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Re: Classic Macs Digest 970903comments
Re: Classic II Weirdness?
SE free stuff
LC crashes
Netscape on an SE
mac plus keyboard and system
Re: LC Memory Barrier
Thanks for Classic Macs!
A message from your new moderator.

Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 21:57:11 -0400 (EDT)
From: Manuel Mejia
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 970903 comments

I have several comments to this Digest post.

1. To Dale Hill--in terms of the problems with Microsoft Works 2.0e I
have one question for you. Are any of the wordprocessors that you use 32
bit clean ? Works 2.0e is not 32 bit clean and I have to keep the 32 bit
addressing off on my Mac LC in order to use the program. If the 32 bit
addressing is on, it will shut down and give me an error. On System 7.5
and higher, you may be required to either have 32 bit addressing on or 32
bit addressing may be built into the program. It this is the case, there
is a chance that you willhaeed to install System 7.1 and shut off the 32
bit addressing. I admit taht this last sentence is a guess but I have
experimented with 32 bit addressing and I seem to use a few programs
that do not like it.

2. To Alan Nuzum--check is a source of classic mac spare
parts. You may pay top dollar but they have a very good selection of items.

3. To Barton--Visit the site It is an
auction for the Internet. Search under "macintosh". I just bought a
Mac II from this place for a very reasonable price.

4. For Keith --Upgrading a Powerbook 140 is not
for an amateur. I upgraded my Powerbook 145 (a 140 lookalike) to 6 megs
and the Mac dealer botched the job. I had to return the machine and have
the machine repaired. While changing out a 2 meg simm for a 4 megg simm,
they broke a length of cable and left the keyboard partially
non-functional. I understand that there is just not that much room inside
the PowerBook for parts and everything is stacked one over another. I saw
a big frown on the technician's face when I brought the machine back for
the keyboard problem. Newer PowerBooks are better designed for upgrading
(per Apple).

5. Now for some items that I need. I am looking for a hard drive that is
at least 200 megs or better. I am planning to install it into that Mac II
that I will be getting in a few days. I will also be needing a SuperDrive
to replace the Mac II 800K floppies. Finally, I am looking for a GV
9600 baud rate modem with software and book. Any ideas ? Thanks.

Manuel Mejia, Jr.
Tampa, FLA., USA

Subject: Re: Classic II Weirdness?
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 97 23:35:59 -0500
From: Romulo Romero
To: Classic Posts

I presume that the date/time batt needs
replacing - does anyone know what the battery type is, where it is located
and what the procedure is.
Thanx for your help.

Dear Patric:

Here is a good resource for battery information:

Having just replaced one myself, here is my advice:

1) Call an authorized apple dealer and buy the battery from them.

2) You will need to open the case see this URL for some nice directions
(OK this is for an SE, but it's very similar)

3) You will need to disconnect three connectors from the logic board, since
you need to pull it out. The plastic one is a little weird, be careful
when unpluging it.

4) At this point, it is quite obvious. I would remmend adding some RAM if you can afford it
while you have the logic board out.

Romulo Romero
(this is first post to this mailing list, please forgive me if
I do something out of protocol)

Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 23:04:15 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Jag
Subject: SE free stuff

I have a Mac SE, and I am looking for a few things for free. If anyone
has some free hardware, ie, a hard disk, or a messed up SE, that I could
use to mess around with, I would appreciate it. Also, I am looking for
system 7.1. I have 7.0 and would like to upgrade. Also, anyother
systems would be nice. I just need a copy of the system folder. thanx


Keep in mind that 7.1 is NOT free. Apple has sys 6.03 up to 7.0.1 free on
the net, but anything since then is NOT free.



A weird little oasis on the web. Download my Subgenius music, Mac
shareware, other assorted waste of bandwidth.

Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 23:07:14 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Jag
Subject: LC crashes

I have a Mac LC II w.......

Try re-installing the system. Try the software on another Mac and see if it
crashes. Try re-installing the word proc software.


A weird little oasis on the web. Download my Subgenius music, Mac
shareware, other assorted waste of bandwidth.

Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 00:11:43 +0100
To: Classic Posts
From: Donna Hood Pointer
Subject: Netscape on an SE

Miracle! I just installed Netscape 1.1N successfully on my SE. It has the
Applied Engineering accelerator with 16mb of ram. I set the Warp030
software to NOT answer 68000. When I had it set to 68000 it would not let
me install. I'm not set up with ConfigPPP etc so I haven't tried running it.


Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 00:21:37 +0100
To: Classic Posts
From: Donna Hood Pointer
Subject: mac plus keyboard and system

Try Sun Remarketing 1-800-821-3221 for the keyboard. They might also have
system 7.1. Try an Apple dealer for the older system. They might have a set
of diskettes you could copy. It really is nice to have the original disks
and the manual though. You also want to install System Update 3.0 , after
you install system 7.0. I got my copy from my dealer.


Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 01:06:02 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Oscar Chavez
Subject: Re: LC Memory Barrier

At 20:00 26/9/97, Janet Seiz wrote:

I have an LC and a friend has an LC II . We are trying to make these
internet possible beasties. The LC II has 10 Meg of memory, but still
can't seem to boot AOL 3.0. AOl 2.7 works okay. What are we doing wrong?

With my LC, I am looking into sonnet or micromacs cards to speed it up and
break the memory barrier?

I use a Macintosh LC to connect to Internet (it's the only computer I have,
so I have no other choice), and I have never had any trouble with it. This
is what I have:

10 MB RAM (no accelerator card)
68882 FPU unit
La Cie Joule 270 MB hard disk (external, 40 MB in the internal)
Global Village Gold modem (with version 2.5.5 of Global Village software)
System 7.5
Config PPP 2.2.0 (from the "Get info": 'Best of PPP' (C) Lieven Embrechts)
MacTCP 2.0.6
Eudora Lite 1.5.1
Netscape Navigator 2.02 (no plug-ins)

I haven't an AOL account, so I haven't tried their software, but with a PPP
account all above work flawlessly. I must say that I use e-mail much more
frequently than the Web. Images do take time to load, and I just don't
visit any site with animations, sounds, QT movies. I love plain text and
don't like web pages packed with images, so I'm basically happy with what I
have, as it is. I have considered the MicroMac or Sonnet cards, but being
both above US$250, I thought it was too much (well, at least too much for

I hope these suggestions are useful.

Oscar Chavez
Mexico City

Subject: Thanks for Classic Macs!
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 97 07:08:27 -0400
From: Daniel Knight
To: Classic Posts

First, I'd like to thank Nathan Marler for stepping in and handling this

Second, I'd like to thank the many participants for their advice. Hardly
a digest goes by that doesn't offer one or more tidbits to add to my site.

Third, I'd like to share a totally excellent site for classic Mac users:
my Low End Mac User site. The site includes:

- profiles of every pre-PowerPC Mac, including special tips
- list of dealers for parts, used Macs, upgrades, etc.
- reviews of various accelerator products (many from this list)
- advice on upgrades v. buying a newer Mac
- links to many other Mac sites
- my totally excellent 56k modem page

Daniel Knight,
webmeister, Low End Mac User

Subject: A message from your new moderator.
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 97 07:08:27 -0400
From: Michael Connolly
To: Classic Posts

Hello. Well, I am now firmly established as the new moderator,
so I would like to address a few matters.

1. Sorry about the largish delays in the digests coming out. I
have completed and am now using a small program I wrote to help me
automate the generation of the table of contents (which is a bit of a
pain to do by hand), so you can expect a quicker turnaround now and
even better as I give more of the grunt work to the program. (Source
code available, if anyone wants to see.) There are a few bugs left,
so forgive some weirdness in the table of contents for a few issues

2. To qualify for this mailing list, a posting must conform to
certain guidelines:

a. I will cut signatures to the bare minimum (i.e. name, email,
web page.) If you want to make my life easier, you can do
this to messages you send to this list.

b. No commercial postings, please. The members of the list are
not interested in "lovely marriage-minded ladies from Russia."

c. I will correct any spelling errors I happen to see along the way.

3. As a shameless plug, I am now adding the finishing touches to my
new shareware offering, "Pseud040." This control panel allows '020 and
'030 Macs to emulate an '040 processor, much in the manner of SoftwareFPU
and the FPU. I am interested to see if this allows people to run OS8 on a
non-040. Currently, I have acheived such successes as running Dark Forces,
Infini-D and Warcraft II on a Mac II. This is sort of interesting. Email
me if you're interested - it'll be distributed in about a week.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for me as I traverse the long
road of moderatorhood.

Michael Connolly

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