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Table of Contents for this issue:
Got some SE stuff?
re: Lisa Power Supply Schematics
Basic or C available
Flameful Crashings
Mac286 Web Page
SE SuperDrive -and- Booting Plus from Maxtor
Re: Reading IBM disks
Mac Plus & SE
Opening PC files
Big 'n' little drives for the Plus
Dove Accelerator
IOMEGA Driver software for Bernoulli
Info on SE HD
Flaky SE/30
Mac SE and Mac286 board questions
Anyone have a cheap SE?
How to connect compact macs to ethernet
Classic powerbook?
System 8 in a Classic II
Using ADB fax modem on a Mac Plus
128K Mac Problems

To: Classic Posts
From: macahack
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:31:28 -0500
Subject: Got some SE stuff?

I have a Mac SE, and I am looking for a few things for free. If anyone
has some free hardware, ie, a hard disk, or a messed up SE, that I could
use to mess around with, I would appreciate it. Also, I am looking for
system 7.1. I have 7.0 and would like to upgrade. Also, anyother
systems would be nice. I just need a copy of the system folder. thanx


To: Classic Posts
From: bede0005
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:32:00 -0500
Subject: re: Lisa Power Supply Schematics

>From: rjzambo
>Date: Mon, 11 Aug 97 11:46:06
>To: Classic Posts
>Subject: Lisa Power Supply Schematics?

>Does anybody have or knows where to get schematics and or service manuals
>for the two types of Lisa power supplies?

>Robert Zamboni

Hi Robert:

I have a copy of the Power Supply Chapter from the Lisa Service manual
(albeit not the whole manual) that I can make copies of for you (and
anyone else who need to repair the power supply). I also have many other
docs about the Lisa and its inner workings (including reviews of the Lisa
Office, Lisa Workshop, et al, that I would be happy to duplicate for

Rob Bedeaux

To: Classic Posts
From: melz
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:32:02 -0500
Subject: Basic or C available

Anybody have any suggestions on where I can find some programming languages
and/or language instruction on the web? I'm particularly interested in
Basic and C.


To: Classic Posts
From: dhill
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:32:36 -0500
Subject: Flameful Crashings

I have a Mac LC II with 8 megs of RAM, running System 7.53. I have an 80
meg harddrive inside and a 120 Meg external. Of late, all of my standard
wordprocessors die a sudden death if I try to run them. Microsoft Works
2.0E begins to open and the like a flash in a pan, shuts with a type 1
error. Claris Works 2.0 does the same. Sometimes even Simple Text does the
same. ONly Scorpio consistently works, but I can't get it to do any other
spacing than on line space - this has nothing to do with my machine. In
the past, I could scratch all extensions and Works 2.0E would work. Not any
more. Reinstalling is useless. Simply put, Claris WOrks 2.0 can't do what
I want but, ... Claris crashes tool Also, at school, we have a Performa
520 that does exactly the same thing. Any ideas on this. I have a work
around solution. At school, I have a Mac Classc II that runs them just
fine, and at home, I can always resort to my handy old TRS-80 Model 4P and
Allwrite, which never has such problems. ANy help would be much appreciated.


Dale Hill

To: Classic Posts
From: jruschme
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:33:06 -0500
Subject: Mac286 Web Page

In response to the dearth of information about the AST/OrangeMicro Mac286
board, I have put up a web page at:

Right now all I have is some basic information about the board and a
downloadable copy of ver. 3.02 of the Mac286 software. Ideally, however,
I'd like to make this a focal point for discussion about this early
MS-DOS coprocessor card.

I urge anyone who has one of these boards or who has ever worked with one
of them to check out the page and please send me any comments or further
information which you think might be useful.

Thanks in advance... <<<John>>>

John Ruschmeyer

To: Classic Posts
From: jgoodwin
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:33:06 -0500
Subject: MacPascal

hello, i am looking for some info on or a source to find MacPascal. all i
know about it is that it shipped sometime in the early 80's or so. if any
one can help, i would be most appreciative.


To: Classic Posts
From: der
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:33:38 -0500
Subject: TinyFinder

As a user of old macs I often run into memory shortage when trying to run
new software. For emergencies I wrote a small program, "TinyFinder", which
temporarily replaces the finder thus freeing between 0.5 and 1 Mbyte RAM.
It is free and you can get it at
has been tested only for System 7.0, and will certainly not run on earlier
system software.

Please read the docs before running it!

Helmut Dersch

To: Classic Posts
From: aberkvam
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:34:08 -0500
Subject: Re: SE SuperDrive -and- Booting Plus from Maxtor

[MODERATOR'S NOTE: Maybe so. But I remember having a program on my SE
FDHD under System 6.0.8 and 7.0 that I could open and stick an
IBM-formatted disk in in order to read it and transfer files to and fro
between the Mac and my Wintel machine. It was an Apple program, but the
name slips my mind for the moment--something like "Apple File Translator"
or so. Does anyone else have this program?]

Apple File Exchange I believe. And it was a clunky beast. I seem to
recall that System 7 included PC Exchange but it's been awhile.

Apple File Exchange is the utility that you are looking for. On
my System 7.1.0 disks it's located on the Tidbits disk in the Apple
Utilities folder. Here are the locations on other systems:

System Software Version Disk
----------------------- ----
6.0.3 and earlier Utilities 2
6.0.4 and later System Additions
7.0 Install 2

To quote Apple Tech Article #811:

Apple File Exchange (AFE) is an application that lets users:

- copy files and directories from one file system to another
- convert files from one file format to another
- transliterate the characters in a file from one character set to another

AFE copies files among three file systems: Macintosh, ProDOS, and MS-DOS.


If you dig around you can find additional translators. I remember that
I had one that converted all my old Apple II AppleWorks files to MS-Works.

For more info on Apple File Exchange, go to
and search for "Apple File Exchange".

WWW Pages:

To: Classic Posts
From: NeonGooch
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:34:38 -0500
Subject: Re: Reading IBM disks

1. I do not have any software that can recognise an IBM disk
in the superdrive. Was this in the standard system?

Apple didn't ship PC Exchange with the sytem until 7.1, if I remember

[MODERATOR'S NOTE: Maybe so. But I remember having a program on my SE
FDHD under System 6.0.8 and 7.0 that I could open and stick an
IBM-formatted disk in in order to read it and transfer files to and fro
between the Mac and my Wintel machine. It was an Apple program, but the
name slips my mind for the moment--something like "Apple File Translator"
or so. Does anyone else have this program?]

May I jump in? Thanx. System 6.0.7 and 6.0.8 as well as system 7.1 all had
"Apple File Exchange" somewhere in the installer disk set. Its of no use if
you only have an 800k floppy drive, but it can read 720k and 1.4meg IBM PC
floppies on any superdrive Mac. It has only one translator, DCA to MacWrite
if I remember correctly, so its best if the files you are after are plain
ASCII text, it doesn't need translation. If they are in another format you
should be able to salvage the text with Word 5, or by deleting the resources
and changing the type code of the file to "TEXT" and opening with a word
processor (most all can open a file if they believe its strait text).


To: Classic Posts
From: anuzum
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:35:14 -0500
Subject: Mac Plus & SE

Hello fellow classic macster's

I have a couple of questions. I recently just bought a Plus and a SE. The SE
is working great. But I was wondering if I could put a later version of
System software on it, such as 7.1 or 7.5, and if so - where can you buy
a full copy of System software?

My other ? is the Plus doesn't have a Keyboard. Does anyone know where
I can find a Keyboard for a Plus. I didn't know they plugged into the
front of the machine, with that weird port. If someone has one for
sale, Id like to purchase it.

Thank you for your time.
Alan Nuzum

To: Classic Posts
From: bremloe
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:35:44 -0500
Subject: Opening PC files

Can anyone tell me how to open PC files downloaded from the net
on my Mac Clasic II? I have System 7.1 with Apple File Translater but
am completely dumbfounded as to haw to complete the operation.


To: Classic Posts
From: mackerm
Date: 25 Sep 97 18:36:14 -0500
Subject: Big 'n' little drives for the Plus

Topic #1
After reading the travails of the people trying to hook up high-capacity
drives to a Mac Plus, I thought this item might be worth noting. It is
from MacAddict's "This Old Mac" page:

"Hot Tip: Some Quantum drives aren't happy on a Plus. Unit attention must
be turned off. Anubis and Hard Disk Toolkit both give you access to such
low-level settings."

Now I realise that there is plenty of misinformation floating around... but
is this tip about "unit attention" worth something?

Topic #2
Many people have wanted attach a High-density 1.4m floppy drive to older
macs. One solution I haven't read about lately is the much derided
"floptical" drive. I used a genuine "Iomega Mac Floptical Subsystem" with
my old SE. This allowed me to read 1.4m Mac and DOS disks, and 720k DOS
disks. So along with the SE's Built-in 800k drive, I was pretty much set
for anything.

Of course the Floptical's main attraction was its 21m "VHD" disks. Nobody
is making floptical drives anymore, and the VHD disks (when you can find
them) are no bargain. But remember, when floptical technology was new, its
main competition was 44m Syquest drives. The prices were similar, and the
capacity was in the same ballpark.

The only vendors of Floptical drives I can think of were Iomega, PLI, and
Liberty. I also know that many Apple ][ people like flopticals.

There is a new incarnation of floptical technology called LS-120 drives. I
think they are sold by 3M. They offer the same virtues as the old 21m
floptical drives -- the abitity to use both standard and high-capacity
disks in the same compact unit -- but with a 120m capacity. I know it is
an uphill battle, but I hope they succeed. It would be GREAT for laptop
computers. (But its probably too much to hope that they will ever be
compatible with my old SE.)

Mike Ackerman

Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 6:37pm
From: DanKneece
To: Classic Posts
Re: Dove Accelerator

Does anyone have a copy of the software to control a Dove Accelerator for a
Mac SE. Someone gave me this old Mac and I hate to see it die, but I can't
get the Mac to recognize the accelerator without the proper init or extention
or control panel or whatever it is that talks to the card. If you have a copy
and could attach it to an E mail to me I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in

Dan Kneece

Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 6:37pm
From: woodruff
To: Classic Posts
Re: IOMEGA Driver software for Bernoulli

Does anyone have early IOMEGA driver software for Bernoulli removable disk
drives? I am trying to get an old 20 meg drive working with a MAC SE. The
current driver software will not recognize the old driver on the 20 meg


Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 6:38pm
From: anuzum
To: Classic Posts
Re: Info on SE HD

Does anyone know how to get info from a disk onto the hard drive of an
SE. If I stick in a disk that is formatted by my Power Mac, the SE
wants to reformat it, same goes for the Power Mac, if the disk is
formatted from the SE, the PowerMac wants to reformat. I have some
software that I'd like to put on the SE, that is on the PowerMac, How do
I do it.

Alan Nuzum


I believe I can answer this one. The problem is that your SE has
an 800K drive, and your PowerMac has a 1.4MB drive. They can both use
the same disks, but the formatting is different. The PowerMac can read
both varieties. The way it tells the difference is by the presence or
absence of the small hole on the top left of the disk (label side up.)
So, to read SE disks in the PowerMac, take some Scotch tape and cover up
the hole.

The SE will format 1.4MB disks as 800K because, being an older
computer, it does not know about, or look for, the hole.

By the way, I am now firmly in place as the new moderator, and let
me tell you - it's fun!

Michael Connolly


Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 6:38pm
From: nican
To: Classic Posts
Re: Flaky SE/30

check out this 'ghost in the machine'....have a SE/30...sometimes when
it goes to boot up....nothing...a checker light pattern...i WOULD
SUSPECT Ram failure...but if I reboot it and give it a WHUMP (NOT HARD)
ON THE side of the SE/30 (analog board side) it suddenly boots up
happy mac and all.....I'm thinking A. bad connection B.analog board
failure a'coming...C. flaky logic board whatta think boys and girls?


Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 6:39pm
From: sha19
To: Classic Posts
Re: mailshare

Does anyone know how to set up mailshare using a Macintosh SE as the
server? I'm most interested on how you set up IP addresses (using MacTCP &
Eudora) on the clients (also SE's running 7.5.5 with 4MB of ram). My
server is not seeing it's own IP addressas well. Any help is much


Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 6:39pm
From: rigby
To: Classic Posts
Re: Mac SE and Mac286 board questions.

Hi all,

I've come across a Mac286 board for my Mac SE. I just have the card that
plugs into the expansion slot. What else do I need to do? Also, does that
Mac286 board make my 800K floppy drive able to read 720K DOS disks? Is
there a separate disk drive that hooks to the Mac286 card? I also assume
that there has to be some kind of software for the Mac to recognize the
card. Can anyone help?


Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 6:40pm
From: bartons
To: Classic Posts
Re: Anyone with a cheap SE?


I need help finding a cheap MAC SE. Can anyone help?


Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 6:40pm
From: mhaveri
To: Classic Posts
Re: How to connect compact macs to ethernet


I'm updating 68000-mac-faq on how to connect compact macs with no slots for
ethernet cards to ethernet.

Here is my draft for the faq:

Compact macs like the Plus can be connected to ethernet network with Asante
SCSI ethernet adapter. Note that some SCSI ethernet adapters may not work
because unlike other macs the Plus doesn't supply current to the SCSI port.
You will need 4MB RAM to be able to load the extra extensions needed for
networking and to run programs. Another option is to connect to the
ethernet via a LocalTalk bridge.

Any comments? Also URLs for vendors are welcome.

Matti Haveri

Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 6:40pm
From: anuzum
To: Classic Posts

Does anyone know what version of TCP/IP will work on an SE, running
7.0? I'm running mac PPP version 2.01. Im using MacTCP, but I don't
think it's working quite right. I think i need TCP/IP because MacWeb
will not look up a host? It gives me an error 500, saying it cant find
the host url's. So basically i can call up my ISP but i cant get
anything back from them.

Alan nuzum


There is no file called "TCP/IP." TCP/IP is a standard agreed upon
for computers to communicate over the Internet. This is implemented on
the mac as MacTCP. So, if you're got MacTCP and MacPPP, you're set.

The problem seems to be that you can't look up a host's IP address.
This might mean that you have not specified a valid DNS server in the
MacTCP configuration box, or that the address you're looking up is invalid.


Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 6:41pm
From: veitch
To: Classic Posts
Re: Classic powerbook?

I just bought what I consider to be a classic Powerbook, an unexpanded
140 (4/40) (I would still like to get a Powerbook 100, the real

Anyway, remembering that I will only be using it for word-processing,
drawing a few graphs and possibly sending e-mail while travelling, can
anyone advise me of the expansion possibilities of this machine.
I believe the maximum RAM is 8 Mb, and that there is an accelerator
card available. Apart from increasing the hard-disk that seems like
it. What modems am I likely to find? Is it as easy to open and fit
components as a Classic or LCII?

Thanks for any help,


Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 6:41pm
From: ochavez
To: Classic Posts
Re: System 8 in a Classic II?

I believe that System 8 works only in 68040 and Power PC Macs, so, my first
question is , is System 7.6 going to be the last version that will run in
our Classic II? At school, we have five Classic II currently using System
7.0.1. Is it worth changing to 7.1? to 7.5? to 7.6?

My second question is a simpler one. Is there a BASIC compiler that will
run in a Classic II? I need something simple, comparable to Q-BASIC that
comes with DOS in PCs.

Oscar Chavez
Mexico City


You'll find that the later OS versions will slow down your computer and
fill your hard drive, especially with only a 16Mhz '030 processor in the
Classic II. I would recommend going at least to 7.1 (although it's the first
commerical version) simply because a lot of programs require it as a minimum.

Some of the System 7.5 features, such as the Drag and Thread Managers,
can be added to 7.1 as extensions.


Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 6:41pm
From: MJFriese
To: Classic Posts
Re: Using ADB fax modem on a Mac Plus

I mentioned this a while ago and I received a lot of questions asking me
exactly how I did this.

I have successfully interfaced a Global Village Teleport Bronze II modem
to a Mac Plus.

The GlobalFax Bronze II modem was bundled with Performas some time ago.
They look almost identical to the Teleport 56K modems Global Village is
currently shipping. Though nifty looking, the Bronze is an almost
minimally useful 2400 baud - good only for chat and e-mail - but the fax
portion is 9600 baud which is the fastest most fax machines support.

Not only are these old modems nifty looking that can be useful too. I
have set up three of my trailing-edge friends with old toaster Macs, a
Teleport Bronze II, and a separate screen-name on my main AOL account.

One of my friends is on a job search. Right at this moment she is using
one of my old Mac Pluses to fax resumes to about 40 potential employers.
What little workhorses these old machines are! Her Plus is running 7.5.3,
she is editing her cover letters with WordPerfect, and she has Global
Village Fax Center launched too! And she is faxing using an old Global
Village Teleport.

The problem with using these modems on a Plus is they get their power
from the ADB (keyboard/mouse) port, not found on the poor old Plus. So I
made a special keyboard cable that tapped the +5 volt power from the Plus
keyboard cable to a ADB connector (sold as a S-video connector at Radio

Here are the instructions to make the cable:
- Remove the keyboard cable from the Plus.

- Looking from the cord end of one of these connectors you will see the
four wires, yellow, green, red, black. Here's how the connector looks
when viewed from the cord end:

(Use monospaced font)

| |
____| |____
| |
| Yl Gn Rd Bk |
| |

- Cut the outer insulating jacket about one inch from one of the two

- Cut insulation from the yellow and black wires. Solder a two foot long
red wire to the keyboard cable's yellow wire. Solder a two foot long
black wire to the keyboard cable's black wire.

- Get a female mini-din (S-video) connector. Viewing from the solder end,
you'll notice the pins arranged in a trapezoid pattern.

o o

o o (solder end view)

- Solder the red wire to the upper left pin. Solder the black wire to the
upper right pin

r b

o o (solder end view)

- Insulate all your splices.

- Plug the keyboard cable in with the splices closest to the Mac Plus
system unit.

- Plug the Bronze II into the modem port and the other modem cable into
the s-video cable.

You now have a snazzy-looking 2400 baud modem attached to your Plus. But
wait. There's more!

The fax software bundled with the Performa will work with the Plus, but
the hot ticket is to use the fax software bundled with the Teleport
Platinum. This software is slick as can be. If you read a review on
Global Village modems, the reviewer invariably raves about how nice
the fax software is. If you install this latest fax software on a machine
equipped with a Teleport Bronze, the Teleport control panel even
correctly identifies the Bronze!

Kudos to Global Village to continue supporting dinosaur equipment so
well. It gives me some confidence that GV will continue to support
products I buy today some years down the road. It also results in more
sales for GV because I was so impressed with the GV Bronze and its
software, that I bought a GV Platinum for my 8500.

(If anybody wants to donate their old Teleport Silvers (or faster) to the
purpose of getting old Macs on the internet for trailing edge users,
e-mail me.)


Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 6:42pm
From: xray
To: Classic Posts
Re: 128K Mac Problems


I have finally got a 128 K Mac...or sort of.

I bought a 512K Mac from a guy.

It come to me - the case and odel number indicate it is a 128K but the
about this Mac info says it is a 512K.

I guess it was upgraded to a 512K.

I called Sun Remarketing, got a 128K logicboard.

Installed it just by replacing the 512 board.

It ran for 10 minutes then dies - giving me a black screen and the "death
Mac" symbol....

crossed out eyes.

This has happened 2 times with 2 separate boards. Am I doing something

Can I not retro-fit an upgraded 128 K Mac to its original logic board?

Help me please.
--daniel ray norris

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