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Table of Contents for this issue:
color SE? and plus followup/question
400K discs and the 128K -- problem solved! (?)
80MB Hard Disk in SE
SE help
floptical drives
Cracking Macs
A Guided Tour of Macintosh
Whining Screen on Mac SE
PowerBook 165 on AC
surf with B&W macs
Booting From A Syquest EZFlyer
SE and system software.
Booting From A Syquest EZFlyer
Re: 400K floppies and the 128K
Re: Torx 15 screwdrivers
Re: se problems
Re: Rather fiddly Mac Plus hardware question

Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 22:57:59 -0700
From: jbowra
To: Classic Posts
Subject: color SE? and plus followup/question

I saw a photo in a brochure for a ranch that showed two people sitting
in front of a 9" mac. The case is exactly the same as an SE but the
screen is color. I don't remember there ever being a color SE or color
SE upgrade, so is this a doctored photo?

BTW-I posted a question about a plus (it should come up on this digest)
that wouldn't boot off a SCSI drive. I reformatted the drive with
SCSIdirector and it works fine now. Also, the random errors/crashes
were caused by overheating. All I have to do now is rig up something to
cool the plus. Any suggestions besides macchimneys and other such
mac-specific things that are probably impossible to find now (ie could I
buy a fan at the hardware store and mount it on the plus)?

Subject: 400K discs and the 128K -- problem solved! (?)
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 97 00:14:49 -0800
From: Tom Geller
To: Classic Posts

In the eternal search for startup floppies for the 128K, I wrote:

Here's an idea: Anyone
want to start a business selling System 1.0 on a 400K floppy? I'll send
you $5 for it. :)

I've gotten a few messages from people who say, "If you find such a deal,
let me know!" I've received private offers to sell system-formatted 400K
discs from the following people:

* Curtis Bard
* Frank Mushkin

Contact them privately to see if they'd be willing to make the same offer
to you. Best of luck! And thanks to all who responded.

Tom Geller, Mac Product Consultant *
Product criticism * Market analysis * Press relations * Partnerships

Date: Mon, 13 Oct 97 07:55:51 -0700
From: Chris Lewandowski
To: Classic Posts
Subject: SE/30 ROM SIMM

First let me say that I LOVE this digest!!!

I recently wanted to do the "Ultimate" upgrade on my SE. I bought a SE/30 motherboard from someone on the internet. As soon as I opened the box, I noticed the empty ROM1 SIMM slot. I e-mailed the salesman who said it worked when he took the SE/30 apart that it came from. Anyway, I tried to install it and all I got for my efforts was a "snow filled startup screen with three verticle stripes". Nothing more or less. I asked around and everyone thinks that the SE/30 does need the ROM SIMM.

Anyway, does anyone know where I can get said SIMM. I'm a poor college student (boo-hoo) and I really want to chuck my 486 and use the MAC exclusively. (I need the '030 so I can run Code Warrior).

I hope that the missing ROM simm is the only problem.....

Thanks in advance,

Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 14:57:18 -0500
From: Paul Vreugdenhil
To: Classic Posts
Subject: 80MB Hard Disk in SE

I recently upgraded my SE from its original 20MB hard disk to an 80MB. I
would like to know why now I don't get the flashing light telling me
the hard disk is being accessed. I am sure I installed the light
exactly as it was on the 20MB drive (a two pin connector). TIA


From: thomast41
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 17:27:23 -0500
To: Classic Posts
Subject: SE help

My SE will not boot with ADB devices plug in, and it devices seem to have no power, and the
compter mouse will not move on the sreen. I've tired differt Keys, and mice, with no luck. Please help me!


Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 15:45:58 +1000 (EST)
From: Adrian Whichello
To: Classic Posts
Subject: floptical drives

Hi everyone,

I noticed that there was some talk of 21 Mbyte flopticals a few digests back. I have one of these (attached to my Apple 2GS) for reading/writing ms-dos disks on that machine, as well as working with floptical disks. I got it from "Wing Y. Cheung" for $50 US (plus shipping) at the beginning of the year, after some idiot broke my old one. He also had floptical disks for $5 each. These were probably the last "new" units
available. Might be worth a try if you want one - I'm very happy with mine.

It's about the same size as a 3.5" drive, so it could be squeezed into a compact mac drive slot. It's a scsi device, btw.

Dr Adrian Whichello Phone: +61 2 9351 5339
Imaging Science and Engineering Laboratory Fax: +61 2 9351 3847
Sydney University Electrical Engineering

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 09:45:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: Robert Stoecker
Subject: Cracking Macs
To: Classic Posts

I've read a few letters about the difficulty in getting access to the
torks screws to open up a one-piece Mac. I did it for less that $2.00

Go to a hardware store and buy two screwdrivers. One for the torks
screws (I forgot the size 8 or 15). One regular slotted screwdriver.
Don't pay more that .89 for either.

Take the torks screwdriver and put it in a vise and smash the handle
(plastic or wood) leaving just the steel shank. Using a hacksaw, file a
'slot' in the end of the shank. If it's a hardened shank, use a torch
or gas stove to soften it. Drive the slotted screwdriver into the slot
you have just made and 'presto' - you have a torks extension screwdriver.

If you really want to keep it, solder them together.

Bob Stoecker

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 23:57:28 -0400
From: Joe
To: Classic Posts
Subject: A Guided Tour of Macintosh

Hello, all... This is my first posting here. I must say, I've learned
a GREAT deal already by simply browsing through the archives! However,
I have a question about a topic that I did not encounter while scanning
through the indices.

Yesterday I bought a 128K Mac at a thrift store. At least, the case is
a 128K... evidently the owner(s) had put a 512K board in it at some
point. It's in excellent condition and came with the regular keyboard,
the mouse... and a bunch of diskettes (400K).

Later I discovered, much to my delight, that six of these diskettes were
original Macintosh disks, including System Disk, MacPaint, MacWrite, and
A Guided Tour of Macintosh. All the disks perform beautifully -- except
for one.

The Guided Tour disk boots fine, but when I click on one of the buttons
to begin, I get a message to the effect of, "Some files are missing,
making the tutorial impossible." After I click Okay, the disk ejects
and I'm left with the blinking question mark disk on the monitor.

Would anyone know which files might be missing? This happens whenever I
click on ANY of the selection buttons.

Better yet, would anyone know where I might be able to either download
the entire contents of this diskette or where I would be able to buy
it? I would dearly love to experience this original Guided Tour!

Joe Cannaday

From: "qwerty qwerty"
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Whining Screen on Mac SE
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 19:05:35 PDT

I am having problems with my Mac SE. I really use it a lot, and it has
held up for many years, but know when I turn it on and use it for a few
hours, the screen starts making this high pitched noise. When I turn the
darkness/light knob down so the screen is very dark, the whining goes
away for a few minutes, then starts up again. I cann some computer
stores and they said it as something like a video analog board. I don't
trust em. They said it would cost 200 bucks. I bought the SE, with
software and a printer for75. It is not worth the 200 buck fix. If
anyone knows what is really wrong with my Mac, how much it would cost if
I could fix it myself, what tools I need, what parts I need (and their
average prices) step-by step instructions please help!! Any free parts
would be nice. Or if anyone could give me a mac se cheep, that would be
nice also. Any help and informatio would be glady appreciate.

Thanx and

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 00:14:13 -0500 (CDT)
From: Andy Berkvam
To: Classic Posts
Subject: PowerBook 165 on AC

'lo all,

A PowerBook 165 recently fell in my lap (so to speak). It was bought
used and worked fine with the battery. Once the battery wore out, we
connected up the AC adapter. No go. It simply didn't work. My friend
took it to some computer superstore and they took a quick look. They said
that the AC adapter was putting out power. They said that the logic board
must be fried and it would have to be replaced.

Any ideas? Anything I can test? Should I just sell it for parts? Can
I get a separate battery charging unit for a good price?


Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 01:15:15 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Jag
Subject: surf with B&W macs

Hello All

For those of you who want to get on the web with a browser on a Plus, SE
or SE/30, Portable or other 68000 series Mac, here's the URL for the
MacWeb browser and all the extensions and control panels you'll need:


It will work with Macs with 2 megs minimum.

Here's the URL for an instruction manual on how to do it:
(Mentioned in the July MacUser magazine).


For TONS of shareware for older Macs, go to:

and for my shareware page, go to:


A weird little oasis on the web. Download my Subgenius music, Mac
shareware, other assorted waste of bandwidth.

From: "Fred Gaasendam"
To: Classic Posts
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 11:35:12 +0000
Subject: Booting From A Syquest EZFlyer

Subject: Booting From A Syquest EZFlyer SCSI Drive On A Mac Plus ??

I recently resurrected an ol' Mac Plus (my first Mac) for my daughter to
pound on (her first Mac) with a 68030 accelerator and a Syquest EZFlyer
SCSI Drive. With the proper extension installed, the EZFlyer works fine
if I boot off of a floppy or the ancient Apple Crate Hard Drive, but I
can't boot from the Syquest unit.

Is this even possible?


In have a Mac Plus that boots from a Micronet 44Mb Syquest unit. From
what you write I understand that there is a hard drive in the Mac
Plus (thought these Macs were always without a hard drive).
Anyway, this hard drive will have SCSI ID 0; as far as I know the Mac
will always boot from this drive. Then you can restart and boot from
the EZ Flyer when you change boot-preferences in the control panel
'Startup device'. The Mac will boot from your EZ Flyer when there is
no other hard disk present. This is how it works with my Micronet
Syquest. I have selected SCSI ID 0 at the back of the device. It
alway starts from this device.

Fred Gaasendam

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 06:31:00 -0500
To: Classic Posts
From: Zer0 Defects
Subject: SE and system software.

I know I have seen this somewhere, but what is the highest version of
system software will run on a 1meg SE?

Guess while I have your attention...

Can you put 30pin 70ns non-partiy simms from an intel machine in a SE?
thanks for any help.

Jeremy Douglas

From: "Birchall, Richard"
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: Classic Macs Digest 971009
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 08:53:12 -0400

Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 13:08:44 -0400
From: "Sean J. Brown"
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Booting From A Syquest EZFlyer SCSI Drive On A Mac Plus ??

I recently resurrected an ol' Mac Plus (my first Mac) for my daughter to
pound on (her first Mac) with a 68030 accelerator and a Syquest EZFlyer
SCSI Drive. With the proper extension installed, the EZFlyer works fine
if I boot off of a floppy or the ancient Apple Crate Hard Drive, but I
can't boot from the Syquest unit.

Is this even possible?



My experience is with the Syquest EZ-135 and a SE/30, but hopefully it
will translate. It makes a fine Startup drive; in fact it was my sole
hard drive for a while after my hard disk crashed...

You don't need an extension to use the Syquest drive, provided that
there is a cartridge in the drive before you start-up. The Syquest
formatting software (Silver Lining) installs a driver right on the
cartridge itself, in it's own hidden partition; the Silver Lining
control panel is not required in this case.

You may find you have problems with the cartridge ejecting on a
re-start, and then you can't get it back in and spun-up before the Mac
starts looking for it.

The first way to handle this is to choose "Shut Down" instead of
"Restart". When you get the message "You can now turn off your Mac",
then re-insert the cartridge, let it spin-up until the green light is
showing, and then press the "Restart" button on the screen.

The second way to handle this is to go into the Silver Lining control
panel, and to disable "Eject on dismount". Then the cartridge will not
eject when you un-mount it by dragging it to the Trash or when you shut
down; you press the button on the drive instead.


Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 13:32:23 +0100
To: Classic Posts
From: Rebecca and Rowland
Subject: Re: 400K floppies and the 128K

Date: Thu, 09 Oct 1997 13:15:09 -0400
From: Curtis Bard
To: Classic Posts
Subject: Re: 400K floppies and the 128K

> The 128 disks are in MFS format, which is incompatible with HFS disks.
>To further complicate things, many Power Macs will not write successfully
>to 400K disks. There is a way around this, and when I get some time
>tomorrow I'll send a note explaining what to do, unless you've already
>figured it out. Jon

So -- it looks like I'm back to where I started. Here's an idea: Anyone
want to start a business selling System 1.0 on a 400K floppy? I'll send
you $5 for it. :)

You've got a deal. I'll send you 3 disks for $5.00 if you're still interested.
Let me know.

I gather that you can create bootable discs for early Macs if you use Disk
Copy to create disc image files, and write these disc image files back to
an *empty* disc on just about any Mac.

I've not tried this myself - I will experiment with my 512Ke and Plus in
the next week or two and report back to the list.

So... Has anyone got a copy of System 1.0 on a 400K disc that they can
create a disc image of?


Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 13:29:48 +0100
To: Classic Posts
From: Rebecca and Rowland
Subject: Re: Torx 15 screwdrivers

To: Classic Posts
From: Kenneth Browne
Subject: Torx 15 screwdrivers
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 12:18:28 -0700

>>Do any UK users know where I might get a torx screwdriver that will get the
>>case off if need be?

>Alas, no. I tried and failed :-(

>The usual mail-order companies may still have 'Mac Cracker' kits, even
>though they don't put them in the catalogue any more. It's a very long
>3/16" allen (hex) wrench, otherwise known as a Torx T-15.

Erm, 3/16 inch allen keys are compeletely different to Torx T-15 bits. You
need a Torx T-15 bit.

I'm a little puzzled at all the talk about how hard it is to get a T-15

It's an easy concept to deal with - just think a little first.

Go to most any auto parts store and ask for an S-K brand T-15 screwdriver
and they will sell you one for about $9.00.

Have you tried this everywhere in the world? As I pointed out, I've tried
this in Britain and it doesn't work. It might well work in the USA, but the
original questioner can't get to a car parts shop in the USA.

You seem to have missed a rather vital point: not everyone with a Mac lives
in the USA. Did you see the original question?

Do any UK users know where I might get a torx screwdriver

Notice: the `UK' bit refers to a country which is not the USA. If you have
trouble with the concept, I suggest you take some geography lessons.

Now then, I live in Britain (a small island a few thousand miles east
across the Atlantic Ocean from the USA - you can find it on any world map
if you're still confused by the idea - try 2 degrees west, 54 degrees north
for the middle of the island).

I've been into many, many car parts shops and none of them have stocked
T-15 drivers. Even if they had them, they would not have sold them to me
for any number of US$, because (strange but true), that currency is not
used in my part of the world.

The only shops I have found which stock Torx drivers are small electronics
shops which only have them in sets with short handles, and industrial tool
suppliers, which *can* get long-handled T-15 drivers. I've not bought one
because I'd've had to order it, and I discovered that a 3mm straight bit
screwdriver works just as well on my Mac Plus.

This information was gathered by someone in Britain, you see - not in the
USA. The availability of goods in the USA has no bearing on the
availability of goods in Britain, you see, because they are *different
countries*. Again, if you find that concept hard to deal with, try looking
at a world map (that is, one that show all the countries of the world,
rather than just the USA). If you don't understand what I mean by that, do
take some geography lessons.


Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 13:36:52 +0100
To: Classic Posts
From: Rebecca and Rowland
Subject: Re: se problems

Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 17:22:51 +0100
To: Classic Posts
From: Donna Hood Pointer
Subject: se problems

Your power mac could probably read PC diskettes because it has the DataViz
translators. .

These don't help you read discs - the deal with file contents only.

On Macs with System 7.1 (performa variants) and up, you get the PC Exchange
control panel to read PC discs.

With System 7.1 down to System 6, you get Apple File Exchange to read PC discs.

Your se probably can't.

If the SE has a 1.4MB SuperDrive (check: if it says `FDHD' on the front it
has), then it can read PC discs with the appropriate software.

If it's got an 800K drive, it can't read PC discs without a different
floppy disc drive.

Get a Mac person to give you system
7.0.1 on diskette or 7.1 (try to get the Update 3 also), install it clean
and you should be fine. That full system comes on the lo-density disks. I
have it. I might be able to attach it and email it to you one disk at a
time. There are 9 diskettes plus one for Quicktime and one for AtEase,
which are installed separately after you have installed the system itself.
I don't know whether or not more than one diskette can be attached to an
email. I would be using Eudora.

You can attach as many files as you like - I'd suggest making disc images
with Disc Copy 4.2, and sending them like that. Compressing them with
Stuffit would be a good idea if the recipient can decompress them.


Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 13:40:22 +0100
To: Classic Posts
From: Rebecca and Rowland
Subject: Re: Rather fiddly Mac Plus hardware question

This arcing noise is obviously a Bad Thing. I've fitted a snubber and a
pair of surge-supressing varistors inside the Plus which has reduced the
arcing sound, but I'm sure it shouldn't be happening in the first place.

So what I was thinking was this:

1) The power supply circuit design shouldn't be allowing this to happen.

2) Therefore something isn't right

3) It's probably a dead capacitor or something like that

Thanks in advance (again),

Don't bother troubleshooting the thing--you probably need either a new
power supply for the Plus or the analog board(Do Pluses have an analog
board? If so--I blame the analog board)

Someone metioned Lance Timco Computers--go that route. Lance is a good guy.

I've not seen a reference to this firm - I'm in the UK. Where is Lance
Timco Computers?

Mac Plus's were supposed to have a real anemic Power supply and you can get
another pretty cheap nowadays.

Maybe so in the USA - but I'm not there.

Installation is fairly simple(since you
obviously aren't afraid of opening the puppy up)

That arcing noise? I fixed a couple of SE's that had the same problem and
just had to replace the analog board.

It's one way of fixing the beastie, but... It seems a real shame to throw
it away when the chances are that there's just a dead capacitor or coil
somewhere which I could replace.

I suspect that replacement Mac parts are not as easy or cheap to come by in
the UK as they are in the USA.

Thanks again,

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