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Table of Contents for this issue:
Universal key for Quadra 900?
THX... [was: Highest Version of MacOS on IIcx]
All men kill the thing they love!
7.0 system install on SE w/radius accelerator
Re:128K mac w/ 512K RAM
Beyond 4MB RAM
Re:reading IBM disks
MacWrite 2.2 files
Basic Color Monitor
re: MacPlus and HDFD query
PMMU upgrade for MacII no 2
More on MacPlus Startup Disks
No more floppy port!
Classic II Weirdness?
MacPlus/mounting a hard disk
SE, System 6.0.7, etc.
Mac 128K
LC & LC II on Net
Looking for a book
Iomega Driver for Mac Plus
SE SuperDrive -and- Booting Plus from Maxtor
Color Classic resolution mod question
Dedicated Email machine and other ramblings J
Real Audio & WTB this book

To: Classic Posts
From: jld0004
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:12:14 -0500
Subject: Universal key for Quadra 900?

Hi, all! I know that a Quadra 900 isn't the oldest Mac in the world, but
it's pre-powerPC, so I hope I'm not doing the wrong thing by posting this

I have a question: I have a Quadra 900 that's "locked"-- at least I
think it is. There are three places to turn the key (which I don't
have)-- left shows a circle, straight up is a vertical line, and to the
right is a lock symbol. At the moment it's straight up. Does anyone have
any suggestions on how I could unlock it? I recently recieved it in the
mail from a gentleman in Minnesota (I'm in TX) and I think I must have
thrown the lock away by mistake, and I'm too impatient to wait for him to
send me another one. I don't really care about the lock; if I have to
(gently) break it to get it to unlock, that's fine. I don't have any urge
to lock it in the future.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,

James Dering

To: Classic Posts
From: adumitru
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:13:14 -0500
Subject: THX... [was: Highest Version of MacOS on IIcx]

Thanks everyone for their help. I managed to get the OS upgraded to 7.5.5!
It turns out that the problem with going from 7.5 to 7.5.3 was the RasterOps
card that I had in there. Once I yanked it out, everything started to work...
Including the 7.5.3 to 7.5.5 upgrade. The IIcx is a happy camper. So is it's


To: Classic Posts
From: simon
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:15:46 -0500
Subject: All men kill the thing they love!

Dear fellow SE users

The story goes I bought a lovely old Mac SE with twin floppies a few
months back for the bargain price of 30 quid. (yes I'm from England).
With the excellent help from Chris Adams' home page on the SE - a must
for all SE owners at

I upgraded the memory to 4Mb and using one of the links in Chris's SE
page, bought a hard drive mounting kit for 10 dollars from Robert Stokes
of Design Services in San Jose (a very nice man, a very very nice
man...). A friend of mine gave me an old Quantum 40Mb hard drive from his
old Mac LC11 and it looked like I was in business but then it happened...

When I insert a start-up disk the smilely face appears but after about a
few minutes (this can vary between 2 and 10 minutes) I get a flickering
system bomb message window appear and my cursor freezes. It flickers so
fast I cannot read it. I have tried to format the hard drive and it
starts to initialize but before completion I get the crash. I thought
there might be something wrong with the hard drive but removing it makes
no difference. If I switch off the computer and back on again it boots
o.k. from the floppy but crashes again a few minutes later.

I have discounted a software problem as I am using only system software
from Apple's ftp site (system 6.08 and System 7.0) so I think it is
probably a hardware problem. Anyone have any suggestions? Failing that,
does anyone know where I might be able to buy a cheap SE logic board
(preferably in England)?

Well, if you've got this far in reading this post then I suppose I owe
you a confession. When I upgraded the RAM to 4Mb I accidentally cut a
couple of capacitor looking things before realizing that I just had to
pull out a jump plug!!! Completely my fault and something I will have to
live with for the rest of my life. But I soldiered them back together
again and they LOOK fine!

Any help for this poor desperate, demoralized, despondent, guilt ridden
man who may have killed the thing he loves - (not with a bitter look nor
with a flattering word, not with a kiss or a sword but with a bloody pair
of clippers) - would be accepted on bended knees of gratefulness.

Simon Phillips

To: Classic Posts
From: dnyoung
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:16:16 -0500
Subject: 7.0 system install on SE w/radius accelerator

At another location, I have an SE w/ Radius 020 accelerator for their full
page B&W display. Am currently running OS 6.8. and wish to upgrade to a
7.x system. Radius says I can run 7.1 with the "new" ROM and software
versions from Radius (which i have), and I found images of 7.0.1 install
disks (could not find any images of 7.1 anywhere). I have DiskCopy 4.2
(the file type creator for the image files). I also have DiskCopy 6.1.3 if
that matters.

My intention is to install OS 7.0.1(using images on floppy disks in a HDD
on the SE) onto the external HD. OS 6.8 will be running from a floppy in
the 800K drive.

My question: how do I do that?

Do I load the DiskCopy 4.2 onto the hard drive first and then copy
the images to the HD, and then run diskcopy?
or, do I try to install from the floppy drive using DC 4.2 to "run"
the images?

Alternatively, I have 7.1 install disks (1.4 MB) for my Quadra 650. Can I
just use those?

Dave Young

To: Classic Posts
From: burton
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:16:46 -0500
Subject: Re:128K mac w/ 512K RAM

That Mac that appears to be a 128K with 512K of RAM was upgraded from
its original staus. Apple offered this opition (probably for a decent
chunk of change) when the 512K made its debut. The original 128K mac
just says "Macintosh" on the front. Once the 512K was released, they
changed the nameplates to "Macintosh 128K" and "Macintosh 512K." Yours
is an original 128K Mac that was upgraded.

How could this baby be a 128k if the about this Mac box says 512k of ram?
Ilooked on the back of it and the Macintosh logo said just "Macintosh" in
the metallic like letters, no "macintosh 512K" as the 512k's are named
onthe back.

BTW, the first two Macs were non upgradeable, no slots, no nothing,
explaining the unaltered logic board. Steve Jobs though slots were


To: Classic Posts
From: XWilsonX
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:17:46 -0500
Subject: Beyond 4MB RAM

I have a Sonnet accelerator for my Macintosh Classic. It says it can use
more than 4 mb of RAM, but that is only with Virtual Software from Connectix.
Apparently this is an older software, because neither Sonnet nor Connectix
lists it. Where can I get it?


To: Classic Posts
From: burton
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:18:16 -0500
Subject: Re:reading IBM disks

Actually, PC disk reading capabilities came with System 6.0.5 in the
form of Apple File Exchange. It should be on install Disk 2 of 4. You
can download this from Apple's FTP at:

I used 6.0.8 on my PowerBook 100 w/ AFS until I upgraded to Sys 7.1,
also using AFS.

1. I do not have any software that can recognise an IBM disk
in the superdrive. Was this in the standard system?

You won't. This was not standard on Mac System software until 7.5.You
will need a third-party product (like AccessPC) to do this.


To: Classic Posts
From: tholmdal
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:19:18 -0500
Subject: MacWrite 2.2 files

My problem, I'm sure, is a fairly standard one. I have some old MacWrite
2.2 files that were not saved in ASCII. Since my old 128K Mac's floppy
drive went down, I now need to open them in my present system, a 6100/60
with 7.5.

I have tried to open these files and eventually save them in WORD6 format.
Right now I can open the files in WORD and the data is all there, but there
is considerable time needed to clean out all of the extraneous symbols,
etc-in other words it's a mess. With well over 300 files, I am pursuing
another solution.

I would like to know what my options are in getting these files saved in a
more usable format. Things I can do or have been advised to do are:

-fix my old 128K internal drive or add an external one and then save the
files in "TEXT ONLY". However I'm not sure if WORD6 under a 6100/60 (or
anything else) can open an "TEXT ONLY" MacWrite 2.2 file. Can anyone tell
whether this is feasible?

-one suggestion that I have received is to get a copy of MacWrite 4.5 and
then open the 2.2 files and save them in 4.5 format. These files then are,
presumably, openable by most everything. However, can I run MacWrite 4.5
(once I find a copy) on my 6100/60 or do I need to locate another computer
and/or OS? Since I live in a rural region, I have limited access to an
older Mac. However I have a relative I see occasionally that has a "stored
away" SE with 7.0.

-I have downloaded "MacWrite Pro demo" to see if this "lite" version would
work. No dice. Whether it's because of the "lite" version or the "full"
MacWrite Pro does not recognize MacWrite 2,2 files-I don't know. I assume
ClarisWorks will do the same as MacWrite Pro.

Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated, Tom

Tom Holmdahl

To: Classic Posts
From: tsuru
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:19:48 -0500
Subject: Basic Color Monitor

The monitor that came with my venerable
LCIII suddently one day wouldn't start up. The little
green light wouldn't come on or anything. Now, my question
is this: Could it be the switch, or is it just dead,dead,
dead? A local computer repair guy said if the light
didn't come on it wasn't worth fixing. Is he right? Or
should I dismantle it or trade it in on a rebuilt?

I had one of those once. They are very cheaply made and not worth a whole
lot. I'm not sure who the OEM was, but mine said "Made in Korea". In
other words, it might be hard to get parts for, unlike many Apple monitors
made by SONY. If you have the expertise to get inside it to check out the
switch, you should do so, but otherwise you might be throwing good money
after bad. I'd start looking for a 'new' monitor.


To: Classic Posts
From: dpointer
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:20:48 -0500
Subject: re: MacPlus and HDFD query

AE made three external floppy disk drives for Macintosh and Apple II computers.

1. AEHD PlusDrive--SuperDrive Compatibility for the Mac Plus, SE and II.(AE
2. AEHD 3.5" Drive--1.44MB Drive for SuperDrive Equipped Macs (AEHD)
3. AE 3.5" Drive--800K Drive for Macintosh and Apple II Computers. (AE 800k)

The first one (the AEHD PlusDrive) I have working with my Plus and is the
ONLY ONE that will read and write 1.44 disks on an SE or Plus not
originally equipped to do so. It is imprinted AE HD+ on the front. I bought
this recently from QueComputers. They are only $99. Phone number is
612-623-0903. The terminology on the box is "AE PlusDrive". The terminology
for the ones that will NOT work for you are "AE 800K" and "AEHD".

Thank-you for the info. The FDHD drive is working with my Plus, but it can
only read 800K disks.

Brian Robson


To: Classic Posts
From: mattias.andersson
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:21:18 -0500
Subject: PMMU upgrade for MacII no 2

Hello from Sweden!

I have got the Mac II with 8 meg RAM. Do I have to fit in a PMMU to use
more than 8 Meg even if I use PAL RAMs and Mode32?
What will happen if I try my friend4s LCII 4 Meg 30 pin SIMMs in my Mac
II? Will they be "fried"?

Thank you very much for your help!
Mattias Andersson


To: Classic Posts
From: aminus
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:22:18 -0500
Subject: More on MacPlus Startup Disks


Thanks to everyone who replied to me personally in my quest to make a
boot disk for my MacPlus. I still haven't had any success, but maybe
someone can tell me if I'm closer.

Acting on the tip from Rebecca and Rowland, I tried the trick regarding
the differing file systems. Here's what I did:

1) I booted the MacPlus from a startup disk (disk #1) that I already had.
2) I copied a system folder from my Performa onto an 800k floppy (disk
#2), after erasing said floppy on the MacPlus.
3) I ejected the startup disk from the MacPlus, and put the floppy(disk
#2) with the new system in. Then I ejected that one, and put a blank disk
in (disk #3).
4) I copied the system folder from disk #2 onto disk #3. I then
restarted the MacPlus. I inserted the new disk with the system folder on
it (disk #3), and it was promptly rejected.

To make sure I wasn't mucking anything up, I tried this little 3 girl
rumba several times, always with the same result. What am I doing wrong???

And thanks for the tip on where to find 800k disks.

Looking forward to solving this,


To: Classic Posts
From: B_Soluski
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:23:20 -0500
Subject: No more floppy port!

I upgraded from a MacIIci and found out the new machine
does not have a floppy port for my external 800K floppy drive.
Do any of you good people have any good ideas of what to do with this
drive that still works?

Please reply directly so as to not burden the ClassicMac list.


To: Classic Posts
From: proufo
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:23:50 -0500
Subject: Classic II Weirdness?

I presume that the date/time batt needs replacing - does anyone know what the
battery type is, where it is located and what the procedure is.

Thanx for your help.

Dear Patric,

They are comonly available at Radio Shack in the US. I don't know if there
are RS stores in the UK.

The battery is inside the case, on the motherboard.

Pablo Roufogalis L

To: Classic Posts
From: brobson
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:24:20 -0500
Subject: MacPlus/mounting a hard disk

I just found an Apple Hard Disk 20 (model M0135) that looks like it connects
to the floppy port of my Mac Plus. I'm not sure how to go about testing
and/or using this drive. Will I need to initialize it? How will I know if
the CPU is recognizing it? I assume I would need some utility for such
things. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Brian Robson

To: Classic Posts
From: 55577f96
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:24:50 -0500
Subject: Re: SE, System 6.0.7, etc.

The system software is version 6.0.7
From my reading on the net, it would appear that an SE
was 1 hard drive and 1 superdrive or 2 superdrives.
Any comments?

Originally sold with 800k drives, the SE was later upgraded to work with
SuperDrives. Earlier machines were labled SE FDHD, later ones have SE
Superdrive on them. I ~think~ the SE was sold with either one floppy,
two floppies or a floppy and a hard disk. I seem to remember the SE
being one of the few machines that could support THREE floppy drives, two
inside and one outside.

I would like to know what files I am supposed to have
that makes up a complete 6.0.7 system.

That would depend on what you want System 6.0.7 to do for you. Its
probably best to download new disk images from or and do a fresh install. For what its worth, there is
no functional difference between System 6.0.7 and 6.0.8, the latter has
updated printer drivers that allow it to play nice on a network with
computers running System 7.

A couple of observations are:
1. I do not have any software that can recognise an IBM disk
in the superdrive. Was this in the standard system?

Two ways to read PC disks-

1. Access PC or Mac File Exchange, they cost money and mount PC disks
just like Mac disks on the desktop.

2. Apple File Exchange, free with System 6 and requires you to use a
silly and annoying application to move files around (you can't read PC
disks from the Finder with this method). If you remember Font/DA mover,
that horrid little troll of a utility, then you can use Apple File

2. I can see 'Multifinder' grayed out but cannot select it.

Its either not in your System folder or its disabled somehow or damaged
or moved or something. Search about for it, it should be a file loose in
your System Folder. Better yet, re-install your System software,
download it from the sites listed above.

Other than that, I seem to be in good shape,so I'm just taking
my time before I rush in - I haven't even performed a rebuild!


Good Luck!

To: Classic Posts
From: 55577f96
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:25:20 -0500
Subject: Mac 128K

I have a Mac that I think is a 128k. I booted from sys .5 (yes that's a
POINT 5!) and it worked fine. When I checked the 'about this Mac' box it
said 512k of ram. I opened it up and there were no mods on the MB. How
could this baby be a 128k if the about this Mac box says 512k of ram? I
looked on the back of it and the Macintosh logo said just "Macintosh" in
the metallic like letters, no "macintosh 512K" as the 512k's are named on
the back.

Sounds very likely to me that someone upgraded your original 128k mac
with a 512k board. The 128k board and the 512k board are prety much the
same thing with the exception of the memory. What you now have is a Mac
128k case with a Mac 512k logic board, as far as software is concerned, a
Mac 512k.

The 512k I bought a while back was orginally a 128k. The stickers, the
big Apple one and the Macintosh 512k logo letters were actually stuck
right over top of the 128k lables. All that was done to upgrade the
machine was a board swap. This was Apple sanctioned for a while, but my
guess is that if the original lables are still present that the swap was
done by someone else along the way.


To: Classic Posts
From: jseiz
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:25:50 -0500
Subject: LC & LC II on Net

I have an LC and a friend has an LC II . We are trying to make these
internet possible beasties. The LC II has 10 Meg of memory, but still
can't seem to boot AOL 3.0. AOl 2.7 works okay. What are we doing wrong?

With my LC, I am looking into sonnet or micromacs cards to speed it up and
break the memory barrier?

Any suggestions for what works well and is fairly (or course) cheap?

Janet Seiz

To: Classic Posts
From: sblixt
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:26:52 -0500
Subject: Looking for a book

Im looking for a book that is titled "Macintosh Classic and SE Upgrade
Secrets" If anyone would have this book and want to sell it, or know
where I can get a copy, please let me know. Thanks much

Scott Blixt

To: Classic Posts
From: smhdvm
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:27:22 -0500
Subject: Iomega Driver for Mac Plus

I have been reading recently about the necessity of using Version 4.2 of
the Iomega Driver for use with a Zip Driver on a Mac Plus. I just
purchased a Zip Drive and want to use it on my Plus. Does anyone know
where to obtain v. 4.2? I looked on the Iomega website, but the only one
I could find there was the newest version, 5.0.1, I think. If it is
available on the internet, could someone please point me in the right

Sam M. Hunter

To: Classic Posts
From: rebecca
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:27:54 -0500
Subject: SE SuperDrive -and- Booting Plus from Maxtor

>1. I do not have any software that can recognise an IBM disk
>in the superdrive. Was this in the standard system?

Apple didn't ship PC Exchange with the sytem until 7.1, if I remember

But it was available before that commercially.

Indeed - but PC Exchange was *still* a separate commercial product during
System 7.1's lifetime - it wasn't part of the basic 7.1 distribution, but
did come bundled with Performa versions of 7.1.

[MODERATOR'S NOTE: Maybe so. But I remember having a program on my SE
FDHD under System 6.0.8 and 7.0 that I could open and stick an
IBM-formatted disk in in order to read it and transfer files to and fro
between the Mac and my Wintel machine. It was an Apple program, but the
name slips my mind for the moment--something like "Apple File Translator"
or so. Does anyone else have this program?]

Apple File Exchange I believe. And it was a clunky beast. I seem to
recall that System 7 included PC Exchange but it's been awhile.

System 7.0 and plain vanilla 7.1 (as well as 6.0.7 and 6.0.8) came with
Apple File Exchange - although, as I say, Performa versions of 7.1 came
with PC Exchange instead. I believe AFE comes with the OSs available
online from Apple.


To: Classic Posts
From: edward
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:29:54 -0500
Subject: Color Classic resolution mod question

After reading Takashi's web page and the reports of successful 640x480
Color Classic mods here on the list, I decided to open mine up to

My analog board doesn't appear to have the jumpers J78 and J79 near the
analog board's edge connector BD7, as described on Tak's page. The layout
looks more like that of the Performa 275.

I did have the analog board replaced not long after purchasing the machine
in 1993. Did Apple redesign the replacement boards to resemble the P275's?
The part numbers I find on my board are 820-0360-D and 630-0349, and it is
specifically marked as a Color Classic analog board.

Thanks for any possible assistance -
Bobby Edward

To: Classic Posts
From: woodoo
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:30:24 -0500
Subject: memory

I would like to expand the memory in my PB100.

Q.1. Is it possible to expand it to 8-10 Mb RAM
Q.1.a. Wherer can I get those simms?
Q.2 Is it possible to mount a 2.1Gb internal hard disk?


To: Classic Posts
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:30:26 -0500
Subject: Dedicated Email machine and other ramblings

I am a wintel programmer(boo,hiss) who has always had a facination
with the Mac. Early in 1991 I puchased my own computer, a 286 one
megger with a 42 meg hard drive and a single speed CD-ROM. It cost me
slightly under $2000 dollars with monitor. The single most reason I went
the route I did was cost. Macs at the time were twice or three times the
cost. I now write mission critical applications for a large automotive
supplier. When I get home every afternoon the last thing I want to see is
a PC in the house. Recently I puchased a SE and a Plus and a IW2
printer. Believe or not I wanted a compact Mac to sit proudly in the
corner of my newly restored bedroom (very old house).

Soon the nick nacks I bought became a hobby and I has been learning as
much Macintosh that I can. The SE is setting on a table connect to the
phone. Every 2 hours it downloads my email and 5 minutes after that it
hangs up. Works great. Very cool! The Plus is going to control x10
devices in my home.

I ran across a nice site of accelerators

They offer both a 030-16 and 030-33 boards for Plus,SE Classic for $49
and $99 respectfully. I am buying a 030-16 for my SE just to speed up
web browsing just a tad.

Here are questions

Can MacTCP-PPP and Eudora run under system 6 Software? System 6
is so much faster on my baby Macs.

Does anybody have an original 128k Mac for sale? Cannot find one
anywhere. I really want one

If you can answer these please reply to jmeyer. My SE
loves to fetch email.


To: Classic Posts
From: phil
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:30:56 -0500
Subject: Real Audio & WTB this book

Hi everyone,

Is there a version of Real Audio (or some similar free/shareware) that
works on '030 Macs equipped with an FPU?

Also I'm looking for a copy of Larry Pina's book "Upgrading and Repairing
Mac IIs", if you have one for sale e-mail me at my personnal adress.


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