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RE: Microtek SE/30 Greyscale Card?
RE: AUTOEXEC.BAT on a Classic Mac?
Pre System 6.0.3 Software
RE: AUTOEXEC.BAT on a Classic Mac?
Re: AE accelerator help
Modems without ADB Power Supplies
Re: ISP's for Classics?
logic board
email program for 9 inch Macs?
Re: Ethernet where to buys . . .

Date: Monday, September 22, 1997 3:30pm
From: NeonGooch
To: Classic Posts
Subject: RE: Microtek SE/30 Greyscale Card?

From: Dave Brasgalla

Recently on the MacAddict site (Eek! Those colors...), in the "This Old
Mac" column, I read a mention of a video card for the SE/30, supposedly made
by Microtek, that allowed the internal picture tube to display 256
shades of grey.

Now, I think this is a *great* idea, but I have never heard of a card like
this before, and I have been in this thing since the 128K came out (I worked
at Motorola at the time and had one of the very first 128s!). Now, there
was a period around '89-'91 when I was out of the Mac loop, so I suppose it
is possible that they sneaked one by me...yet it seems like such a good
thing that you would think it would be a popular and sought-after card.

Oh, its real and sought after. I have this setup in my SE/30. It is a Micron
(now Xceed) video card and an adapter from Xceed that replaces the flyback
with a new one that plugs into the video card and the analog board. With an
external monitor attached you have B&W internal and the card drives the
external monitor. Without an external attached you have up to 256 grayscale
internal (smart card). All settings seem to be remembered for both setups.
Mine always icon marches on the internal but the menu bar is on the external
if attached and internal if not. The internal is always set to 256 grays,
unless the external is attached.

The only catch is that the finder seems to forget about the 256 internal
grays if you open the general controls panel (the applications don't forget,
just the finder itself). If I open the monitors control panel after I close
the general controls the finder will figure it out again and give me back the
grayscale icons and menubar. I have also been told that if you want to run
system 7.5 you need to keep the system 7.1 monitors control panel (option
drag it out of the system 7.1 to copy, then install system 7.5, then pull its
monitors control panel and drop in the system 7.1 version).

I have been offered good money ($400) for the setup in my SE/30, but its
still firmly plugged into my SE/30 <g>.


Date: Monday, September 22, 1997 3:30pm
From: NeonGooch
To: Classic Posts
Subject: RE: AUTOEXEC.BAT on a Classic Mac?

From: Jeff Meyer

I have a plus that I want to run x10 controller software and hardware. I want
to leave the plus on all of the time. In case of a power outage I would like
the Mac to restart the x10 software. How do you make a Mac run a program
automatically after bootup? Excuse my stupid question, I am fluent in
dos/windows/95 only. I recently bought a plus,se, platinum
apple ][e and an apple ][c. I am trying to put the Plus to good use.

If you are running system 7 (any version) then any application or file, or an
alias of any application or file that you put in the "Startup items folder"
will be launched or opened at startup. The startup items folder is in the
system folder, which is most likely at the root level of your hard drive.

If you are using system 6 then launch what you want automaticly launched at
startup. Then switch back to the finder and select "set startup" from under
the special menu. This will open a dialog box where you can select to have
open applications and da's launch at startup.


Date: Monday, September 22, 1997 3:31pm
From: jtorrey
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Pre System 6.0.3 Software

I recently acquired a Mac SE to, well, goof around with. I would like to
experiment with system software versions prior to 6.0.3 (which is posted
on Apple's ftp machine). Is there a place where I can get copies of
previous system software?

Jason Torrey

Date: Monday, September 22, 1997 3:32pm
From: leturner
To: Classic Posts
Subject: RE: AUTOEXEC.BAT on a Classic Mac?

From: Jeff Meyer

How do you make a Mac run a program automatically after bootup?

If you have system 7.x on the SE you can place the aplication (or better
yet make an alias of the app in the 'Sartup items' folder in the System

Path: "Your hard drive name"/System Folder/Startup Items

As the name implies, anything located in the folder will be loaded on
startup (or reboot).

If the order of startup of the apps are important I _think_ the apps
listed in the folder are loaded in alphabetical order.

Anyone confirm?

If you have system 6.x I don't recal a system level solution. There may
have been a third party control panel or extention (INIT's in those day)
but I can't remember that far back. Sorry.

Anyone an answer for that?

Lyle Turner

Date: Monday, September 22, 1997 3:32pm
From: dpointer
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: AE accelerator help

I assume you have an SE accellerator installed but don't have the software
to turn it on. Which accellerator model do you have? I have the Applied
Engineering TransWarp 1300 installed in an SE. This is an 030 running at
40MHz with FPU and a 128k cache. The board has the ability to handle up to
16MB of memory onboard. The software control panel to run it is called
Warp030 ver 1.5. The ReadMe October 2, 1993. I assume it will work with
any "1300" series accelerator i.e. 1325,1340 or 1340c.

I bought mine the day AE went out of business so I probably have the last
version of the software, even though the ReadMe for Connectix Compact
Virtual 3.0 says that I must use the "latest" version of the AE software
which they claim is ver 2.2. Of course, that might simply be a misprint. I
have been unsuccessful in installing the Connectix program (which someone
emailed me as an attachment via America Online) since it won't let me
install from the "unstuffed" version transmitted via modem. It says I NEED
an original disk.

Do you have an orphan AE accelerator installed in an SE? What is your
situation. Do you need this software, or are you merely curious? If you
need to buy one, you can probably find one at QueComp. If you buy one you
will get the software disk with it. It is ver 1.5. I have already checked.
Phone number is 612-623-0903



I caught your post on Classic Macs regarding the acceleraor Warp 030.

If you are able to aquire the software to run this, please let me know .
. .actually, I would be interested in a copy of the older version you
mention . . .could you emil me a copy? I would be much obliged . . .

thanks in advance,


Date: Monday, September 22, 1997 3:32pm
From: mskeggs
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: Modems without ADB Power Supplies

I would look for a PC compatible modem, with an adapter cable as PC modems
are pretty cheap.

When you do get a modem, I seem to remember there was an issue with
handshaking (H/W software Xon/Xoff?)

Michael Skeggs

I guess this leads to another question: where can one find 9600 or 14.4
modems meeting the criteria of having an external power supply and no ADB
cable? I'm checking some of the online classified boards, but I want to
resolve this technical question before I make a purchase.

Date: Monday, September 22, 1997 3:32pm
From: kenichi5
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: ISP's for Classics?

I live in the San Franscico Bay Area and I am having difficulty locating a
ISP that can accomodate my recently purchased Mac SE. to get on line. It
seems they only accept machines with a minimum of 8megs of ram and a 14400
baud modem. I am out of luck in both respects and need help to find an ISP
that will accomodate me. Your help will be appreciated..

Clarence Searles

Clarence Searles (MacSkaTeer)
San Francisco, California


If you are looking for a Unix shell account in SF, I have an account with
Netcom ($19.95 per month) which has been very reliable for several years.
With a (text-based) shell account, any kind of computer with even a slow
modem can log in to access email and the web (thru Lynx); the telecom
program being used should be capable of vt100 or vt102 emulation to make
best use of a shell account.

If you want to use a TCP/IP account, there is an interesting section of
the Help Folder column in the September MacUser titled "The Slimmest
System" which explains how to optimize a 4MB Mac SE with System 7.0.1 for
Internet access. I'm sure there are many ISPs in SF that offer TCP/IP
accounts, including Netcom. You won't be able to use the latest Netscape
or Explorer that the ISPs probably include in their software package, but
some other smaller web browser or comm program should work.

The last time I looked, Netcom's web site was at


Date: Monday, September 22, 1997 3:32pm
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: logic board

On 8/9/97 9:28 PM you wrote:

You need PAL SIMMs and MODE32 software to use more than 8MB RAM in your
Mac II.

Going to a IIx logic board would require getting a high density floppy,
which would greatly increase cost. Rather than investing in a new logic
board (which you don't need) and a new floppy drive, look into some of
the Mac II accelerator cards.

The Mac IIx upgrade included high density floppy capability, but you
don't have to use it. If you're willing to accept the limitations that
come with using the smaller media, 800k floppies work fine on the IIx.


Date: Monday, September 22, 1997 3:33pm
To: Classic Posts
Subject: email program for 9 inch Macs?

I am aware of Eudora and such that use MacTcp and PPP?
Is there any other way?

A while back I used a Newton 100 with a program called Enotes or
something. It logged on to your Unix account via vt100 and downloaded
and uploaded your mail. It worked great with no TCP/IP or anything.
I wish there was a program that could do this with a baby mac under
system 6.

Is there such a program somewhere?

It would be sweet.


Date: Monday, September 22, 1997 3:33pm
From: stinc1
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: Ethernet where to buys . . .

Hello --

Go to and then go to the Macintosh section.
Somebody is ALWAYS selling Ethernet cards for Nubus Macs there, and the
bidding almost always stops in the $5-$15 range (I've pad as little as $18
delivered for the Asante 10BaseT SCSI external version, and $8 delivered
for Nubus varieties). Just buy both an AUI _and_ 10BaseT card . . . that
way you're covered, and the price is still reasonable. If you can't find
one in that range, email me in a week or so and I'll have a spare or two
that I can let go for $10 (each) + $3 s/h = $13 prepay.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Brandon Davis

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