drive *inside* the case, but
thats another story)

First, the Dove boards (aka MacSnap) were a hardware solution entirely, no
software is required to run them, and the pin on the SCSI connnection is
broken off *on purpose* so you don't put it in backwards :-)

I don't know if Dove Computer Corporation, 1200 North 23rd Street, Wilmington
N.C. (800) 622-7627, still exists; but it did once!

Second, I've never known a software crash to cause a hardware problem so you
*should* be able to get everything working again :-) I see you have some
other hard drives etc, does the problem occur with every drive? try booting
with a floppy containing SCSI Probe, Disk First Aid and Apple HD Setup, can
you see the SCSI bus at all? Perhaps your SCSI cable is too long or
incorrectly terminated. The Dove boards were supplied with (removable)
termination resistors *bright red* labelled x, y, z, on the board near the
connector; try removing the resistors from either the internal board or the
external drive *but not both!*

If you still can't see the (working) hard drive with SCSIProbe, then I'm
baffled =:-(

Try zapping the PRAM (command-option-p-r at startup), might help!

Keith O'Hara

Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 11:44:10 -0500 (CDT)
From: John Seboldt
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: Plus as Dedicated Fax

My SE, even with the old Dove 16 MHz accelerator, choked on the
MacCommCenter software provided with the USR Sportster. The shareware
item ValueFax seems to work just fine, though slowly, of course. I
haven't used it much, and mostly for sending -- without a dedicated line
it gets pretty confusing otherwise!

John Seboldt

Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 18:18:50 -0600
From: EL
To: Classic Posts
Subject: RE: Classic IIs, SE/30s, Performa 200s and Color

Date: Sat, 2 Aug

To run a colour monitor off yer classic II or SE/30,or performa 200,
one needs a card such as the RasterOps SE/30 card..I believe that card
will only allow mac os 7.1 or earlier....
as far as swapping the CPT from a colour classic to a classic II,
you can't do it...besides different circuits,the CPT is too big fer the
classic II case...

The Classic II does not accept any card except for an FPU. The only way
it will push a color screen is with an external converter that costs
about 200 new if you can still find it.

Eric the Web Wandering Wonderer

To: Classic Posts
From: Jon Dockery
Subject: Re: What I've Done to My Color Classic
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 17:35:03 -0700

Well, here's another 2 cents worth on Micro Mac and their Color classic

When I spoke to their Tech Support people last year about providing a fan
for the the ThunderPro Cache I'd bought, they told me it was "simply
impossible--there's no room..."

When I spoke to the sales manager a couple of months later, I repeated this
request, and he told me there was no way to "vent" the fan. I pointed out
that there was a kick-panel in back by the PDS slot (for a video card?).
"Really?" he says. Honest to god, he puts me on hold, while he runs off to
find a Color Classic to look at. He comes back and tells me it looks too
small, but "we'll keep it in mind..."

Moral of the story--(besides never consulting for free)--make sure you get
one of newer models with the fan attached--it might actually work (though
it'll still be running half as fast as the Sonnet Presto).


Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 23:46:16 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Steve Aulie
Subject: Miss Daisy Lost Her Driver!

Miss Daisy is an Everex 20M external disk who got hooked up happily with a
Power Mac in Mexico but has not acted right since I brought her back home
(in the trunk of my car) to her Mac Plus.

Mac Plus refuses to show any icon at all when Miss Daisy is on his SCSI
port, just beeps and turns the screen dark in a continuous tantrum.

When Miss Daisy starts up after Mac Plus has already booted from a floppy
or his other external drive, Apple HD20 (NOT a SCSI disk), then Mac Plus
reluctantly mounts her using his SCSI Probe.

When it's time to shut down, Mac Plus parks the boot drive and freezes up
in the finder, apparently leaving Miss Daisy alone and refusing to show his
restart screen.

Do I need counseling, or what? SCSI Probe can't see the version of Miss
Daisy's driver. Norton Utilities says her driver may be damaged. Maybe
the driver picked up something in Mexico. Unfortunately, I have lost the
Everex software, EMAC - Disk ver. 2.2, so I don't know how to fix her.

Please help! Everex BBS no longer supports the elderly. When new
management acquired the company name and its younger assets, all the
oldsters were shipped off to a nursing home, Electro Serivce Labs, which
lets you download chunks of old Everex software for $10 or $25, but they
don't have MY software or anything that looks like it on their BBS.

Is there any way I could have damaged the SCSI controller chip inside Mac
Plus? I accidentally left off Miss Daisy's terminator when first hooking
her back up.

Steve Aulie

Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 00:51:29 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Jag
Subject: 128k Macs--Where to Find Them

I have always wanted a working 128 K Mac.

I'm a student, so my resources are limited. I'd be interested in knowing if
any of the subscribers to this list are looking for a good home for their
old Mac.

I'd be willing to pay something for it (plus shipping, etc.) but am mostly
interested in hearing from people not looking to make a huge profit on
selling their old Mac.

Matt Carlin

You can get them at local Goodwills for about $5-20 if you look hard
enough. Don't pay any more than that. Key and mouse will run about $20 for
both. In fact, I know of several here in Austin that are at the local
Goodwill. They may be willing to ship to you if you pay shipping. Your
shipping cost will be more than the Mac is worth, but that's OK.

Email me for their number.


A weird little oasis on the web. Download my Subgenius music, Mac
shareware, other assorted waste of bandwidth.

Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 00:54:37 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Jag
Subject: Speaking of 128k's...

I have a Mac that I think is a 128k. I booted form sys .5 (yes that's a
POINT 5!) and it worked fine. When I checked the ' about this Mac' box it
said 512k of ram. I opened it up and there were no mods on the MB. How
could this baby be a 128k if the about this Mac box says 512k of ram? I
looked on the back of it and the Macintosh logo said just "Macintosh" in
the metallic like letters, no "macintosh 512K" as the 512k's are named on
the back.


A weird little oasis on the web. Download my Subgenius music, Mac
shareware, other assorted waste of bandwidth.

Subject: Re: SE SuperDrive
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 97 05:40:07 -0500
From: "sdropkin"
To: Classic Posts

Just writing to say that I just picked up a MAC SE Superdrive
- All I got was the machine, keyboard and mouse. Nothing else!

The machine inside has:
1 Rocket Drive - 40 Meg
2 Superdrives on the front
4 meg RAM

The system software is version 6.0.7
From my reading on the net, it would appear that an SE
was 1 hard drive and 1 superdrive or 2 superdrives.

Any comments?

The early SEs did not have SuperDrive (1.44 MB) floppies, and you had a
choice of buying a single floppy/no hard drive, single floppy/hard drive,
or dual floppy/no hard drive. There were a few drive manufacturers which
sold brackets which let you install their hard drive in a dual-floppy SE
without replacing one of the floppy drives.

1. I do not have any software that can recognise an IBM disk
in the superdrive. Was this in the standard system?

You won't. This was not standard on Mac System software until 7.5. You
will need a third-party product (like AccessPC) to do this.

2. I can see 'Multifinder' grayed out but cannot select it?

This is starting to strain some brain cells. I _think_ the problem is
that you're missing something in your System Folder (a Multifinder
icon?). You certainly have enough RAM to use Multifinder. Enjoy!

Steve Dropkin

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